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					                           www.logixitcore.com                           Software Development Unit

                                                     Logix IT Core
                                                              Boosting Your Business Values…

About Us:
       LogiX, a Software development and IT consulting company, is highly focused on delivering
       business values to its clients through innovative Software solutions.
       LogiX helps its clients maximize the value of IT through the delivery of a full range of
       complementary services and industry-specific, tailor-made solutions

Vision statement:

       Transform Business to GAME by Software Sense

Mission Statement:

To Develop Software System Which:

      Relate to Particular Business
      Fully Automatic
      Centrally Manage All Departments Effortlessly and Visionary.
      Secured and Controllable
      Operates from anywhere and from any gadgets (Mobile,Ipad,Tablet).


    Online ERP system for Main Brokers with Sub Broker (Franchise) + client LIVE Back-Office
       for Stock/Share Market Industry
            o   BSE + NSE + FO + MCX + NCDEX etc…
    Online Customized ERP System for corporate
            o   Traders, Manufacturer, Exporter etc…
    Online customer support system (CRM)
    Web site Development
            o   Static , Dynamic

Technology & Benefits:

    JAVA, Spring Framework
    Supports all operating system + device (mobile + iPOD + Tablet)
    Working in same technology since 5 years
    No need to install on any operating system
    Continue updates system as per new changes
Working Theme before start developing:

       Basic Requirement analysis
       Quotation with expected time frame and range amount
       15 % Token Amount
       SRS Preparation within 10 days (full detail of whole software with all modules and logics in
       Final Quotation and agreement with exact time frame and penalty cause
Working Methodology:

We Follows 100% Software Development Life Cycle, Which ensures to deliver powerful
software system to customer.

    Follows Software Development Life Cycle
    Module wise development time schedule in advanced
    Module wise training + whole training
    1 developer – 1 tester
    100% guaranty , there will be not a single error in terms of logic and operation
    Auto help in each screen
    Online customer care system
    Data Storage?
                Local Server or Internet Server
    Security in case of internet server?
                Legal license of private server
                Linux server , very secured from virus and hacking
    Easy Operation?
                Very user friendly + Screen wise auto help + help file
                Live customer support in software itself
    No of Users?
                Unlimited
Payment Condition:
        1. 15% token
        2. 35% at time of contract agreement
        3. 20% after deliver such modules (mid of project time)
        4. 15% on completion
        5. 15% after completion of 1 month (user acceptance)

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