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					Vote Compass
attracts professor                         MPP hopefuls face off                                                                                                       UTM scours the
                                                                                                                                                                       grad school fair
JEROME JOHNSON                                                                                                                                                         LORILEE EMSHEY

Peter Loewen, an assistant professor                                                                                                                                   UTM students lined up in the RAWC
of political science at UTM, has been                                                                                                                                  to get into the annual Graduate and
working as the director of analytics                                                                                                                                   Professional Schools Fair held by the
on the provincial elections for Vote                                                                                                                                   UTM Career Centre last Wednesday.
Compass Canada. The CBC’s Vote                                                                                                                                            The fair included 103 graduate
Compass—the brainchild of Clifton                                                                                                                                      schools from all over Canada, the
van der Linden, a U of T graduate stu-                                                                                                                                 United States, the UK, Australia, and
dent and PhD candidate—is a tool for                                                                                                                                   the Caribbean. This year the fair was
individuals wanting to find the party                                                                                                                                  organized by area and divided into
that best suits their own set of values.                                                                                                                               business, health care, law, education,
   Van der Linden approached Loew-                                                                                                                                     graduate programs, and graduate di-
en to get involved in the project that                                                                                                                                 ploma sections.
has attracted over a million followers                                                                                                                                    Approximately 50% of programs
during the 2011 federal election.                                                                                                                                      belonged to the sciences, 30% to the
   “I think many people are looking                                                                                                                                    arts, and 20% to commerce. This
for a way to start a conversation about                                                                                                                                breakdown reflects the composition
politics, but perhaps lack a common                                                                                                                                    of UTM’s student body and the feed-
language to do so,” said Loewen.                                                                                                       EDWARD CAI/THE MEDIUM           back from previous fairs. Every year,
“Vote Compass helps with this, and I       The candidates appealled to the student audience, focussing on education.                                                   approximately 200 feedback forms
think that explains a lot of its popu-                                                                                                                                 are collected by the Career Centre
larity.”                                   STEFANIE MAROTTA                       defend their platforms. The UTMSU         tions posed by executive members of        and evaluated to aid in structuring
   The panel of academics behind the       NEWS EDITOR                            invited Harinder Dakhar of the Lib-       UTMSU.                                     the next year’s fair.
questionnaire tried to analyze how                                                eral party, David Brown of the Pro-          Considering that the student debt          Claire Westgate of the Career Cen-
left- or right-wing the population re-     The four MPP candidates for the        gressive Conservative party, Michelle     in Ontario averages at $37,000 per         tre had been organizing the fair since
ally is, based on how much an indi-        Mississauga-Erindale constituency      Bilek of the New Democratic Party,        student, candidates were asked to ex-      April and hoped the fair would “ex-
vidual’s social attitudes and ideology     attended a debate at UTM on Tues-      and Otto Casanova of the Green Par-       plain their plans to relieve students of   pose students to all the opportunities
correspond with a particular political     day.                                   ty to debate matters of policy, focus-    the heavy financial burden awaiting        and help them understand the pro-
party or candidate.                           Students and residents filed into   sing on post-secondary education.         them after graduation.                     cess [of graduate school application]”.
                                           the Instructional Centre’s largest        After the first half-hour of opening
Vote continued on page 2                   lecture hall to watch the candidates   remarks, the candidates fielded ques-     Debate continued on page 2                 Fair continued on page 2

Subsomnia: A pub night without Danny Fernandez
AHMAD AL-HENDI                             dio,” No1da’s Andrew Griffith said.
                                              Crisp white sheets of paper and
UTM’s CFRE radio station and               a few boxes of crayons lined the
the Electronic Music Appreciation          glass partition at the pub.
Club hosted their second annual               “We wanted a new interactive
Subsomnia Pub at the Blind Duck                                                                                                                                          It’s a celebration
                                           medium for students to freely ex-                                                                                             Hindu Student Council celebrates
on Thursday night.                         press themselves,” said Ryan Weir,                                                                                            Hawan.
   With the music throbbing and            the station manager at CFRE. “The                                                                                             Medium News, Page 3
the lights flashing, over 150 stu-         sheets are for people to leave a
dents flooded the dance floor. One         piece of their mind.”                                                                                                         Provincial Funding
                                                                                                                                                                         How we actually pay for university
of the first was Dave Nijjar, whose           Students wrote messages such                                                                                               and why we should remember it.
freestyling inspired several other         as “The music tonight is such a                                                                                               Medium Opinion, Page 4
students to follow.                        refreshing change”, “Good music,
   “This is my type of music. I            great friends, let’s dance!”, and                                                                                             Art House
don’t even need to put any effort          “The DJs are awesome.” Several                                                                                                Hart House presents the Barnicke
into my dancing; I just let the beat                                                                                                                                     gallery.
                                           others created images to better
                                                                                                                                                                         Medium A&E, Page 5
take over my body. It’s a great feel-      represent their mood. Weir hopes
ing to let something bigger take           to display a few of the sheets along
you over,” said Nijjar.                    the glass walls of the CFRE sta-                                                                                              MCAT much?
                                                                                                                                                                         Is the fabled test really as important
   With DJs like Unique Freak,             tion.                                                                                                                         as it seems?
Starlab, No1da, Christian Kuru-               “The music tonight is great and                                                                                            Medium Features, Page 8
villa, and Dan Milk spinning the           it has brought out such a unique
latest mixes in house, electro, and        crowd,” said Francesca Saraco, a                                                                                              Baseball is over
dubstep music, the tracks were             fourth-year student, commenting                                                                                               But not really. We take a look back at
                                                                                                                                                                         the season that was.
anything but mainstream.                   on the distinctive sound offered at                                                                                           Medium Sports, Page 10
   “We have our music tailored to          Subsomnia 2.0.
a certain crowd. We’re not here to                                                                                                     EDWARD CAI/THE MEDIUM
play the Top 40 you hear on the ra-        Pub continued on page 2                Cowboys know how to groove.
2    «NEWS THE MEDIUM 10.03.2011
Career Centre provides guidance for undergraduates                                                                                                 Fifty students
Fair continued from Cover                                                                                                                          elected to ECC
                                                                                                                                                   STEFANIE MAROTTA
“The fair is supposed to help stu-                                                                                                                 NEWS EDITOR
dents understand what makes a                                                                                                                      The results of the Erindale College
good graduate school candidate                                                                                                                     Council elections were announced
and take away a concrete under-                                                                                                                    on Monday. Fifty full-time under-
standing of matters like deadlines                                                                                                                 graduates were elected to represent
and requirements to help them get                                                                                                                  to represent over 11,000 students.
into grad school,” said Westgate.                                                                                                                     This year, 70 students ran for a
   This year, approximately 1,000                                                                                                                  position on the highest governing
students attended—down from                                                                                                                        body at UTM. During a one-year
last year’s fair, which saw 1,121                                                                                                                  term, the representatives will vote
students attend. This fair is the                                                                                                                  on financial, resource-planning,
most popular event the Career                                                                                                                      and academic matters that affect
Centre puts on. Where does its                                                                                                                     students at the Mississauga cam-
popularity come from? Westgate                                                                                                                     pus. Nominee statements included
postulates, “It’s hard to get into                                                                                                                 the drop credit, parking fees, tu-
U of T, and the students want                                                                                                                      ition, and study space.
more education.”                                                                                                                                      “I want to be part of ECC, as it
   “We also help with the nitty-                                                                                                                   offers the opportunity to assist in
gritty stuff, like MBA, medical                                                                                                                    making positive changes for the
school, and teaching interview                                                                                                                     students of UTM,” said Teresa
prep,” said Rebecca Markey, a ca-                                                                                                                  Didiano, a student and elected
reer counsellor at UTM.                                                                                                                            member of the ECC. “As com-
   “We want to educate people                                                                                                                      muter who drives, I hope to see the
about grad school and further ed-                                                                                                                  issue of parking fees brought to
ucation before we help you apply,”                                                                                                                 the table again this year.”
said Markey. The Career Centre                                                                                                                        In total, there are 75 student
has information on post-diploma                                                                                                                    positions on the ECC: 50 full-time
programs and graduate diplo-                                                                                                                       undergraduates, 14 part-time un-
mas for the cases where graduate                                                                                        EDWARD CAI/THE MEDIUM      dergraduates, the president of the
school would hinder a student’s       Future doctors, lawyers, and graduate students investigate their prospects.                                  Erindale Part-time Undergraduate
career.                               tions.                                “You need to know a network of gram information session on Oc-         Student Association, the president
   “We help students make in-            “Grad schools want this as well; people or it can be very difficult,” tober 5. Throughout the year, the   of UTMSU, and a final nine from
formed decisions, not scared de-      they want students who are fo- Markey explained.                         Career Center holds individual      the UTMSU Board of Directors.
cisions,” said Markey, referring to   cussed,” added Markey.                After the fair, a law and MBA workshops on medical, law, and              Last year, the ECC approved the
the tendency of graduating stu-          The Career Centre also helps panel was held upstairs in Davis education schools. Students can             new Credit/No Credit policy and
dents to apply to graduate school     students find a supervisor, which Building for students interested in sign up for these workshops at         increases in parking fees to pay off
simply because they’re graduating     is sometimes required for degrees the “inside scoop”.                    the Career Centre’s website, www.   the $6.5-million parking deck out-
and have not explored their op-       that require a thesis.                The next event is the JET Pro-                 side the RAWC.

