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					   Course Outline
                      Updating Web Server Skills to
                      Internet Information Services 6.0
                      This two-day, instructor-led Microsoft Official Workshop provides students with the knowledge
                      and skills to manage and maintain a Web server running Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0
                      on Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
                      This discovery-based workshop consists primarily of labs that provide hands-on, practical
                      activities appropriate for an experienced Web server administrator.

                      This course requires that students meet the following prerequisites:
                            • Practical experience working as a Web server administrator with IIS 4.0 or IIS 5.0.
                            • Experience working with Windows Server 2003.
                            • Students can gain the prerequisite knowledge and skills by completing one of the
                               following groups of courses:
                            • Course 2295: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0
                            • Workshop 2209: Expert Track—Updating Systems Administrator Skills from Microsoft
                               Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003
                            • Course 2295: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0
                            • Course 2299: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003
                               Environment for an MCSA on Windows 2000

                      After completing this course, students will gain the skills to:
                           • Install IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003.
                           • Configure application and Web services support on IIS 6.0.
                           • Migrate Web sites and applications from earlier versions of IIS.
                           • Enhance the security of IIS 6.0 by configuring authentication and access options.
                           • Manage Web server configuration settings through the IIS 6.0 metabase.
                           • Implement SMTP and POP e-mail services on IIS 6.0.
                           • Monitor IIS 6.0 performance and troubleshoot problems.
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                      Course Details
                      Course code: MS 2694
                      Duration: 2 days
                      Starting time: 9.00 am
                      Finishing time: 4.30 pm
                      Lunch and refreshments are provided.

                      Booking guidelines
                      Contact our Learning Consultants on 1300 86 87246 and we will assist you with your booking.

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 Course Outline
Ø Session 1: Installing IIS                    •   Manually migrate an            Ø Session 6: Managing the
  6.0                                              existing Web site.               Metabase
   Tis unit introduces IIS 6.0 and             •   Choose the correct isolation      This unit explains the
   describes its redesigned                        mode.                             differences in how the
   architecture. The unit also                                                       metabase is used in IIS 6.0 and
   covers installing IIS 6.0 and            Ø Session 4: Using the                   provides practical experience
   introduces the scenarios and               Migration Tool to Migrate              for modifying, backing up, and
   tools that will be used                    a Web Site to IIS 6.0                  restoring the metabase.
   throughout the workshop.                    This unit explains how the IIS
                                               migration tool can be used to         After completing this module,
   After completing this module,               automatically migrate Web             students will be able to:
   students will be able to:                   sites from previous versions.         • Design Manage IIS
   • Install IIS 6.0.                                                                   configuration settings by
   • Verify settings of isolation              After completing this module,            modifying the metabase.
      mode and configure auto                  students will be able to:             • Back up the metabase.
      updates.                                 • Perform pre-migration               • Restore the metabase.
   • Create a new Web site and                    tasks.                             • Copy configuration settings
      virtual directory.                       • Migrate a Web site using               to another machine.
   • Install IIS 6.0 Resource Kit.                the migration tool.                • Understand key points in
                                               • Perform post-migration                 managing the metabase.
Ø Session 2: Enabling the                                                            Session 7: Implementing
  Web Server as an                                                                   E-Mail Services in IIS 6.0
  Application Server                        Ø Session 5: Configuring                 This unit explains how to
   This unit explains application             Authentication and                     configure and manage e-mail
   pooling, isolation mode, and               Authorization on IIS 6.0               services for IIS 6.0, including
   Web gardens, and covers how                 This unit provides hands-on           the new POP3 service provided
   to configure these features to              experience of how to enhance          by Windows Server 2003.
   provide application server                  Web server security by
   functionality.                              configuring authentication            After completing this module,
                                               options, restricting access           students will be able to:
   After completing this module,               through permissions, enabling         • Enable SMTP and POP3
   students will be able to:                   security-enhanced                        mail on IIS 6.0.
   • Configure the application                 communications protocols, and         • Implement SMTP service.
      server.                                  implementing Microsoft .NET           • Implement POP3 service.
   • Implement application                     Passport.
      pooling in worker process
      isolation mode.                          After completing this module,         Session 8: Monitoring
   • Configure a Web garden.                   students will be able to:             Performance and
   • Implement an FTP site in                  • Secure Web application              Troubleshooting IIS 6.0
      user isolation mode.                        sites in IIS 6.0.                  This unit covers how to
                                               • Configure authentication.           troubleshoot performance and
                                               • Configure authorization             access problems with IIS 6.0
Ø Session 3: Manually                             (restrict access to Web            and provides hands-on
  Migrating to IIS 6.0                            pages).                            experience in monitoring and
   This unit explains how existing             • Enable secure                       logging Web server activity.
   Web sites can be migrated from                 communications (enable
   previous versions of IIS by                    IPSec).                            After completing this module,
   using a manual process.                     • Configure .NET Passport             students will be able to:
                                                  authentication.                    • Troubleshoot typical
   After completing this module,               • Install and configure SSL.             performance and access
   students will be able to:                                                            problems with IIS 6.0.
   • Manually migrate a Web                                                          • Troubleshoot access
      site from IIS 4.0 or IIS 5.0 to                                                   problems.
      IIS 6.0.                                                                       • Monitor Web site

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