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									LoLEG - London Lighting Engineers Group
Notes of meeting held on the 22nd April 2008, 10:00 to 16:00 at etc. Venues, Bonhill House, 1-3 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX. Present: Jason Webb (JW) Ian Anderson (IA) Paul Hart (PH) Tom Chevalier (TC) Eddie Henry (EH) Malcolm Honor (MH) Ian Coombs (IC) Ian Goodger (IG) John Reynolds (JR) Alan Agent (AA) Paul Dillon (PD) Brian Elliott (BE) Andrew Porter (AP) Annette Bowdery (AB) Josephine Hollier (JH) Mick Trussler (MT) Steve Deakin (SD) Darren Jugurnauth (DJ) Steven Lain (SL) Phil Lain (PL) Paul Stack (PS) Nick Holstead (NH) Steve Jones (SJ) Richard Booth (RB) Andrew Dodkins (AD) Gary Noble (GN) Malcolm Smith (MS) Ron Thorogood (RT) Chris Warner (CW) Tim Edwards (TE) Carl Woodward (CWW) Steve Carroll (SC) Trevor Rawson (TJR) Apologies: Roy Walker Frank Schubert John Bowdery Bill Neate EDF Energy EDF Energy EDF Energy Power Data Associates Transport for London Transport for London LB Bromley LB Hounslow LB Hounslow LB Lewisham LB Sutton City of London LB Richmond LB Islington LB Bexley LB Redbridge LB Havering LB Westminster LB Haringey LB Camden LB Kingston LB Southwark LB Barking & Dagenham LB Enfield LB Enfield LB Kensington & Chelsea LB Lewisham LB Newham LB Waltham Forest LB Hillingdon LB Hackney LB Hackney LB Hackney

LB Hammersmith & Fulham LB Havering LB Harrow LB Newham

1. Introduction & Apologies Introductions were made and the apologies received are as noted above. 2. Tom Chevalier – Power Data Associates Introduction and overview of Power Data Associates, was given by TC. Attached to these notes is Tom’s PowerPoint presentation regarding the 500w rule; changes to UMSUG charge code structure; Elexon switching & dimming and the half hourly and non-half hourly purchasing and the meter administrator’s role. Additional information on the Elexon guidance notes on Charging Code Structures, can be found on; There is further information including some notes of the meeting at Ofgem re the 500 watt rule at then go to news or links. Key points :1) Charge code structure is changing from 7 to 13 digits; this may cause difficulties for the software firms. Guidance note published 21st April ’08 and is attached. Burning hours – UMSUG are looking at this as there is little logic behind the current figures. Changes are expected early next year. 2) Lighting engineers need to make sure that photo-cell, lamp etc manufacturers provide a BSC code and burning hours etc before purchasing any new equipment. 3) Figures from LASER indicate that Half Hourly is around 12% cheaper than Non Half Hourly for an investment of about £3k per year. Comparisons should be made and consider moving to HH charging. 4) CMS approvals required by Elexon are a) meter administration software and processes and b) CMS system itself. 5) 500W rule – Eire has a 2kVA limit. Tom recommends that the appeal to ofgem process is used. The rule is not retrospective. EDF advise that they want to be compliant with the regulations and so are not prepared to move from their current stance. The decision whether the rule is applicable or not is made within EDF by the UMC Manager but the general corporate policy is that the rule is applicable. This is not an Elexon issue, but if it is to be addressed needs to be done via ofgem, the APPLG and possibly London Councils. EH and TJR to take this forward and all LoLEG members are asked to provide examples. 3. Benchmarking a) BV215a/b – TJR is to re-send to all email regarding indicator definitions. There were no comments regarding the small changes in definitions. b) Data Assembly - CWW to send a copy of the benchmarking data spreadsheet to all. CWW confirmed that currently only 7 had been received in total. TJR requested feedback from those who had received the spreadsheet. AB asked CWW to send a good example of a completed sheet as she had found it difficult to complete. CWW to send a well completed spreadsheet to all authorities to assist in completion of their own. c) There was no other business.