Debate highlights education                                                                                                                        Vote Compass
                                                                                                                                                   for elections
                                                                                                                                                   Vote continued from Cover
Debate continued from Cover           to revoke the Ontario Trillium      students that the party is com-        Brown reiterated the ne-
                                      Scholarship offered to inter-       mitted to ensuring equal access     cessity of affordable services       “Vote Compass is not designed to
Bilek claimed that, if elected,       national students. The Liberal      to high-quality, affordable edu-    and the elimination of ineffi-       be a poll. Our main interest in the
the NDP would eliminate in-           candidate insisted that a way to    cation. She did not comment on      cient policies. He insisted that     data is in furthering our under-
terest on student loans. She          improve the province’s economy      the policy changes that would       the first step is addressing the     standing of what influences vote
referred to the provincial gov-       is to attract foreign students      be required to do this.             deficit and building a stronger      choice and political preferences,”
ernment of Newfoundland,              and provide incentives to keep         In the final minutes of the      economy.                             said Loewen about the details of the
which has frozen tuition fees,        them in Ontario.                    debate, Jonathan Resendes, stu-        Matters of health care, trans-    empirical basis of his research. “So,
but failed to acknowledge the           After remarking that he           dent and Associate VP External,     portation, infrastructure, and       we plan to use these data to scien-
large deficit facing Ontario’s        had been put in the “hot seat”,     asked how each party intends        environment were not dis-            tifically understand these elections
economy.                              Brown explained that the PC         to cut taxes on certain services    cussed.                              in particular and the elections more
   Instead of addressing fiscal       government intends to revoke        while maintaining high-quality         In place of the final question,   generally.”
policy on education, Brown            the scholarship because the         programs and addressing the         student Sunny Mann opted to              “I think it’s always useful for the
assured students that the PC          province, running a $14-billion     deficit. The candidates stressed    make a comment in closing the        public to have a healthy scepticism,
would create jobs.                    deficit, cannot afford to provide   the need for “realistic” plans.     debate.                              and we certainly appreciate that
   “Wouldn’t it be great if we                                               After reassuring the audience       “It seems to me that the issue    people gave Vote Compass a good,
knew we had a job when we grad-                                           that the Liberal platform does      is that Ontario doesn’t gener-       hard look,” said Loewen. “There
uate?” Brown said. “Wouldn’t it
                                         “The only time we                ensure a realistic and balanced     ate enough revenue to support        is more than one way to measure
be great that, regardless of what     hear about tuition fees             budget, Dahkar said that the        the things we demand. We want        proximity to political parties, so
that debt would be, we would be                                           NDP platform is unmanageable        better transportation but we         one thing we’ve done in response to
able to pay it off ? We are going
                                       as an issue is during              and accused them of making up       don’t want to pay for it through     the criticism we received last time
to lower the threshold on OSAP,        election time. A lot of            their promises on education as      taxes,” Mann said. “The only         was to present a second metric: the
but I think the better answer                                             the election has unfolded.          time we hear about tuition fees      percentage of times a voter agrees
is to make sure you have a job
                                      the things we demand                   “This is how you compare the     as an issue is during election       with each party. We hope this ad-
when you graduate.”                    of these people [are]              NDP platform. They have new         time. A lot of the things we         ditional information makes the tool
   Incumbent Dahkar pointed                                               costs but their plan to balance     demand of these people [are]         more attractive to our users and po-
out the Liberal party has prom-
                                       highly contradictory.”             the budget has stayed the same,”    highly contradictory.”               tential users.”
ised a $1,600 tuition grant to             —Sunny Mann                    Dahkar said. “What I’m saying
students that come from fami-                                             is that we have a realistic plat-
lies with a combined income of        financial support for interna-      form. We have a realistic plan.”
less than $160,000.                   tional students.                       In response, Bilek explained
   UTMSU president Gilbert               As a statement from UTMSU        that the NDP will raise taxes on
Cassar stood up to inquire            noted, the province still pro-      corporations and invest funds
about the high cost of tuition        vides more loans than grants in     in frontline services such as
that international students are       OSAP for domestic students.         health care and education.
charged. Cassar, an internation-         Bilek told the audience that        “We’re going to stop the no-
al student himself, expressed         the NDP understands the im-         strings tax giveaways,” Bilek
his dissatisfaction at being an       portance of immigration in          said. “We’ll use our tax dollars
“income generator” for the            Ontario. She expressed her          wisely, not on lobbyists and not
province.                             concern for the large difference    on consultants. It’s the waste
   Dahkar took the opportunity        between domestic and interna-       and the corporate tax give-
to reiterate that the PCs intend      tional tuition costs and assured    aways.”
                                                                                                                                                  10.03.2011 THE MEDIUM NEWS                   »   3

Hindu Student Council celebrates Hawan
                                                                                                                                        »Are you voting in the
ANuREET KAuR                                                                                                                            provinciAl elections?
The Hindu Student Council hosted
their annual sacred ceremony of
Hawan on Monday. A Hawan is a
sacrificial ritual involving fire, pre-
sided over by a Hindu priest (or
“panditji”), who chants the sacred
Sanskrit mantras in order to invoke
the presence of a deity. Fruit, sweets,
crafted wooden sticks, and butter
are offered to the deity and poured                                                                                            Sujana                             Sadaf
into the fire (known as the “Hawan                                                                                             Third year, CCIT                   Third year, Biology
Kund”). The Panditji also lights the
                                                                                                                               “I’m voting because I feel         “I’m voting because I’m
camphor sticks and oil lamps and
                                                                                                                               pressured by my parents.           against the laws the Con-
places them in front of the image
                                                                                                                               Also, it’s important.                                      ”
                                                                                                                                                                  servatives are promoting.
of the holy deity. Everyone offers
flowers to the deity throughout the
ceremony, and a pot filled with holy
water is also prepared.
   It was performed so that every
UTM student obtains academic
success, happiness, and prosperity.
Approximately 40 students attend-
ed this event at the Student Cen-
tre. Students from professor David
Miller’s Topics in South Asian Re-
ligions class attended this event to                                                                                           Simin                              Edwin
get a firsthand experience.                                                                                                    Third year, Psychology             Fourth year, Economy
                                          Students pray for success, happiness, and prosperity.
   “This Hawan is not just for fol-
                                                                                                                               “I’m not a citizen so I’m not      “I’m voting and I care about
lowers of [the] Hindu faith, but it       D’Mello, president of the HSC.              “I believe that no matter what re-
                                                                                                                               voting.                            the elections. It’s your civic
is an occasion for every student to          The panditji preached about the       ligion we all follow, we all pray for
                                                                                                                                                                  duty to vote.
come out and offer a prayer to the        distractions faced by students and       the same success. As I walked out,
god they believe in, asking for a suc-    how one must meditate to over-           I found peace,” said Munib Sajjad,
cessful academic year,” said Valeska      come them.                               UTMSU’s VP External.

UCS camps out for kids New academic society                                                                                                                       CFRE’s pub offers
JEROME JOHNSON         hosts meet and greet
                                          “We wanted to help a girl between
                                          the ages of 1 and 5. It feels pretty
                                                                                                                                                                  a different groove
                                                                                                                                                                  Pub continued from Cover
The UTM Undergraduate Com-                good. Whenever I get the chance          ADAM ERB                                Language Club.
merce Society set up outside the          to volunteer, to help bring in peo-                                                 “When I signed up for classes       For those who couldn’t attend
Student Centre last week to spread        ple to donate; I don’t hesitate to put      Last Monday, the Language            this year, I was shocked at how        the event, CFRE broadcasted
awareness and collect donations           up my hand.”                             Studies Academic Society held a         few language courses are offered       the event live on their website.
on behalf of impoverished chil-              Hiba Abdul Wahid, UCS’s cor-          special meet and greet for mem-         at this campus,” said a first-year       Christian Kuruvilla, tech-
dren in the developing world.             porate social responsibility direc-      bers, students interested in join-      humanities student.                    nical director of CFRE and
   The “Camping for the Kid” char-        tor, coordinated the details of the      ing, and faculty members of lan-           With the decrease in language       president of EMAC, headed
ity drive ran the whole week; each        event to demonstrate that UCS was        guage programs. The event took          classes over the past three years,     the collaboration between the
day involved a different activity,        committed to the cause by having         place in the Dean’s Lounge, lo-         representatives from LSAS strong-      two clubs.
ranging from bake sales to karaoke.       someone be in the tent at all times.     cated in room 262 in the North          ly recommend becoming a part of          “At our first Subsomnia, the
A very enthusiastic Waqas Hasan,          In doing so, they emphasized the         Building, on Monday afternoon.          the society in order to promote        turnout was much higher than
the initiative’s accountant direc-        harsh conditions that many youth         Representatives from the Span-          and show that languages such as        we expected, so we decided to
tor, explained how the amount the         in other parts of the world have to      ish, French, and Italian clubs were     German, Latin, and Spanish are         give UTM another night free
students raised would be matched          live through every day.                  present, offering students and fac-     in demand and are necessary pro-       of Danny Fernandez,” said Ku-
dollar for dollar by Plan Canada             “We’ll stay here day in, day out      ulty various ethnic pastries and        gram choices for UTM students.         ruvilla.
with a goal of $5,000. This money         to meet our goal. And it’s an in-        juice.                                     Anyone with the passion and           Given the turnout this year,
will go towards supporting a little       centive for people when they walk           Students came for free food and      desire to learn a new language can     students can expect to experi-
girl in Africa, providing her shel-       by to ask us questions,” Hasan           to hear about what LSAS has to          be a part of LSAS here at UTM.         ence Subsomnia Pub 3.0 next
ter, food, healthcare, and educa-         concluded. “People are impressed         offer. LSAS is a new society that       The society aims to provide stu-       year, but only time will tell if it
tional needs for about a year.            [that] we’re toughing it out by stay-    started up due to overwhelm-            dents with opportunities, help         will join the ranks of the clas-
   “We gave [Plan Canada] the de-         ing here overnight outside, and          ing interest in language studies        them connect with peers and fac-       sics like First Pub, Halloween
scription of who we want to spon-         they tell us that they appreciate        at UTM, explained the commu-            ulty members, and promote lan-         Pub, Sexual Awareness Pub,
sor based on need,” said Hasan.           our efforts.”                            nications director of the French        guage studies.                         and Last Pub.

