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Useful photography bookmarks - oakeycoke by gabyion

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									Useful Bookmarks(Favorites) Photography Bags Cameras

Canon (the best Canon-brand site especially digital learning centre) (loads of Canon pdf info stuff) (image gateway for registered Canon owners) ( teleconverters hack to gain autofocus at higher f/stops) Flash (The Reference Bible for eos flash) (The Bible for flash) ( Another excellent flash tutorial site) (for Canon) (flash photo examples and discussion) ( one for you Nikon Flash fans, but as ever excellent reading for any flash photographer) (mainly Canon but relevant to other makes) --------------

General (news reviews etc) (highly recommended) (another bible for reviews) Guides-Tutorials (zillions of photography links) (online depth of field calculator etc) (hdr) (angle of view calculator) (loads of good stuff on the techniques tab) (quicktime movie from the excellent Canon USA site, done in photoshop explains sharpening) (just had to put this link in again-excellent) (downloadable photoshop actions etc, well worth a look) (hdr etc) (exposure-light meters) (weddings) (flash speak explained FP sync etc) (photoshop tutorial videos) (monitor calibration) (wedding photography from the flash-planet neil man,

well worth a look) Lenses (Canon lens table with direct links to 6 reviewing sites)'Canon%20EF' %20OR%20brand='Sigma%20AF'%20OR%20brand='Tamron%20AF'%20or%20brand='Tok ina%20AF'%20or%20brand='Vivitar%20AF'%22 (lens performance survey) (the business) (printable lens hoods) (some Canon lens reviews incl older EF ones) F%20135mm%20f2L%20USM/ (photos from various lenses incl the lens itself) Magazines

Shops ------------------------------------------------------------- (Ian Kerr - Kerso stuff imported from USA to Scotland - very Keen prices stock fluctuates) ing/flashwork/ (flash gels - recommended)

Others ( the bees knees and then some for weather) ( Travelling on any motorway or main trunk road in England then YOU need this, upto the minute traffic info) (Photographers rights and the law UK) (local computer stuff) ( if you have a website you need this) (free flash photo viewer)

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