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At Inverness, and within the Dr Black Memorial Hail on Tuesday 8th April 2008 the Presbytery of Inverness met for Ordinary Business at 7,00pm and was constituted with prayer. Sederunt Mr William T Weatherspoon, Moderator Rev Alastair S Younger, Clerk F Bart Buell A Livesely J Rettie R Campbell A Malcolm I H Robetson I Chambers I S Mathieson H F Watt I Christie P Nimmo A Whiteford S Iefiuey E Ogston E Lacey R Reid MInisters (17) and R Aiton W M Keir F McCubbin M Atherton M MacCalluni I K McLennan J I Brough J A Macdonald B Merchant L Cazaly C MacKenzie I D Morrison M Clark R A Macintyre S Proudfoot I Freudenthal A H MacLeod V Roden R A Glover I G Macleod M G Ronald son A Henderson J M Main H Wilkinson Elders (25) M Doyle M Hutcheson I Ogston Corresponding Members (3) APOLOGIES Rev A I Black, Rev G W Charlton, Rev A Chishohn, Rev P H Donald, Rev R S Frizzel, Rev I W F Hamilton, Rev P Humphris, Rev R J V Logan, Rev A I Macdonald, Rev D MacPherson,Rev I Macritchie, Rev A Murray, Rev F A Robertson, Rev A 0 Stirling, Rev F K Turner,J B D Alexander, G Butler, M Elkin, M Fraser, J Garden, A Hutcheson, M Lamond, I MacKenzie(Mrs) D Mackintosh, R Ross, K Skinner, A Strachan. 25. MINUTES OF 4th MARCH 2008 The Minutes of 4th March 2008 in the hands of members were taken as read and authorised for signature. 27. ORDER OF BUSINESS The Vacancy Procedure Committee, the Ministry Committee and the Mission Committee would not be reporting. .The Agenda as adjusted was agreed. 28 INTIMATIONS The Presbyteiy gave opportunity to members to make Intimations 29. REPORT OF AD HOC CONMITfEE ON INSPECTION OF RECORDS,~ Presbytery called for theReort of its Ad Hoc Committee on Records which was given in by Mr Harold Wilkinson (Convener) 1. INSPECTION OF RECORDS The Inspection and Attestation of Congregational Records was carried out at Trinity Church Hail on Tuesday, 11th March 2008 by the Ad Hoc Committee appointed by Presbytery to undertake this task. Congregational Records were examined and attested, and Standing Committees‟ Records are attested by the Business Committee. The requirements for this formal Inspection are well known by Office Bearers and though changes are made year by year, they are usually easily assimilated by congregations‟ record keepers. A new and improved report form for Child Protection records was introduced this year.

A major change this year has been in relation to congregational accounts. Previously these were presented at the Inspection and passed to the Accounts Examination Committee for detailed examination. Now, under the Regulation governing Scottish Charities, which includes churches, there is a new format for the style and content of accounts, and for the procedure and timetable by which they are approved by congregations. This has meant that a separate and later call has been made for accounts. Letters calling for these Accounts are circulated today. Presbytery should note that the requirements of the Charities Registrar have greatly increased the complexity and detail needed for preparation and submission of accounts and that this has imposed a serious burden on Treasurers, especially in smaller congregations. Congregations‟ records continue to be maintained to a good standard. Copies of the comments and commendations of inspecting teams are now to be passed on to congregations. The Business Committee wishes to record and recognise the commitment given by office-bearers in maintaining these records, and commends them for their time, dedication and care. That the procedures for examination of these records are so well established and work so well is significantly helped by the accommodation, facilities and support made available by the congregation of Trinity Church, to whom we record thanks.for the use of their Hall, and for the hospitality enjoyed by the teams and church representatives. As Convener of the Inspection AdHoc Committee, I commend and thank all the members of the inspection teams for their attention to detail in carrying out this work so effectively and willingly again, in 2008.


Presbytery receives the Report. 2. Presbytery thanks the Ad Hoc Committee for their work, and discharges the Committee. 30. TEACHING ELEMENT REV J RETTIE The Presbytery proceeded to its “Teaching Element” which was led by the Rev I Rettie.