Student has seizure in                    McGuinty clarifies the                   700 protestors arrested                 Colonel Sanders-style                  Google+ offers choice
class, college forces her                 Liberals will not form                   by NYPD on Brooklyn                     Obama Fried Chicken                    between male, female,
to drop course                            coalition with the NDP                   Bridge                                  opens in Beijing                       and other
A former student from Colorado            In a letter to Tim Hudak, Ontario        More than 700 protesters were ar-       A fried chicken restaurant bearing     The new social networking site
Mountain College alleged that she         premier Dalton McGuinty ruled out        rested on the Brooklyn Bridge in        close resemblance to KFC opened        Google+ allows for three choices
was forced to drop a class after hav-     a Liberal coalition with either of his   New York on Sunday afternoon.           in Beijing recently under the name     of gender: male, female, and “oth-
ing a seizure. Apparently, faculty        two opponents in the event that no       The protestors, part of the Occupy      “OFC”. Their logo, in the style of     er”—for those that do not subscribe
told her to drop the class because        party wins a majority in the upcom-      Wall Street movement, diverged          Colonel Sanders, looks strikingly      to gender conformity. Advocacy
the episode was too distracting to        ing election. McGuinty has faced         from the rest of their group and        similar to US president Barack         groups are calling for gender-neu-
other students. The student insists       pressure over the last few weeks,        found themselves on the driving         Obama. The Beijing restaurant fol-     tral language that doesn’t exclude
that the decision is a violation of       with polls showing him neck-and-         lanes, where they were immediately      lows in the footsteps of other Amer-   transgendered individuals. There
the Americans with Disabilities           neck with Hudak. McGuinty says           taken into custody by the NYPD.         ican Obama-themed fried chicken        are nearly 5,000 Gay-Straight Al-
Act.                                      his opponents are using talk of a                                                restaurants. Obama was not avail-      liance Clubs at high schools in the
                                          minority as political ammunition.                                                able to comment for this story.        United States.

Source: CBS denver                        Source: The Toronto Star                 Source:                     Source:              Source: The New York Times
    »  10.03.2011

                                MEDIUM OPINION
                                 Editor-in-Chief » Michael Di Leo

The international-fee misconception
One of the more interesting points      stay and help our economy).                 means around $5,000 per family             equal portion of this funding, espe-      per-student funding from the gov-
raised at last week’s All Candidates       What the candidates didn’t men-          goes to our provincial government,         cially after considering how much         ernment. Due to the influx of post-
Debate was the issue of differen-       tion (and this, I’m sure, was a con-        which in turn provides funding for         money Ontario residents and their         secondary students in recent years
tial international student fees and     scious effort on their part) is the         our universities, among other ser-         families put into the system already.     (a result of Dalton McGuinty’s
their place in Ontario universities     reality of university funding in On-        vices. Fun fact: students are usually         Some argue that international          “Reaching Higher” program), per-
and colleges. Our own Student           tario.                                      part of families that pay taxes.           student fees are used solely to gen-      student funding is declining from
Union president, Gilbert Cassar            Most university students have               The point I’m trying to make is         erate revenue for our province and        a high of around $7,700 in 2009/10
(an international student himself),     not had the pleasure of paying tax-         that international students do not         that it is unfair not to subsidize        to around $7,000 in 2013/14—a 9%
brought up the point during the         es. (It is an incredibly sobering ex-       pay more for their university edu-         them with government dollars.             drop.
question period of the debate and       perience.) But luckily, students gen-       cation when you take into account          That said, I believe it is important to      This begs the question: Should
heard a wide range of answers from      erally do not earn enough taxable           the hidden (or, more accurately,           foster other kinds of funding for in-     universities be accessible to a wider
the candidates. There was finger-       income, nor do they own property            brushed over) costs to regional stu-       ternational students. Scholarships,       population at the cost of the quality
pointing (the PCs want to eliminate     or other valuable assets that can be        dents. The differentiation in fees,        grants, and interest-free student         of education? Similarly, is it fair to
the Trillium Scholarship), claims       taxed.                                      while stark on paper, is meant to          loans are all great methods—espe-         subsidize international students at a
of austerity (Ontario is running a         On the other hand, a median-in-          make up for the gap in provincial          cially when distributed on the basis      time when funding is dropping off?
massive deficit so funding should       come family, earning, say, $50,000 a        funding that international students        of merit.
be limited), and, not surprisingly,     year, is subject to around 30% total        do not contribute to. I don’t think           It seems to me, though, that           YOURS,
vague quasi-solutions (giving in-       income tax (approximately 10%               anyone would argue that interna-           the issue most students should be
ternational students “incentives” to    provincial and 20% federal). That           tional students should receive an          concerned with is the decline in          MICHAEL DI LEO

Language is everything
As a linguistics student, a new         books just to know something that           speaking your first language. And
member of LSAS, an editor, and a        you are one of the world’s experts          like any geek, you’re gonna find it
wannabe writer, I’ve come to appre-     in. You can be proud, brutha. You           fun to talk about.
ciate just how pervasive, how every-    got it.                                         I dunno, maybe you’re a bit scep-
where it is. We at The Medium deal         But it’s time to bring it to light.      tical after all my talking. But just
primarily in it. We sit through lec-    There are some really cool things           give it a try. (Maybe you’re think-
tures delivered exclusively in it. We   going on there, just beneath the            ing to yourself, “This language guy
read books, watch movies, listen to     surface. Things you never thought           just used the word ‘dunno’. What a
song lyrics, and talk to our friends    about, consciously. But which you’ll        poser.” Actually, the word is older
in language. We even think in it,       find cool. I promise.                       than this country—it’s been around
most of the time. Hell, I’m using it       “But it’s all so technical and           since 1842.) Listen to what you say                                                         COReY BelfORd/The MediUM

right now!                              science-y. There’s so many rules I          and wonder why you say it. Wonder
   So shouldn’t we know more            could (not?) care less about.”              where you learned an expression, or
about it?                                  “Why would I want to know if             why it perfectly fits what you mean,
   True, most of us know everything     my glottis is vibrating? That’s per-        or what it’ll mean tomorrow. Bet-
there is to know about our mother       verted.”                                    ter still, wonder what words people
tongue—whatever the rules of               “I’ll say stuff the want I way!”         use on you because they see that it
grammar are, however complicat-            Actually, no you won’t. Every-           works—advertisers, public speak-
ed, however random and irregular,       thing hinges on whether what you            ers, lovers, they all know how to
get this: we know ’em all by heart.     say rings true or not, or else your         push your buttons. How?
And we use them reliably, instantly,    friends just give you a funny look.             Language is something you and
and automatically (as long as we get    And the glottis, velum, and uvula           your clever little brain do most of
enough sleep, which, okay, is not       are all perfectly normal and healthy        the time, every day. Take a mo-
likely at UTM). In fact, if you speak   organs, especially considering that         ment to consider how miraculously
a language, which you do, think         (surprisingly) none of them is sexu-        strange any little snippet of it is. You
about this: many grown, intelligent     al. It’s true that it can get a bit tech-   have my recommendation, for what
people spend years and thousands        nical. And we all know that’s not           it’s worth.                                  
of dollars taking courses and seeing    fun, that’s class. But like I said, the
professionals and poring over text-     key is… you’ve already got a PhD in         - Luke Sawczak

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                                             MEDIUM A&E
                                             Editor » Nives Hajdin

