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					It is difficult to equate the sleepy outer Brisbane suburb of
Mansfield with an international success story. Yet spawning from
Queensland’s Bible-belt come four-piece Violent Soho, who in
their short career have achieved just that.

After kicking around Brisbane for the first few years, Violent Soho
took everyone by surprise with their 2008 self funded, self released
debut LP 'We Don’t Belong Here'. The album was an instant hit
with radio and sparked interest from labels across Australia and the

In December 2008 the band was flown to the USA to play for a
series of esteemed labels and industry types. After playing to a
bunch of big names (who for the purpose of this bio shall remain
nameless) the band caught the attention of Thurston Moore,
frontman for iconic American alternative band Sonic Youth. After
a few meetings the band was signed to his tastemaker label
Ecstatic Peace and subsequently relocated to the US.

The band made the move abroad in June 2009 to record their
sophomore LP, which was self titled. The album sparked the radio
hit 'Jesus Stole My Girlfriend' which made the Billboard Top 20
Rock songs chart and the Canadian Top 20 airplay chart, the single
notably debuted in the top 10 airplay charts of LA radio giant K
ROQ as well as becoming a Triple J favourite back home in

After doing countless tours of the US playing in shopfronts to pubs
to stadiums alongside names such as The Bronx, Dinosaur Jr and
Built to Spill, to name a few, the band eventually grew tired of the
relentless US music machine and made the decision to move back
home to sunny Queensland, Australia.

After landing on home-soil the band didn't waste any time and
soon after was back out on the road in Australia playing to the
loyal legion of fans that had been brewing through hearing their
songs on the radio and reading about all the bands success abroad.

One would think going through so much in such a short time
would bring about the end of most bands, but Violent Soho are not
most bands. The band is currently writing for a new album due out
in 2012 and as far as they're concerned, this is only the beginning...

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