The Presbytery called for the Report of its Church and Community Committee, which was given in by Mr Harold Wilkinson (Convenor). 1. MODERATOR‟S RECEPTION 2008 Invitations to the Annual Moderator‟s Reception are available to be collected this evening. As already known and agreed, the Reception will be in the Rose Hall at Kilravock Castle, and all members of Presbytery are encouraged to come to this social event in the Presbyteiy‟s year. 2. COMMISSIONERS TO THE COMMISSION OF THE ASSEMBLY The Business Committee nominates Rev JS Mathieson and Mrs M Johnson to be Commissioners to the Commission of the General Assembly for the year 2008-2009 1. Presbytery appoints Rev JS Mathieson and Mrs M Johnson to be Commissioners to the Commission of the General Assembly for the year 2008-2009. 3. YOUTH REPRESENTATWE TO THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY The Business Committeey brings forward the nomination of a Presbytery Youth Representative to the General Assembly. She is Miss Rachel Hutcheson, of The Lodge, Daviot Mains, Daviot, and the Business Committce commends her appointment to Presbytery. 1. Presbytery appoints Miss Rachel Hutcheson as Youth Representative to the General Assembly 2008

4. OSCR CHANGE OF CONGREGATIONAL NAMES KINMYLIES The Business Committee had received a request from Kininylies Parish Church to agree to its Change of Name to meet OSCR regulations. The Business Committee are aware that the Change of Name will apply to a number of Congregations in the Presbytery has asked the Clerk to consult with the Principal Clerk‟s Office and the Law Department to seek clarification.

1. The Presbytery seeks clarification on procedure and necessity of Change of Name requirements by OSCR 2. Presbytery leaves Kinmylies request on the Table until clarification is received. 2. CHURCH & COMMUNITY COMMITTEE The Presbytery called for the Report of its Church and Community Committee, which was given in by Mrs V Roden (Convenor). 1. THE NATIONAL CONVENTION Towards the end of 2007 the First Minister launched a “national conversation” on Scotland‟s future. Discussion material on this, prepared by the Church & Society Council, is available on the Church of Scotland website. The Committee would be grateful for feedback from any congregation taking this up. 2. THE APPRENTICE BOYS MARCH Following discussion, and having taken into consideration responses received from members of Presbytery, the Committee resolved to send a letter to the “Inverness Courier” questioning why this march was being held in Inverness, since it was doubtful whether the Orange Order has ever enjoyed much support in the Highlands, given that this culture is entirely alien to this part of Scotland, and pointing out that Christian churches do not stand for enmity and divisiveness, but for the Christian Gospel of forgiveness and reconciliation. 3. TORNAGRAIN A96 CORRIDOR MASTER PLAN Representations were received over the weekend seeking the continued support of Presbytery to the opposition of this proposed development. The deadline for responses to the Scottish Government is 15th April, There has obviously not been time for the Committee to consider this further, but Presbytery may consider it appropriate to maintain their stated position from March 2007, when the Clerk was instructed to send a copy of a deliverance to the Director of Planning expressing Presbytery‟s concern about the impact of a densely populated town at Tornagrain on long-established rural communities; and further considering that the population explosion could be better spread throughout towns and villages near Inverness. In the light of such concerns Presbytery at that time supported the objections of the local communities.

Deliverances: 1. Presbytery receives the report. 2. Presbytery reaffirms its Minute of March 2007 as follows: TORNAGRA1N A96 CORRIDOR MASTER PLAN.

