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                                             May 15, 2008
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 1.   Gates: U.S. Should Engage Iran With Incentives, Pressure
      (Washington Post)....Karen DeYoung
      The United States should construct a combination of incentives and pressure to engage Iran, and may have missed
      earlier opportunities to begin a useful dialogue with Tehran, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said yesterday.

 2.   Gates Urges More Nongovernmental Contacts With Iran
      ( Mohammed, Reuters
      Defense Secretary Robert Gates called on Wednesday for more unofficial contacts with Iran, saying this might
      eventually open a pathway to more substantive dialogue between the governments.

 3.   US Defense Secretary Urges More Private US Contacts With Iran
      ( France-Presse
      ..."We need to figure out a way to develop some leverage with the Iranians and then sit down and talk with them," he
      said in a talk at the American Academy of Diplomacy, referring to general US relations with Tehran.

 4.   Al-Maliki Directs Assault On Al-Qaeda In Mosul
      (USA Today)....Sinan Salaheddin, Associated Press
      Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki took personal charge Wednesday of a military operation to rout al-Qaeda in Iraq in
      what the United States has described as the terror group's last major stronghold.

 5.   2 Baghdad Attacks Attributed To Teenagers Kill 11 Others
      (New York Times)....Alissa J. Rubin
      Two suicide bombers described as teenagers carried out attacks Wednesday in suburban Baghdad as the prime
      minister went to the northern city of Mosul to encourage Iraqi soldiers fighting in a new offensive to rid that area of
      Sunni Islamic extremists.

 6.   Child Bomber Kills 23 In Iraq
      (Washington Post)....Ernesto Londono and Uthman al-Mokhtar
      A youthful suicide bomber killed at least 23 people Wednesday in an attack against relatives of Col. Faisal Ismail
      al-Zobaie, a U.S.-backed police chief and former insurgent who has turned against his onetime comrades.

 7.   A War Over A Wall Defies Truce In Sadr City
      (New York Times)....Michael R. Gordon
      ...This is the war over the wall. It is a daily battle of attrition waged over the large concrete barrier that the
      Americans have been building across Sadr City in the hope of establishing a safe zone in the southern tier of the
      Shiite enclave.

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 8.    NATO Eyes Security On Afghan Border
       (Washington Times)....Unattributed
       NATO urged Pakistan yesterday to improve security on its border with Afghanistan after a rise in cross-border
       attacks by Taliban fighters and al Qaeda militants.

 9.    Kabul Asks For $50 Billion To Rebuild
       (Financial Times)....Jon Boone
       Afghanistan is set to ask the international community at a conference in Paris next month for $50.1 billion to finance
       its reconstruction over the next five years.

 10.    Marines Stay In Afghan Town After Taliban Influx
       ( Straziuso, Associated Press
       U.S. Marines who once planned to be in this southern Afghan town for just a few days are extending their mission by
       several weeks after facing an influx of Taliban fighters.

 11.     Burma To Allow 160 Asian Aid Workers
       (Washington Post)....Amy Kazmin
       ...The news came as five more U.S. military C-130 transport planes, carrying such desperately needed supplies as
       water, mosquito nets, plastic sheets, blankets and hygiene kits, flew into Burma's largest city, Rangoon, in an
       acceleration of U.S. assistance following Tropical Cyclone Nargis.

 12.    Interviews With Admiral Timothy Keating
       (CNN; NPR)....Kyra Phillips; Steve Inskeep
       Two Wednesday interviews with Admiral Timothy Keating, Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, on U.S.
       military relief operations to the victims of Cyclone Nargis.

 13.    Enemies Getting Sensitive U.S. Gear
       (USA Today)....Peter Eisler
       Thefts and illegal exports of advanced military night-vision gear are rising sharply, and U.S. officials say some of the
       devices have reached enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq, where it can erode the advantage U.S. troops have in
       after-dark combat.

 14.     U.S. Foes Seek Edge In The Dark
       (USA Today)....Peter Eisler
       ...Prosecutions for theft and smuggling of night-vision equipment have climbed steadily in recent years, and the
       Justice Department says the equipment leads all other categories of military technology for illegal purchases and

 15.     Giving Back, Getting Around
       (Washington Post)....Mark Berman
       ...Adams was one of 29 wounded veterans who received Segways last week in a ceremony at Army Navy Country
       Club in Arlington. The transporters were donated by a group called Segs4Vets, which gives Segways to members of
       the military or veterans who were injured in Iraq or Afghanistan and who have a permanent disability and difficulty

 16.     Medals For Psychological Injuries?
       (FNC)....Jennifer Griffin
       ...Now an Army administrator treating PTSD at Ft. Bliss in Texas has started a debate inside the Pentagon and
       among veterans about just what kind of wounds deserve a Purple Heart.

 17.    Democrats' War Funding Bill Adds Surtax On The Wealthy
       (Washington Post)....Jonathan Weisman
       House Democratic leaders yesterday embraced a surtax on the wealthy to pay for expanded education benefits for
                                                                                                                       page 3
       veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, clearing the way for votes today on the last war funding bill of George
       W. Bush's presidency.

 18.    McCain's GI Bill 'Political Games'
       (Washington Times)....Associated Press
       Senate Democrats blocked a bill by Sen. John McCain that would have increased college aid for military veterans
       because they said it didn't go far enough and would serve only as political cover for the Republican presidential

 19.    Kerry Wins Reprieve For Iraqi Translator's Wife
       (Boston Globe)....Globe Staff
       US Senator John F. Kerry said he has been able to stave off the deportation of the wife of an Iraqi translator who has
       been decorated for his work during four tours in Iraq with the United States military.

 20.    Panel Calls For Building Two Attack Subs Every Year
       (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)....Dale Eisman
       A House committee endorsed major changes in the Navy's shipbuilding plan Wednesday, including a $422 million
       cash infusion that would push the service to build two attack submarines per year beginning in 2010.

 21.    House Armed Services Cuts Missile Programs, Adds Submarines In Markup
       (CQ Today)....John M. Donnelly and Josh Rogin
       Democrats brushed aside GOP attempts to restore money to President Bush’s missile defense program Wednesday as
       a House panel headed toward approval of a $601.4 billion defense authorization bill.

 22.     Air Force Prodded To Probe Subsidies In Tanker Contract
       (The Hill)....Roxana Tiron
       House defense authorizers are directing the Air Force to review whether illegal government subsidies played any role
       in a contentious refueling tanker contract.

 23.    Khalid Sheik Mohammed Gets June 5 Court Date
       (Miami Herald)....Carol Rosenberg
       The chief judge of the Guantánamo Bay war court has set June 5 for the first court appearances of reputed 9/11
       mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four alleged co-conspirators.

 24.    Guantanamo Official Says He's Not Resigning
       ( Melia, Associated Press
       A Pentagon official said Wednesday he will not resign as legal adviser to war-crimes tribunals at Guantanamo,
       despite his removal from the trial of Osama bin Laden's driver because of a lack of impartiality.

 25.     Army's Next Crop Of Generals Forged In Counterinsurgency
       (Washington Post)....Ann Scott Tyson
       An Army board headed by Gen. David H. Petraeus has selected several combat-tested counterinsurgency experts for
       promotion to the rank of brigadier general, sifting through more than 1,000 colonels to identify a handful of
       innovative leaders who will shape the future Army, according to current and former senior Army officers.

 26.     U.S. Calls For International Cooperation To Combat Sea Piracy
       ( France-Presse
       ...Maritime forces should unite with insurance and shipping companies to make it "so hard, so difficult, and high risk
       for pirates to undertake their business that they stop doing it," Admiral Gary Roughead, the chief of US navy
       operations, told AFP.

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 27.     Online Warfare Research Outlined
       (Washington Times)....Shaun Waterman, United Press International
       Procurement documents released by the U.S. Air Force give a rare glimpse into Pentagon plans for developing an
       offensive cyber-war capacity that can infiltrate, steal data from and, if necessary, take down enemy
       information-technology networks.

 28.    Marine Charged In Iraq Shooting
       (New York Times)....Associated Press
       Camp Pendleton’s commanding general has ordered a marine to be tried for murder in the killing of an unarmed
       detainee in Falluja, Iraq.

 29.     Single Marines Get New Digs
       (San Diego Union-Tribune)....Rick Rogers
       Camp Pendleton officials yesterday unveiled a new barracks building, the first of 24 to be constructed on the base in
       the next two years for single Marines.

 30.     Gates Signs Planning Documents To Guide Investments, Operations
       (Inside The Pentagon)....Jason Sherman
       Defense Secretary Robert Gates this week approved two key strategic planning documents designed to guide the
       development of war and contingency plans as well as the Pentagon’s weapon system investment blueprint, according
       to a senior defense official.

 31.    U.S. Has Detained 2,500 Juveniles as Enemy Combatants
       (Washington Post)....Walter Pincus
       The United States has detained approximately 2,500 people younger than 18 as illegal enemy combatants in Iraq,
       Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay since 2002, according to a report filed by the Bush administration with the United
       Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

 32.    Venezuela Offered Aid To Colombian Rebels
       (Washington Post)....Juan Forero
       High-ranking officials in Venezuela offered to help Colombian guerrillas obtain surface-to-air missiles meant to
       change the balance of power in their war with the Colombian government, according to internal rebel documents.

 33.    Chavez Tells Colombia Not To Build Base For US
       ( Toothaker, Associated Press
       President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday warned Colombia not to allow a U.S. military base on its border with
       Venezuela, saying he would consider such an act an "aggression."

 34.     U.S.-Trained Forces Reportedly Helping Mexican Cartels
       (Houston Chronicle)....Stewart M. Powell
       As many as 200 U.S.-trained Mexican security personnel have defected to drug cartels to carry out killings on both
       sides of the border and as far north as Dallas, Rep. Ted Poe, R-Humble, told Congress on Wednesday.

 35.     U.S.-India Nuclear Deal Faces Uncertain Future
       (Wall Street Journal)....Jay Solomon and Peter Wonacott
       A nuclear-cooperation pact between the U.S. and India is unlikely to get completed before the Bush administration
       leaves office early next year, U.S. officials now believe.
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 36.    Pakistan: Taliban Prisoner Exchange
       (New York Times)....Jane Perlez
       The Pakistan Army released 40 Taliban militants in exchange for 12 members of the army and the paramilitary
       Frontier Corps before the expected completion of a peace accord with Islamic extremists in the tribal area of South
       Waziristan, government spokesmen said.

 37.    French Court Convicts 7 For Helping To Send Youths To Join Jihadist Fight In Iraq
       (New York Times)....Katrin Bennhold
       A Paris court sentenced seven men to prison terms of up to seven years on Wednesday for helping to send French
       youths to fight alongside insurgents in Iraq, ending a four-year investigation into a jihadist recruitment ring.

 38.     Libya, Pentagon On Verge Of Signing Military Cooperation Pact
       (Inside The Pentagon)....Fawzia Sheikh
       The United States is close to signing a memorandum of understanding with the Libyan government that will open the
       doors to formal military engagement following years of strained relations, according to a senior military official in
       the Joint Staff.

 39.    Chelsea Clinton Can't Campaign On Base
       (USA Today)....Unattributed
       The Navy denied Chelsea Clinton permission to campaign for her mother on a former bombing range on the small
       Puerto Rican island of Vieques.

 40.    Foul Play Suspected At Boeing Plant
       (Philadelphia Inquirer)....Maria Panaritis and Linda Loyd
       Work remained halted at the Boeing Co. plant in Ridley Township yesterday as suspicions of foul play dominated an
       unfolding investigation into how two military helicopters were damaged as they were nearing completion for an
       Army contract.

 41.     Insurance Fraud By Contractors In Iraq Suspected
       (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)....Richard Lardner, Associated Press
       Companies working on Iraqi reconstruction have been accused of padding their profits through an insurance scam,
       leading to a criminal investigation and hurried changes in the way many contracts are handled by the U.S. Army,
       according to internal military documents obtained by The Associated Press.

 42.     New Blackwater Project Draws Fire
       (Los Angeles Times)....Tony Perry
       Blackwater Worldwide, the global security firm whose conduct in Iraq has drawn criticism, is again trying to open a
       training facility in the face of local opposition.

 43.    Air Force's GPS III Contract Looms
       (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)....Joelle Tessler, Associated Press
       The Air Force is expected this week to award either Boeing Co. or Lockheed Martin Corp. a contract worth about
       $1.8 billion to build eight next-generation global positioning satellites.

 44.    Political Clashes Underline Limits To Intelligence Reform
       (Los Angeles Times)....Greg Miller
       Analysts are forced to defend their controversial Iran report, which was intended as a symbol of change.
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 45.     Nuclear Lab Fails Terrorist Exercise
       (Washington Times)....Bill Gertz
       Armed security agents posing as terrorists broke into a secure area at a nuclear weapons laboratory during a recent
       test, exposing flaws in the protection of stockpiles of plutonium and uranium coveted by terrorist groups and rogue
       nations seeking to become nuclear powers.

