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									     The Honor Code at
       Georgia Tech

Graduate Student Orientation

              Presented by:
 Ericka McGarity, Asst. Dean of Students/
   Director, Office of Student Integrity
    Office of Student Integrity Staff

n   Ericka McGarity, Asst. Dean of Students/
    Director, Office of Student Integrity
n   Tiffany Watson, Judicial Coordinator
n   David Dial, Judicial Coordinator
n   Stacey Grayson, Judicial Administrator

w I commit to uphold the ideals of honor and
  integrity by refusing to betray the trust
  bestowed upon me as a member of the
  Georgia Tech community.
      The no tolerance policy of
            cheating. . .
w Creates a community of honor- a level
  academic playing field for students and
  trusting environment in the classroom for
w Connects the faculty and students beyond the
  classroom through shared trust.
w Means students hold each other accountable
  for their actions.
 Do you really want to cheat?

w The understanding that the cost greatly
  outweighs the benefit of cheating-
  Academically lose twice what might have
  been gained.
w A record in the Dean of Students Office for
  academic dishonesty can be damaging.
w The grade penalty can sometimes set
  students back a semesters/graduation and
  become costly financially and academically.
           Charges under the
             Honor Code
w C1: Unauthorized access
w C2: Unauthorized collaboration
w C3: Plagiarism
w C4: Falsification of work
w C5: Alteration of Grade
w C6: Deliberate Falsification
w C7: Forgery
           Typical Violations

w Unauthorized collaboration
w Copying Code
w Over dependence on word
w Re-grade abuse
w Web plagiarism
w Work stolen from computers or printers
          What is expected of you?

w Understand the Honor Code and make honorable
w Read and understand your faculty’s expectations. If
  you don’t ask questions. . . Asking forgiveness is
  not the way to go.
w Students may choose to:
   n   Confront the fellow student
   n   Speak with the professor
   n   Talk with an Honor Advisor
         Expectations of Faculty

w Clearly communicate Honor expectations,
  preferably on the syllabus. The Honor Code is a
  guide and faculty fill in the details as it applies to
  their class.
w Give expectations for each assignment/test,
  eliminate the gray as possible.
w Provide copies of old exams and assignments to the
  Library for review.
w Understand and follow the Judicial process-
          The Judicial Process

w You will receive an email from OSI or will be
  contacted by your professor, review our website for
w Given an “I” until case is completed
w Students can quickly resolve an allegation if:
  - it is shown the student is not responsible or. . .
  - if the student accepts responsibility and the
      decision of the administrator or faculty
      The Judicial Process, cont.

w Students always have the right to a formal
w If students do not agree with OSI or Faculty
  outcome, they can go before the Honor
w Cases will be heard in absentia if a student does
  not attend their scheduled appointment.
w All case outcomes must be recorded to the Office
  of Student Integrity.
       Get more information

w http://www.deanofstudents.gatech.edu/

w http://www.honor.gatech.edu

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