Sponsor_Meeting_12.01.11_done_ by liwenting


									Meeting with Sponsor Dr Kam Tin Seong

Minutes                            12 Jan 2011            1530hrs                   SIS Meeting Room 4.6

 Meeting called by          Tan Ying Da

 Type of meeting            Sponsor Meeting

 Facilitator                Tan Ying Da

 Note taker                 Ng Wei Quan

 Timekeeper                 Ng Wei Quan

 Attendees                  Dr Kam Tin Seong, Isaac Lim, Ng Wei Quan, Tan Ying Da, Marcus Yap, Sim Sing Hong


                       1.       Demonstration of prototype system to Dr Kam
                       2.       Obtain feedbacks on the current development

      1.   Feedback to Dr Kam that the current system is working on a sample data formulated by the team because actual data
           is not provided
      2.   Share with Dr Kam that the team is using JoshTreeMap Library for current development at the moment
      3.   Suggestions from Dr Kam
            - Improve on the panel size (have it dynamic instead of static so that user can adjust according)
            - Good reference would be Panoticon Ex Designer
            - Selectable attributes to be displayed in the window panel
            - Will send the team the shape file for Hong Kong and the excel spreadsheet that monitors IDS sales level
            - Update the team on the video conference with IDS Hong Kong


 Action items                                                                 Person responsible             Deadline

 Observers                  Isaac, Wei Quan, Marcus, Sing Hong

 Resource persons           -

 Special notes              End Time: 1630hrs

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