 46.    Correction
       (Washington Post)....The Washington Post
       A May 12 A-section article incorrectly identified Brig. Gen. Mike Milano as the top commander of U.S. forces in
       Baghdad. He is the deputy commander.
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Washington Post                    running for president, have          where the Bush team has been              Iran      denies        both
May 15, 2008                       said that talks with Iran on a       so incompetent vis-à-vis Iran."      accusations,               saying
Pg. 4                              range of issues might be useful.          A number of senior U.S.         Washington       is    ultimately
1. Gates: U.S. Should                   Gates publicly favored          military       officials     have    responsible for the violence in
Engage Iran With                   engagement with Iran before          emphasized the need for robust       Iraq following the U.S.-led
                                   taking his current job in late       diplomacy toward Iran, while         March 2003 invasion and that
Incentives, Pressure               2006. In 2004, he co-authored        not ruling out the use of force.     its nuclear program is solely to
By Karen DeYoung,
                                   a Council on Foreign Relations       "I'm a big believer in resolving     generate electricity.
Washington Post Staff Writer
                                   report titled "Iran: Time for a      this               diplomatically,        While the two countries
     The United States should
                                   New Approach." At the time,          economically and politically,"       have had talks on defined
construct a combination of
                                   he explained yesterday, "we          Adm.        Michael       Mullen,    subjects in recent years,
incentives and pressure to
                                   were looking at a different Iran     chairman of the Joint Chiefs of      including Afghanistan and
engage Iran, and may have
                                   in many respects" under              Staff, said in a recent interview    Iraq, this has not blossomed
missed earlier opportunities to
                                   then-President       Mohammad        with The Washington Post.            into the broad engagement
begin a useful dialogue with
                                   Khatami. Tehran's role in Iraq       "The military aspect of this,        recommended           by      the
Tehran, Defense Secretary
                                   was "fairly ambivalent," he          which I think is a very              blue-ribbon Iraq Study Group
Robert      M.    Gates     said
                                   said. "They were doing some          important part of the equation       report issued in December
                                   things that were not helpful,        and must stay on the table,"         2006.
     "We need to figure out a
                                   but they were also doing some        Mullen said, is an option of              Gates, who has previously
way to develop some leverage
                                   things that were helpful."           "last resort."                       argued for engagement with
... and then sit down and talk
                                        "One of the things that I            Gates said yesterday that       Iran, suggested this was less
with them," Gates said. "If
                                   think historians will have to        the U.S. military remained           likely now because of a more
there is going to be a
                                   take a look at is whether there      "stretched" by deployments in        hard-line    stance      by    its
discussion, then they need
                                   was a missed opportunity at          Iraq and Afghanistan, although       President              Mahmoud
something, too. We can't go to
                                   that time," Gates said. Khatami      he said that all service             Ahmadinejad and what he
a discussion and be completely
                                   was replaced in 2005 by              branches had met their               described     as    the     "very
the demander, with them not
                                   hard-line President Mahmoud          recruitment and retention goals      unambiguous ... negative" role
feeling that they need anything
                                   Ahmadinejad.                         last month. "There is no doubt       in Iraq.
from us."
                                        Gates was also a member         that ... we would be very                 "My own view, just my
     In the meantime, Gates
                                   of the bipartisan 2006 Iraq          hard-pressed to fight another        personal view, would be we
told a meeting of the Academy
                                   Study Group, which advocated         major conventional war right         ought to look for ways outside
of American Diplomacy, a
                                   reaching out to Iran. He             now," he said. "But where            of government to open up the
group of retired diplomats, "my
                                   resigned from the group when         would we sensibly do that,           channels and get more of a
personal view would be we
                                   President Bush nominated him         anyway?"                             flow of people back and forth,"
ought to look for ways outside
                                   as defense secretary in                   Future conflicts, Gates         he said in a speech to the
of government to open up the
                                   November that year; the report       said, will be asymmetric.            Academy        of      American
channels and get more of a
                                   was published on Dec. 6, the         "Other countries are not going       Diplomacy, a group of retired
flow of people back and forth."
                                   day of his confirmation.             to come at us in a conventional      U.S. diplomats.
Noting that "a fair number" of
                                        The administration charges      war."                                     "There are actually a fair
Iranians regularly visit the
                                   that Iran is now deeply                                                   number of Iranians that come
United States, he said, "We
                                   engaged in training and arming                                            to the United States to visit.
ought to increase the flow the                                
                                   Shiite militias fighting U.S.                                             We ought to increase the flow
other way ... of Americans"                                             May 14, 2008
                                   troops in Iraq. In his remarks                                            going the other way," he said.
visiting Iran.                                                          2. Gates Urges More
                                   yesterday, Gates said evidence                                            "I think that may be one
     "I think that may be the
one opening that creates some
                                   to that effect is "very              Nongovernmental                      opening that creates space,
                                   unambiguous."                        Contacts With Iran                   perhaps, over some period of
space," Gates said.
                                        But, he said, "I sort of sign   By Arshad Mohammed,                  time."
     The Bush administration
                                   up" with New York Times              Reuters                                   He also said the United
has said it will talk with Iran,
                                   columnist        Thomas         L.        WASHINGTON             --       States needs to find more
and consider lifting economic
                                   Friedman, who wrote yesterday        Defense Secretary Robert             leverage over Iran, saying a
and other sanctions, only if
                                   that the "right question" for the    Gates called on Wednesday for        negotiation would only be
Iran      ends    a    uranium
                                   United States is not whether to      more unofficial contacts with        possible if Washington had
enrichment      program      the
                                   talk with Iran but "whether we       Iran, saying this might              something to offer Tehran.
administration maintains is
                                   have leverage or don't have          eventually open a pathway to              The United States has
intended to produce nuclear
                                   leverage."                           more substantive dialogue            offered to talk to Iran about
weapons, a charge Iran denies.
                                        "When you have leverage,        between the governments.             any subject if it first suspends
Although the U.S. and Iranian
                                   talk,"     Friedman       advised.        The United States, which        its uranium enrichment work,
ambassadors to Baghdad met
                                   "When       you     don't    have    cut diplomatic ties with Iran        which could provide fuel for
three times last year for
                                   leverage, get some -- by             after    its   1979    Islamic       power plants or nuclear
discussions on Iraq, Iran has
                                   creating economic, diplomatic        revolution, accuses Iran of          weapons. Iran has refused to do
refused to continue that
                                   or military incentives and           fomenting violence against           this and has not taken up U.S.
                                   pressures that the other side        U.S. troops in Iraq and of           overtures, including one by
     Others, including Sen.
                                   finds     too     tempting      or   pursuing nuclear weapons.            U.S. Secretary of State
Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who is
                                   frightening to ignore. That is                                            Condoleezza Rice.
                                                                                                                                       page 8
    "We need to figure out a       Washington that Tehran is           spokesman, said the U.S.              Mosul is the last urban
way to develop some leverage       funding, training and arming        military was investigating.           stronghold of Al Qaeda in
with respect to the Iranians and   Shiite groups to attack US and           Al-Maliki's       flight    to   Mesopotamia, which American
then sit down and talk with        coalition forces in Iraq.           Mosul, 225 miles northwest of         intelligence     says     is    a
them," Gates said. "If there's          Iran rebuffed a US             the capital, mirrors a trip he        homegrown militant group led
going to be a discussion, then     overture to hold a fourth round     took almost two months ago to         by foreigners.
they need something too."          of talks with Iranians on the       the southern city of Basra,                The Iraqi Army began the
                                   situation in Iraq.                  where government troops               offensive over the weekend
                                                                       fought radical Shiite militias.       and is being aided by                                                              That fighting spread to Sadr          American troops. There has
May 14, 2008                       USA Today                           City, a Shiite enclave in             long been support in Mosul for
3. US Defense Secretary            May 15, 2008                        Baghdad, where a cease-fire to        the Sunni insurgency because
Urges More Private US              Pg. 5                               end fighting was reached this         many former members of
Contacts With Iran       4. Al-Maliki Directs                          week.                                 Saddam Hussein’s security
By Agence France-Presse  Assault On Al-Qaeda In                             "The Iraqi prime minister        forces live there.
    US Defense Secretary Mosul                                         has arrived in Mosul to                    “The goal of this operation
Robert Gates said he thought       Suicide bomber kills 22 in          supervise       the        military   is to clean Mosul of the
more visits to Iran by private     attack on funeral tent              operations, and its second            terrorist and criminal groups,”
American citizens might help       By Sinan Salaheddin,                phase is due to start today,"         said Prime Minister Nuri
bridge differences between the     Associated Press                    Defense Ministry spokesman            Kamal al-Maliki, who was
two countries.                          BAGHDAD — Prime                Mohammed al-Askari said               accompanied by the ministers
     But Gates, who in 2004        Minister Nouri al-Maliki took       Wednesday. "The main aim of           of interior and defense. “The
advocated greater diplomatic       personal charge Wednesday of        this operation is to purge and        operation will open a new page
engagement with Iran, said         a military operation to rout        clean Ninevah province of all         for civilians in Mosul, and the
Wednesday he believed it           al-Qaeda in Iraq in what the        militants and their weapons           security forces should do
would not be useful now to         United States has described as      and declare it a safe area."          everything to make this
negotiate with the government      the terror group's last major            Mosul is considered the          operation successful just as
headed by President Mahmoud        stronghold.                         last important urban staging          they are doing in Baghdad and
Ahmedinejad.                            The campaign in the            ground for al-Qaeda in Iraq.          Basra.”
     "We need to figure out a      northern city of Mosul was the      Al-Maliki has been promising               Basra has recently settled
way to develop some leverage       third by al-Maliki in two           a crackdown since January, but        into relative calm, although it
with the Iranians and then sit     months as he attempts to stamp      no major offensives have been         remains unclear if the Shiite
down and talk with them," he       out Shiite militants and Sunni      mounted even as al-Qaeda in           militias are finished fighting or
said in a talk at the American     extremists across the country.      Iraq tried to exert its influence.    simply planning to resume the
Academy       of    Diplomacy,          Also     Wednesday,        a                                         battle later. Clashes are still
referring to general US            tenuous cease-fire took hold                                              going on in Sadr City, although
                                                                       New York Times                        the past few days have been
relations with Tehran.             over Baghdad's Sadr City slum,
                                                                       May 15, 2008                          quieter since a cease-fire
     "If there is going to be a    but a suicide bomber killed at
discussion then they need          least 22 people and wounded         5. 2 Baghdad Attacks                  agreement was reached.
something, too," he said. "We      40 in an attack on a funeral tent   Attributed To                              The more damaging of the
can't go to a discussion and be    in a village west of Baghdad,       Teenagers Kill 11                     suicide bomb attacks on
completely the 'demandeur'         Fallujah police director Col.       Others                                Wednesday occurred west of
with them not feeling they do      Faisal al-Zubaie said.              By Alissa J. Rubin                    Baghdad about 5 p.m. in Abu
not need anything from us."             Many       Sunni     Arabs          BAGHDAD        —     Two         Ghraib. It killed at least 10
     But he said the United        opposed to al-Qaeda were at         suicide bombers described as          people and wounded 50, some
States should look for ways        the funeral in Abu Minasir, in      teenagers carried out attacks         of them seriously, according to
outside of government "to open     Anbar province, for Taha            Wednesday       in   suburban         spokesmen for the Falluja and
up the channels and get more       Obaid. The elementary school        Baghdad as the prime minister         Jordanian hospitals, both in
of a flow of people back and       principal was shot dead             went to the northern city of          Falluja. By nightfall mosques
forth."                            Tuesday.                            Mosul to encourage Iraqi              in Falluja were calling people
     "There are actually a fair         South of the capital, a        soldiers fighting in a new            to donate blood, and police
number of Iranians that come       young girl strapped with            offensive to rid that area of         cars were ferrying donors to
to the United States to visit,"    explosives killed an Iraqi          Sunni Islamic extremists.             the hospitals.
he said.                           captain and wounded four                 The    Mosul    operation             The bomber’s victims had
     "We ought to increase the     soldiers Wednesday. Iraqi           follows two other offensives,         been mourning the death of
flow going the other way, not      army Lt. Ahmed Ali said the         in Basra and the Sadr City            Taha al-Zobaie, who was killed
of Iranians but of Americans,      explosives were detonated by        district of Baghdad, that the         two days ago, said Abu
and that may be one way of         remote control as the girl          government has carried out in         Mustapha, a relative who had
creating some space perhaps        approached        the       Iraqi   recent months; the other two          shrapnel wounds and who
over some period of time."         commander in Youssifiyah, in        offensives focused on Shiite          would give only his nickname.
     US tensions with Iran have    the area once known as the          militias.                             The Zobaie tribe has opposed
risen sharply in recent weeks      Triangle of Death.                       Iraqi    and    American         Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.
