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					              DRAFT REPORT


       Institutional Accreditation of

    Rao LalSingh College of Education
       Sidhrawali, Distt. Gurgaon

               Jan. 3-4, 2004

National Assessment and Accreditation Council

          Draft Peer Team Report on Assessment and Accreditation of
    Rao Lal Singh College of Education, Sidhrawali Distt. – Gurgaon (Haryana)


Introduction: -
   The peer team of NAAC comprising (i) Prof. Mohammad Miyan, Director, Centre for
Distance and Open learning, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (Chairman) (ii) Prof.
Umesh C. Vashishtha, Dean Faculty of Education, Lucknow University, Lucknow
(Member) & (iii) Dr. Prem K. Ahuja, former Director, WRC (NCTE), Jaipur (Member)
visited the Rao Lal Singh College of Education , Sidhrawaii Distt. Gurgaon (Harayana)
on Jan. 3-4, 2004.
  Rao Lalsingh College of Education, Sidhrawali Disft. Gurgaon, the first rural College
of Education in the Haryana State was established in 1974. The College is situated
about 1 km away from Sidhrawali village on the National Highway No. 8 linking Delhi
and Jaipur. The College is run by a registered society named as Rao LalSingh'SWiksha
Parishad, Sidhrawali.     The College is located in about four acres of land.      One
demonstration school run by the same management is situated nearby. The College is
affiliated to M. D. University, Rohtak.
  The College has the recognition of NCTE Northern Regional Committee for B. Ed.
and M. Ed. Courses and is permanently affiliated to M. D. University, Rohtak. The
present intake of B.Ed. and M.Ed. are 170 and 20 respectively. The Sanctioned intake
of B.Ed. students is 130 vide NCTE's letter No. B.Ed, f-3 /HR15/97/1537 dt. 20.6.98.
The College enhanced the number of seats as the NCTE's modified norms allow the
pupil teacher, ratio as 14:1. The College has not obtained the permission of the NCTE
for enhancing the number of seats though the University has the allowed the college for
the enhancement.
  The College has 'faculty of fourteen including the"' Principal out of this eleven are
Ph.D. holders having long experience in Teacher Education. All the posts of teaching
staff and the librarian are approved by the university. Among supporting staff there are
4 technical and -6 administrative staff personnel.
  The College has a mission to help rural students to shape their lives on the principle
of 'Simple living and High Thinking' and to make available to them cheap but effective

Teacher Education. The present scenario does not fulfil the mission of
   accommodation for boys and girls are provided in the campus. These hostels have
separate Kitchen which are run by students themselves.
   The College has a Library, Computer Centre, Sick room, Sports Facilities (indoor &
outdoor), Canteen, Parking ;shed, ET Lab, Physical Sciences, Life Science and
Psychology Labs, multi purpose hall and Women cell etc.
   The College has sufficient class rooms, adequate staff room and suitable housing
facilities for the principal.

                                       SECTION -2
                                CRITERION WISE ANALYSIS

            Criterion I - Curricular Design and Planning

   B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes, recognized by the NCTE are affiliated to Maharshi
Dayanand University Rohtak Admission to B.Ed. are made by the university on the
basis of the following criterion and procedure.
 1. Average marks obtained in the Entrance Examination and percentage of marks
      obtained in B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/M.A/M.Sc./M.Com. (whichever is higher)

 2. 50% of the total Seats are free seats and students are allotted by the university
      with reservation as per policy of the Govt. of Haryana.

 3. Remaining 50% Seats i.e 85 Seats are treated as paid Seats and an amount of
      Rs. 30.000/- in addition to normal fee is charged from each Student against the
      paid Seat. All paid Seats are open for all Haryana and Non Har ,yapa candidates
      without consideration of any reservation for reserved categories.      This was
      prevalent only for two aids i.e. 2001-02; 2002-03 .
 The team was informed that from the session 2003-04 , the fee was enhanced to Rs.
 16, 000 /- per annum and the payment seats were withdrawn.

