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					                                          Jeff Knooren
                           3710 Wabash Ave #118, San Diego, CA 92104
                                     Phone: (619) 255-6354
The skills I have that will transfer well to new positions are writing abilities and leadership/planning roles.
As a Product Manager, it was my duty to gather requirements, maintain project roadmaps, and mentor
personnel. As a Telemarketing Manager, I was responsible for a 24 seat call center using predictive dialing
software. As a small business owner, independently planning business affairs.

      Management – Experienced in assembling and leading a team, providing estimates, and distributing
       tasks. My ability to define problems, collect data, and draw conclusions has won me many awards.
      Language Skills - Experienced in conducting training sessions on an individual and group basis.
       Ability to read and create engineering specs, end user training documentation, or procedure manuals.
      Reasoning Ability - The methods routinely used are Prototyping and UML diagramming, which
       have helped me convey complex instructions to teams or individuals. Mortgage industry experience
       in calculating discounts, interest, commissions.

ColdFusion Web Developer
TekSystems, 11/2007 - 2/2008
    The San Diego Community College District needed a student voting application. This application was
      a ColdFusion application budgeted for 3 months time. There were two parts to this application. The
      front end where students cast votes and the backend where the questions were created.
    The stakeholders in the project had a single printed ballot created in MS Word. In my requirements
      gathering, I discovered their primary concern was displaying choices on screen in an uncluttered
      fashion, printing ballots in the event of recounts, and a KISS principle way to create question types,
      such as Y/N, text, checkbox, etc.
    From the printed sample, I reverse engineered an application that would allow management of
      multiple questions, ballots, and campaigns. Bonus features I added were copying campaigns, which
      duplicated all the questions and answers within them. I followed the product lifecycle using a
      prototype which the stakeholders signed off on. This prototype also defined interface standards.
    I then authored the engineering specs, and set about coding in ColdFusion using the organizations
      own protocol for building applications. This process involved debugging, error trapping routines, and
      how to handle error messages.
    The security concerns took into account that once a vote began, questions/ballots/campaigns could
      not be modified to prevent tampering. Spelling corrections were the exception.
    Various reports needed to be created for who/when voting occurred.
    Using Enterprise Manager, I created a normalized database design using SQL for queries and form
      submissions. Finally I did as much as possible in fleshing out any documentation before project end.
  Technology used: ColdFusion, Fusebox, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, UML
  Software used: Eclipe, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, Dreamweaver, Enterprise Manager, TopStyle 3

ColdFusion Web Developer
Vaco Technology, 5/2008 - 7/2008
    National University had a staff of two ColdFusion developers that were re-launching a proprietary
      CMS. They had a laundry list of “wish list” fixes because the application had been written 5-6 years
      previously, but they upgraded to the most recent ColdFusion 8 Server and this was causing problems.
      My duties here were following best engineering practices which did not exist at the time this
      application was originally written. Properly scoping variables, declaring variables within functions
      and scripts, optimizing SQL, creating Query of Queries, and put redundant code into CFCs which
      turns the redundant code into reusable modules.
    In addition, the university hired an outside agency to design the look and feel of the site. But this
      agency didn’t color correct some stock photography properly. Additionally, the file naming
      convention they used for these images was impossible to decipher. I went through just over 1000
      images, renaming each file in camel case, and color correcting the hues.
  Technology used: ColdFusion, DHTML, XHTML, CSS
  Software used: Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Eclipse

Independent Consultant
Super Unit 5000, 01/2006 – Present
    As a small business owner, you have to satisfy the needs of a diverse set of clients, such as working
       with particular hosting services, software they’ve purchased, or product launches. Unique challenges
       in customer satisfaction are faced daily as an independent consultant. Experience as a Product
       Manager comes in handy when trying to estimate timelines of third-party contractors.
    For MEA Digital, I was consulted on rapid prototyping, generating a UML diagram. The process
       shown there, is someone registering for a weekend long class offered by a personality like Dr Phil.
       What must be taken into account is where you are staying, how many people are attending, and what
       they will be eating for the duration of their stay. Having experience in software architecture helped
       me model the application so the scope of the project could be visualized easily.
    I created a product called Super Unit 5000 which was the Lego version of cat furniture. The point of
       this exercise was to bring an original product idea to market. From this experience, I learned the
       XML syntax of the MIVA shopping cart, and established pay per click ad campaigns on Google,
       TextLink Ads, and Project Wonderful.
    My client Kalypsys, Inc. is a medium sized biotech company that needed a website redesign. I acted
       as the Project Manager in writing the RFP (Request for Proposal) to secure these services. I submitted
       this proposal to 6 firms, collected the bids, and presented the findings to executive management.
       Crucial skills were gathering requirements from all the department heads so their needs could be
       documented in this proposal, which would give more accurate estimates from the design firms.
  Technology used: Digital cameras, MIVA shopping cart, DHTML, XHTML, Javascript, CSS, XML
  Software used: MS Office, QuickBooks, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweave, TopStyle 3, eBay templates.

