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					Mr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz
Mobile No: - +974 7225453/6973260 E-mail : - , University Accommodation, Mansoura Egypt

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Details
: : : : : : : : : Qatari Driving License : Name Father’s Name Date of Birth Address (Per) Address (Tem.) Nationality Maritial Status Profession Email Mr. Ahmed Mr. Abdul Aziz 02/05/1978 Mansoura, Egypt Doha, Qatar Egyptian Married Procurement Manager/public Relations/ Business Valid till 2014

Passport Details
Passport No Date Of Issue Date Of Expiry Place Of Issue : : : : 2494875 01/04/2008 31/03/2015 Egypt

Accademic Qulafication
BA : Trade Division of Accounting and Business Administration Mansoura University Egypt ( 1999)

Language Arabic English French Speaking Native Excellent Fair Writing . Native Very Good ------------

Skill and Tranning
Basic Computer Training Operate with Many Electrical Machines Such : Fax Machine Photocopy Machine Computers & Various Software Applications (Especially for Payroll & procurement activities in Trading Contracting Company & Shopping Complex) E-mail & Internet Gained Military Training for 3 Months


Profession Experience in Brief

1 Medical Specialized Hospital (Mansoura University)
Position: Finance Manager in Financial Department Period (2000-Till Now in open vacation) - Dealing With Parties & suppliers - Communicate with suppliers & The Customers - Issuing of Bills And Manage invoices - Managing Funds flows. - Reviewing Monthly Reports and Advising for betterments. - Budgeting

Bellhambar Contracting & Trading , Doha – Qatar
Position: Procurement Manager cum Office Manager Period : 2008 – working - Managing filing system of each workers and employees that totals around 500. - Managing project files and other technical support files. - Maintaining the proper records of each employee, monitor them and update as per the requirements. - Maintaining technical support to G.M. & Project Managers. - Writing all types of Official letters to various Companies & parties. - Authorized to sign Official letters, invoice Report - Maintaining public relation & communication among Company Administration, Staffs, and Client & Costumers. - Managing, reviewing and Authorized payroll for around 400 staffs & Workers. - Approved Salary slips for all the workers & Staffs along with summery and detail Report. - Supervise new staffs and trainee to develop their skill. - Carryout procurement activities and supervise. - Received Demand of Material and issue LPO (Local Purchase Order) Issue Delivery status Report on monthly basis and forward to General Manager. - All types of Purchasing and sales activities. With Rass Lafan Industrial City – Qatar Gate Pass Valid till 17/10/2009 Hobbies; - Football, Body Building , writing, Reading, Chess. Swim & visiting different Places.

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