Pub night gets subsomnified
ARISTOTLE ELIOPOULOS                     I decide where the transitions will      stuff that seemed a bit unfamiliar
aSSoCiaTe ediTor                         lie throughout the set, depending        to the crowd. Because of this I re-
                                         on the venue, crowd age, gender          tooled my set on the fly. I started
Last Thursday Night at UTM’s             ratios, time of day, day of the week,    out with Top 40 remixes to get ev-
Blind Duck Pub, CFRE and the             etc. You have to be somewhat of a        eryone a little more comfortable
University of Toronto Electronic         forecaster, but the thing I like most    and on the dance floor. Prepara-
Music Appreciation Club pre-             is playing on the fly and submers-       tion is crucial, but sometimes you
sented Subsomnia 2.0, a pub night        ing myself in the moment.                read a room and you need to shake
dedicated to playing the very best                                                things up. I think it went well, and
of electronic, dubstep, and trance       TM: Knowing that UTEMAC is a             I was very relieved when I started
music. The event was a success,          partner for the event, electronic        playing my set and the dance floor
and we had a chance to talk to           music comes to mind as a crucial         filled up with booty-shakin’ bod-
DJ No1da (the moniker of An-             sound of the night, but do you feel      ies.
drew Griffith) afterwards about          inspired by other genres or musi-
preparing for his set, his musical       cians when creating your DJ set?         TM: Do you feel it’s important that
influences, and why CFRE- and            AG: I am usually inspired by             CFRE and UTEMAC sponsor pub
UTEMAC-sponsored pub nights              what is popular on the radio, as         events like this? Do you find these
are so important to underground          many types of electronic music           events different from other types
musicians like himself.                  have hit mainstream listeners. For       of pub nights?
                                         example, David Guetta, Tiesto,           AG: These types of events must
The Medium: When preparing               Avicii, Skrillex—fans of main-           continue! When people think of
music for a show like Subsomnia          stream electronic music appreciate       UTM pub nights, they think of the
2.0, what comes to mind? What            when I incorporate these artists         same type of music and content.
do you feel is important to know         into my set. Electronic music has        I think that’s why the hype dies
when getting your DJ set ready?          always had a caring, loving vibe, so I   down after the first pub; it’s more
Andrew Griffith: Promotion!              always try to stay true to that. That    difficult to pull in a crowd when
There’s only a small niche of elec-      being said, a good Top 40 remix          it’s the same DJs and the same Top
tronic music lovers on this cam-         always seems to bring the dance          40 hits—the same results. Niche
pus, so we need to get the word          floor together when I’m playing.         events like Subsomnia can be suc-
out. Also, sound setup is key. Any-                                               cessful with enough promotion,
                                                                                                                                                                               edward Cai/The medium
one can listen to a song on a pair       TM: Now that the night is over,          and with [Blind Duck manager]
of, say, Altec Lancing $50 speak-        how did you feel it went?                Shane Madhani’s involvement,             will take more than a few people’s       Andrew, or No1da, is a member of
ers, but it is somewhat of a dying       AG: Well, on Thursday night I had        these events have only become            efforts. Overall, I am proud of the      UTEMAC and a personal trainer
culture where people go out and          already planned out where I was          better with time—but sometimes           guys who made it out to express          at the RAWC every Thursday night.
listen to music on a proper system       going to start with, but once I          that’s not enough. DJs like me have      their love of music. And I’m im-         You can listen to his Subsomnia 2.0
and hear it the way it was meant         walked into the pub about 45 min-        a strong underground following,          pressed with the assistance from         mix at
to be heard. When it comes to my         utes before my set, the entire at-       but we still need local support          CFRE. They are a great partner for
set, I prepare an outline—a list of      mosphere was different from what         from other students and friends          us at UTEMAC, and it has worked          To be a part of UTEMAC, visit their
“must-plays” for the event. From         I expected. The vibe of the room         on campus. Despite the support           well for the rise of independent         Facebook page at
there, I designate Top 40 remixes,       was quite a novel underground            we have so far, we still need sup-       music, as well as the creation of        utemac. To find out more about CFRE
dark tech, funky disco, and pro-         sound to most attendees: lots of         port from all ends to make sure          an interdependent relationship           and to be a part of the station, visit
gressive peak-time bangers. Then         experimental/trip     hop/dubstep        these events continue to work. It        between CFRE and UTEMAC.       

Artists “take part” at the Barnicke
Social media and effects on human perception are the focus of new exhibit at the Barnicke Gallery
LORI-LEE EMSHEY                                                                                                            movies; one is silent, the other         but also terrifying.
                                                                                                                           with audio, projected onto the              The remaining two exhibits
                                                                                                                           white wash walls. The silent film        are in total darkness, illuminated
In a video projected on the gallery                                                                                        is a video-based documentary by          only by the projector. In the pen-
wall, a blonde girl of about 16, wear-                                                                                     Berlin-based Tobias Zielony called       ultimate room, a rusted, bloodied
ing a white cotton shirt, picks up a                                                                                       Vele di Scampia (or Sails of Scam-       footlocker rests on the floor under
crumpled piece of paper, smiles,                                                                                           pia). The video shows fireworks          three photographs of emaciated
and whispers to the girl next to her,                                                                                      over a low-rise cement modernist         babies in the Congo. In a film by
who is equally blonde and similar-                                                                                         housing community in Naples, Italy.      Renzo Martens, the Dutch artist
ly dressed. The second girl smiles,                                                                                        The documentary is accompanied           travels through the Congo and in-
then giggles and whispers to the                                                                                           by photographs on the two remain-        terviews dying children, plantation
girl seated next to her, who is also                                                                                       ing walls in this section of the gal-    owners, and villagers, juxtaposing
blonde, but less giggly and more                                                                                           lery. The second video, The Descent      them with poverty and consumer-
scared. This is not a home movie,                                                                                          of Man, and Selection in Relation to     ism. This portion of his film—more
but a film from curator Juan A.                                                                                            Sex by Anette Mona Chişa (Roma-          a work of art than a documen-
                                                                                        Lori-Lee emShey/The medium
Gaitán’s Models for Taking Part                                                                                            nia) and Lucia Tkáčová (Slovakia),       tary—centres on a blue neon sign
                                         The exhibit runs until December 11; admission is free.
exhibition at the Justina M. Bar-                                                                                          is a tongue-in-cheek interpretation      Martens sets up in various villages,
nicke Gallery at Hart House. The         and individual human perception.         Żmijewski of Warsaw, Poland. This        of Darwin’s book of the same name.       which reads “Enjoy Poverty”. It
exhibition is composed of works             In the first room, videos show-       installation has a row of flat screens   In this film, “the blonde girls” sit     is at times graphic and chilling,
by five international artists in both    ing reenactments of Nazi-occupied        playing documentary vignettes on         on a row of chairs and play a game       making you thankful that you are
video and print. The works inter-        Germany play next to a tour of the       protests, speeches, and forms of         of telephone with quotes from            in the dark where no one can see
pret how the modern public sphere        Apartheid Wall in Israel and along-      self-affirmation. The vignettes are      Darwin’s book. The phrases get           the reaction on your face. Gaitan
is simultaneously bought together        side women’s rights protests. The        in a survey of languages and all         simplified and reinterpreted until       proclaimed the documentary,
and segregated by social media,          first work in the gallery is a multi-    provide English subtitles.               they reach the end of the chain and      Episode III: Enjoy Poverty, the
consumerism, religion, capitalism,       screen video exhibit by Artur               The next room contains two            are read out. The result is hilarious,   “coda” of the exhibit.
6      «ARTS THE MEDIUM                     10.03.2011


    The 6 p.m. UTM shuttle was full. A      AIRship exhibit. On the third floor,     black—were posters of Bollywood       quiet and patrons filled the pews       set-style rain, smoke, and fog ma-
    crowd had gathered by 5:45 p.m.,        six helium, light-filled blips fought    films from the 1950s to 1980s. By     as in a movie theater and watched       chines. Nuit Blanche patrons were
    each person vying for one of the        against weighted glass spheres to        walking chronologically through       as a projection of a cathedral aisle    loaned an umbrella and could walk
    52 seats going downtown. Nuit           float to the top of the Hart House       the gallery you could see how the     blurred in and out of focus. Despite    through the alley while being pho-
    Blanche was to start in exactly one     ceiling. The night launched to a tur-    posters (and wall colour) reflected   its simplicity, people were reluc-      tographed and filmed. Many were
    hour. A harassed bus driver shouted     bulent start when one of the blimps      the economic and cultural climate     tant to move on and give up their       disappointed when there was noth-
    to the unruly crowd that there was      starting leaking helium, but it was      for each decade.                      seats; instead, they slumped in the     ing on the other side, while others
    only one bus on Saturday and that       quickly fixed by one of the design-         At 8:30 (and on the other side     pews and waited for the film to start   thought someone had set off the
    he’d try to call for an overflow bus,   ers.                                     of downtown) Isabelle Hayeur’s        again.                                  fire alarm sprinklers. But the disap-
    which finally arrived an hour later.       By 7:45, the ROM’s Bollywood          Ascension was gaining popularity,        One more notable interactive         pointment and confusion quickly
    UTM did not anticipate the popu-        exhibit was almost at capacity. Also     although there was no real lineup     piece was I just know that something    evaporated when they were shown
    larity of Nuit Blanche—an all-night,    located on the third floor, it too was   yet. This exhibit took place in the   good is going to happen by Curtis       the cinematic and classic pictures
    interactive art festival now in its     worth the walk. On pink, orange,         Metropolitan United Church, or        Grahauer. On Adelaide Street, an        just made from their interaction,
    sixth year—among its students.          and yellow walls—a deviation from        was the church itself, depending on   alley was converted into an inter-      making the exhibit a favourite of
       At 7 p.m., Hart House opened its     the ROM’s trademark white and            your perspective. The exhibit was     active sculpture involving movie-       the night.

