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SAVE THE DATE_ The 24th Asian Pacific Weed Science Society


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									SAVE THE DATE!                   Dear all APWSS members,

The 24th Asian Pacific Weed      Please do not forget to submit your abstracts for oral and poster presentations
Science Society (APWSS)          at the 24th Asian Pacific Weed Science Society (APWSS) Conference.
22-25 October 2013               Abstract submission will be closed on 22 June 2013, instant.

Padjadjaran University           For information on how to submit your abstract please visit the conference
Convention Hall, Bandung         website: www.apwss2013.com.
                                 Please see below for the latest important information on the conference.
Conference Theme:                The theme of the symposium is The role of weed science in supporting
" The role of weed science in    food security by 2020. A number of sub-themes have been selected
supporting food security by      reflecting the overall theme and as a guide for potential oral and poster
2020"                            presentations, viz.

                                   1. Sustainable weed management in the Asian-Pacific region
IMPORTANT DATES                       Weed biology and ecology in agro ecosystem, forestry, pastures and
                                        aquatic ecosystem
Call for Presentations Closes:        Integrated weed management
22 June 2013
                                      Weed management in organic farming
Confirmation of Speakers:
                                      Weed management in transplanted and direct seeded rice
5 July 2013
Registration Opens:                   Competitive crop development
August 2013
                                   2. Weed solutions for the Asian-Pacific region
                                      Weed management in range of ecosystems
Proudly brought to you by:            Conservation tillage and practice of zero tillage
                                      New herbicide development and their applications
                                      Prevention and Management of herbicide Resistant Weeds
                                      Molecular biology and biotechnology in weed science
                                      Utilization of weeds as bio-resources and as a management tool
                                      Regulatory and national policy issues
                                      Community Empowerment for IWM of Weeds
                                      Education, training and extension in weed science
                                      Management of aquatic weeds
CONFERENCE MANAGERS                   Invasive plant species and the invasion process, pathways and spread
Weed Science Society of
Indonesia (WSSI)                 3.    Threats and risks in the Asian-Pacific region
Department of Agronomy                 Identification of sleeper weeds and their management
Faculty of Agriculture                 Strategic management of invasive plant species
Padjadjaran University                 Important new weeds in the region
Jl. Raya Jatinangor Km 21              Weed risk assessment
Bandung 45363                          Impact of weed control on the environmental
T: +62 22 7796320                      Training and education in weed science
                                          4. Economics of weed control in the Asian-Pacific region
Steering Committee                           Chemical management costs
1.Bahadar Khan Marwat Khan                   Weed management and GM crops
2.Steve Adkins (Australia)                   Economic in weed management
3.Soekisman Tjoitrosoedirdjo                 Competitive crop development
                                       ORAL PRESENTATION
Executive Committee                    Until now we have already received the abstract for oral presentations 20 and
1. Ministry of Agriculture             we are still waiting more abstract before 22 June 2013.
2. Ministry of Forestry
3. Ministry of Environmental
                                       POSTER PRESENTATION
International Advisory                 We have received the abstract for poster presentation 7 and we hope we can
Committee:                             receive more abstracts submission before 22 June 2013.
1. Steve Adkins (Australia)
2. Anis Rahman (New Zealand)           All information are available at our website: www.apwss2013.com
3.Aurora Baltazar (Phillipines)                                                                              Read More
4. Buddhi Marambe (Sri Lanka)          ABOUT THE CONFERENCE
5. Nimal Chandrasena (Australia)
6. NT Yaduraju (India)
7. Khan Bahadar Marwat (Pakistan)      Who should attend?
8. Gul Hasan (Pakistan)                If you are any one of the followings, you can benefit from participating in the
9. Chaoxian Zhang (China)              Conference, and assist others by contributing:
10. Yoshiharu Fujii (Japan)                   Government weeds officers, managers and Councilors
11. Baki bin Bakar (Malaysia)
12. Chanya Maneechote (Thailand)
                                              Researchers in weed management
13. Trevor James (New Zealand)                Contractors and community project officers
                                              Weed managers
Publication Committee                         People in the agricultural industry with an interest in weed and their
1. Baki bin Bakar (Chairman,                   management.
                                              Quarantine officers and policy makers
2. Samunder Singh (India)
3. NT Yaduraju (India)                        Researchers, educators and students involved in weed management.
4. Buddhi Marambe (Sri Lanka)                 International manufacturers in weed management products, those in
5. Nimal Chandrasena (Australia)               the agricultural industry with an interest in weeds and their
6. Asad Shabir (Pakistan)                      management.
7. Soekisman (Indonesia)                      Land owners and managers throughout the Asia-Pacific region
8. Edison Purba (Indonesia)
9. Nanik Sriyani (Indonesia)
                                              Agribusiness and utility providers, in power, rail, roads and water.
10. Do Soon Kim (Korea)                       Government agencies staff
                                              Land care and Agforce member from Asian-Pacific countries
Program Committee                             Representatives of chemical and equipment manufacturers, wholesalers
1. Steve Adkins (Chairman,                     and retailers
2. Aurora Baltazar (Phillipines)
3. Buddhi Marambe (Sri Lanka)          In addition to the formal program, there will be ample time for networking and
4. Soekisman (Indonesia)               discussions during breaks and through a social program incorporating a
5. Khan Bahadar Marwat (Pakistan)      conference dinner and field trips.

