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					                                                               Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation
                  Title Insurance Charges Filed and Approved through the Oregon Title Insurance Rating Organization
                                                       Serving Benton, Clackamas, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Polk and Washington Counties
                    WORKSHEET FOR TITLE INSURANCE CHARGES                                                            Policy Amt            In 000's          Basic Rate     (Reference Only) (Reference Only)

1. Enter owner amount, if applicable                                                                                                                  0               n/a               n/a               n/a
2. Enter loan amount, if applicable                                                                                                                   0               n/a               n/a               n/a

OWNER AMOUNT POLICY PREMIUM                                                                                              Premium
10. Owner Standard Coverage                      Owner Standard                                                                    n/a NOTE: "Early Issue" is the an additional charge for elimination
12D. New Home - Builder Sale     w/ Ext Cov Loan Construction Lien Exception Removed                                               n/a of the construction lien exception during the filing period for
1st LOAN AMOUNT POLICY PREMIUM                                                                                                         claims of construction lien; usually applies when closing occurs
20A. Refinance Extended Coverage 1 to 4 Family   Refi Loan Extended (w/o Early Issue)                                              n/a within the 75 days following recording of a notice of completion.
21. Refinance Standard Coverage                  Refi Loan Standard                                                                n/a           IF APPLICABLE, ADD TO GFE CATEGORY #4.
24A. Simultaneous Loan - Ext Cov 1 to 4 Family   (w/o Early Issue)                                                                 n/a                    24a. Add'l for Early Issue:                    n/a
25. Simultaneous Loan - Std Cov                  Simul Loan Standard                                                               n/a

The title insurance rates in this worksheet are those common for one to four family residences. Contact your Lawyers Title branch for rate information about other properties and transactions.

                                                                              Midvalley Area Escrow Charges
                      Transaction Amount:                      n/a                                                  Last Escrow Revision 15 Sept 2009
40. Basic Escrow Charge                                        n/a                                          Seller or Buyer Side:  n/a
41. Refinance — 1 to 4 Family Residence                        n/a
42. Refinance - Other than 1 to 4 Fam Resid                    n/a
43. New Home Sale                                              n/a                                          Seller or Buyer side:  n/a
44. New Condo Unit Sale*         Developer Side:               n/a                                                    Buyer side:  n/a
   * Plat 20 units or more; otherwise dev'r same as buyer side
45. Manuf Home w/o Land - Basic or Refi Charge as applicable
46. Manuf. Home w/Land - Add'l Escrow Chrg                     n/a (in addition to Basic or Refi Charge as applicable)
                 A scheduled escrow charge may be adjusted to a greater charge, depending on complexity & liability. All scheduled charges are subject to change.

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              Worksheet for GFE Categories 4, 5, 7 & 8 – Use Only for RESPA Transaction with 1 to 4 Family Dwelling – For First Loan Only
                                                                                                                        Enter in this Col.
A. Will an outside signing/notary service be needed?                                 Select "Yes" or "No":                                   0
B. How many liens will require releases/reconveyances?                 Applies only for refi - enter number:                                 0
C. What lender endorsements are required? Select "Yes" or "No" after endors.
                                           OTIRO 209 - Restrictions-Encroachments-Minerals                                                   0
                                           OTIRO 206 or 206.2-06 - Variable Rate Mtg                                                         0
                                           OTIRO 59 - Location of Improvements                                                               0
                                           OTIRO 68 - Line of Credit                                                                         0
                                           OTIRO 71 - Condominium or OTIRO 82 - PUD                                                          0
                                           OTIRO 207 - Manufactured Housing Unit                                                             0
                                           OTIRO 208.1 - Environmental Protection Lien                                     (No Charge)       0
                                           OTIRO 210 - Assignment of Mtg or Trust Deed                                                       0
                                                                                               Endorsements Total                            0

GFE Category 4 - Title Services & Lender's Title Insurance                                 0.00
                                                Escrow charge (borrower's basic chg or 1-4 family refi chg only):                     N/A
                                                                               Release/Reconveyances(refi only):                      N/A
                                                                                Lender's title insurance (ext. cov.):                 N/A
                                                                                           Lender's endorsements:                     N/A
                                                              Local Govt Lien Search (included only for refinance):                   N/A
                                                                                  Outside Signing/Notary Service:                     N/A
                                          Other lender title ins chrg (enter amt such as EARLY ISSUE if applic):

GFE Category 5 - Owner's Title Insurance                                                   N/A
                                            For purchase, is seller a builder/developer?- Select "Yes" or "No"
                               Owner's standard coverage title ins (at standard rate unless builder rate applies):             N/A
                                                                     Other owner's title ins charges (enter amt):

GFE Category 7 - Government Recording Charges                                           $145.00                           =(Avg Only)
                                                                             For property in "Other" county, enter
  Select county where property is located:             Benton                estimate of recording charges in next

GFE Category 8 - Transfer Taxes [Buyer's Portion]                                          N/A
      Applies for Washington County purchases - figure is one-half of tax - tax is usually split equally between seller & buyer

Local Government Lien Search Charge
NOTE: This is a Category 4 charge for a refinance but is a seller charge for a sale and purchase
       Is the property in a city or an assessment district (such as an irrigation district)? - Select "Yes" or "No":
                                                                                              Charge (per account):             0
                                                   Enter number of county tax accounts (if known to exceed 1):
                                                                                                              Total:           N/A


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Average Recording Charges                                                                                  Sale                 Refi
                                              Benton                                                        197                 145
                                              Clackamas                                                     157                 131
                                              Linn                                                          197                 145
                                              Marion                                                        166                 122
                                              Multnomah                                                     157                 131
                                              Polk                                                          166                 122
                                              Washington                                                    157                 131

                                                                       SPECIAL TITLE INSURANCE RATES
                        A discount rate may apply to title insurance for a particular order. This box summarizes some special rates available in Oregon.

                                                                                  SHORT TERM RATE
 A discount applies when there has been title insurance on a property within the previous three years. The discount is 25 percent of the applicable basic rate. (Minimum basic rate applies.)

                                                                            BUILDER-DEVELOPER RATE
   A qualified builder or developer may be eligible for a discount rate. The builder or developer must be insured previously, and the property must be for residential use. The discount is 35
                                                                               percent of the applicable basic rate.
                                                                      LENDER POST-FORECLOSURE RATE
   A lender who has acquired a property through foreclosure may be eligible for a discount rate. The lender must have obtained a guarantee form of title insurance for the foreclosure. The
                                  lender's resale must occur within two years of the foreclosure. The discount is 35 percent of the applicable basic rate.
                                                                         CONTRACT FULFILLMENT RATE
A land sale contract purchaser may be eligible for a discount on recording of the deed that fulfills the contract. The purchaser must be previously insured when entering into the contract. The
                                                            discount is 50 percent of the basic rate for the amount of the contract.

                                                                                                                                                               Worksheet Last Revised 1/8/2010

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