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                                                               T.070-7798-3461, F.02-2226-3461

                                      Gil Dong Hong

                        13-17, Gaepo-ro nam51gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
                            H)xx-xxxx / O) xx-xxxx / HP) xxx-xxx-xxxx

        To seek a challenging assignment, and be responsible of overall management
        in Management consulting company.

xxxx-xxxx       Bachelor of Business Administration in X University, Boston, USA
                Major: Business Economics and Public Policy
                          Overall GPA: 3.63/4.0
                          Major GPA: 3.7/4.0

Professional Experience
xxxx-xxxx      Z Company
               Senior Consultant
                   Financial and Commodities Risk Consulting (FCRC) Division
                Evaluate and diagnose financial risk management practices in terms
                   of policies, products, processes and controls, with particular empha
                   ses on fixed income and derivative securities
                Identify and assess market and operation risks in relation to treasur
                   y and derivative trading accounts and/or investment activities of va
                   rious local and overseas financial institutions
                Identify and analyze credit-risky instruments including MTNs, Cor
                   porates, high-yields, bank loans, sovereigns, CBOs/ CLOs as well a
                   s such credit derivatives as default swaps, total return swap and
                   default-linked FRNs and quantify credit risks associated with given
                Evaluate financial architectures of both overseas and domestic cred
                   it markets in the process of analyzing and quantifying credit risks f
                   or applicable instruments
                Perform fair market valuations for various fixed income and derivat
                   ives securities

  TimebizKorea Group
                                                      T.070-7798-3461, F.02-2226-3461

xxxx-xxxx    K Company
             Assistant Manager /Asset Management Division, Overseas Investment
             Strategic Investment Part
              Analyzed global high-yield bond and leveraged loan markets mainl
                 y with respect to their return and risk characteristics and arbitrage
                 potentials on credit spreads with high investment grades or other tra
                 ditional asset classes
              Invested in various asset-backed securities with portfolio collateral
                 ranging from high yields, leveraged loans, mortgages, mezzanine d
                 ebts to emerging market corporates, particularly CLOs, CBOs and
              Invested in private equity funds with main focus on providing mezz
                 anine and subordinated debt financing for European and Asian com
              Invested in private equity funds targeting Asian as well as America
                 n high-tech ventures/start-ups
              Invested in globally conducted IPOs of an investment bank and a m
                 ess transit services company
              Invested in principal guaranteed Euro MTNs with options linked to
                 underlying hedge funds
              Participated in setting up a joint venture asset management compan
                 y for managing NPL trenches acquired through a series of auctions
                 held by KAMCO and Korea Restructuring Fund for issuing ABS/C
                 MBS for early cash flow recovery
              Participated in the establishment of Asia Pacific Infrastructure Fun
                 d (APIF), an offshore infrastructure fund sponsored by several maj
                 or local financial institutions and overseas investors
              Performed extensive research on the use of alternative investment s
                 trategies in enhancing risk/return profiles of Samsung Life Insuranc
              Assisted in making investments for capital arbitrage securities, nota
                 bly CBs and BWs
              Performed regular counterpart credit analyses and follow up on any
                 event that might have a potential impact on the existing rating for a
                 given security.

 TimebizKorea Group
                                                                 T.070-7798-3461, F.02-2226-3461

xxxx-xxxx         R Company
                        Junior Analyst (Professional Training)
                        Financial Services Group, M&A Division
                    Participated in an extensive multiple-week training program which
                      covers advanced principles of accounting, corporate finance, includ
                      ing financial analysis and valuation methods
                    Prepared for taking the appropriate regulatory licensing examinatio
                      ns, including Series 7, 63, and 3 in the process of qualifying as a re
                      gistered securities representative
                    Actively participated in various team-building exercises, working c
                      losely with other team members on specific, multi-disciplinary assi
                      gnments involving M&A deals related to either a particular industr
                      y or a product group

Honors and Awards
       Awarded X award for top performers in sale Department in xxx

Special Certificates
           - Pharmacist's License, Republic of Korea, in xxxx.
           - Certificate of Oriental Medicine Pharmacist, Republic of Korea, in xxxx.

           Good command of English, both spoken and written. TOEFL 645 / TOEIC 970
           Basic knowledge of written and spoken Japanese
           Computer Skills
           Familiar with Windows environment as well as on-line networking
           MS Windows, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quicken, ExecuStat

           Served at Republic of Korea Army (xxxx-xxxx) / Discharged in xxxx.

Personal Data
       Date of Birth: xx.xx.xxxx
       Marital Status: Married


  TimebizKorea Group
                              T.070-7798-3461, F.02-2226-3461

     Available upon request

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