Local organizing Committee:            CONFERENCE LOCATION & VENUE
Denny Kurniadie (Chairman)
Santi Rosniawaty (Secretary)
Nanik Sriyani (Oral presentation)      Location
Edison Purba (Oral presentation)       The Conference will be held in Padjadjaran University Convention Hall Bandung
Sri S. Soekisman (Oral presentation)
Prayitno Sapari (Poster                Indonesia. Bandung, also known as “City of Flowers” is the provincial capital of
presentation)                          West Java and Indonesia’s third largest city. It was known in colonial times as
Nur Istifadah (Poster presentation)
                                       the Paris of Java because of its European ambiance and sophistication.
Jody Moenandir (Poster
Dedi Widayat (Registration)
Uum Umiyati (Registration)
Erni Suminar (Secretariat)
Aep Wawan (Secretariat)               Bandung       is
Susi Munigar (Secretariat)
Sumadi (Photographing)                situated on a
Cucu Suherman (Promotion &            plateau in the
Dad Sembodo (Promotion)
Noladhi (Exhibition & Field trip)     Tangkuban
Dani Riswandi                         Perahu
Agus Wahyudin
Jajang Sauman
Nana Bana (Exhibition & Field trip)   mountain,
Anne Nuraeni (Post and pre            Bandung's
John Riry (Post and pre conference)   pleasant
Denny Sobardini (logistic)            climate     and
Yayan Sumekar (Local
transportation & hotel)
Kasirin (Fund rasing)                 surroundings
Nandang Holil (Fund raising)          have offered an escape from the heat of the lowlands since the mid 19th
Iskandar Zulkarnain (Fund rasing)
Fardedi (Fund raising)                century when it was the heart of the region's most prosperous plantation area.
                                      Host to the historic Asia-Africa Conference in 1955, Bandung is now a center of
                                      higher education, commerce and aircraft industry, which despite its modern
                                      amenities still retains much of its colonial-era charms. Bandung is also
                                      renowned for its shopping opportunities, particularly for shoes, textiles,
                                      clothing, food and denims. Bandung is easily accessable from Jakarta by train,
                                      road or air. The distance from Jakarta is about 180 km. It takes 3 hours by
                                      train or car through toll road. There are direct flights from Singapore and
                                      Malaysia to Bandung International airport (Air Asia and Singapore airlines).

                                      KEYNOTE AND INVITED SPEAKERS

                                      1. Steve Adkins (Univ. of of Queensland, Brisbane Australia, Keynote)

                                      2. Albert Fischer (Univ. of California Davis, USA, Invited)

                                      3. Yoshiharu Fujii (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, Japan,

                                      4. Kwang Ho Park (Korean National College of Agriculture, Invited)

                                      5. Trevor James (Univ. of New Zealand, Invited)

                                      6. Aurora Baltazar (Univ. of the Phillippines Los Banos, Invited)

                                      7. A.R. Sharma (Weed Science Research India, Invited)

                                      8. Soekisman Tjitrosemito (SEAMEO BIOTROP Indonesia, Invited)

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     Email: denny.kurniadie@gmail.com


The Weed Science Society of Indonesia

      www.higi.or.id or www.apwss2013.com

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