amid        accusations      by         Maj. John Hall, a coalition    security forces believe that               “He was a child about 15
                                                                                                             years old, and he was crying,”
                                                                                                                                       page 9
Abu Mustapha said, describing       youthful suicide bomber killed      they wanted to kill all my                BAGHDAD — An Iraqi
the bomber. “I don’t think he       at least 23 people Wednesday        relatives," he said.                soldier was watching over the
exploded himself because I did      in an attack against relatives of        Iraqi officials said 25        concrete wall on Monday when
not see him move his hands. I       Col. Faisal Ismail al-Zobaie, a     people were wounded in the          a .50-caliber round ripped into
think someone exploded him          U.S.-backed police chief and        bombing in addition to a death      his head.
by remote control.”                 former insurgent who has            toll of at least 23. The U.S.             Soon after the attack was
     The suicide bomb attack        turned against his onetime          military said in a statement that   reported on the tactical radio,
south of Baghdad occurred           comrades.                           "preliminary reports indicate"      two American military advisers
near Yusufiya, a town that was           Zobaie, the police chief of    14 people were killed and eight     were on their way to the scene,
once heavily dominated by           Fallujah in Anbar province,         were wounded.                       laser range finder in hand, to
extremists connected to Al          said a bomber of about 12                Another            bombing     call in a Hellfire missile strike
Qaeda in Mesopotamia. The           years of age attacked the           Wednesday was carried out by        on a sniper position on the far
bomber, who was female,             funeral of Zobaie's uncle. He       a teenage girl who targeted         side of a desolate no man’s
killed an Iraqi Army captain        said insurgents had seized his      Iraqi    soldiers     south    of   land.
and wounded seven Iraqi             uncle, a school principal, on       Baghdad, according to the U.S.            This is the war over the
soldiers, the American military     Tuesday, demanding to know          military. Lt. Col. Randy Martin     wall. It is a daily battle of
said.                               whether the police chief was        said at least one Iraqi soldier     attrition waged over the large
     Iraqis in the area described   his nephew.                         was killed and seven were           concrete barrier that the
the bomber as being 8 to 12              "When he said yes, they        wounded.                            Americans have been building
years old, but an American          killed him in front of his               The bombings happened          across Sadr City in the hope of
military spokesman said the         students," said Zobaie, the         on a day when Prime Minister        establishing a safe zone in the
bomber appeared to be 16 to 18      subject of a Washington Post        Nouri al-Maliki traveled to the     southern tier of the Shiite
years old. The bomber waited        profile     in      March    that   northern city of Mosul to           enclave.
four hours for the captain to       chronicled the stern methods        assess the progress of a                  The formal truce that was
return to the company’s             he employs against members of       military campaign launched          announced in the Green Zone
headquarters, telling soldiers      al-Qaeda in Iraq, a Sunni           over the weekend aimed at           with great fanfare on Monday
there that she needed to talk to    insurgent group responsible for     cracking down on Sunni              has meant nothing here. Shiite
him, according to an Iraqi          sectarian violence and attacks      insurgents.                         militias have been trying to
officer who was in the same         against U.S. targets.                    The operation, dubbed          blast gaps in the wall, firing at
brigade as the captain. He said          Abu al-Laith al-Jubori, a      Lion's     Roar,     has    been    the American troops who are
Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia had         leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq,         described by U.S. and Iraqi         completing it and maneuvering
put a price on the captain’s        asserted responsibility for the     officials as an effort to detain    to pick off the Iraqi soldiers
head.                               attack at the funeral. He said in   hundreds of insurgents who          who have been charged with
     In Baghdad, the convoy of      a telephone interview that the      sought haven in Nineveh             keeping an eye on the partition.
one of the leaders of the Iraqi     group was "proud that we            province in recent months as              American forces have
Islamic Party was attacked by a     carried out this operation by       they were driven out of             answered with tank rounds,
car bomb in the predominantly       one of our youngest soldiers"       Baghdad and other provinces.        helicopter rocket strikes and
Sunni       neighborhood       of   and said it targeted leaders of     Since the operation's launch on     even satellite-guided bombs to
Yarmouk. The leader, Ayad           the Awakening or Sawha              Saturday, more than 500             try to silence the militia fire.
al-Sammaraie, was not in the        movement -- predominantly           people have been detained in        On some stretches, the urban
convoy, but three of his            Sunni groups that have joined       Nineveh, Maj. Gen. Kevin            landscape         has        been
bodyguards were killed and 23       with U.S. forces.                   Bergner, a U.S. military            transformed as the Americans
people       were       wounded,         "Today's operation is a        spokesman, told reporters.          have leveled buildings militia
according to the Ministry of        message       to    the   Sawha          Maliki likened the effort to   fighters have used as perches
Interior.                           members        ...   who    were    recent military operations in       to mount their attacks.
     Iraqi employees of The         gathering at the funeral of the     the southern city of Basra and            “The enemy kept coming
New York Times contributed          uncle of the infidel" Zobaie,       in Baghdad. But unlike those,       back to some of the same
reporting       from     Falluja,   Jubori said.                        which began in March, the           buildings,” Col. John Hort, the
Mahmudiya and Baghdad.                   The bomber entered a           operation in Mosul has not led      commander of the Third
                                    funeral tent in the Zobaa area      to sustained clashes.               Brigade Combat Team, Fourth
                                    west      of       Baghdad     at        Mokhtar reported from          Infantry Division, said during a
Washington Post                     approximately 6 p.m., Iraqi         Fallujah.                 Special   recent visit at Thawra II, a joint
May 15, 2008                        police officials said. "When he     correspondents Zaid Sabah           American and Iraqi outpost
Pg. 11                              got to the funeral everyone         and K.I. Ibrahim in Baghdad         that abuts a section of the wall
6. Child Bomber Kills               expected that he had sneaked        contributed to this report.         that has been a hotbed of
23 In Iraq                          in for dinner," said Col. Issa                                          militia resistance. “We ended
Suicide Attack Targets Family       al-Marawi, the deputy police                                            up having to use some larger
Members of Fallujah Police          chief of Fallujah. The bomber       New York Times                      ordnance out of our Air Force
Chief                               wore jeans, a red T-shirt and       May 15, 2008                        to reduce some of the buildings
By Ernesto Londono and              running shoes.                      7. A War Over A Wall                around here.”
Uthman al-Mokhtar,                       Zobaie said he didn't          Defies Truce In Sadr                      Even while American
Washington Post Foreign             attend the funeral because he       City                                forces deploy reconnaissance
Service                             feared insurgents would attack      By Michael R. Gordon                drones and satellite-guided
    BAGHDAD, May 14 -- A            him there. "I was their target;                                         rockets, the American strategy
                                                                                                                                      page 10
in Sadr City is a throwback to a    was finally passing through his          The floor was covered         of Colonel Pemrick’s security
more primitive form of              otherwise           unprotected    with broken concrete, empty         detail, told the Iraqis his
warfare. It depends on concrete     neighborhood, volunteered that     cigarette packages and a dusty      soldiers would unleash a volley
— lots of it, which comes in        militia fighters had hidden a      brown teddy bear, a fleeting        of fire toward the ruined
large slabs that are being          bomb near a local power            reminder that the fighting          building and tossed smoke
assembled into an imposing          generator.                         position had once been              grenades as the Americans left.
barrier three miles long.                An Iraqi soldier entered      someone’s home. A splotch of             “I am going to throw
     The Americans began            the compound and emerged           red blood was in a corner room      everything we got,” he said. “I
building the wall a month ago,      triumphantly with a bag full of    where the Iraqi soldier had         am going to lay down
working east to west. The work      explosives. But the patrol also    been hit. His fellow soldiers       suppressive fire and pop
started at night but soon           identified a problem: the          said that he had been sitting in    smoke.”
extended into the day as            militias had destroyed one of      a plastic chair and looking over         There was a deafening
American commanders sought          the slabs in the wall. Though it   the wall when a round hit the       burst         of        .50-caliber
to speed up the construction.       was just a few blocks from the     side of his face, ripping across    machine-gun fire as the
     Supporters of Moktada          Iraqi soldiers’ position, the      his eyes.                           Americans scampered back to
al-Sadr, the anti-American          opening was undefended.                  Peering over the bottom       the armored vehicles and
cleric, denounced the wall as a          The     explosives    were    edge of window frame, Captain       climbed inside.
nefarious effort to divide the      loaded into an Iraqi truck,        Cleland determined that the              On Tuesday, Colonel
city. Militia fighters with         which the Americans led to an      shot had probably come from a       Pemrick went forward again to
rocket-propelled        grenades,   Iraqi battalion headquarters in    hole for an air-conditioning        visit an Iraqi outpost near the
machine guns and small arms         the rear so it could be picked     unit in the top floor of a          wall that was commanded by
have been trying to halt its        up by an American explosive        three-story structure on the        First Lt. Adel Ali.
construction.                       ordnance detachment that day.      northwest side of the barrier.           A small fleet of American
     Those efforts have failed,          No sooner had the                   The captain used the range    armored         vehicles       was
and the barrier is now 80           Americans arrived at the           finder to determine the precise     positioned nearby. They were
percent complete. But the           headquarters than there was a      coordinates, 150 yards to the       working to extend the wall
fighters have blown a few gaps      radio report that an Iraqi         north. Before he became an          under the protection of two M1
in the wall and, in one instance,   soldier at another combat          adviser to the Iraqi forces,        tanks. The troops came under
appear to have hitched a truck      outpost near the wall had been     Captain Cleland was a field         fire, and an M1 tank answered
to a damaged slab to yank it        grievously wounded. Capt.          artilleryman.                       by firing three rounds into a
down. To make it hard for the       Beau Cleland and Master Sgt.             “So we are good at this,”     building just north of the
Americans to fix the holes, the     Fernando Alicea, who were on       he explained matter-of-factly.      barrier, setting it alight.
fighters have continued to seed     the American team advising               Sergeant Alicea radioed            As the colonel and his
the strip south of the barrier      the Iraqi battalion, were          the coordinates and described       soldiers returned to their base
with      explosively     formed    anxious to get to the scene to     the target to a team of Apache      the tactical radio crackled with
penetrators, a particularly         call in a helicopter strike. A     attack helicopters. It seemed       reports of roadside bombs
lethal type of roadside bomb.       sniper with a .50-caliber rifle    possible that the sniper had        found, tips about hidden arms
Some have been hidden in the        had already shot several           moved with the arrival of the       caches      and      enemy      fire
cracks or depressions in the        soldiers in the battalion and it   Americans, but another rifle        received.
wall itself.                        looked as if he had struck         shot rang out.                           The Iraqi troops where the
     Lt. Col. Michael Pemrick,      again.                                   Sergeant Alicea said it was   soldier had been struck in the
the deputy commander of the              Colonel Pemrick had his       important to strike nonetheless.    head on Monday were holding
Third Brigade Combat Team,          security team take the advisers    Often, a sniper will leave his      their ground, but they were
and his security detail headed      to the front, which was just       weapon so he can blend in with      under attack again. It was Day
to Sadr City in armored             several blocks away. As the        civilians on the street, he said.   2 of the formal cease-fire, and
MRAP,        or    mine-resistant   vehicles moved north, the          If nothing else, he said, the       the fighting was still on.
ambush-protected, vehicles on       number of civilians on the         Apaches       would    eliminate
Monday, when the cease-fire         street dwindled.                   another hiding place.
was announced. Iraqi soldiers            With a sniper on the prowl          “We keep cutting down         Washington Times
have a tendency to defend           with a large-caliber rifle, the    positions they can use,” he         May 15, 2008
static positions, and the colonel   Americans were taking no           said.                               Pg. 16
wanted to see what the Iraqi        chances. Climbing out of the             After a long wait, a          8. NATO Eyes Security
soldiers were doing to monitor      armored vehicles, they darted      Hellfire missile soared over the    On Afghan Border
the wall.                           up the street to the charred       soldiers’ position and slammed           BRUSSELS — NATO
     Driving to an Iraqi Army       building that served as an Iraqi   into the building, demolishing      urged Pakistan yesterday to
position near the barrier,          Army outpost and raced             a wall on the top floor and         improve security on its border
Colonel Pemrick pressed First       upstairs.                          setting it aflame.                  with Afghanistan after a rise in
Lt. Salwan Abd al-Amer to                An Iraqi soldier taking             No one could exclude the      cross-border attacks by Taliban
take some of his soldiers and       cover in a hall on the second      possibility that the sniper had     fighters and al Qaeda militants.
join the Americans on a patrol      floor urged the Americans to       moved to a lower floor or was            "The number of attacks is
through the alleys and streets.     stay away from the windows         hiding in a nearby building to      up significantly from the same
     A man in a robe known as       and to keep low.                   fire at the Americans as they       period last year," said the
a dishdasha, who seemed                  “Sniper,” he said in          left the Iraqi outpost. So Staff    alliance's chief spokesman,
pleased that a security force       English.                           Sgt. Jason Condreay, the head       James Appathurai. "There is
                                                                                                                                        page 11
not enough effectiveness in         was once famous for its dried        where to deploy them.                 government can move in and
border control on Pakistan's        fruits.                                   Manpower problems are            tackle the drug problem.
side."                                   He      said    a     private   acute in Helmand, the largest              The prospects of that
     "The concerns have been        sector-led revival of the            and      probably       the    most   happening appear remote.
communicated to Pakistan," he       agricultural sector could help       dangerous          province      in   Although thousands of acres of
told reporters.                     to      address    Afghanistan’s     Afghanistan, where the U.S.           poppy fields are eradicated
     He said the level of attacks   chronic trade deficit – the          24th Marine Expeditionary             annually in Afghanistan, it is
from across the border —            country exports $500m of             Unit arrived late last month to       only a small fraction of the
where Taliban fighters and al       goods for every $2.5bn               open a route to move troops to        total area sown. Year after
Qaeda militants control some        imported.                            its southern reaches near the         year, production has soared
