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					Design of light- weight wool fabrics; valorization and optimization of total comfort for high added value clothing Objectives Design and development of fine wool fabrics for clothing, by methodology definition of subjective and objective parameters such as handle and comfort. Quantification and profile definition of those parameters using methods and tools of Knowledge Engineering. Definition of the most adequate instruments for handle and total comfort evaluation (psychological, thermophysiological, sensorial). Definition of terminology and contribution to standardization. Establishment of quality profiles based on the correlation of objective and subjective properties of comfort. Proposed solution Multiphase research program to develop a sensitive, reliable, standardized method for assessing the sensorial tactile characteristics of wool light fabrics. Development of a sensitive magnitude scale for rating fabrics/ clothing comfort. Use of a psychophysical methodology that enables to quantify the descriptive aspects of hand sensation (subjective evaluation by a panel of experts). Study of the fabric objective measurements (physical and mechanical), using multivariate analysis techniques to identify independent factors and their relative contribution for the objective evaluation of fabrics hand. Predict comfort perception, by combination of sensory perception methodology with the instrumental measurements and neural network technique (able to model nonlinear functions such as the relationship between fabric objective measurement and subjective sensory perceptions).

Results Define the terminology Standardization of the sensorial comfort Establish the correlation between objective and subjective properties of comfort Define quality profiles for these type of materials.

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