                                  Photos by
                                  this guy »
                                   (Edward Cai)
                                     *Except this one
                                       by Jennifer Ly
                                                                                                                                               10.03.2011 THE MEDIUM A&E                   »    7

                        joy rapping                                                                                                       Interpretive dancing
           Inukshuks en                                                 Guess w                                                            is serious business
                 to Eminem                                                      hich one
                                                                             the artis

       Be weary of how
                       much face                                                                                                        Zombie Apoca
        jam ends up on                                                                                                                               lypse.
                       the masks                                                                                                      The Umbrella
                                                                                         ds a home                                                 Edition
                                                                         Every vinyl nee

It’s 4:57 a.m. Nothing went           Darren Savage: Well, folks, how        DS: To pick up on that commu-             plan and then you get down there        attend the fabled food trucks, the
according to plan. Everything         was that?                              nity feeling and joint experience:        and you realize there may be no         funnel cakes smelled good and the
is over. People have gone home.                                              We all went down there together...        point in making one. Having hun-        overall experience was well worth
Mere hours ago the streets of         Andrew Bascom: I thought it            nothing that we had planned went          dreds of exhibits makes it diffi-       it.
Toronto were teeming with peo-        was great. I think the best part       [according] to, well, plan. Con-          cult to plan things. There’s three
ple eager to take in a night of art   of the event is the scope, the         cerning the event as a whole, what        different zones, three different        DS: What would you recommend
in the city during Nuit Blanche.      scale of the event. Toronto is a       positive aspect can be taken from         curators, for a reason. It’s great to   to future attendees?
This year it featured more than       big city, and the fact that they       that experience?                          feel so safe downtown, too. Yonge
130 “free and accessible contem-      shut down such a large part of                                                   Street is the longest street in the     TS: Go in smaller groups. We
porary art projects”, and in due      it for this is a pretty incredible     SF: I think that no matter what           world and we were just walking          saw how larger ones get split up.
order, the event has become a         thing.                                 you plan, it’s never going to hap-        down it tonight with hundreds,          I think next time I might actually
major attraction for artists and      Tyler Silva: I thought it was          pen like you think it will, because       maybe thousands, of people.             make a stricter plan and go ear-
dilettantes, not to mention huge      awesome. This is the first time        there is so much happening and            That’s a pretty incredible feeling.     lier. You need to just so you can
crowds of people with no special      I’ve ever gone, and I had heard        people are going to want to do               On that note, the event pro-         check out more things. It’s really
knowledge of art.                     stories from people telling me it      their own things. Everybody               vides ample opportunities to            different and it’s worth checking
    One group of intrepid young       was great. I went, and now I say,      wants to go and experience what           experience a wide array of feel-        out.
enthusiasts aimed to take in ev-      yeah, it was pretty awesome. But       they want to experience. But [at          ings and sensations. From a post-       SF: I’m very new to Toronto and
erything they could with as many      it’s still a little disappointing in   Nuit Blanche] they have the op-           apocalyptic exhibit that made one       it was a great way to experience
people as they could. It proved to    a way because you can’t do ev-         portunity to do that and that’s           feel as if the city was on the verge    the city. It’s great to learn about
be quite difficult. Andrew Bas-       erything and see it all. But there     great.                                    of a lockdown to one that simply        all the positive sides of Toronto as
com, a long-time Toronto resi-        is so much stuff you gotta pick        TS: I still thought that we got           provided a contained experience         opposed to the negatives that you
dent, had enjoyed the festivities     and choose. Still, what we saw         to see a bunch of cool stuff. It          of getting caught in the rain (they     hear and sometimes experience. I
before; Tyler Silva, who com-         was pretty cool.                       doesn’t matter that we didn’t get to      provide you with an umbrella).          would absolutely do it again and
mutes to Toronto for work but         Stephanie Francis: I thought           go as far as we wanted to, because        Nuit Blanche excels at altering         recommend everyone go. It’s dif-
does not have a thorough knowl-       it definitely felt like a commu-       we still had our night regardless.        perceptions, creating atmosphere,       ferent.
edge of the city, had never been;     nity event. You know, there were       You know what I mean? You don’t           and conveying shared experience.        AB: Comfortable shoes and warm
Stephanie Francis, one of the         so many different people down          have to do everything; the ones           You quickly learn that art can be       clothing. Be prepared for a long
newest residents to the city (she     there and we were all experienc-       that we did see were very cool.           amazingly transformative. More-         night, and it’s well worth it. Ev-
moved here on Thursday), did          ing the same things together. It       AB: It’s always cool to see the city      over, it can take almost any form,      eryone should go. I really think
not know what to expect.              was really cool going to all the       in a different light. It’s so rare that   from intimate personal exhibits         it’s one of those things you need
    The following are just some       different events and seeing all        there are that many people up this        to larger, more interactive ones.       to do. Art is alive in this city. No
of their surprisingly coherent        the different things together,         late at night walking the streets         Nuit Blanche is one major project       matter what is happening in this
and poignant impressions (long        with so many people, was really        and everybody seems to be having          consisting of many minor sights,        city politically, art is alive and
pauses admittedly omitted), after     very cool. It’s strange that it felt   a good time. Every year you do            sounds, smells, and tastes. Even        [Nuit Blanche] is a great represen-
a rather long night.                  like such a community.                 this you think you should have a          though the group was unable to          tation of that.
8    « 10.03.2011

                            MEDIUM FEATURES
                            Editor » Larissa Ho

Is the MCAT still relevant?
Emily AchEson                                                                                                                                                       ized tests a very poor way to assess
                                                                                                                                                                    a student’s academic ability. For in-
                                                                                                                                                                    stance, if a student has everything
MCAT. These four letters can make                                                                                                                                   it takes to be a doctor but has a bad
the difference between a student                                                                                                                                    day when writing the MCAT, his
getting into or being rejected by                                                                                                                                   test score could seriously hurt his
medical school. Thousands of un-                                                                                                                                    chances.
dergraduate students in Canada                                                                                                                                          Standardized tests also bring in
and the United States write this                                                                                                                                    millions of dollars for test adminis-
standardized exam at least once in                                                                                                                                  trators and companies offering prep
their lives. The MCAT, or Medical                                                                                                                                   courses before the test. A Princeton
College Admissions Test, is often                                                                                                                                   Review classroom prep course for
the final hurdle for a pre-med stu-                                                                                                                                 the MCAT, which runs for a total of
dent’s application.                                                                                                                                                 105 hours, costs nearly $2,000. That
   Most students spend months of                                                                                                                                    doesn’t include the MCAT exam
their summer vacation ploughing                                                                                                                                     itself, which costs about $230 for
through entire textbooks on phys-                                                                                                                                   each writing. Students, especially in
ics, chemistry, organic chemistry,                                                                                                                                  Ontario, have enough stress grap-
biology, and verbal reasoning.                                                                                                          pling with higher-than-average tu-
Many spend almost as much energy                                                                                                                                    ition fees. Of course, administrators
                                          Does mcAT really stand for “me, crazy And Tired”?
panicking over their practice test                                                                                                                                  and prep courses are hardly moti-
scores, their upcoming test date,         American schools were already              than students from another But if        front of a glaring computer screen    vated to abandon such a lucrative
and their final results. All students     using standardized essay-based             the first marks harder than the oth-     can affect your ability to think      testing model.
spend hundreds or even thousands          tests. By 1914, an American named          er, the smarter students will have       clearly. These tests mainly check         The concept of standardized test-
of dollars before the exam is even        Frederick J. Kelly had invented            lower marks on their transcript.         that a student has the endurance      ing in general comes with heavy de-
over.                                     the multiple-choice test. Scanning            To solve issues like this, the        needed in high-stress situations.     bate. The question of whether this
   But is this standardized test re-      machines followed. By the 1920s,           standardized test presents students         The exam can also help students    testing is fair or not may never be
ally necessary?                           American medical schools made              from all schools with the exact          with a lower GPA score. If they get   solved.
   The general standardized test has      the MCAT part of their admission           same types of questions. If students     high MCAT scores, this could lend         What can be said in favour of the
its roots as far back as 7th-century      process.                                   really are better, this should show in   an advantage.                         MCAT is that Canadian and Amer-
China, where job applicants wrote            The standardized test is meant          their test scores.                          However, if students get a low     ican doctors are rated among the
essays about poetry and Confu-            to provide admission boards with              The MCAT is supposed to assess        MCAT score, even if their GPA is      best in the world. Nearly all these
cian philosophy. The creation of the      an accurate comparison of students         a student’s critical thinking and un-    phenomenal, they may not get into     doctors underwent standardized
printing press in 1440 A.D. in Eu-        from a variety of backgrounds. For         derstanding. Four hours into a five-     their school of choice. They may      testing. They may not have liked
rope allowed for standard printed         instance, students attending one           hour MCAT exam, all the sweating,        not get into medical school at all.   writing the MCAT, but their pa-
written examinations. In 1845,            school may have a better education         typing, and scribbling equations in         Some groups consider standard-     tients are glad they did.