of their operations — climbed            Prof Nadiri conceded that       border with Pakistan.                 and security has deteriorated.
to a high in April close to         he       might    not     receive         Britain has about 7,500               In recognition of the
figures recorded during peak        everything he asks for.              soldiers in the province, but         growing threat posed by
fighting last summer.                    “We hope to get it all, but     does not have enough troops to        Taliban militants, there are
                                    we may not,” he said. “You           move south of Garmser, a              now         almost        70,000
                                    know pledges are one thing           district still largely held by the    international     soldiers     in
Financial Times                     and donations are another.”          Taliban and bursting with             Afghanistan. The U.S. has
May 15, 2008                             A successful meeting in         opium poppy fields.                   33,000, the most since the
9. Kabul Asks For $50               Paris is seen as crucial to the           The 2,400-strong Marine          U.S.-led invasion in late 2001
Billion To Rebuild                  country’s future and the             unit met stiff resistance as they     ousted the Taliban for giving
By Jon Boone, Kabul                 political aspirations of Hamid       moved in. Between 100 and             haven to al-Qaida leader
     Afghanistan is set to ask      Karzai, the president, who is        400 Taliban fighters moved            Osama bin Laden.
the international community at      likely to put himself forward        into the Garmser area as the               U.S. forces have mostly
a conference in Paris next          for re-election next year.           poppy harvest got under way,          operated in the east of the
month for $50.1 billion to               “He wants to be able to         apparently to defend their            country, rather than the south,
finance its reconstruction over     come back from Paris with lots       interests in the lucrative drug       where NATO has struggled to
the next five years.                of cash and a plan, as proof to      trade.                                find nations willing to fight the
     The hefty price tag of the     his people that he can get the            Maj. Tom Clinton Jr. said        increasingly              bloody
Afghanistan             National    resources Afghanistan needs,”        the Marines would be in               insurgency.
Development Strategy – more         a western diplomat in Kabul          Garmser for several more                   U.S. Gen. Dan McNeill,
than double the per year            said.                                weeks. It means the Marines           the top NATO commander in
funding demands of a similar             Donors have expressed           might not take part in an             Afghanistan, has said he needs
2004 masterplan – has raised        amazement that the proposed          operation that was planned in         three more brigades -- two for
eyebrows among diplomats            budget has been raised by            another southern province this        combat and one to train
and development experts who         almost 20 per cent in the past       month.                                Afghan soldiers, roughly 7,500
have questioned whether the         few weeks.                                "The number of fighters          to 10,000 additional soldiers.
Afghan government has the                The ANDS added an extra         that stood and fought is kind of           When       the     Marines
ability to oversee such a large     $9bn to the plan after Mr            surprising to me, but obviously       eventually leave Garmser, any
spending spree.                     Karzai demanded that more            they're fighting for something,"      gains the 24th has made could
     The largest portion of cash    projects were added.                 Clinton said, alluding to             be quickly erased unless other
– $14bn – is earmarked to                                                poppies. "They're flowing in,         forces from NATO or the
revamp decrepit infrastructure,                                          guys are going south and              Afghan government move in.
including airports, an urban                   picking up arms. We have an                "We can't be a permanent
development project on the          May 14, 2008                         opportunity to really clear them      24/7 presence. We don't have
fringe     of     Kabul      and    10. Marines Stay In                  out, cripple them, so I think         enough men to stay here," said
construction of a functioning       Afghan Town After                    we're exploiting the success          Staff Sgt. Darrell Penyak, 29,
railway.                            Taliban Influx                       we're finding."                       of Grove City, Ohio. "We
     Another      $14.2bn      is   By Jason Straziuso, Associated            Helmand is the hub of            would need the ANA (Afghan
planned for building up             Press                                opium          production        in   army) to move in, and right
Afghanistan’s security services          GARMSER, Afghanistan            Afghanistan, which accounts           now the way we're fighting,
to     combat     the    Taliban    -- U.S. Marines who once             for more than 90 percent of the       there's no way the ANA can
insurgency, which is currently      planned to be in this southern       global supply of this raw             come in. They couldn't handle
tackled with international          Afghan town for just a few           material of heroin. The Taliban       it."
military assistance.                days are extending their             are believed to derive tens of             Afghanistan's army and
     Large amounts of cash are      mission by several weeks after       millions of dollars from the          police forces are steadily
also to be spent on agriculture     facing an influx of Taliban          trade.                                growing, but are still not big --
and rural development, which        fighters.                                 Still, the Marines have          or skilled -- enough to protect
could receive $4.5bn under the           The change in plans shows       been careful not to alienate          much      of     the    country.
plan.                               that despite a record number of      residents by destroying the           Spokesmen for both forces said
     Ishaq       Nadiri,      an    international troops in the          poppy fields that poor farmers        they were not aware of plans to
Afghan-US economist who             country, forces are still spread     rely      on       for      income.   send forces to Garmser.
heads the ANDS, said it would       thin and U.S. commanders             Commanders say their goal is               Col.      Nick      Borton,
be crucial to rebuild the           must make tough choices about        to rid the region of Taliban          commander of British forces in
farming base of a country that                                           fighters      so     the     Afghan   the southern part of Helmand,
                                                                                                                                        page 12
recently visited U.S. positions     with medical supplies, on            risks to hope that we can get        friends in Burma who are
in Garmser, where he told the       Wednesday to work in Burma           the assistance through to the        involved       in     impromptu
Americans he'd be happy if          for two weeks. U.N. officials        ones who are most in need."          volunteer relief efforts.
they stayed on.                     said      India,    China     and         The     advocacy        group        "It's beyond stress, and
     "If they're here for only a    Bangladesh have also been            Human Rights Watch reported          beyond sadness, seeing all your
short time, we can't build very     asked to send experienced            that supplies delivered by a         fellow citizens suffering like
much off that," he said. "Their     disaster relief teams.               U.S. C-130 aircraft Monday           this," Win Min said. "It's very,
presence for a few days doesn't           The news came as five          were offloaded by men                very terrible -- beyond
really help us."                    more U.S. military C-130             wearing the shirts of the Union      comprehension. At least this is
     A representative of the        transport planes, carrying such      Solidarity and Development           something I can do."
U.S. Agency for International       desperately needed supplies as       Association, a paramilitary               Some Burmese university
Development,        the      U.S.   water, mosquito nets, plastic        organization        that       was   students are rushing home with
government aid arm, told            sheets, blankets and hygiene         implicated in the attempted          cash and supplies, and
Marine battalion commander          kits, flew into Burma's largest      murder of opposition leader          volunteering in the disaster
Lt. Col. Anthony Henderson          city,      Rangoon,      in    an    and Nobel Peace Prize laureate       zone. Others, unable to return
that "people lose faith if you      acceleration of U.S. assistance      Aung San Suu Kyi.                    for financial, political or other
pull out."                          following Tropical Cyclone                In recent days, survivors       reasons, are donating cash,
     The next day, at a meeting     Nargis.                              have endured new rains. A            supplies or advice from abroad.
of Marines and Afghan elders,             The United Nations noted       storm was forming in the seas             Htoo Chit, director of
the bearded, turban-wearing         other "progress" as it tried to      off Burma on Wednesday, but          Human Rights Education and
men told Marine Capt. Charles       get aid to the worst-hit areas in    the U.N. weather agency              Development, which educates
O'Neill that the two sides could    the        Irrawaddy        Delta.   discounted the likelihood that it    the children of Burmese
"join together" to fight the        Long-awaited visas for some          could evolve into a new              workers, said some migrants
Taliban. "When you protect us,      U.N. disaster relief and             cyclone, the Reuters news            from the worst affected areas
we will be able to protect you,"    logistics experts have come          agency reported.                     have returned from the beach
the leader of the elders said.      through.                                  U.N. agencies continue to       resorts of southern Thailand to
     Despite uncertainties over           "We are seeing more            press Burma for clearance to         search for family members.
how secure Garmser, O'Neill         flights into the country, more       use helicopters, more boats and           "Migrants are really angry
liked what he heard.                supplies getting into the delta,"    trucks to ferry supplies piling      that foreigners want to help the
     "We have something here        said       Amanda      Pitt,     a   up at Rangoon airport. Many          disaster victims but the
we can really exploit, if we can    spokeswoman for the U.N.             remote areas in the Irrawaddy        government is not allowing
get some Afghan national            Office for the Coordination of       Delta have yet to receive relief.    them to go there," said Ko Ko
police here," he said. "The         Humanitarian Affairs. "But the            "We're working around the       Aung, a Burmese volunteer
Marines can definitely do the       levels of aid getting in are not     clock to get permission to use       with Thailand's Labor Rights
job, but we're not a permanent      adequate... . They are not at a      materials we believe would be        Promotion Network. "Even
presence. With their own            level and speed commensurate         helpful," said Marcus Prior, a       though the migrants' own
people providing their own          with what is needed."                spokesman for the U.N. World         situation is not so good, they
security they can really get              Burma's military junta is      Food Program.                        are trying to collect clothes, or
something done."                    highly wary of foreigners,                Among the people trying         medicine, or money or
                                    especially Westerners. It is         to get aid into the cyclone zone     whatever they can offer."
                                    under intense pressure to open       are Burmese living abroad.                For the most part, support
Washington Post                     the doors to a full-scale            Thailand      alone      has    an   from Burmese living overseas
May 15, 2008                        international relief operation.      estimated 1.5 million migrant        is being sent though informal
Pg. 9                               The United Nations has said          workers and political dissidents     channels, including a complex,
11. Burma To Allow 160              that as many as 2.5 million          from the country.                    preexisting         underground
Asian Aid Workers                   people have been severely                 For six days after Nargis       financial network. The aid goes
As Visas Come Through, Flow         affected by Nargis.                  destroyed his home town of           to trusted local institutions and
of Aid Picks Up With 5 U.S.               In a briefing Wednesday in     Bogalay, Win Min, an exiled          groups, including Buddhist
Planes Delivering Supplies          Washington, the administrator        Burmese political science            monasteries, which are trying
By Amy Kazmin, Washington           of the U.S. Agency for               lecturer in Thailand, was            to shelter and assist homeless
Post Foreign Service                International       Development,     distraught over the fate of          victims.
     BANGKOK, May 14 --             Henrietta Fore, acknowledged         family and friends. After                 But initiatives are under
Burmese military authorities        that U.S. officials have no idea     repeated efforts to call, he         pressure       from       military
have agreed to let 160 aid          whether the limited aid that the     finally reached a family friend,     authorities, who are determined
workers from four Asian             United States has been able to       who found his relatives sitting      to control the relief effort and
countries assist its struggling     fly into Burma has actually          in the rain, their home              uneasy about the potential for
cyclone relief effort, aid          been delivered to victims of the     destroyed.       They         were   unrest. Some monasteries have
officials said Wednesday, the       cyclone or whether it has been       otherwise unscathed.                 been ordered to stop taking
government's               first    diverted by the military.                 He and other academics          large donations and to send all
acknowledgment that it needs              "We will try to do             have been translating relevant       refugees        to      makeshift
foreign expertise.                  on-the-ground assessments,"          information from U.N. Web            government shelters in schools.
     Thailand's Ministry of         Fore said. "But at this time the     sites -- on such topics as how            "This       is    a     very
Public Health confirmed that it     needs are so immense, they are       to dispose of bodies -- into         paternalistic regime," Win Min
is sending 30 doctors, along        so large, that we're taking some     Burmese and sending it to            said. "They want people to rely
                                                                                                                                          page 13
on them, depend on them. That       aid in?                               to "invade Burmese air space."        to a cyclone. It also carried an
is why they don't want other             ADMIRAL          TIMOTHY         We will only do this with the         important passenger, the man
people to distribute food -- it     KEATING          [U.S.      Pacific   approval of Burmese officials,        we’ll talk with next. Admiral
will        undermine       their   Command]: Kyra, you have it           and as I say, it appears that         Timothy Keating is the head of
legitimacy."                        just right. We were in                they are allowing limited             the U.S. Pacific Command,
     Still, the determination to    discussions with Burmese              numbers         but     increasing    which makes him the leading
help is strong. Ko Taw, a           officials or Myanmar officials        numbers.                              American official in a vast
Burmese         engineer       in   as you say on Monday. They                 We flew five sorties today,      region. He wanted to persuade
Singapore, donated $300, as         have begun to allow a very            two on Tuesday, five today            Myanmar’s military rules to
well as some used clothes for       limited number, but a number          Wednesday our time. So we're          allow in more outside aid.
men, women and children that        of transport flights in, C-130        very, very guardedly optimistic            Now, that he’s left
his family washed and               flights staging out of U-Tapao,       that we will see enough               Myanmar, Admiral Keating is
carefully ironed before taking      Thailand.                             approval for more flights.            on the radio with us.
them      to    an   impromptu           We have delivered thus far            PHILLIPS: And that is the             Good morning, sir.
collection center in a mall         170,000 pounds of relief              good news. Final question,                 ADMIRAL           TIMOTHY
popular among the city-state's      supplies, water, food, shelter,       admiral, the fact that you're not     KEATING          [U.S.     Pacific
Burmese residents.                  and       interestingly       some    going to go against what the          Command]:         Steve,     good
     "We feel so sad for the        mosquito netting. So the spigot       military is doing here, is that       morning. How are you?
victims -- we are doing             isn't wide open, but it is open       because you are concerned that             INSKEEP: And we’ll
everything in our capacity to       gradually there a little bit.         things could get worse, that          mention that you’re in Manila.
