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					City of Evansville Economic Development Committee Regular Meeting Tuesday, November 20, 2007, 5:30 pm City Hall, 31 S. Madison Street, Evansville, Wisconsin MINUTES I. Call to Order. The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Chair Tony Wyse. Present: Tony Wyse, Matthias James, Roger Berg, Dave Olsen, Gene Bass, and Fred Juergens. Absent: Julie Meredith and James Otterstein. Also present: Mayor Sandy Decker, Dan Wietecha, and Bridgit Larsen. II. Approve Agenda. Juergens moved, seconded by James, to approve the agenda. Motion approved unanimously. III. Approve Minutes of October 16, 2007 Meeting. Minutes unavailable; tabled. IV. Citizen Appearances. None. V. Chamber of Commerce Report. Larsen reported a delegation from the Chamber had met with Senator Erpenbach and Secretary Nilsestuen; the Chamber hosted an open house at the new Health Club; and the Chamber supported the radio commercials, the horse-drawn carriage rides, and Santa visit during the Main Street ribbon cutting weekend. The Chamber is working on a Community Business Directory, which will be available for all local businesses to list and/or advertise. It can serve as the “Welcome to Evansville” brochure for visitors and locals. Similar directories have been well received in neighboring communities. Decker distributed an expenditures ledger for the Committee; there is $5400 remaining in the budget. It was noted that some expenses for the Summit may be incurred prior to the end of the year. The Committee discussed a financial contribution to the Business Directory in order to reduce the advertisement costs for businesses. Juergens made a motion, seconded by Olsen, to authorize a $4500 contribution to offset expenses of the Community Business Directory. VI. City Administrator Report. None. VII. Update on Biodiesel Plant. Wietecha indicated that Mike Robinson and John Sheehy attended the November 13 Common Council meeting and gave an update on the status of North Prairie. Due to current market conditions, their board of directors voted to suspend construction to protect their investors’ equity until soy oil prices stabilize. All intentions are for the suspension to be temporary.

Berg suggested the Committee work with the Chamber to host a delegation to meet with state and federal officials about Evansville business interests in general and about biofuels in particular. In anticipation of the Economic Development Summit producing some specific strategies and objectives, the Committee agreed that any such meetings should wait until after the Summit. VIII. Discussion on City Website. Juergens asked about any ideas to promote economic development on the website; Wietecha noted that the upcoming Summit will soon be featured on the website. The Committee also discussed future possible uses for the webcam. IX. Update on Downtown Task Force. It was generally agreed that the project went well overall and having the Task Force really helped. Decker noted that there will be a similar Task Force continuing with the Madison Street project next year. The ribbon cutting ceremony went well. The weather Saturday did not cooperate, but the activities drew some crowds downtown Friday evening and Saturday morning. Olsen indicated that Baker Manufacturing would cover the expenses for the refreshments at the ribbon cutting; thank you. X. Update on Economic Development Summit. Decker indicated that Ken Hendricks of ABC Supply has agreed to keynote the Summit. The Small Business Center at UW-Whitewater will be conducting a brief phone survey to gather information to help with the Summit. Invitations will be mailed to all businesses in early December; the Summit is on January 12. XI. Discussion on Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund (RLF). Wyse said Nicole Hamby (accountant), John Decker (attorney), Roger Berg (Committee member), and James Otterstein (Rock County) are all willing to serve on the Loan Review Board. A banker is still needed; Brendon Wilkinson of First Community Bank was suggested. Wietecha will distribute copies of the approved RLF policy to members of the Loan Review Board. XII. Discussion on Room Tax. The Committee asked Wietecha to research the legal requirements and examples of rates charged in other cities for a future meeting. XIII. Adjournment. Bass moved, seconded by Juergens, to adjourn. Motion approved unanimously at 7:10 pm.