The college works for a total of 210 days out of which 140 are teaching days, 30 days
are devoted to practice-teahcing and 10 days are allotted for admission work and 20
days for examination.
   For effective planning the trainees in the beginning of the academic session are
orientated with College annual Calendar, various academic and curricular activities with
their objectives, implementation Strategies, innovative practices and evaluation scheme
etc. The Students are provided flexibility in offering different optional papers, field work,
project-work and work experience. The whole Session is divided in three academic
terms by the university-first term from July to September, Second term from October to
December and third term from January to April. The Course outline analysis for each -
term is designed in term of units to facilitate the teaching and learning. The institution
encourages teachers to prepare the course outline in the beginning of the session. The
course implementation is done as per teaching schedule, monthly assignments,- term
tests, monitoring and staff meetings.
   The institution runs programmes for health & social welfare, environmental
awareness,      population    awareness,   depression,    women     empowerment,       AIDS
Awareness, Alcoholism, Adult Literacy in the form of community surveys, extension
lectures, co-curricular activities etc.
   The institution gathers feedback for redesigning curriculum/teaching programmes
through meetings with students, employees and teachers. Since the institution has to
follow the University courses, the freedom to design, alter and introduce new courses is
not there but the institution organizes various institutionschool-community networking
activities such as sports, tournaments, celebrating different important days, surveys,
awareness programmes etc.
   The institution ensures its achievement of goals and objectives by acquiring quality
results, ensuring student placement, winning prizes and positions in different
competitions.    A section of students feel that there should be more topics from
humanities in the syllabi so as to develop humane attitude In pupil-teachers. It is true
that the curriculum/syllabus is prescribed by the university but college make efforts
through feedback from students and'teachers to help fill in deficiencies by organizing
extension lectures.

for the field of teacher education.

        Criterion - 11 Curriculum Transaction and Evaluation
  The College has setup a good standard for Curriculum Transaction and Evaluation
Tutorials, Seminars, Workshops are arranged to promote interactive teaching -learning.
The Students are encouraged to see U.G.C Satellite programmes.
The Course Content analysis is done subject wise in the beginning. During the first
phase of practice teaching the emphasis is laid on pedagogic concepts and followed by
Micro planning, demonstration lessons and. finall@ during the practice-teaching the
trainees get learning experiences in real situations interacting with students in the class,
peers, school teachers and supervisors.
  For developing the core teaching skills in simulated settings, microteaching is
orgainised, practice is provided for preparing micro-lessons plans in five skills-
questioning, skill of explaining, stimulus variation, use of black-board and the skill of
  Demonstration lessons presented by the teacher-educators are observed by the
trainees on ten-point observation schedule. Each lesson of every student is supervised
by teacher educators. Ten lessons are observed by peers and feed back is provided to
the trainees. After the practice teaching is over, trainees participate irv the discussion
on the experiences gained durihg,the entire practice teaching.
  The university guide-lines related to evaluation work is followed. Besides external
evaluation, the institution holds two terminal examinations during the session.        The
performance in theory and work experience subjects is evaluated by awarding mark
whereas assignments and projects are evaluated by giving grades. Talented students
are identified and additional guidance is provided to them. For

weak students identified on the basis of internal tests / assignments, remedial teaching
is arranged.
    The institution follows self-apprasial method to evaluate the performance of the
    teaching faculty. Self-appraisal proforma are filled in by all concerned. Teachers
    participate regularly in Seminars and attend refresher and orientation programmes.
    In the end of session the students express their feelings, opinion, feed back on the
    performance of teachers in a formal way only.
  In the,, last 5 years, the College did conduct.,, one faculty developmentprogramme.
Two teachers have also got recognition/professional awards. If faculty development-
programmes are conducted more often, it will benefit the individual teachers as well as
institution Material help is offered to economically poor .students.        The College
encourages Students in various co-curricular activities. The M.D. University to which
this college is affiliated does not allow any division in marks between continuous
assessment and terminal examination.           The university conducts the terminal
examination both in theory papers and practice teaching thus sundering the exercise of
tests and assignments almost redundant. On the part of the college it sincerely strives
to make use of modern technology in transacting knowledge and skills to pupil teachers.