help," Ko Taw said. "But it is           PHILLIPS: Is it -- OK. So        possibly the military could turn      What was it like when you
no substitute for international     you're saying a little bit. You're    against its people there in an        arrived in Yangon and started
aid."                               saying it's getting in there          even worse way than it already        meeting Myanmar’s leaders?
     Staff writer Glenn Kessler     gradually. Is this even close to      has?                                       KEATING: We flew in on
in Washington contributed to        being enough aid to help save              I mean, I have seen the          an Air Force C-130 transport
this report.                        the thousands of people that          reports, the allegations that         plane, Steve, launched out of
                                    are on the verge of dying?            they're hoarding the good food        U-Tapao, Thailand and a
                                    They're already dying. I mean,        and giving these victims the          couple      of     other     State
CNN; NPR                            we're getting the reports of the      rotten food.                          Department officials were with
May 14, 2008                        bodies floating down the                   KEATING: Kyra, it's our          us in the delegation. The
12. Interviews With                 riverbanks.                           longstanding assessment that          reception we were afforded
Admiral Timothy                          KEATING:          It's     not   this may not be the most              was warm and cordial and
Keating                             enough, Kyra. We are capable          enlightened leadership in the         friendly. We then proceeded to
     American           Morning     of doing more, and it's not just      world. So we want to be as            a conference room and had a
(CNN), 6:00 AM                      us and Pacific Command. I met         non- confrontational as is            discussion that lasted about an
     KYRA PHILLIPS: This            in          Bangkok            with   humanly possible, but at the          hour.
just coming into CNN right          representatives of the World          same time we are -- have                   INSKEEP: Some people
now. We're getting word that        Food Programme and another            expressed our willingness, the        will be baffled by the notion
the government of Myanmar,          meeting with United Nations           willingness         of      Pacific   that you would have to
that military junta that has been   representatives. Everyone is          Command to bring any and all          persuade someone to accept aid
holding back military aid to        very anxious to provide relief        supplies. We don't care what          after a cyclone.
come in to help those cyclone       that is desperately needed. We        flag or sticker is on the                  KEATING: It is not –
victims,      apparently      the   can move a lot more than we           package of water, we just want        you’re right, it isn’t necessarily
government has decided to           have moved, but at least we're        to get it to the folks that needed    logical, but some might say
authorize five more U.S. flights    seeing some gradual opening.          and we need the cooperation of        that’s Burma or Myanmar. All
to land there in Myanmar to              PHILLIPS: Have you               the Burmese government to             decisions are made at the very,
help aid the survivors of that      thought about air drops? In a         provide that assistance.              very     highest      level,   all
horrible devastation where          situation like this where the              PHILLIPS: Well, I know           important decisions in the
thousands of people are on the      people are so desperate, you          that you will not stand in. You       government by the prime
brink of starvation and disease     know what you want to do.             will continue to get that aid in      minister himself, a senior
right now.                          Have you considered just going        there and do everything               general, the leader of military
     The head of those military     for it with air assets and            possible. Admiral Timothy             junta and the same was true for
operations,     U.S.     Admiral    making the drops versus trying        Keating, commander of Pacific         our offer of aid. They
Timothy Keating, commander          to get things in by foot?             Command there in the region           acknowledged our offer, but
of Pacific Command. He's the             KEATING: We talked to            getting continual aid to those        they said that it would have to
one that has been leading that      our Burmese host about that           cyclone victims in that hard hit      made at a higher level.
aid into the area. Just calling     option, Kyra, of slinging             area of Myanmar.                           INSKEEP: Made at a
into us right now. We got him       supplies underneath helicopters            Admiral, thanks so much.         higher level than anybody that
on the phone.                       and bringing them from the                 Morning Edition (NPR),           you were in the room with?
     Admiral, can you bring me      USS Essex Group, which is off         7:10 AM                                    KEATING: Yeah. The
up to date on the operations as     the southwest coast of Burma.              STEVE INSKEEP: When              head of the Burmese navy with
we get word that the military is    They're in position now with a        the first American relief plane       us, Vice Admiral Se Ken. His
actually going to allow more        dozen plus heavy lift capable         landed in Myanmar this week,          English was quite good. He led
                                    helicopters, but we're not going      it contained supplies to respond      the Burmese delegation of
                                                                                                                                       page 14
about eight or ten folks. He       Keating, some people reading         devices have reached enemies          night operations to kill our
listened to us and was             Time magazine here will hear a       in Afghanistan and Iraq, where        troops," Pelak says.
courteous and receptive, but       suggestion that maybe the            it can erode the advantage U.S.            Lower-grade night-vision
could not give us a decision.      United States should go in           troops have in after-dark             devices are sold commercially,
      INSKEEP:        Is   there   without permission, in effect,       combat.                               but military versions are far
concern that you are somehow       invade Myanmar to aid. Is that            The      government       has    more sensitive and can include
going to use U.S. aid to           even a remote possibility?           prosecuted more than two              features that identify U.S.
undermine their regime?                 KEATING: I would say it         dozen        businesses        and    troops by infrared tabs on their
      KEATING: Exactly. And        is not, Steve. We have no            individuals over the past 18          uniforms. Sales and exports of
our assurances were quite to       intention of proceeding without      months          for       stealing    that equipment are restricted by
the contrary. We promised          Burmese permission. That was         night-vision gear or skirting         law.
prompt aid. We were ready the      the reason I and the State           prohibitions on foreign sales,             Since        2001,       the
day before we got there, Steve,    Department, our colleagues,          according to a USA TODAY              government has charged more
that was Monday during which       went to Burma, and again, they       review of federal documents           than     40     individuals    or
we held these discussions. We      didn’t say no. So I think that       and public records.                   businesses with theft or illegal
said we’d come in and we           the spigot will gradually open,           In at least five cases,          exports      of      night-vision
wouldn’t need any water, we        but we have absolutely no            prosecutors linked shipments          technology, based on a USA
wouldn’t need any fuel. We         intention      of       forcefully   to terrorist groups, such as          TODAY review of public
would just need some space         providing relief supplies.           al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. A few         records and reports from
and permission to land and              INSKEEP: And I’m just           others were headed to Iran and        Justice, Commerce and the
take off.                          curious. Since we’ve gone            Taliban forces in Afghanistan,        Pentagon. Besides the two
      INSKEEP:       And    they   back and forth in this               court records show; several           dozen cases prosecuted since
haven’t said no, but they didn’t   conversation. When you spoke         were destined for China and           late 2006, the newspaper also
tell you yes.                      with those officials, did you        Japan.                                identified at least eight more
      KEATING: They had said       refer to the country as                   "It's extremely serious —        under investigation.
yes in an interesting way. We      Myanmar, which is what they          you're        talking        about         In one case, Syed Hashmi,
flew a couple of C-130 sorties     call it or refer to it as Burma,     adversaries of the United States      a U.S. citizen, awaits trial on
out of Udapal and we flew, we      which is what the United States      getting equipment that we             charges that he obtained
believe the number is five         has said that they want to call it   make to give our soldiers an          night-vision goggles and other
today. The operation is still      since that had been the name         advantage in the field," says         military devices for associates
ongoing. So in approving our       before the military regime took      Charles        Beardall,        the   who moved the equipment to
flight plans, they are giving us   over?                                Pentagon's deputy inspector           al-Qaeda affiliates for use
permission. It is kind of               KEATING: Yeah. We               general for investigations.           against     U.S.     forces    in
implicit permission, Steve, but    chose to use the term Myanmar             The Pentagon joined the          Afghanistan.
we’ve now flown 170,000            in discussions with our hosts        departments         of    Justice,         In another case, Shahrazad
pounds of relief supplies into     inside the borders of the            Homeland Security, Commerce           Mir Gholikhan, an Iranian, was
Burma and we have reason to        country. Outside, I revert to my     and State last year in a              sentenced this month to 29
believe that we will be able to    old ways of calling it Burma,        crackdown on illegal exports of       months in prison for her role in
fly five more C-130s tomorrow      Steve, but we wanted to get a        combat-use military items and         a plot to send 3,000
and perhaps some rotary            yes out of them, so we chose to      sensitive civilian goods with         night-vision systems to Iran,
wings, helicopter sorties as       use the term they favor.             military uses. Night-vision           which the United States
well.                                   INSKEEP:             Admiral    devices used by U.S. troops           accuses of supplying Iraqi
      INSKEEP: So they have        Keating, thanks very much for        account for more cases than           insurgents.
given you blanket permission,      your time.                           other technology, says Steven              After-dark advantage
but they’re approving things            KEATING: Thank you,             Pelak,       Justice's      export         Military        night-vision
plane by plane, which raises       Steve.                               enforcement coordinator.              equipment:
the question of whether you’re          INSKEEP:            Timothy          Pelak and Beardall say                Goggles: Worn by combat
able to do enough this way to      Keating is the head of the U.S.      some night-vision gear has            troops and pilots
make a difference for two          Pacific Command.                     reached enemies in Iraq and                Scopes and sights: Used
million people.                                                         Afghanistan but won't discuss         for aiming weapons
      KEATING: We think it’s                                            how       much.      "Night-vision         Cameras: Used to track
making a difference. We met        USA Today                            goggles of some generation            enemy
Monday following our session       May 15, 2008                         have been found" on foes and               Source:             Defense
in Burma with the World Food       Pg. 1                                in weapons caches, Beardall           Department
Programme and then separately      13. Enemies Getting                  says, but details are "very
with United Nations officials      Sensitive U.S. Gear                  sensitive." The implications are
and so the non-governmental        Night-vision thefts, illegal         serious because U.S. troops           USA Today
organizations are exerting         exports rising                       often launch riskier missions         May 15, 2008
every effort that they can.        By Peter Eisler, USA Today           after dark to exploit their           Pg. 5
Other nations are contributing          WASHINGTON — Thefts             night-vision advantage.               14. U.S. Foes Seek Edge
as well. So it’s a multilateral,   and illegal exports of advanced           "If you look at cases where      In The Dark
multinational approach and we      military night-vision gear are       groups like the Taliban are           Night-vision devices in demand
think it is having some effect.    rising sharply, and U.S.             trying to get this stuff, that's      by Taliban
      INSKEEP:           Admiral   officials say some of the            how they want to use it, for          By Peter Eisler, USA Today
                                                                                                                                       page 15
     WASHINGTON — The                 purchases and exports.              equipment and other military         outsourcing production. ITT
e-mails, found on computer                 A handful of those cases       supplies to the Fuerzas              paid a $100 million fine, which
equipment seized from an              have involved U.S. military         Armadas Revolucionarias de           had a catch — the company
accused terrorist supporter,          personnel or civilian defense       Colombia           (Revolutionary    must invest $50 million of the
detail items the Taliban wanted       workers stealing night-vision       Armed Forces of Colombia), a         penalty in developing a new
to use against U.S. troops in         equipment        from     storage   U.S.-designated terrorist group.     generation of night-vision
Afghanistan.                          facilities and trying to pawn or    The indictment alleges that the      technology.
     "What equipment do they          sell it through eBay, Justice       equipment was to be used                  In essence, U.S. Attorney
need?" asks one message,              Department records show. In         against U.S. forces fighting         John Brownlee said, "ITT will
described      in     a    Justice    one of the biggest cases of theft   drug traffickers in Colombia.        pay $50 million in restitution
Department affidavit filed as         from a military installation,            In several other instances,     to the victims of their crimes
part of an ongoing effort to          Pentagon investigators recently     U.S. authorities have thwarted       — the American soldier."
have Babar Ahmad extradited           announced a $10,000 reward          illegal    efforts     to     ship
from Britain on charges of            for     information     on    the   night-vision equipment to
funneling money and supplies          disappearance of 34 sets of         China and Taiwan                     Washington Post
to the fighters. "Is there a          night-vision goggles and two             Foreign companies or            May 15, 2008
(smuggling)         route       for   night-vision scopes from a U.S.     governments may be seeking           Pg. V1
equipment such as tents,              base in Bamberg, Germany.           equipment they can "reverse          15. Giving Back, Getting
torches, night vision?"                    Most cases involving "a        engineer" and copy, says             Around
     The response, according to       Marine or soldier trying to take    Charles        Beardall,       the   Segways Presented to Veterans
the affidavit, uses the code          supplies       or      equipment    Pentagon's deputy inspector          Injured in Iraq, Afghanistan
words "Students" for Taliban          (involve) … just one or two         general for investigations. The      By Mark Berman, Washington
members and "Arabs" for               individuals trying to take          resulting products could be          Post Staff Writer
foreign fighters in Afghanistan.      advantage of the system," says      used      militarily   or     sold        Jeffrey Adams, a first
But there's nothing cryptic           Sharon Woods, head of the           commercially in an effort to         lieutenant with the Louisiana
about its thrust: "Night visions      Defense Criminal Investigative      grab market share from U.S.          National Guard, was on patrol
are VERY important, as                Service.                            manufacturers.                       in Baghdad on Nov. 7, 2004,
Students and Arabs, both are               The      bigger     concern,        The equipment being             when a makeshift bomb
concentrating on the special          according to Woods and other        stolen and smuggled tends to         detonated 10 feet away.
covert operations."                   officials at the Pentagon and       be far more advanced than                 "I looked down, and my
     The e-mail exchange,             Justice Department, are cases       what's generally available on        leg was gone," said Adams, 28.
which includes other references       in which agents for terrorist       the open market. Rules               His left leg was later
to smuggling night-vision             groups or criminal business         restricting the sale and export      amputated above the knee,
