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									State of Florida Requirements:

Growing Citrus, and Other Hosts of Citrus Greening such as Orange Jasmine,
Boxthorn, and Curry-leaf in Approved Structures             Rule Chapter 5B-63 F.A.C.,

prohibits the propagation of all citrus greening hosts plants, including citrus, orange

jasmine (Murraya paniculata), boxthorn, and curry-leaf unless the citrus greening host

plants are produced in an approved structure designed to exclude the Asian citrus

psyllid. The Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri, is the vector of citrus greening pathogens in Florida. On

January 1, 2007: All propagations of citrus greening host plants, which includes all varieties of citrus

and all cultivars of orange jasmine, must be produced within a structure and on a site that are both

approved by the FDACS/DPI. All existing inventories of citrus greening host plants that were not

produced in an approved structure must be sold by December 31, 2007. Beginning January 1, 2008, all

citrus greening host material, including citrus and orange jasmine that were not produced in an

approved   structure   will   be   prohibited   from   movement.These    regulations   apply   to   all   citrus

propagations and host plants of citrus greening.This web page is extremely important to the

ornamental plant industry and those nurseries that currently have orange jasmine in their inventory. It

is intended to assist the nursery industry in meeting the requirements of Rule Chapter 5B-63 F.A.C., by

showing examples of approved structures and providing contact information for vendors and

suppliers.List of Effected Plants - The following list of plants, as listed in Rule Chapter 5B-63 F.A.C., have

been determined to be hosts of citrus greening and the movement and planting is prohibited unless

produced in compliance with Rule Chapter 5B-62, F.A.C..New Requirements - For propagation of citrus,

Orange Jasmine, and host plants of citrus greening.Examples of Structures - Photos of approved

structures and their elements.Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 581 Rule 5B-62 - This is where all

of the requirements for the new citrus nursery certification program will be discussed.

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