        Criterion - III Research, Development and Extension

  The College offering B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes has made a humble attempt in
terms of research work. Accept three out of fourteen, all the members of the staff
possess Ph. D. degree. Three staff members have been awarded Ph.D. degree during
the last five years. There are ten part-time research scholars. Two research scholars
have submitted their theses for Ph.D. One has been awarded Ph. D. degree. Four
research projects have been forwarded to U.G.C./UNICEF for financial assistance with
total outlay of 15,50,000/-. Eight staff members are associated with various academic
bodies and societies Faculty members have freedom to take up any educational
innovation and research projects. Three research projects/financed by UGC have been
completed. One staff members is associated with twelve academic bodies.

The institution has close linkage with the community. Extension activites in the form of
community service, social work, blood donation camp, AIDS awareness, Women’s
empowerment are undertaken from time to time under NSS Programme and women
cell. The institution works and plans extension activities in collaboration with NGOS.
   Though in the giving circumstances the research contribution of the staff is
commendable , there is a need to further strengthen the research elements. the teacher
can be encouraged to take up more research projects along with motivation for
publication in research journals which would add to the development of research ethos
in the institution.

         Criterion - IV Infrastructure and Learning Resources

   The institution has sufficient infrastructure facilities, enough funds, quick authority
sanctions and management investment to plan the need for augmenting the
infrastructure to keep pace with academic growth.              The task of maintaining
infrastructure is assigned to different committees with specific objectives and functions
clearly defined.      To keep the campus beautiful and pollution free a committee
"Operation Fountain Head" has been formed which regularly keeps a watch over its
   Two Well equipped hostels-one for girls and other for boys having 25 rooms in each
with warden' s residence are available on the campus.
   For uninterrupted water and electric supply one lakh liters capacity overhead tank
and two generators are.,provided five class rooms, Assembly halls, various laboratories,
Teacher's cubicles, Principals residence, one guest house etc. and other infrastructure
facilities are available.
   As the institution provides residential facilities, adequate provision of health services
for the inmates and staff has been made. Adequate sports and games facilities are
available and their use is made during athletics meets and tournaments.
   With reference to the learning resources, the college has kept pace with the new
developments. The College has augmented its Computer lab. Psychology, E.T., Sc.
Lab and other laboratories are used by the students during practice teaching phase as

well as while completing their work experience tasks and practical related to theory

  Library has been computerized for effective lending and depositing, purchasing of
books and verifying the stock readily. The college has a book bank facility has sufficient
books and subscribes a reasonable number of journals M. Ed. students are allowed
access to the stakes. There is a photocopying machine in the library for the benefit of
students. Though list of text-books useful for the B.Ed. students is displayed in the
beginning of the year but it would perhaps help the students more if the library provides
a catalogue also. This limitation is obviously because of shortage of staff and the
Government of Haryana does not give sanction of addition posts. Library has the same
working hours as the college which runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

          Criterion - V Students Support and Progression

  The student support and progression of any institution depends upon the strength of
system efficiency developed by the institution.
  Almost all students who bought admission to B.Ed. course during the last three years
appeared at the examination. The drop out for M.Ed. course is also less than 1 0% .
Three students have passed NET during the last three year.
  The guidance and placement 'cell in the college provides counseling to students for
opting subjects for teaching in view of employment scope, study habits, tracing out
books and material for notes and other problems.
  The institution situated in rural area and residential in nature provides various
recreational/leisure time facilities to students like indoor-outdoor sports/games, yoga
and audio/video facilities.
  The financial aid available to the students are primarily the various Government and
merit scholarships. During 200-01 and 2001-02 and 30 students availed scholarships
respectively. In addition to this an amount of Rs. 2000/- is given to each student who
secures merit position among the first ten. For willing students the institution arranges
preparatory classes of one month duration. It is heartening to note that it gives the grant

of Rs. 2000 /- each to the economically weak students from its own funds. Placement
cell has been established recently. Placement services and alumni association may be
strengthened for better linkage.