goggles via Pakistan, occurred        enterprises have attempted to       of night-vision technology vary      replaced with a prosthetic that
at the end of 2001, soon after        ship night-vision technology        depending on its capabilities,       now bears an Army sticker.
U.S.        troops        invaded     illegally to terrorist outfits or   according to the Commerce                 After spending 6 1/2
Afghanistan. Since then, U.S.         countries of concern, such as       Department. One set of               months at Walter Reed Army
adversaries have been trying to       Iran and China. In some recent      high-tech night-vision goggles       Medical       Center,    Adams
get the equipment, which could        cases, foreigners have set up       used by the military can cost        returned home on crutches to
erase a major tactical edge for       shell companies or shipped the      up to $4,500, Pentagon records       finish a degree in chemical
U.S. troops in Afghanistan and        equipment through multiple          show.                                engineering.
Iraq.                                 countries or third parties to            The       most      sensitive        Three years later, Adams
     "It's     considered        an   mask its final destination.         technology                includes   is all smiles -- and he is much
extremely sensitive technology             "The real threat are these     commercially          unavailable    more mobile, thanks to his new
because the highest generations       covert attempts to purchase it,"    features and often relies on         Segway.
of night vision are thought to        says Steven Pelak, the Justice      special image enhancement                 Adams was one of 29
give our troops a considerable        Department's               export   tubes that amplify even the          wounded        veterans     who
advantage, to the point where         enforcement coordinator. "You       smallest       light      sources,   received Segways last week in
we fight a significant portion        see from these cases who's          Pentagon records show. In            a ceremony at Army Navy
of our battles at night," says        trying to get this stuff —          other cases, the devices detect      Country Club in Arlington.
Clif Burns, a Washington              Taliban, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda,       heat, providing thermal images       The transporters were donated
lawyer who specializes in             the Tamil Tigers (in Sri Lanka)     that help users see in a variety     by a group called Segs4Vets,
export control issues. That,          — the list goes on, not to          of conditions.                       which gives Segways to
Burns      says,     makes      the   mention other nation states, the         Protecting the night-vision     members of the military or
technology valuable to current        Chinese,         the      Iranian   advantage is becoming more           veterans who were injured in
and potential enemies.                government, who want to             difficult as more of the             Iraq or Afghanistan and who
     Prosecutions for theft and       obtain this equipment to gain       technology leaks out.                have a permanent disability
smuggling of night-vision             an understanding of the                  Last year, ITT, a top           and difficulty walking.
equipment        have     climbed     technology" and copy it.            night-vision contractor for the           "It's amazing," Adams
steadily in recent years, and the          In a federal indictment        Defense Department, admitted         said. "It's a lot more freedom.
Justice Department says the           unsealed        this      month,    to sending restricted product        For a young male, you have
equipment leads all other             international      arms    dealer   data illegally to China,             your friends who want to do
categories        of      military    Viktor Bout was charged with        Singapore and the United             things you can't do feasibly.
technology         for      illegal   trying to sell night-vision         Kingdom with the intent of           You feel like you're holding
                                                                                                                                          page 16
them back. This helps."               who have served in Iraq and          prosthetics below both knees.        from Iraq and Afghanistan with
     Segs4Vets is run by              Afghanistan, easing an early         At one point during the              severe psychological damage
Disability Rights Advocates           challenge for the charity. And       ceremony, he stepped off his         receive the same kinds of
for Technology, a charity that        officials at the charity said they   Segway to help another veteran       military honors as those
champions barrier-free design         hope that health insurance           into a wheelchair.                   who’ve      suffered     physical
and emerging technologies.            companies will eventually see             Beatty said the Segway          losses? Defense Secretary
Founded in 2004 by Jerry Kerr,        the value of a Segway, even          will allow him to do things that     Gates says it’s an issue worth
Leonard Timm and Fred                 though it isn't a medical device.    require a lot of walking, like       looking into. National security
Kaplan, the organization is                 The program has donated        going to an amusement park           correspondent Jennifer Griffin
all-volunteer, with overhead          Segways to four military             with his children. "It'll extend     reports.
paid by board members.                medical centers, including the       my stamina," he said.                     JENNIFER          GRIFFIN:
There's no formal fundraising         National Naval Medical Center             Army          Cpl.      Joel    These wounded troops are
mechanism,            but      the    in Bethesda and Walter Reed          Dulashanti, 21, was looking          some of the 1.7 million
organization raises money             in the District, to introduce the    forward to the freedom his           veterans who have received
through word of mouth,                technology to the injured.           Segway would give him.               Purple Heart medals for
officials said. Donations can be      Those locations and others in             He has had 26 surgeries         wounds sustained in combat
made           through         the    San Antonio and San Diego            since he was shot three times        since 1932. The medal itself
organization's        Web     site,   allow medical personnel to           along the Afghanistan-Pakistan       was introduced by George                   assess and train candidates for      border May 4, 2007. He was           Washington.        These      war
     Although the Segway was          the Segs4Vets program.               serving as a sniper. His right       wounds are visible. The
not designed for disabled                   Disabled soldiers and          leg was amputated above the          wounds of a service member
people, "we found ... it was a        veterans apply online and are        knee, and he suffered severe         returning with post-traumatic
wonderful opportunity to have         turned down only if they are         abdominal damage and an              stress disorder, or PTSD, are
mobility [while] standing," said      unable to use the Segway.            injury to his left knee.             not.      Now       an     Army
Kerr, who shattered his C4            Some people have hesitated to             Dulashanti faces more           administrator treating PTSD at
vertebrae in a diving accident        apply for the program,               surgery, and he wants to use         Ft. Bliss in Texas has started a
10 years ago. Kerr, who was a         doubting that they would             his Segway to save the energy        debate inside the Pentagon and
real estate developer before the      receive such an expensive            he has been using walking            among veterans about just what
accident, preordered a Segway         device, Kerr said.                   around Walter Reed, where he         kind of wounds deserve a
before they became available                The charity also hopes to      has four hours of physical           Purple       Heart.      Defense
and first got on the device in        establish additional training        therapy a day, followed by           Secretary Robert Gates was
2003.                                 and assessment programs in           hours of meetings and other          asked to consider a Purple
     Kerr, who lives in St.           other parts of the country.          commitments.                         Heart for post-traumatic stress
Louis, said that when children              After the Segways were              "I don't get to get things      as a way to de-stigmatize the
see him in a wheelchair, they         presented at the May 7               done because I waste all my          condition, making it a, quote,
feel sorry for him. But when          ceremony in Arlington, Adams         energy walking three miles at        “worthy wound,” a way to
they see him on a Segway, they        took his for a spin outside the      the hospital," Dulashanti said.      encourage troops to get help
want one. "This doesn't draw          country club. The Segway can         But thanks to the transporter,       and        discourage        their
attention to my disability," he       travel at up to 12.5 mph, which      that should change. "I can even      commanders from mocking
said. "When I'm in this, your         "if you've been in a wheelchair,     take my dogs on a walk now."         them.
first thought isn't of my             it's really fast," Kerr said. "If         Dulashanti, who lives in             SECRETARY                 OF
disabilities."                        you've had the ability to run        Silver Spring with his wife,         DEFENSE ROBERT GATES:
     "This," Kerr said, "doesn't      and you lost the ability to run,     Lindsey, wants to attend Johns       It’s an interesting idea. I think
define us as a disabled person.       to feel the wind in your hair... .   Hopkins University to study          it’s clearly something that
This is such a perfect solution."     It's exhilarating."                  molecular and cellular biology.      needs to be looked at.
     So far, Segs4Vets has                  Adams, who lives in                 After the presentation, a            GRIFFIN: Carla Lois’s
given away 150 Segways,               Alabama and works for                group picture of the recipients      (ph) son, Noah, has a Purple
including 35 at a presentation        Boeing, said the ceremony felt       was taken outside the country        Heart. He was wounded by
in San Antonio in April. The          like a reunion. Illustrating his     club. Watching them line up,         shrapnel in his head in August,
charity expects to donate a           point, Army Staff Sgt. Dale          Kerr beamed.                         2005, while serving with the
total of 250 this year. Segway        Beatty approached on his own              "They got big smiles on         Third Infantry Division in Iraq.
has     no      affiliation   with    new Segway moments later,            their faces," he said. "I love it.   He grew up wanting to be in
Segs4Vets,         because     the    calling Adams "Alabama," and         It doesn't get any better than       the Army. He also returned
transporters are not a federally      the two bumped Segways like          this for us."                        from Iraq with severe PTSD.
approved medical device. The          a couple of moose butting                                                 He didn’t smile for 18 months
charity buys Segways from             antlers.                                                                  after returning from combat.
dealerships; models sold at                 Beatty, of North Carolina,     FNC                                       CARLA         LOIS:      We
TriState Segway in Ashburn            served a decade and was              May 14, 2008                         thought that we would never
cost $5,145 and $5,660.               injured eight days after Adams.      16. Medals For                       see our son smile again or ever
     The       military     issued    He was west of Bayji, Iraq, and      Psychological Injuries?              hear him laugh again.
Segs4Vets a blanket waiver            riding in a truck that hit an            Special Report With Brit              GRIFFIN: But Noah and
last year to allow a gift in          antitank mine. He was treated        Hume (FNC), 6:00 PM                  his friends who served say they
excess of $1,000 to severely          at Walter Reed at the same               BRIT HUME: Should                don’t want Purple Hearts for
injured active-duty members           time as Adams and now has            service members who return           PTSD.
                                                                                                                                      page 17
     LOIS: His initial reaction     way for votes today on the last     spend less when you can tax         'Political Games'
– immediate reaction and very       war funding bill of George W.       more?"                              By Associated Press
forceful was absolutely not.        Bush's presidency.                       Patty Murray (D-Wash.),             Senate Democrats blocked
     GRIFFIN: Some veterans              The surtax -- dubbed the       who is shepherding the war          a bill by Sen. John McCain that
groups want PTSD recognized         "patriots' premium" by House        funding bill through the            would have increased college
with a Purple Heart.                Majority Leader Steny H.            Senate,      said      expanded     aid for military veterans
     LOUIS                CELLI     Hoyer (D-Md.) -- would raise        education assistance is a cost      because they said it didn't go
[Committee for Vets Business        the tax rate by half a              of war. If President Bush does      far enough and would serve
Affairs]: To try to distinguish     percentage point on incomes of      not want to pay for the war         only as political cover for the
that from other wounds with         about $500,000 for individuals      through tax increases or            Republican            presidential
regard to being awarded the         and $1 million for couples.         spending cuts, he should not        candidate.
Purple      Heart    really    is   Democratic leaders hope to          protest veterans' benefits, she          Republicans offered Mr.
unconscionable. They are just       pass an enhanced G.I. Bill as       said.                               McCain's bill as an amendment
as injured as other soldiers are    part of a $184 billion measure           House           Democratic     to legislation that would give
and they need to be recognized      to fund the wars in Iraq and        leadership aides acknowledged       police officers, firefighters and
in the same way.                    Afghanistan into next year and      that the tax will probably be       other first responders the right
     GRIFFIN: Scott Golden          to finance domestic programs        stripped from the package in        to unionize. The Senate voted
served in Vietnam.                  that include flood protection       the Senate and then sent back       55-42 to kill the amendment.
     SCOTT             GOLDEN       around New Orleans and              to the House, where the G.I.             Arizona's Mr. McCain was
[Vietnam War Veteran]: I            extended         unemployment       Bill either will pass without       on the campaign circuit and not
don’t see where it devalues.        benefits,      among       other    funding or be whittled down         present for the vote.
Wounded is wounded.                 provisions.                         and approved with less                   "This vote is a message to
     GRIFFIN: This former                But the veterans benefits      controversial offsets.              Bush-McCain Republicans that
Marine, also a Vietnam              ran into united opposition from          Bush has promised to veto      the U.S. Senate will not stand
veteran, still suffers from         conservative Democrats. They        any spending bill exceeding his     for political games at the
PTSD, but he doesn’t want a         complained that its $52 billion     war funding request of $108         expense of our nation's first
Purple Heart.                       cost over 10 years would not        billion for the fiscal year that    responders and veterans," said
     LUPE            SALDANA        be funded according to              ends Sept. 30. He is likely to      Senate Majority Leader Harry
[Vietnam War Veteran]: It’s         Congress's              renewed     accept Democrats' additional        Reid of Nevada.
not an injury. It’s not a wound.    pay-as-you-go deficit-control       spending to finance the war              Mr. McCain proposed his
It’s not a blood kind of a thing,   rules.                              into next year.                     GI bill after Democrats pitched
you know. And then I think it            By fully paying for the             But the G.I. Bill presents     a more ambitious plan that
would lose its spirit of the        initiative,   House      Speaker    the GOP with a quandary. It         would essentially guarantee a
Purple Heart.                       Nancy       Pelosi    (D-Calif.)    has the support of dozens of        full scholarship to any public,
     GRIFFIN: According to          virtually ensured passage today     Republicans, including some         in-state university after serving
military regulation, the wound      of three separate measures: one     House      conservatives      and   in the military for three years.
must have occurred in combat        to fund the wars; another to        senators such as John W.            Democrats are pushing their
and must have required              finance domestic needs, such        Warner (Va.). But it is opposed     proposal, introduced by Sen.
treatment at the time by a          as extended unemployment            by Bush, the Pentagon and the       Jim Webb of Virginia as part
medic. But signs of PTSD            benefits      and      expanded     presumptive          Republican     of this year's war-spending bill.
often show up three to six          education aid for veterans; and     nominee, Sen. John McCain                The Pentagon opposes Mr.
months after the vet returns        a third that will once again        (Ariz.), who worry that its         Webb's bill because it says in
home. Some are suggesting a         seek to set a timeline for troop    benefits might entice service       part that providing such a large