My encounter with
the Moleskine
                                                                                     Stop procrastinating
                                                                                     PriyAnkA kumAr                           ish your lab three days before        for       forever—relax!),      just
nAzifA islAm                              toward the children’s books section.                                                the due date, you will go and         until you’re done your work. Turn
                                             But sure enough, the Moleskine          It happens to everyone: You’re sit-      get those shoes that you’ve           off the phone and put it away.
When you’re browsing through any          came back to haunt me that night           ting in your room, the clock reads       obsessed about. The incentive of      You may suffer from feelings of
bookstore in Canada, you’re usu-          and, yes, I Googled it. Turns out that     2:32 a.m., and you’re just start-        the shoes will push you to finish     nakedness without your phone
ally prepared to spend a consider-        these black leather-bound notebooks        ing the third page (if you’re lucky      your work.                            and Facebook, but trust me, it’s
able amount, no matter what you           have had some very prominent us-           enough to have gotten that far).                                               totally worth it!
buy—as in, the prices are seriously       ers—Ernest Hemingway and Vin-              Procrastination gets the worst                remember that                       6. If you can’t bear to separate
higher than you find with our neigh-      cent Van Gogh, to name a couple.           of everyone; I’ve been known to           getting rid of the habit             from Facebook and your phone, set
bours to the south. Such was the case     However, the notebooks were only           procrastinate all the time. I actu-                                            times aside for when you can
when I decided to forgo the mas-          created as a brand in 1997. Do they        ally procrastinated with this arti-       of procrastination isn’t             check them. Every time you finish
sive human chain that is the UTM          mean that Hemingway’s use of simi-         cle, and the assignments I had due       easy, and it’s not going              studying a chapter or writing a
Bookstore lineup, and headed to In-       lar black leather-bound notebooks          today. But never fear; I’m here to                                             page you can check your Facebook
digo. Of course, like any good chain      adds to the value of Moleskines,           help you stop procrastinating, or          to go away immedi-                  or phone.
bookstore, Indigo carries a plethora      making them worth $17 apiece?              at least do it less.                     ately. It takes work and                 Remember that getting rid of
of cute, trendy, and entirely unus-          At this point, I’ll confess that I         1. When you’re given an assign-                                             the habit of procrastination isn’t
able stationery products that draws       wished I had bought one at the store.      ment and the due date is far away,        time. The best part of               easy, and it’s not going to go away
the customers in immediately. Thus,       I mean, what writer wouldn’t want a        do not put it off ! Instead, do a lit-    less procrastination in              immediately. It takes work and
when I had intended only to pur-          bit of that literary magic to rub off on   tle each day, and by the time the                                              time.
chase The Portable Machiavelli, I         them? But this isn’t about my aspi-        due date rolls around you’ll either      your life is the sense of                The best part of less procrasti-
found myself in the “writing shop”        rations to write the Great Canadian        be done or extremely close.                  accomplishment.                   nation in your life is the sense of
section. And that is when I came          Novel, so let’s get back to the note-         2. Set a schedule for yourself                                              accomplishment that washes
upon a Moleskine: a seriously seri-       books. In short, the Moleskine note-       when finishing a task—and stick             4. Get a study buddy! You have     over you when you walk past the
ous-looking notebook that looked          books look good in one’s hand, seem        to it! For example, if you’re given a    to be careful here, though; make      library with your assignment in
as though it could belong anywhere        rather nice to write in, have a bit of     research paper, set a date to re-        sure to study buddy with some-        hand, ready to submit, and you
from the prime minister’s desk draw-      history attached, and, most impor-         search, set a date to outline the        one who will motivate and not          see the procrastinator you used
er to your English professor’s satchel.   tantly, they have an interesting name.     paper, and set a date by which           distract you. Look for a buddy        to be in the form of all those
I glanced at the price tag: $16.95. I     So whether you’re going to run out         your paper should be done. Stick-        who will make sure you focus and      people stuck in the library
picked up the notebook and exam-          and get yourself one or pass, if you       ing to your schedule will help           keep you on track.                    ripping their hair out because
ined it closely; what about this makes    ever need a “legendary notebook”           you keep in mind of due dates               5. Shut yourself off from          they’re nowhere close to be-
it $16.95, I wondered momentarily.        (as the tagline suggests) have some        and avoid procrastination                distractions. This is easier          ing done. All you can do is walk
But I didn’t spare it much thought as,    money to drop on one, you might               3. Treat yourself. For example,       said than done, but it helps!         away and laugh, because that’s
for no particular reason, I wandered      have an idea where to look.                promise yourself that if you fin-        Deactivate      Facebook     (not     not you (and your hair is intact).
                                                                                                                                           10.03.2011 THE MEDIUM FEATURES                        »    9