              Criterion-VI Organisation and Management

   For effective functioning to achieve the goals/objectives the institution has a system
and mechanism of organization and management. The governing body elected by the
members of_.the parishad looks after the management of the institution. Resources are
made available readily by the management as per requirement of the institution. There
are representatives of teachers and administrative staff, nominees of the university and
the State Government on the Governing Body of the college.
   The institution is sensitized to modern managerial concepts such as strategic
planning, team work, decision making and TQM which are reflected while constituting
various committees, consideration of different parameters and computerization
activities.   The institution' has adopted,:.internal audit mechanisms and process for
internal quality checks. There is grievance redressal cell in the college.
   Teachers are recruited by a Selection Committee consisting of Government,
University and management nominees, principal and subject experts. The institution
has freedom to appoint any suitable person in the interest of the institution as per
   The alumni have felt that the college has progressed a lot in the last few years.
Records of the financial transaction are kept up to date and audit is done regularly.
There is found no audit objection while scrutinizing the audit report for the year 2002-03.

                                         SECTION 3
                             Overall Analysis and Suggestion

  The Rao LalSingh College of Education established in 1947 has developed both in
infrastructure facilities and academic programmes. The teacher development has been
continuing thus improving the quality of transaction. The management of the college is
quite proactive and has plans to initiate classes in different foreign languages including
improving proficiency in English students seem to be quite motivated and
participate,with interest in various curricular and co-curricular activities. College further
provides them an opportunity of infraction with sister institutions by organizing annual
athletic meet on Dec. 7 every year. Cent percent results and quite a few top positions
the last examination provide impetus to students academic activities with a desire to do
better this year. All the students appeared for B.Ed. examination (2002-03) have got
first division only. Out of fifteen positions, fourteen have been begged by this college.
The management is very supportive of the development of the college and provides
ample encouragement to staff and students.
  The peer team appreciates the efforts of the management, the principal and the staff
for the progress and development of the college.
  The efforts of the institution for,providing quality Teacher Education in rural area are
praiseworthy. The peer team would like to put forward the following suggestions for
          At" M.Ed. level Teacher Education, Educational "and Vocational Guidance
           Special Education, Educational Technology are offered as elective optional
           papers. There is a need to encourage students to opt for papers such as
           Computer      Education-,    Educational     Measurement       and    Evaluation
           Management and administration of Education which are already prescribed
           in M.Ed. syllabus of the university.
          Teaching of commerce is offered as one of the subject, there is no specific
           lecturer for teaching of commerce. The Vice-chancellor of the university has
           approved the post of lecturer in Education (Economics/Commerce) for a
           teacher who has master degree in Economics.            Efforts may be made ot
           appoint a teacher with Commerce background.

           Familiarity with the use of computers will be an asset for teachers. There is a
            need of computer-training programme for all the staff members
           On campus interviews may be organized for B. Ed pass students
           The institution is located in rural area and partly residential. A cooperative
            store managed by the students may be of great help and support to them.
           A good amount (about Rs. 30, 000 /- yearly) is spent on subscribing on
            Journals. The Journals like Perspective in Education, New Frontiers in
            Education etc. related to education and suitable for students may also be
            subscribed. The list of journals, which are subscribed, be reviewed.
           Separate reading room may be provided in the hostels.
           There is a need to encourage innovations in Teacher education. Instruction
            through integrating models of teaching may be considered.
           The alumni association constituted recently may be strengthened and

The peer team appreciates the cooperation extended by the management, the principal,
teaching and non-teaching staff and the students and wishes the college a bright future.

(Mohammed Miyan)                   (Umesh C Vashishtha)               (Prem K. Ahuja)

I agree with the observation and suggestions made in this report

(Dr. P. S. Yadav)
Rao Lal Singh College of Education
Sidhrawali – 123413
Distt. Gurgaon (Haryana)


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