compromise, a medal for             withdrawals from Iraq.              members to leave the strained       benefit after only three years of
PTSD but not the Purple Heart.           Pelosi said the tax is the     military rather than re-enlist.     service would hurt retention.
At the Pentagon, Jennifer           least the affluent can do to             Senate           Democrats          Accordingly, Republican
Griffin, Fox News.                  provide benefits that would pay     yesterday blocked an effort by      Sens.      McCain,       Lindsey
                                    tuition for veterans at even the    McCain's allies to bring a more     Graham of South Carolina and
                                    most        expensive       state   modest version of the proposal      Richard M. Burr of North
Washington Post                     universities. House Democratic      -- written by McCain and Sens.      Carolina drafted an alternative
May 15, 2008                        leadership aides practically        Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.)          that would increase to $1,500
Pg. 7                               dared Republicans to oppose         and Richard Burr (R-N.C.) --        from $1,100 the monthly
17. Democrats' War                  the measure.                        to the Senate floor for a vote.     benefit available to most
Funding Bill Adds                        "We'll see what the            Instead, they promise a vote as     veterans. The stipend would
Surtax On The Wealthy               response is going to be," she       early as next week on the           increase to $2,000 a month
By Jonathan Weisman,                said.                               original version, drafted by        after 12 years of service.
Washington Post Staff Writer             But the fate of the tax is     Warner and Sen. James Webb               Senate Democratic Whip
     House Democratic leaders       very much in doubt. House           (D-Va.).                            Dick      Durbin      said     the
yesterday embraced a surtax on      Minority Whip Roy Blunt                                                 Republican maneuvering was
the wealthy to pay for              (R-Mo.) mocked the proposal                                             intended to protect Mr.
                                    as      more     evidence      of   Washington Times                    McCain from any political
expanded education benefits
                                    Democrats'       "single-minded     May 15, 2008                        fallout for opposing the bill.
for veterans of the wars in Iraq
                                    determination" to pursue a          Pg. 4
and Afghanistan, clearing the
                                    political philosophy of "Why        18. McCain's GI Bill
                                                                                                                                         page 18
Boston Globe                                WASHINGTON -- A                   The ship programs are part      budget for billions of dollars in
May 15, 2008                           House committee endorsed           of a $606 billion defense           earmarks for ship and airplane
19. Kerry Wins                         major changes in the Navy's        spending plan for 2009              programs that create jobs in
Reprieve For Iraqi                     shipbuilding plan Wednesday,       submitted in February by the        members’ districts.
                                       including a $422 million cash      Bush administration. Each                “This bill continues the
Translator's Wife                      infusion that would push the       house    of      Congress   is      committee’s commitment to
By Globe Staff
                                       service to build two attack        developing        its     own       restoring the readiness of our
     US Senator John F. Kerry
                                       submarines per year beginning      amendments to that proposal.        military as its first priority,”
said he has been able to stave
                                       in 2010.                           Action is not expected to be        said Skelton, “Our military is
off the deportation of the wife
                                            The stepped-up schedule -     complete until the fall.            under strain after six years of
of an Iraqi translator who has
                                       the Navy is now building subs                                          combat and five years of
been decorated for his work
                                       at the rate of one per year -                                          fighting on two fronts.”
during four tours in Iraq with                                            CQ Today
                                       would be a major boost for                                                  The House may take up
the United States military.                                               May 15, 2008
                                       Northrop Grumman's Newport                                             the defense policy measure the
     The difficulties faced by                                            21. House Armed
                                       News shipyard, which shares                                            week of May 19, though
Raad Al-Hilfy, an Iraqi native,
and his wife, Norma, who
                                       submarine contracts with a         Services Cuts Missile               partisan       wrangling      over
                                       yard in Connecticut. It is far     Programs, Adds                      unrelated bills could delay it.
immigrated to the United
                                       from ensured, however.             Submarines In Markup                The Senate Armed Services
States from Guatemala, were
                                            While expressing a clear      By John M. Donnelly and Josh        Committee approved its own
described last week in a
                                       preference for two subs per        Rogin, CQ Staff                     $612.5        billion     defense
column by the Globe's Adrian
                                       year, every year, the House             Democrats brushed aside        authorization bill (S 3001) on
Walker. Norma Hilfy applied
                                       Armed Services Committee           GOP attempts to restore money       April 30, and the Senate does
for asylum while she was
                                       proposal would give Navy           to President Bush’s missile         not plan to take it up until June.
living in Nevada. She later
                                       officials the option of funding    defense program Wednesday as             Missile Defense Stirs
moved to Virginia and then to
                                       two boats in 2010 and just one     a House panel headed toward         Passions
                                       in 2011 before shifting to the     approval of a $601.4 billion             Missile defense is always a
     When the couple checked
                                       two-per-year schedule in 2012      defense authorization bill.         controversial issue in the
last year on the status of her
                                       and subsequent years.                   During                     a   defense authorization debate,
asylum       application,      they
                                            Even if the money added       sometimes-heated         markup     and this year’s House Armed
learned that a Nevada judge
                                       by the committee is approved       Wednesday, the House Armed          Services markup was no
had issued an order of removal
                                       on the House floor and in the      Services Committee rejected         exception.
in 2005. The pair are now
                                            Senate, the Navy would        amendments to restore several            The committee considered
hoping the government will
                                       have to shift funds in other       hundred million dollars left out    a draft bill that would authorize
overturn that ruling.
                                       accounts into the submarine        of the bill, but requested by the   $10.2 billion for missile
     Late last month, Kerry
                                       program to fully pay for a         president, for an anti-missile      defense programs in the
contacted the Office of
                                       second sub in 2011, said Rep.      shield in Europe and for the        coming fiscal year, including
Immigration and Customs
                                       Duncan Hunter, R-Calif. Each       Army’s next generation of           $8.6 billion dollars for the
Enforcement, as well as
                                       of the Virginia-class subs costs   weapons, the Future Combat          Missile Defense Agency. That
Secretary      of      Homeland
                                       more than $2.5 billion.            Systems.                            would fall about $719 million
Security Michael Chertoff.
                                            Hunter called the added            The committee was also         below Bush’s request.
Within days, the immigration
                                       money "a critical item of          poised to consider amendments            Within that total, the most
agency postponed Norma
                                       leverage" and warned that the      that would block the Air            hotly contested change was a
Hilfy's removal for one year so
                                       Navy's attack-submarine force      Force’s $35 billion contract to     $372 million reduction in the
that her petitions for legal
                                       could fall below 40 in future      build a fleet of refueling          administration’s $954 million
residency can be considered,
                                       years unless the pace of           tankers based on a modified         request for anti-missile sites in
Kerry's office said.
                                       shipbuilding is stepped up. The    Airbus jet.                         Poland and the Czech Republic
     "A woman whose husband
                                       Navy currently has more than            The bill (HR 5658), as         — $232 million taken from
has been wounded in action
                                       50 attack subs.                    drafted by Chairman Ike             weapons investments and $140
and awarded a Medal of
                                            Other portions of the         Skelton,       D-Mo.,      would    million from construction
Freedom should not have to
                                       shipbuilding plan that the         authorize defense programs at       accounts. The panel also
fear being deported," Kerry
                                       committee endorsed would           the Pentagon and Energy             conditioned most spending on
said in a statement. "... It is fair
                                       slow and perhaps stop the          Department in fiscal 2009,          the      project       on       the
and just that his family should
                                       development of a futuristic        including $70 billion for           administration’s submission to
be allowed to stay here with
                                       destroyer, the DDG-1000, that      several months of fighting in       Congress of a certification of
him in his adopted country."
                                       is a major component of the        Iraq and Afghanistan.               the system’s effectiveness and
                                       Navy's modernization plan.              It        would        shift   approval of the plan in the
Norfolk Virginian-Pilot                     Two of the DDG-1000           authorization for billions of       Polish and Czech parliaments.
May 15, 2008                           ships already have been            dollars requested by Bush for            “We don’t believe the
20. Panel Calls For                    funded. But the committee plan     futuristic weapons systems to       American people should be
                                       would shift $2.5 billion sought    today’s battlefield priorities      digging holes in Poland for a
Building Two Attack                    by the Bush administration for                                         system that will eventually cost
Subs Every Year                                                           and the pay and health care
                                       a third ship in the series to      needs of military families. And     over $4 billion when we don’t
By Dale Eisman, The                    build an additional amphibious                                         have ratified and signed
Virginian-Pilot                                                           it would make room in the
                                       transport and two supply ships.                                        agreements          with      their
                                                                                                                                        page 19
government,” said Ellen O.           billion request for FCS.           Committee’s         bill     would         The decision, included in
Tauscher,                D-Calif.,        The committee rejected,       authorize.                            legislation sponsored by the
chairwoman of the Strategic          23-33, an amendment by H.                The      House        panel’s   House        Armed        Services
Forces Subcommittee.                 James Saxton of New Jersey,        generosity did not stop there.        Committee chairman, could set
     Duncan        Hunter      of    the ranking Republican on the      Its bill would authorize $800         up a clash with Senate
California, the full committee’s     Air and Land Subcommittee, to      million more than Bush                counterparts who are trying to
ranking              Republican,     bring the authorization up to      requested for National Guard          steer clear of the tanker dispute
complained: “This reduction          the president’s request for        and reserve equipment, $932           in their version of the 2009
sends a terrible signal to our       FCS.                               million more for operations           defense authorization bill.
foreign friends ... who have              “At some point Congress       and maintenance funds, and                 However, Rep. Ike Skelton
supported us in this endeavor.       must give the Army the             billions more to fund unmet           (D-Mo.) offered a caveat in his
... I also wonder about the          opportunity to demonstrate         readiness needs.                      chairman’s mark: Any inquiry
message this reduction sends to      whether the system can                   The measure would also          would be done after the World
Russia and Iran.”                    perform,” Saxton said. “Let’s      authorize funds for C-17              Trade Organization (WTO)
     Republicans tried but           give the Army one year of          transport planes, up-armored          delivered its rulings on trade
failed repeatedly to reverse the     stable funding in order to let     Humvees, parts of F-22 fighter        disputes between the United
missile defense cuts. Terry          the secretary of Defense and       jets and other initiatives the        States and the European Union
Everett of Alabama, the top          the Army decide the fate of the    administration did not request.       over illegal subsidies to Airbus
Republican on the Strategic          FCS program in 2009.”                    The bill that the committee     and tax breaks for Boeing . The
Forces            Subcommittee,           Neil          Abercrombie,    was      poised      to    approve    two bitter rivals on the world’s
proposed an amendment that           D-Hawaii, chairman of the Air      Wednesday night contains no           commercial aircraft market are
would fully authorize the            and     Land      Subcommittee,    language          ordering        a   also at the center of the tanker
president’s request and allow        defended what he called            withdrawal of troops from Iraq        controversy.
procurement to go forward. It        “modest” proposed reductions       or other hot-button war-related            On Feb. 29, the Air Force
was defeated by a vote of            to the FCS program.                policy provisions. However,           picked the Airbus 330 as its
24-34.                                    “These adjustments are        those issues will play out            new tanker, selecting the team
     Everett also offered an         based on the need to shift         prominently in the debate over        of Northrop Grumman and
amendment to restore half of         funding to higher-priority         a supplemental war spending           EADS,          the       European
the $10 million that the             Army readiness needs and the       bill.                                 conglomerate        that     owns
committee          recommended       fact that the FCS program, in            For       U.S.       military   Airbus, for the contract. Since
eliminating from the request         addition to a history of delays    personnel, the House Armed            then, Boeing has launched an
for the study of a Space Test        and cost overruns, continues to    Services       measure       would    intense lobbying and public
Bed, which would pursue              operate in violation of many       authorize a 3.9 percent pay           relations campaign to overturn
space-based           interceptor    major Department of Defense        raise, 0.5 percentage points          the contract.
weapons. That amendment also         acquisition           policies,”   more than the administration’s             Boeing,        aided       by
failed, 26-33.                       Abercrombie said.                  request. The bill does not            congressional supporters, has
     The committee rejected,              Submarine           Funds     contain the administration’s          argued            that         the
25-34, an amendment from             Approved                           proposed increases in fees and        Northrop-EADS team had an
Trent Franks, R-Ariz., that               Bush             requested    co-payments          under      the   unfair     advantage      because
would have added $100 million        procurement of one new             military’s Tricare health care        Airbus received government
for the Multiple Kill Vehicle        Virginia-class submarine in his    program and adds $1.2 billion         launch money for the A330,