Can’t just have one Weird test and
Jennifer ewen
So you’re out shopping with friends
and you see shoes you would just
                                                                                                                            exam rituals
die to have, but they cost $300                                                                                             What do you do before a test or exam?
(oh yeah, designer!) and you
have no money left. Here’s a point                                                                                          Carine abouseif                         gelo. “I gather all my research in
that separates an addict and an                                                                                                                                     advance, but I sit down to write
average shopper. A person who                                                                                               A lucky hoodie. A special pen.          closer to the deadline.”
just likes shopping would be able                                                                                           Many of us have them: weird little         Students disagreed on the level
to say no to those expensive de-                                                                                            items or rituals that we believe        of noise they needed to study.
signer shoes. It’s just not in the                                                                                          (or just hope) will get us through      Some said they needed a steady
budget. Someone suffering from                                                                                               an essay or exam. Sometimes ritu-      babble, while others required
shopping addiction (medically                                                                                               als are as simple as wearing your       absolute silence. Several declared it
known as oniomania) would get                                                                                               special sweatpants on test day. Oth-    blasphemy to attempt an essay
those shoes—in three colours.                                                                                               er times it’s a lot more complicated.   without music and headphones.
   Addictions are all about lack of                                                                                         We asked students what rituals             When it comes to final ex-
control. A person who is not an                                                                                             they performed when writing es-         ams, students become especially
                                          what makes you feel like you’ve got drugs on the brain?
addict is in complete control                                                                                               says, taking exams, or just plain       superstitious about their wardrobe.
of what they do (e.g., not buying            Despite what every magazine is         making them feel good. This is also     studying.                               Desouza said she would wear an
 a pair of shoes) while the addic-        insisting nowadays, the only way to       how addictions get bigger, involve         “I have to start on a blank page,”   item again if she did well in a pre-
tion is in control of the addict. A       really kick the sugar addiction is to     harder drugs, and consume more          said Catherine Lopes, a fourth-         vious exam while wearing it. She
shopping addict runs up mul-              quit cold turkey. Take juice, chips,      money, and lead to the despera-         year English and professional writ-     also mentioned a concept that
tiple credit cards and takes a            sweets, and soda out of your diet to      tion that makes an addict engage        ing student. “And I have to use a       made a few other female inter-
nosedive into debt just for that          let your body get back to normal.         in more and more hazardous con-         black pen.”                             viewees nod: “I keep thinking that
moment of happiness when                  Eating any of those things actually       duct (like buying a $1,000 pair of         “I like studying on the floor,”      if I dress too well to an exam, I’ll
they get something new.                   triggers cravings for more, creating      shoes!).                                said another student, Camille           fail it… like karma, or something.”
   An addiction can be any-               an unhealthy cycle that’s only prof-          Addiction develops mainly out       Amigelo, who’s taking a double             De Jesus took a different view.
thing—shopping, drinking, drugs,          itable for the food industry.             of our environment. Advertise-          major in English and chemistry.         “Wearing a hoodie to an exam
exercise—but it is all essentially           Immediately after stopping the         ments fool us into thinking we          Other students get comfort from a       would be admitting defeat,”
the same idea. Addictions are             compulsive behaviour of an ad-            need certain things to be happy.        cup of coffee or tea while studying;    she said. The majority of
associated with positive emo-             diction, an addict has withdrawal         (One poster ad for HP laptops           still others feel the need to panic     interviewed students, however,
tions, usually sheer ecstasy, which       symptoms. These symptoms can              that’s been around campus lately        even just a few days before a dead-     said their clothing item of choice
makes people keep coming                  result in physical symptoms (head-        even uses the word “addiction” as a     line.                                   for a long exam would be a com-
back to the addiction over and over       aches, shaking, and sweating, to          selling point). People will be drawn       Psychology student Sarah De-         fortable sweater or hoodie.
again. But as time goes on, more          name a few) and can drive the ad-         to find happiness in any way they       souza explained how she uses               Another student (who wished
of the addiction is required to           dict right back to the fix. As with       can, especially in hard times, and      stories to memorize a passage from      to remain unnamed) stressed the
capture those positive feelings           anything else, practice, hard work,       it’s important to find happiness in     a text. “I’ll make up a story with      importance of relaxing before
and numb the darker ones.                 and routines that override the ad-        different ways and places to avoid      the items on my desk and relate         an exam. “I like to read Japanese
The need keeps getting sharper,           diction have the best results.            addiction to one thing.                 it to what I read—even if they’re       novels the night before an exam,”
and the satisfaction weaker.                 So what else does an addict do             Though we will always be in dan-    not relevant. And it works,” she        he said.
   We get addicted when something         to kick the addiction? Join a re-         ger of addiction, there is treatment.   added, reading from her cognitive          Since our campus doesn’t
makes us feel good, but some peo-         covery program. The best types of         The first step is admitting it, and     psychology textbook.                    have a long history behind it,
ple have a genetic predisposition to      programs are ones that are ongoing        then, with time and effort, work-          Some students writing es-            superstitious rituals based on
addiction. Addictions can also arise      (AA, for example, and other AA-           ing to get life back to the healthy     says get their best thinking done       campus artifacts have yet to de-
out of the attempt to numb the pain       based programs such as Overeaters         normal.                                 while shampooing their hair. “I         velop. We have no statue whose
and memory of shame or trauma,            Anonymous, Gamblers Anony-                    So really, think twice before       construct my thesis when I’m in         big toe we can rub for divine
especially from childhood. Addic-         mous, Shopaholics Anonymous,              you buy those unnecessary (and          the shower,” said Jodelle Faye de       assistance on that calculus test
tions can even begin in response to       Debtors Anonymous—and more                expensive!) shoes. If nothing else,     Jesus, also an English and profes-      or response to Kafka. But until
current stresses or traumas in life.      anonymice!). These intensive,             make yourself wait until you have       sional writing student.                 such a statue is constructed,
For instance, a person with anxiety       community-based programs have             the money. Then the thrill doesn’t         Whereas professors are al-           UTM students will probably
problems or depression may devel-         double the success rate of short-         just come from buying something.        ways advising us to start essays        continue to write topic sentenc-
op an addiction just to forget about      term programs.                            It comes from earning what you          in advance, several students said       es while rinsing their hair and
that other aspect of their life, even        There are two types of recovery        want, and hey—that’s something to       they did otherwise. “I can’t start      to wear their sweats and hoodies
for a short time.                         programs. For more severe, even           feel good about.                        writing too early,” explained Ami-      with pride.
   Beyond drug, gambling, and             life-threatening addictions, people
shopping addictions, new research         can go to a recovery centre (inpa-
by Dr. Mark Hyman has proven              tient), where they will stay full-time
that food, especially sugary,             for counselling and coping meth-
fatty junk food, is actually              ods. The other type of program is
addictive. Many alcoholics turn           meetings (outpatient), where the
their addiction to sugar during re-       person talks with other addicts and
covery. Commercial food compa-            learn how to overcome the addic-
nies know how to make the right           tion. The main part of recovery is to
combination of sugar and fat to           be able to admit there’s a problem
make it addicting. Because of this,       and be held accountable for it.
food can be as physically and psy-           Both outpatient and inpatient
chologically addictive as drugs and       programs are at least 90 days, as re-
alcohol.                                  quired by the National Institute on
   Junk food replicates the effect        Drug Addiction (NIDA). Anything
some drugs have on the brain.             less than this, and it’s likely the ad-
Endorphins are released, which            dict will fall right back into their
makes you feel good—even if it            addiction. It’s best to be in a pro-
only lasts through the last crumb         gram for a lot longer than 90 days to
of a chocolate bar. This addiction        ensure an effective recovery. Even
drives the fast food and snack food       inpatients usually continue in an
industries; people literally “can’t get   outpatient program after being in
enough” or “can’t have just one”.         a recovery centre. The honest truth
Being addicted to sugar is the same       about recovery is that it’s extremely
as anything else: the addict needs        difficult. Only 20% of alcoholics
more and more to get the same ef-         recover for good. But that doesn’t
fect. People who can squash their         mean recovery is impossible.
cravings for food, usually by doing          The main attraction of addiction
something else, obviously aren’t ad-      is getting lost in whatever makes
dicted. But the people who eat even       you feel good. The majority of drug
when they’re not hungry are defi-         addicts admit that they did not seek
nitely hooked on sugar.                   help even when the drug stopped
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                                   MEDIUM SPORTS
                                   Editor » Chris Callahan

You should
watch baseball                              MLB season comes to an end
ChriS Callahan

A baseball fan in Canada amounts
to an outsider in the world of sports
fans. I never played organized
hockey or soccer, so at the lunch
table, when I wanted to talk sports
with the kids at school, I was usu-
ally given a snarky dismissal by—
well, everyone. Well, now I have my
soapbox (The Medium) so I think
it’s time I use it. Baseball isn’t as bad
as you think it is, I promise.
    The MLB playoffs have arrived,
and here are two reasons that a
skeptical sports fan should give
baseball a try this fall:
    1. The Yankees are in the play-                                                                                                                                                  CBSTAMPA.COM/PHOTOS
offs and you should hate them.              a clean-shaven Johnny Damon bears little resemblance to a caveman, and his rays managed to sneak into the MlB playoffs.
We all love to see the villain fail and
the hero prevail. The Yankees have          Chantal Pereira                           ing MLB records. Uniforms were            and Boston Red Sox.                      games, it was within reach. The
earned the moniker “Evil Empire”                                                      stark white and pressed, faces were           As a young girl growing up           fateful day came on July 9, against
for consistently spending more              School has started, there’s a chill       fresh, and balls were plentiful. April    around quite a few baseball fans, I      David Price and the Rays. In true
than every other team in the league.        in the air, and baseball playoff sea-     marks my favourite time of year;          learned that if you’re from Toronto      Jeter fashion, the hit was not just
Root for them to fail; it’s fun.            son is right around the corner. As a      everyone has a shot at being the          you should root for two teams: the       momentous because of the mile-
    2. A slow sport means less fo-          diehard Jays fan, I’m going to hold       best and everyone plays like they         Blue Jays, and anyone who beats the      stone; it was knocked right out of
cus is required. This allows specta-        my tongue about how it feels to be        are.                                      Yankees.                                 the home field. Leave it to a Yankee
tors to speak with someone at the           left in fourth place yet again and in-       As always, there were a few                So this season proved to be a        to be overly dramatic.
bar or have a few laughs with their         stead take you, the reader, on a little   standouts and favourites from the         little bit of an issue when the only         Jeter joined an elite club of leg-
friends. You could even do a bit of         field trip.                               very beginning. It pains me to have       team that seemed able to conquer         endary hitters, including Pete Rose,
homework or Facebook chatting                  We are going back to a few             to mention these two teams, but in        the Yanks were the Red Sox, a team       Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays,
with the game in the background;            months ago: April. It was a sim-          the interest of being objective, I will   I equally abhor.                         Tony Gwynn, and Lou Brock.
the baseball purists won’t hate you         pler time with no stresses about the      venture into the scary world that             The two teams engaged in a vi-           The National League proved to
for it.                                     playoffs, trade deadlines, or break-      belongs to the New York Yankees           cious climb for the top spot in the      be surprises all season long. Last
                                                                                                                                American League East Division.           season’s champs, the San Francisco
                                                                                                                                They dominated the division for          Giants, started off the season with
                                                                                                                                the majority of the season, until the    guns blazing trying to defend their
                                                                                                                                third-place team, the Tampa Bay          title, but the Arizona Diamond-
                                                                                                                                Rays, showed that they too could         backs gave them something to fight
                                                                                                                                contend for the top spot.                for in the West Division.
                                                                                                                                    The Rays were hot on the coat-           The last time the D-backs were
                                                                                                                                tails of the Sox and gave them a         contenders was in 2001 when they
                                                                                                                                good run for their money. In the         went on to win the entire series. It
                                                                                                                                last quarter of the season, the Rays     was obvious that they were plan-
                                                                                                                                never fell below a five-game gap         ning on making a comeback after
                                                                                                                                with the Sox—and they gave them          a very dry decade. It almost seems
                                                                                                                                something to play for.                   pointless, though, for anyone in
                                                                                                                                    Last Wednesday night, on the         the National League (or the entire
                                                                                                                                final day of the regular season, the     MLB, for that matter) to attempt to
                                                                                                                                Rays pulled off an extra-innings         surpass the dominating Phillies.
                                                                                                                                win against the Yankees and sur-             With the dream team of Halla-
                                                                                                                                passed the Red Sox, taking sec-          day and Lee, it seems as though the
                                                                                                                                ond place in the AL East and the         team is unstoppable. Hey, Halladay,
                                                                                                                                wildcard spot that the Red Sox           no bitterness on my end, none at all.
                                                                                                                                desperately fought to hold on to         (Okay, you got me; I miss you and
                                                                                                                                during this fierce late summer bat-      your pitching.)
                                                                                                                                tle. This season, they were led by the       Now this field trip back in time
                                                                                                                                masterful David Price, who, with a       would not be complete if all I did
                                                                                                                                career ERA of 3.33, has emerged as       was talk about the dominating
                                                                                                                                the ace of an impressive young Rays      teams. I have to make fun of—I
                                                                                                                                rotation. In other Rays news, John-      mean report on—the teams who
                                                                                                                                ny Damon has successfully made           did not do so well. Dear Baltimore
                                                                                                                                the evolution from caveman to full       Orioles and Houston Astros: I guess
                                                                                                                                human.                                   there’s always next year, or the year
                                                                                                                                    The Yankees saw an amazing sea-      after that… or the one after that. Ah
                                                                                                                                son with yet another MLB record.         well, you did your best; what more
                                                                                                                                Shortstop Derek Jeter began his          can fans ask for?
                                                                                                                                season with the looming knowledge            Well, it seems as though our trip
                                                                                                                                that this season would be ground-        has come to a close, just like the reg-
                                                                                                                                breaking for him. His 3,000th hit        ular season. Even though my Jays
                                                                                                                                was bound to happen—the only             are not in the running, the playoffs
                                                                                                                                question on the mind of the vet of       look like they are going to be excit-
                                                                                                                                17 years was when.                       ing, and it could be anyone’s game.
                                                                                                                                    Over the course of a handful of      And by anyone, I mean the Phillies.
                                                                                                                                 10.03.2011 THE MEDIUM SPORTS                   »   11