The Convener on behalf of the Committee accepted that the local communities were against the proposed New Town as being unsuitable in a rural setting. He urged that Presbyteiy should support the local objectors to the proposed development. 1. Presbytery is concerned about the impact of a densely-populated town at Tornagrain on long established rural communities. Presbytery considers that the population explosion could be better spread throughout towns and villages near Inverness and supports the objections of the local communities. 3. Presbytery further instructs the Clerk to send above deliverance of March 2007 to the Government


The Presbytery called for the Report of its Education Committee which was given in by Rev Jan Mathieson (Convenor). 1. ELDERS‟ TRAINING CONFERENCE The Elders‟ Training Conference held in Kirkside, Nairn on the morning of Saturday th March 2008 was reviewed and felt to be worthwhile. Twenty two elders 8 attended. The Revd. Dr Peter Donald led consideration of the topic: The Elder and Prayer. The total cost of the event was just over £70. 2. TRAINING SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS A training afternoon for Sunday school teachers and church children‟s workers‟ will be held in Ness

bank Parish Church halls on the afternoon on Sunday th April. It will be led by members of the 27 Barnabas children‟s ministry team and address the topic: Valuing the Spirituality of Children. Ministers and Readers have been invited to meet with the Barnabas team during the morning of Monday 28th April to consider Worship with Children Present. Thereafter the team will present an RE afternoon to children in Croy and Cawdor Primary Schools and will lead an after school in-service training for teachers for staff in these „cluster groups‟. 3. RESOURCE EVENING The Committee is planning a Resources Evening for Sunday School teachers and others in Ness Bank Parish Church Hall on the evening of 27th May 2008 from 7-9pm. Wesley Owen and CLC Bookshops will have displays and it is hoped other resources will also be available to view. 4. CHILD PROTECTION A Child Protection training evening for church workers with access to children has been arranged for Monday 2” June from 7-lOpm in the Dr. Black Hall, Inverness. This will be led by a member of staff from the Safeguarding Office and local trainer, Joy Gilhies. Letters giving details are available for Congregational Child Protection Co-ordinators and Presbyters are asked to take these and pass them on. The proposed speaker to Presbytery from the Safeguarding Office having been postponed due to the weight of Presbytery business, the Committee is now seeking to re-arrange this for a meeting in early autumn and to build a programme for Co-ordinators and others around the visit of a member of central staff. 1. Presbytery receives the Report. 2. Presbytery commends to congregations the training opportunities for children‟s workers and others taking place from April-June 2008, arranged by the Education Committee. 4. PRESBYTERIAL SIJPERINTENDENCE (IN PRIVATE) The Presbytery called for the Report of its Superintendence Committee, which was given in by Rev I Chambers (Convenor) (PRESBYTERY RESUMED IN OPEN COURT) 5. PROPERTY AND WORKS COMMITTEE The Presbytery called for the Report of its Property & Works Committee, which was given in by Rev A Whiteford. (Convenor) 1. ANNUAL REPORT. The Property & Works Committee met three times over The past year in thifilhrnent of its remit of Dealing with matters relating to Church Property within the bounds of Presbyteiy. The remaining Interim Property Inspections of Year 5 of the Quinquennium were carried out and reported to Presbytery. Thomas Munro & Co has been instructed to cany out Professional Inspections on Properties within Year I of the Quinquennium. Vacancy Inspections were carried out by the Committee on the Manse at Kirkhill and the East Church Manse. Dores & Boleskine were authorised by Presbytery to install new heating in Boleskine Church with plans being submitted for the building of a New Manse at Dores. Nairn St.Ninian‟s were authorised by Presbytery to cany out repair work on the Church Steeple as well as the installation of a new Boiler. Alterations to the East Church Hall to improve facilities and provide a Fire Escape from the Upper Floor of the Hall were approved. The Deacon‟s Court of the East Church was granted permission to sell the Manse at 2 Victoria Drive with a-view to purchasing a new house to be used as a Manse. 1. Presbytery receives the Report. 32. CORRESPONDENCE 1. Mission & Discipleship Council - E News 2. Mission & Discipleship Council - National Children‟s Assembly 3. Mission & Discipleship Council - National Gathering 4 General Thistees - Levy Proposals 5. Law Department - Employment Law Circular 6 SCPO - Climate Change

33. ADJOURNMENT The Presbyteiy adjourned at 8-45 pm to meet on Tuesday 6th May 2008 at 7pm for Ordinary Business in the Dr Black Halls, Inverness. Closed with prayer

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