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									      Environmental Hotline in
Chongqing,12369 :a model for citizen

            Tang Xingqun
           Chongqing EPB
             2007 12 15
  June 5th of 2002 ,“Chongqing Environmental Hotline 12369”
was launched as one of “Eight Citizen Projects” by Chongqing
12369 network construction

  ★Chongqing City 12369 center

  ★sub-centers in Wanzhou , Puling, and     Qinjiang

 ★Except the three sub-centers, the other 37
municipalities or counties are covered by the
Chongqing city 12369 center.
12369 management system establishment
★ 《work discipline 》
★ 《operator management system        》
★ 《person-in charge system 》
★ 《accountability system 》
★ 《complains and visit system    》
★ 《complains handling procedures       》
Over 20 internal management regulations.
12369 working procedure
Can deal with 10 simultaneous calls
4 operator lines (with recording function   )
6 automatic answering machines
24 hours
Assign a number for each case
   12369 Center has implemented 5 policies
including operators are assigned for specific
regions, hotline cases have priority to be dealt
with, emergency accidents joint response,
environmental monitoring express and briefs.
These policies have improved the quality and
efficiency of responses, return visits and follow-
  The enforcement team will arrive at the scene
within 30 minutes receiving the “notification
form to deal with environmental complains”
  Other cases will normally be processed within
8 hours, scene investigation within 5 working
days, and prosecute suspect illegal cases
within 3 days.
  For those cases not processed, automatic
reminder will be generated, and the process
results will be feedbacked to 12369 center for
citizens’ inquiries.
 Introduce new technologies on map inquiry
and position location, and conference calls to
have dialogues with more than two parties. All
these have improved the efficiency and service

For results that are unsatisfactory to the public,
issue a letter to ask local governments change.
Over 3 times unsatisfactory on the same case,
the     Chongqing     municipal    environment
enforcement     team will deal with the case
Disclosure on Gov. affairs makes citizen
12369 impacts

  1、enhanced enthusiasm for citizen participation
  2、provided information for rapid control and deal
  with emergent environmental accidents.
  3、Improved the enforcement efficiency, improved
  the reputation of the enforcement bodies.
  4、Provided      scientific    ground    for government
  environmental decision making
  5、Awareness        on      environmental    laws   and
  regulations were enhanced.
Number of cases   :131801 (June 2002 to Nov. )
Pollution complains
Existing problems
 1、the network system need to be
 2、No unified standard
 3、facing huge pressure
1、Further advance the network construction
2、common standard to ensure quality operation
3、Further advance the accountability
mechanism and increase the public satisfactory
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