A big year for baseball in Canada NBA Lockout is on
Canadian players making an impact on America’s pastime                                                           A stagnant summer means no
                                                                                                                 progress for hungry basketball fans
                                                                                                                 ISAAC OWUSU                         on the revenues. However, the
                                                                                                                 ASSOCIATE SPORTS EDITOR             latest proposal from the play-
                                                                                                                                                     ers presented a decrease to only
                                                                                                                 While Kris Humphries may have       54.3%.
                                                                                                                 locked himself into a multi-mil-       The CBA is a multi-headed
                                                                                                                 lion dollar deal over the summer,   beast, and revenue-sharing is
                                                                                                                 the rest of the NBA players are     not the only issue. Owners are
                                                                                                                 currently left looking for some-    pushing for proposed changes
                                                                                                                 where to take their talents for     such as a hard or flex salary
                                                                                                                 the 2011–2012 season. The NBA       cap, which prevents teams from
                                                                                                                 lockout appears to be headed        spending over or under certain
                                                                                                                 towards the loss of a substantial   amounts on player salaries in
                                                                                                                 amount of games and quite pos-      their payroll.
                                                                                                                 sibly of the entire season.            Similar to the NFL, the lock-
                                                                                                                    The past season of NBA bas-      out during this past summer has
                                                                                                                 ketball was arguably the most       been provided some interesting
                                                                                                                 important in nearly over a de-      dialogue between the Players’
                                                                                                                 cade, a much-needed boost           Association and league own-
                                                                                                                 since the second retirement of      ership. Unlike in the NFL, the
                                                                                                                 Michael Jordan in 1998. It was      players in this battle actually
                                                                                                                 a year that featured the rise and   have the ball in their court (pun
                                                                                                                 fall of LeBron James and the        intended).
                                                                                                                 Miami Heat, Bryan Colangelo’s          Players in the NBA, in con-
                                                                                                                 continued trafficking of Euro-      trast to the NFL, have leverage
                                                                                                                 pean players to the Toronto Rap-    over the owners. The availability
                                                                                                                 tors, and the rookie/sophomore      of leagues internationally, which
                                                                                                                 season of electrifying slam-dunk    offer guaranteed contracts, is
                                                                                                                 champion Blake Griffin.             enticing enough for NBA play-
                                                                                                                    The NBA looked as promising      ers to hold out as long as needed.
                                                                                                                 as ever for commissioner David         For fans, this is beginning to
                                                                                                                 Stern and the league’s teams,       look like their worst fears have
                                                                                                                 right until July 1, 2011.           been confirmed; the distance be-
                                                                                                                    It was then that talks broke     tween the two sides on these im-
                                                                            MLBPLAYERWORKOUTS.COM/PHOTOS         down between NBA team own-          portant issues means that there
Joey Votto has become the face of Canadian baseball.                                                             ers and players. Just as in the     is a very good chance that the
                                                                                                                 NFL, the new Collective Bar-        league will see a shortened sea-
CORY CRABTREE                         most as well as his MVP season,       Blue Jay is fan favourite Brett      gaining Agreement was the main      son, if it has one at all.
                                      posting a higher on-base per-         Lawrie. Born in Langley, BC and      focus of the dispute.                  Fans looking to get their fix of
On September 3, George Kot-           centage and improving his field-      acquired last year in a trade for       Owners argue that a new          some semblance of NBA action
taras, the backup catcher of the      ing. Besides recognition from         Shaun Marcum, Lawrie has tak-        agreement should create a com-      need not fear, for there is some-
NL Central-leading Brewers, hit       the baseball community, Votto         en Toronto by storm. In just 41      petitive balance and increased      thing out there for you. “Keeping
for the cycle, notching a single,     won the Lou Marsh Trophy as           games Lawrie has 9 home runs         profitability throughout the        up with the Kardashians” airs on
double, triple, and home run in       Canada’s top athlete, only the        and 24 RBIs. Averaged out for an     league. It is the basketball-re-    the E Network on Sundays at 10
an 8–2 victory over the Astros.       third baseball player to receive      entire season, Lawrie is on pace     lated revenues that the owners      p.m., and features Lamar Odom
   Besides the relative rarity        the award in its 70-year history.     for 36 home runs and 95 RBIs.        target for adjustment, wherein      Kardashian of the Los Angeles
of the cycle (only 2.3 on aver-          Votto isn’t the only Canadian-        Lawrie’s energy, play, and at-    the expired CBA players were        Lakers and Kris Humphries Kar-
age are hit per year), Kottaras’      born MVP in recent memory,            titude have endeared him to the      awarded 57% of the revenues.        dashian of the New Jersey Nets.
accomplishment is made even           though, since in 2006 the Min-        Toronto faithful, and his place of      The owners seek a 50–50 split
greater by his status as the back-    nesota Twins’ Justin Morneau          birth may make him the future of
up (he only plays once every five     won the AL MVP in a tight vote        Canadian baseball. Lawrie isn’t
games) and by his place of birth:     over Derek Jeter. The five-time       alone, though, when it comes to
Scarborough, Ontario. Kottaras        all-star from New Westminster,        Canadians playing with the Jays.
became only the second Cana-          BC was arguably one of the best       Former first-round pick Adam
dian, after Tip O’Neil in 1887, to    players in baseball from 2006–        Loewen recently joined the Jays
hit for a cycle.                      2009. In that four-season period      after the September roster ex-
   Kottaras isn’t the only Cana-      he posted an average of .302,         pansion, and he too has made
dian making an impact in Ma-          and knocked in 530 RBIs.              the most of his 7 games so far.
jor League Baseball. Besides an          Unfortunately, during a game       With 6 hits and an 8th-inning
increase in the total number of       against the Blue Jays in 2010,        home run, Loewen played sol-
Canadians, in the last 10 years       Morneau suffered a concussion         idly in his short time with the
32 Canadians have made their          and has seen both his perfor-         club. Toronto’s farm system is
pro debuts, the most since the        mance and health decline since.       also loaded with Canadian pros-
1880s. There has also been an         This season he has played only        pects, with 15 Canadians over
increase in the quality of Cana-      69 games (less than half of the       four levels of the minor leagues.
dian players over the past de-        possible games) and posted               As more and more Canadians
cade.                                 career-low numbers. Hopefully         enter the major leagues, the fu-
   The discussion of Canadi-          Morneau can make a full recov-        ture of Canadian baseball seems
an baseball should, no doubt,         ery this off-season and regain        to be as bright as it’s ever been.
start with the reigning National      his MVP form.                         As of September 1, 121 Canadi-
League MVP, Joey Votto. Born             With a uniform redesign            an players have appeared in the
in Etobicoke, Votto is one of the     coming up next season that            minor leagues this year, with 16
premier players in all of base-       promises to emphasize Canada          making at least one appearance
ball. In just four seasons of play-   and a coast–to-coast marketing        in a major league club.
ing full-time, Votto has posted       campaign with a TV network to            With an increased presence in
an impressive .315 career aver-       sustain it, the Blue Jays are push-   both the minors and the majors,
age, while belting out 114 HRs        ing to be seen more and more as       as well as in lower-level baseball
and 379 RBIs.                         Canada’s team. This inclusion of      with more focus on develop-
   Votto has been a star since his    Canadians, however, doesn’t just      ment of young talent, we may
first year in Cincinnati, placing     stop with the fans—the roster         be witnessing the beginning of a
second in votes for rookie of the     and farm system includes many         golden age of baseball in Cana-
year in 2008. Though his Reds         prominent Canadian prospects          da—an age which will, no doubt,
are fairing far worse than last       and starters.                         have an abundance of talented
year, Votto himself is playing al-       The most obvious Canadian          players to lead it.

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