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4. LoLEG a) LoTAG Group 2 Meeting - TJR gave feedback to meeting – Meeting was held on 10th April 2008. A number of presentations were held. An electronic version of the Signs Regs developed by Camden Consultancy was found to be useful and can be downloaded as a trial from It can also be purchased for a fee from that site. Joint Authorities Group has been relaunched within TfL. TJR sought response on which boroughs were having an audit undertaken by EDF – to which LB of Bromley and Wandsworth replied. Prompted by LoTAG, there was a small discussion on the accuracy of inventories where a degree of accuracy of 90% was “poor”, 95% “average” and 98% was “good”. Of those present, the majority had felt that their inventory was average, with one borough admitting that their inventory was poor and nine stating that their inventory was good. b) UK Lighting Board – Tim Edwards reported on the last meeting (awaiting notes from TE), CWW to chase. c) CSS Lighting Group - Mick Trussler reported on the last meeting. 2012 Carbon footprint reduction required for lighting within Europe. MT to send CWW paper for circulation. CSSLG want to see our PI definitions, MT and TJR to action. Research is being carried out regarding definitions for the lighting levels to residential roads. There is funding available to undertake more research. Minutes from the last meeting are still awaited by MT and next meeting is in June 2008. MT requested historical data on connection charges for the last 5 years. TJR asked members to forward to MT. d) DNO Issues – SLA with EDF. Chris Warner provided a progress report. Specific questions were asked, and answered, on the proposed SLA. There is to be a second meeting on 1st May 2008, where EDF will be represented. TJR to send out the notes of the meeting and the specific changes (national SLA to the London one) sent out by Antoneta at London Councils. TJR confirmed with members that the SLA sub-group is to take decisions on behalf of LoLEG members and finalise matters. Regarding the 500w rule, the group expressed their dissatisfaction and the unworkability of the proposed EDF plan. TJR and EH agreed to combine detailed, specific issues faced by the boroughs and co-ordinate them in a formal document, highlighting their concerns. e) TfL issues – EH introduced Malcolm Honor as the Electrical Route Manager for the Central area as a first point of contact for any issues. A contact list is to be sent by EH to all. Gary Watson and Steve Oliver both Electrical Route Managers, representing South and North areas, where unable to attend. EH said that he hoped to foster better communications between TfL and the boroughs. EH indicated that funding for lighting schemes could be available via the LIP process via innovations and climate change initiatives. f) PFI schemes - Hounslow to embark on next stage. Contract likely to commence in summer 2011. Barnet & Enfield have negotiated a recovery programme on the 3000 columns not connected. This will be completed by October 2008.

Lewisham & Croydon – sign off due in September 2009. Islington have experienced poor communications with EDF who have sold their interest to Scottish & Southern / SEC for the works element. Brent – no information. g)TMA Guidance - SC provided Information on Hackney’s Highways Inspectorate Team’s process for noticing under the TMA. TJR informed LoLEG members that Hackney will be carrying out its own noticing, but stated that others, for example, had been using EDF to carry out their own noticing. Permitting is due to start in around 15 boroughs, including TfL, on 1st October ’08. h) LED Lighting - EH and SL went to Frankfurt exhibition and gave a favourable report on Ruud Lighting products. Trials with Lemnis units have been undertaken in Barnet and two in Greenwich; emitted light is rather green in colour, photometry and IP rating is awaited and lighting levels are low. TJR informed group that Hackney intend taking forward a larger scale trial on footpaths in Shoreditch Park which would be designed from first principles, as opposed to lantern replacement schemes. Hammerhead units from Advance Lighting are on trial in Hackney. EH requests that members visit sites to give feedback. It is understood that Philips are well on the way to having a product ready for the market. An article will appear shortly on LED lighting in the Lighting Journal. Generally, EH believes that more development work needs to be done before LED lighting is ready for wide-spread use. Discussion was had over the viability of LED lighting and its testing. TJR asked Darren at Westminster for their testing parameters to be shared with all members. DJ to action. i) HEA Training – TJR sent out an email to all. Requested feedback on information. All agreed to run with the training; possibly in July 08. Training will demonstrate competence and funding can be sought from TfL. TJR is to be sent details and will discuss dates and locations with Gareth. Hounslow have already offered to host one of the venues with Camden offering to check availability and reply back to TJR. j) AOB -Trials and innovations requested as an agenda item for the next meeting. EH discussed merits of collaborative working when trialling new lighting solutions, stating time, energy and money that could be saved by not duplicating trials amongst the boroughs. Hackney will develop for circulation to all a spreadsheet / database of trials of all types if the Group provide details. EH requested all to look at seeking funding from the Port of London Authority to remedy lighting assessment to their bridges housing navigational lights etc where lighting renewal may be necessary. k) Next meetings: Suggestion that LoLEG is held in London Council offices. EH offered to hold one at TfL offices, as did Enfield. 1st July 2008 09:30 7th October 2008 10:00 20th January 2009 10:00 TfL offices at 55 Broadway, St James’ Park tube, 5th floor, north wing, Holden Room Venue to be confirmed Venue to be confirmed

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