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Bees by liwenting


									 “We have chose to fill our hives
   with honey and wax; thus
furnishing mankind with the two
    noblest things, which are
      sweetness and light.”
                --Jonathan Swift
. . . For so work the honey-bees,
creatures that by a rule in nature, teach
the art of order to a peopled kingdom.

                  William Shakespeare
                        King Henry V
Bee values…
    To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee.
                                                       Emily Dickinson

o       Importance of Bees
    n     Pollination
    n     Honey
    n     Healthful Properties
Honey variations…
o   Honey . . . It’s Special
    n Approximately 300 varieties of honey in US
        o   Varies from water-white Bass Wood to
            rich dark Buckwheat
    n Lighter-colored honeys usually are milder in
    n Darker honeys tend to have higher mineral
      content & antioxidant potential
o   Honey . . . The Taste of America’s Flowers
    n Because of floral sources, no two honeys are
      alike in flavor or nutritional content
 Caste System
          Duties of Hive Occupants
And for their monarch Queen – an egg-casting machine,
Helpless without attendance as a farmer’s drill.
                                                   Robert Bridges
                                              “The Testament of Beauty”

Caste System
         Duties of Hive Occupants
All we need is to be industrious not like a machine but like the honeybee.
                                                               Mahatma Gandhi

Caste System
         Duties of Hive Occupants
From the Lime’s leaf no amber drops they steal,
                                                     John Evans
Nor bear their grooveless thighs the foodful meal;
                                                     “The Bees”
On other’s toils, in pamper’d leisure, thrive
The lazy Fathers of th’ industrious hive.

Bee threats…
o   Varroa destructor…
Colony Collapse Disorder…
Africanized honeybees…

Getting started…
    Some have said that a share of divine
    intelligence is in bees.                Virgil, Georgics

o    Package Bees

o    Nucleus colonies

o    Catching a swarm

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