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					 Historical newspapers and periodicals of HOLLAND, MI and
                    surrounding areas**
                           OF PUBLICATION
PAPER                     ____ (if known)     LOCATION OF COPIES

Allegan Gazette                               Herrick District Library owns
                                              5/5/1883-12/10/1892 & 7/21/1954-
                                              12/31/1954 not inclusive

Allegan Journal                               Herrick owns 1856-1897, not

Allegan News                                  Herrick owns 1/4/1901-12/15/1955,
                                              not inclusive – many years missing

Anchor                       1887-?           Hope College owns 1889-Present.
                                              Newspaper by Hope students*

The Banner                   1907-Present     Publication of the Christian
                                              Reformed Church. Calvin owns
                                              1907-Present Herrick owns 1970-
                                              Present (not inclusive)

Christian Intelligencer                       See Hope College Library Catalog

Church Herald                                 See Hope College Library Catalog
                                              (Christian weekly of the Reformed

Commercial Record – has been                  Joint Archives owns 1868-1995
partially digitized by the Saugatuck-         Also called:
Douglas Library. Go to,     - Saugatuck Commercial(1868-1869)
then Local History, then Commercial Record.      (1901-2902)
(Covers Saugatuck/Douglas Area)               - Lakeshore Commercial(1870-1871
                                              -The Commercial(1871-1880)
                                              - Saugatuck Commercial Record
                                              -Commercial Record(1902-1926)

De Boodschapper see          1913-?           Absorbed by De Huisvriend in 1916
 de Huisvriend                                Calvin owns various years
The Daily Times             Sept 5, 1907   Found no information on this paper

Fennville Herald            1892-1955      Joint Archives owns 1892-1955

Gazetteer                   1871?          Holland’s first English language
                                           Newspaper – never published after
                                           Great Fire of 1871 HES 2-28-99+
                                           Not Available

De Gereformeerde Amerikan   1896-1908      Absorbed by De Huisvriend in 1917
 see de Huisvriend                         Calvin owns various years

Gereformeerd Maandschrift   1880 - ?       Western Theological Seminary owns
                                           Jan-Dec 1880 – Periodical of the
                                           Reformed Church

Grand Haven News                           Herrick owns 12/22/1858-7/17/1867
                                           --not inclusive

Grand River Times                          Herrick owns 7/2/1851-10/28/1857
                                           --not inclusive

De Grondwet                 1860-1938      Joint Archives owns 1871-1938
(The Constitution)                         Mostly Dutch, some English*
                                           (Republican Paper)

                                           "De Grondwet" is a paper which existed
                                           from 1860 to 1938. It was a political
                                           newspaper, printing the ideas of the
                                           Republicans, the traditionally
                                           conservative American political party.

Hamilton Press              1947-1969      Hamilton High School owns
                                           (not sure if the have all of these

De Heidenwereld             1896-?         Calvin College & Seminary owns
                                           v1 1896-v32 1928. Missionary
                                           monthly, mostly in Dutch

De Heraut                   1900-1901      Found no information on this paper.

Holland City News           1872-1977?     Herrick and Joint Archives own
                                           1872-1977. Purchased by De
                                           Grondwet owner in 1888*. Sold to
                                           Sentinel Printing Company in 1939.
                                           (Republican weekly paper)

Holland Daily Sentinel       7/1/1896-     Herrick owns 1912-Present.
Holland Evening Sentinel     Present       Copies of the Holland Sentinel
Holland Sentinel                           before 1912 were destroyed by fire.
                                           Began publication July 1, 1896.
                                           Began Sunday paper on 9/10/1989.

Holland Herald                             Joint Archives owns
                                           1971-1982 (incomplete)*

De Hollander                 1850-1895     Joint Archives owns 1851-1860,
                                           1866-1895. English and Dutch*
                                           (Democratic Paper)

                                           The oldest Dutch paper in Michigan
                                           was "de Hollander", which was
                                           published from 1850 until 1895. It
                                           was bilingual from 1850 to 1865, but
                                           later was solely in Dutch. "De
                                           Hollander" is the second oldest
                                           Dutch paper in the US. Only "De
                                           Sheboygen Nieuwsbode" from
                                           Wisconsin is older (1849-1861). "De
                                           Hollander" was founded by the
                                           immigrant Jacob Quintus from the
                                           province of Zeeland. He also
                                           founded the "De Amerikaansche
                                           Stoompost" in Grand Rapids in
                                           1859. Found in:

De Hope                      1865-1933     Joint Archives owns 1865-1933
                                           Weekly Christian newspaper of the
                                           Reformed Church – in Dutch*

De Huisvriend               1893-1921?     Calvin College owns
(absorbed De Boodschapper                  v.3 (1897-v.4 1899) v.10 (1904-v.12
and de Gereformeerde Amerikan)             1906), v22 (1915-v.23 1917)

The Leader: a Christian weekly 1906-1934   Hope College owns v.1-v.5, v.22-
in the interest of the Reformed            v. 27(1906-1911, 1928-1934)
Church in America                          Merged with Christian Intelligencer
                                           to form Intelligencer Leader
Macatawa Mirror          1898-?        Found no information on this paper.

Ons Vaandel              1901-1904     Calvin College owns 1901,

Ottawa County Register   1859          Found in HES 7/4/1996+
                                       Not available

Ottawa Register          1857-1861?    Joint Archives owns 1857-1861
                                       (incomplete) in English*

Ottawa County Times                    Joint Archives and Herrick own
                                       (Democrat weekly paper)

De Paarl                 1857-1859     Joint Archives owns Sept 26, 1860-
(The Pearl)                            August 14, 1861. Dutch Christian
                                       weekly paper*

The Searcher             1863-?        Printed by Philip Phelps HES
                                       3-24-91+ Not Available

De Verzamelaar           1862-1866     Joint Archives owns April 2, 1861 –
(The Collector)                        March 17, 1866 -- Dutch Christian
                                       weekly paper – joined with De Hope
                                       in 1865*

De Volkstem              1896 & 1908   Found no information on this paper.

Voor de Zondagsschool    ?             Weekly, Holland, pub. Rev J. H.
                                       Karsten HES 7/4/1996+
                                       Not Available

Voorwaarts               1914-1915     Found no information on this paper.

De Wachter               1867-?        Joint Archives owns 1868-1941-
                                       Pub. of Holland Christian Reformed
                                       Church. Weekly newspaper
                                       published in Grand Rapids, MI in
                                       Dutch and later English*

De Wekker                1857-1861     Joint Archives owns March 1860-
                                       September 1861(incomplete) Dutch*
* For more information on these papers go to the website for the Joint Archives of
Holland, go to Start Your Search, then Newspaper

** This information was taken from a paper found in the Holland Area – Newspapers
Vertical Files in the Herrick District Library. There is no date on the paper. On the
bottom right is written: check with A. VanderZee, E. Bruins, P. DeKlerk for missing

-- Much of the information on these periodicals was found through OCLC FirstSearch in
the Worldcat database.

+ Information on these papers was found in the Holland Evening Sentinel HES, from
articles copied in the Holland Area – Newspapers Vertical File

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