Product Manager
Kintera, Inc., 12/2004 - 01/2006
    As the Lead Interface Designer, I worked directly with the department head of Product Management
       to create a user interface. This interface needed to take into account a growing base of software
       modules that would need to seamlessly ‘fit’ into a consistent design. I drove the look and feel of this
       new interface. The interface was launched in their flagship products, Kintera Sphere® (the CMS) and
       Kintera Fundware® (accounting software).
    I made decisions on implementation relating to this interface. To assist in this area, I created a
       corporate styleguide and a library of UE/UI design patterns. An example of this libraries contents is
       the icon-matrix. The idea was to use a noun-verb naming convention in a grid, which allows you to
       keep all the icons organized in one file, rather than hundreds of icons scattered about the application.
    New additions/change to this corporate pattern library had to be tested. The testing involved user
       surveys and focus groups. After proper UI review, the engineering department was handed the task of
       coding in the .NET framework. The key to getting your projects completed as a UI person was to
       show the engineers what to build, not how to build it.
    As time permitted, legacy software, using an outdated interface, was upgraded into the set of
       standards set out in the flagship products. I was consulted on how best to accomplish those legacy

       The legacy software was 100 or so ‘modules’ clients would buy to augment a base set of
       functionality. For example, if you ran a charity event, you would need some way to collect payments
       and keep track of who is in attendance. Therefore, Kintera clients would need to purchase the
       ‘eCommerce’ and ‘Events’ modules in addition to their CMS functionality.

       My role in this legacy software was working across teams (business owners, developers, and
       managers) to upgrade the modules to standards. Design exploration and UI look and feel. Being the
       sole person in the company upgrading interfaces caused a bottleneck in progress. So I trained thirteen
       other Product Managers how to prototype software. For this effort, I won the problem solver award.
     In supporting the Marketing department, I authored PDF documentation called “one sheets” which
       give overviews of product features. I used my knowledge of digital design and production to assist
       the VP of marketing in publishing any print advertising, posters, brochures, for new product releases
       and trade shows.
   Technology used: DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript
   Software used: Mindjet MindManager, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver MX, MS Office, TopStyle 3

Web Production Manager
Beyster Institute, 05/2004 - 06/2004
    Publish and distribute SAIC trade publication in a monthly newsletter. Scrub data for mailing lists.
       Publish direct mail campaign. Optimize & update HTML/ASP website and research library.
       Instruction on MS Office products. Answer general computer questions.
    Design and produce print materials including: data sheets, direct mail.
  Technology used: DHTML, XHTML, CSS
  Software used: Dreamweaver, MS Office

Independent Consultant
Super Unit 5000, 12/2002 - 03/2004
    Develop software for reporting transactions on Automated Teller Machines and Point of Sale units.
    Build repeatable software tests, and evaluate for defects and functionality.
    Planed an application which uploaded photos taken from wireless devices to a website automatically.
  Technology used: ColdFusion, Fusebox, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  Software used: Visio, Flash, HomeSite, Dreamweaver, MS Office

Telemarketing Manager & Lead Web Developer
Genisys Financial, 01/2001 - 10/2002
    Hand built a CMS to maintain websites of 35 branch offices. Detailed reports and tracking.
    Saved the company $20k a month by developing a system to return bad products for a vendor credit.
    Co-ordinate the personnel for a 24 seat call center.
    Monitor, evaluate, and improve the effectiveness of print, web, and telemarketing campaigns.
    Installed bar code scanners so employees could scan in/out documents without wandering around the
      office for lost documents.
  Technology used: HTML, CSS, ColdFusion 5
  Software used: Adalon, Dreamweaver, MS Office, MindJet MindManager, TopStyle

I have been responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of products. I have had the
privilege of supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws.

1990 - 1992    Erie Community College - Banking, Insurance, Real Estate
1996 - 1998    Palomar College - Radio/Television broadcasting

      Received letters of recommendation from IION, Solimar Systems, and Genisys Financial.
      Winner of the "Golden Mouse" award from the Democratic National Convention for my work on
       Senator Nancy Pelosis site, and received the Problem Solver Award.
      Winner of the Innocent Comic design contest. Received cash award and back cover printing.
      Small Business Owner.


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