Enterprise Class Open Meeting - Hampton Sailing Club by liwenting


									                                Hampton Sailing Club Enterprise Class Open Meeting

                                 Sunday 23rd September 2012 on the River Thames

“Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, Nadine is that you – you got something new!” goes the popular song often belted out by
Chuck Berry and others. It certainly had as the hurricane of that name from North America, flicked her skirts on the
HSC Enterprise Open. Do we have to have their weather as well as their foreign policy I asked myself?

Ten local boats, all but one of our fleet and one faithful visitor, took a chance on the dreadful forecast from all
weather stations which surely came to pass. With ever building pressure and driving rain our intrepid Duty Officer,
John Bell, gave us three short and considerate races, packed in to try and beat the height of the storm which
measured from F3 to F6 from the East South East. Gusts of 30 mph were experienced in Kew Gardens just down the
road from us.

Not to be put off, all took to the water and the junior crews and one helm withstood most of what the weather
threw at them. In the first race Phill Chambers crewed by Jon Tweedie Smith held off hot shot visitor Dave Beaney
and son John for one lap only but David moved away to win comfortably. The remainder of the fleet tussled for the
other places. The second race saw a similar scenario but with David and John leading from the outset with some
place changes down the fleet. In the last race David decided he was wet enough and packed his boat up. By now we
had the full force of Nadine’s offerings but with the remaining positions still to be fought for five boats put out. Two
capsized, one had gear failure and there were only two finishers - John Hollands with Ian Peerless and Colin and
Amelia Goodwin.


Position    Boat             Helm                       Crew(s)                   Club         1st       2nd       3rd
             no                                                                               race      race      race
  1st      20234        David Beaney             John Beaney (Youth)           Castaways       1st       1st      DNS
  2nd      23218       Philip Chambers         Jonathon Tweedie-Smith         Hampton SC       2nd       2nd      Rtd
  3rd      20924        John Hollands                    Ian Dixon            Hampton SC       4th       5th       1st
                                                     Jane Chambers
                                                       Ian Peerless
  4th      17394       Gavin Ferguson           Euan Ferguson (Junior)        Hampton SC       3rd       4th      Rtd
                                                Ellen Cooper de Groote
  5th      17394          Ben Harley                  Debbie Harley           Hampton SC        9th     3rd       Rtd
  6th      22812        Colin Goodwin               Amelia Goodwin            Hampton SC       10th     Rtd       2nd
  7th      22559         Ian Peerless            Ben Peerless (Junior)        Hampton SC        6th     7th       DNS
                                                 Alex Norman (Youth)
   8th     23162       Jane Chambers               Ella Wood (Junior)         Hampton SC        5th     DNS       DNS
   9th     23247     Chris Parker (Youth)           Michaela Parker           Hampton SC       11th      6th      DNS
  10th     23160       Ellen Cooper de            Lucy Cooper (Youth)         Hampton SC        7th     DNS       DNS
  11th     21565        Stuart Wright               Sapphire Ryan             Hampton SC       8th      DNS       DNS

The 1st Youth award was presented to Chris Parker. Along with the Hampton Enterprise Trophy, David and John
Beaney were presented with the South East Area River Trophy which they had won convincingly.

An excellent lunch and tea was provided and our thanks go to all who made the event so enjoyable regardless of the

                                                                                 Philip Chambers Fleet Representative

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