HSM T4610 18" Cut Rotory Trimmers Spec Sheet by monomachines


HSM T4610 18" Cut Rotory Trimmers Spec Sheet

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HSM T3310 / T4610
All rotary blades in the rotary trimmer series are made of hardened steel which are self-sharpening with every
cut. These rotary trimmers cut plastic film and other flexible material to the favored size due to the maximum cut
length of 18” The automatic, integrated clamping at the cutting edge avoids the dislocation of paper, photos or film.

The benefits of the rotary trimmer of HSM:
• Easy to handle rotary trimmer with hand guard
• Precise cut due to solid cutting blade bracket
• Self-sharpening round blade made of hardened steel
• Automatic, integrated clamping at the cutting edge
• Ergonomically designed handle for optimal force distribution
• Solid base plate with scaling in cm/inch, angles and conventional/special formats

 HSM part #                Model          Max. paper           Cutting capacity          Cutting length        Dimensions
                                           format                 in sheets                in inches         (WxDxH) in inches
 HSM1000901                T3310                A4                       10                        13”      20.9” x 9.17” x 3.74”
 HSM1000902                T4610                A4                       10                        18”       26.1” x 9.45” x 3.8”
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