program, which aims to launch        fiscal 2009 budget request.        to cancel out Bush’s assumed          thus reducing the price of its
several interceptor warheads at           The House committee bill      savings in the program. The           bid.
once to defeat multiple              endorsed that request, but it      Senate       Armed        Services         The U.S. defense giant
incoming missiles or decoys.         also outlined another $300         Committee’s bill echoes the           also filed an official protest
     Franks vowed to try on the      million to start building a        House measure on the pay              with        the      Government
House floor to restore the           second one in fiscal 2010. The     raise and Tricare rates.              Accountability             Office,
funds.                               committee approved by voice              Lydia            Gensheimer     Congress’s watchdog arm. The
     Reductions for Future           vote an amendment offered by       contributed to this story.            GAO is expected to rule on the
Combat Systems                       Hunter that would add $422                                               protest by June 19.
     Another flap occurred over      million for the Navy to start                                                 Based on what the WTO
a proposed $200 million              preparing for a second sub in      The Hill                              finds in either case, the Air
reduction to Bush’s $3.6             fiscal 2011.                       May 15, 2008                          Force Secretary would have 90
billion request for the Future            In comparison, the Senate     22. Air Force Prodded                 days from the rulings to
Combat Systems, or FCS, an           panel’s bill would add $79         To Probe Subsidies In                 conduct a review, allowing
integrated group of vehicles,        million to Bush’s request for      Tanker Contract                       time for public comment on the
aircraft      and       computer     advance procurement of a           By Roxana Tiron                       effect of illegal subsidies on
technology       designed      to    second sub.                             House defense authorizers        the program, for consultation
enhance Army capabilities.                All told, the House           are directing the Air Force to        with      federal      government
     The program has faced           measure would authorize the        review       whether       illegal    experts, and to speak with
technical     challenges     and     Navy to start building up to 13    government subsidies played           officials at both the Northrop
ballooning cost estimates. The       ships. The administration had      any role in a contentious             Grumman-EADS team and
Senate Armed Services bill           requested eight, the number        refueling tanker contract.            Boeing.
would authorize the full $3.6        that the Senate Armed Services                                                If the Air Force determines
                                                                                                                                           page 20
the illegal subsidy had a            reimbursable launch loans are          modernization          endeavor.    and at least one of the five
“material impact” that calls         carried on EADS’s balance              Boeing and SAIC are the lead        accused in the Sept. 11
into question the “fairness” of      sheet as liabilities and are           contractors for that program —      conspiracy has not yet seen an
the contract award, the service      listed in the company’s annual         headquartering their operations     attorney, said Army Col. Steve
leaders have the right to take       report.                                in St. Louis, Akin’s district.      David, chief defense counsel.
“appropriate measures” to                 Pricing on both the Airbus             Meanwhile, the committee             "He's set them for
remove the impact of the             and      Boeing      planes       is   approved on a bipartisan basis      arraignment," said David, who
illegal subsidy and make the         determined         through         a   an additional $722 million to       in civilian life is an an Indiana
process “fair to all,” according     complicated       process      that    allow the Navy to start             judge. "So absent a motion for
to the legislative language in       includes several market-driven         building two submarines a year      continuance and a favorable
the chairman’s mark.                 factors.                               in 2010, 2011 and 2012 —            ruling, there will be an
     But the provision leaves             At press time, the panel          accelerating the Navy’s current     arraignment then. Whether or
that to the discretion of the        had not yet voted on the final         schedule.                           not everyone has had access to
Secretary of the Air Force. It is    passage of the $601.4 billion               Additionally, the House        their client or had enough
unclear when the WTO would           2009 defense authorization bill,       Armed Services Committee is         access to their client -- I don't
rule on either of the cases, but     but      provisions     in      the    requesting that the Pentagon        know."
it could be several more             chairman’s       mark      largely     clearly delineate its request for         Also complicating the
months until that happens. The       remain untouched during the            the wars in Afghanistan and         date, the Navy lawyer for
discussion could spill into the      bill consideration process.            Iraq and separate the requests      Mohammed's nephew, Ammar
next presidency and a new                 However, the provision            for the two wars. The provision     Baluchi, who is also charged in
Secretary of the Air Force with      may face a hard time in                in Skelton’s mark expresses         the conspiracy, has a court
a different approach than the        conference negotiations with           concern that the Pentagon’s         conflict that day. He is Navy
current secretary, Michael           the Senate. The Senate Armed           requests for Afghanistan have       Lt. Cmdr. Brian Mizer, who is
Wynne.                               Services Committee did not             not been transparent because        doing double duty as military
     Skelton       has      urged    include       any      provisions      they have been lumped in with       defense lawyer for Osama bin
lawmakers not to take any            regarding        the        tanker     those for Iraq.                     Laden's driver, Salim Hamdan
legislative action to undo the       controversy and senators on the                                            of Yemen. Hamdan'strial is
Air Force’s tanker contract and      committee have opted to wait                                               now scheduled to open June 2
to let the GAO do its work.          for the results of the GAO             Miami Herald                        and is expected to last at least a
     Nonetheless, if the WTO         review before deciding whether         May 15, 2008                        week.
rules against the European           to weigh in on the tanker              23. Khalid Sheik                          Arraignment is the formal
Union, the provision will likely     program,        according        to    Mohammed Gets June 5                reading of charges, with the
open up the floodgates for           congressional sources.                 Court Date                          accused and their attorneys in
criticism and renew lobbying              Additionally,          House      By Carol Rosenberg                  court -- in this instance
from Boeing and its supporters.      Armed Services Committee                    The chief judge of the         accusing the five men of the
     Sen.      John       McCain     members agreed to authorize            Guantánamo Bay war court has        worst terror attack on U.S. soil.
(R-Ariz.), the ranking member        $100 million within the Navy’s         set June 5 for the first court      It is the first capital case to go
of the Senate Armed Services         F-18 E/F Super Hornet                  appearances of reputed 9/11         before a commission.
panel, urged the Air Force last      program that would allow the           mastermind Khalid Sheik                   By military commissions
year not to let the WTO cases        plane’s builder, Boeing, to take       Mohammed and four alleged           rules, an accused must go
determine its decision for the       steps to reduce the cost of the        co-conspirators.                    before a war court judge within
tanker. McCain, the GOP              fighter jet either for a                    The judge, Marine Col.         30 days of approval and
presidential candidate, was          year-to-year buy of the plane,         Ralph Kohlmann, notified            service of charges -- unless the
instrumental almost five years       or for a new multiyear buy             military defense attorneys by       defense seeks and gets a delay.
ago in thwarting a corrupt           should the Navy decide to              email Wednesday afternoon                 Navy        Lt.     Richard
leasing deal for new tankers         enter a third such contract with       that he would preside over the      Federico, who is co-defense
between the Air Force and            Boeing. Boeing has been                case himself. He scheduled          counsel for defendant Ramzi
Boeing.                              pressing        the       defense      arraignment of the five men at      bin al Shibh, said defense
     The revelation of the           committees to approve the              the U.S. Navy base in               attorneys were considering
corrupt deal ultimately led to       money that would ultimately            southeast Cuba.                     applying to Kohlmann for a
the competition for the new          position the company to enter               That date is likely to         delay.
refueling tanker contract.           another multiyear contract with        precede a U.S. Supreme Court              "It's under discussion," he
     As part of the tanker           the Navy.                              ruling on whether Guantánamo        said.
competition, Air Force officials          Another Boeing program,           detainees are entitled to                 A senior Pentagon official
extracted a commitment from          the Future Combat Systems,             challenge their detention in        approved the Sept. 11, 2001,
both bidders that they would         took a hit during Wednesday’s          civilian courts, expected in late   conspiracy case on Friday. It
not be affected by the WTO           markup. The panel agreed to            June before the high court ends     was not known on Wednesday
case, even if it resulted in hefty   slash $200 million from the            this year's term.                   whether the charges had been
penalties against either the U.S.    $3.6 billion Pentagon request.              It was unclear whether the     translated       and     officially
or EU.                               Several GOP members on the             date would hold. Kohlmann           presented to the five alleged
     EADS has repaid all             committee, including Todd              instructed the lawyers to let       terrorists, who are now held at
reimbursable government loans        Akin (Mo.) and Jim Saxton              him know if they sought delay.      a secluded site at Guantánamo,
related to the A330, including       (N.J.), attempted to restore full           It's just three weeks away,    called Camp 7.
principal and interest. All          funding for the Army’s largest                                                   Kohlmann, a veteran of
                                                                                                                                       page 21
the first commissions, has the       who disappeared for years into      tribunals forward, pointing to       former senior Army officers.
power to assign judges from a        secret CIA custody.                 formal charges announced this             The choices suggest that
pool of military judges whose             While all their military       week against confessed Sept.         the unusual decision to put the
services have loaned them to         defense lawyers may yet meet        11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh          top U.S. officer in Iraq in
run trials at the first U.S. war     them, none of the civilian          Mohammed and four alleged            charge of the promotions board
crimes tribunals since World         defense lawyers -- whom the         co-conspirators.           Their     has generated new thinking on
War II.                              American       Civil Liberties      arraignment        has      been     the qualities of a successful
     In the case of Mohammed,        Union was paying to help            scheduled for June 5 at the          Army officer -- and also
known as KSM, and the other          defend them -- had by               U.S. naval base in southeast         deepened Petraeus's imprint on
alleged al Qaeda financiers and      Wednesday overcome Defense          Cuba.                                the Army. Petraeus, who spent
operators, he assigned himself.      Department security hurdles to            "The focus should not go       nearly four of the past five
He had likewise presided over        travel to Guantánamo and see        away from the fact that these        years in Iraq and has seen
the March 2007 trial of David        their clients.                      five cases are going ahead           many of the colonels in action
Hicks of Australia, who                                                  jointly," he said.                   there,     faces    confirmation
ultimately pleaded guilty to                                                   Hartmann supervises the        hearings next week to take
providing material support for                     chief         prosecutor        at   charge of Central Command,
terrorism.                           May 15, 2008                        Guantanamo and has extensive         which oversees U.S. forces in
     Hicks admitted to serving       24. Guantanamo                      powers over the tribunal             the Middle East and Central
as an al Qaeda foot soldier in       Official Says He's Not              system in his role as adviser.       Asia.
Afghanistan in the 2001 U.S.         Resigning                                 At an April 28 hearing at           Army       Secretary    Pete
invasion. In exchange he got a       By Michael Melia, Associated        Guantanamo, former chief             Geren asked Petraeus to head
nine-month sentence, mostly          Press                               prosecutor Air Force Col.            the board, which convened in
served in Australia, and is now           A Pentagon official said       Morris Davis testified that          late 2007, and instructed it to
free in his homeland.                Wednesday he will not resign        Hartmann meddled in his              stress innovation in selecting a
     Kohlmann's            current   as legal adviser to war-crimes      office and pushed for certain        new generation of one-star
timetable for KSM's first-ever       tribunals     at   Guantanamo,      cases to be pursued over others      generals, the officers said.
court appearance gives the           despite his removal from the        based          on        political   Several of the colonels widely
Pentagon three weeks to fix a        trial of Osama bin Laden's          considerations. Davis resigned       expected to appear on the
series of glitches that, just last   driver because of a lack of         in October.                          resulting promotion list, which
week, bedeviled the new $12          impartiality.                             But Hartmann said in the       has not yet been released, are
million Expeditionary Legal               But Air Force Brig. Gen.       interview that he operated           considered        unconventional
Complex at Guantánamo.               Thomas Hartmann left open           within his mandate by ensuring       thinkers who were effective in
     During its first official       the possibility that he could       that prosecutors were properly       the Iraq campaign, in many
court use, the audio broke, the      step aside if questions about       trained and motivated in an          cases because they embraced a
video froze and the power cut        his neutrality bog down other       office "that was not functioning     counterinsurgency doctrine that
in succession -- sending guards      cases.                              at its peak."                        Petraeus helped craft, the
scurrying to surround an                  "I am the legal adviser              The U.S. says it plans to      officials said.
alleged al Qaeda member at his       today. We take it one day at a      prosecute about 80 of the                 They include Special
arraignment.                         time," Hartmann said in an          roughly 270 men held at              Forces Col. Ken Tovo, a
     The Defense Department          interview with The Associated       Guantanamo on suspicion of           veteran of multiple Iraq tours
specifically      designed     the   Press.                              links to terrorism, al-Qaida or      who recently led a Special
state-of-the-art,                         Last week, a military          the Taliban.                         Operations task force there;
eavesdrop-proof courtroom for        judge barred Hartmann from                                               Col. H.R. McMaster, a senior
the trials of the former             participating in the case against                                        Petraeus adviser known for
CIA-held captives accused of                                             Washington Post                      leading         a      successful
                                     Salim      Hamdan       -     the
orchestrating      the     suicide                                       May 15, 2008                         counterinsurgency effort in the
                                     Guantanamo inmate expected
hijackings that killed 2,973                                             Pg. 4                                Iraqi city of Tall Afar, and Col.
                                     to be the first to go to trial -
people from the World Trade          because he aligned himself too      25. Army's Next Crop                 Sean MacFarland, who created
Center to the Pentagon to a          closely     with     prosecutors.   Of Generals Forged In                a network of patrol bases in
Pennsylvania field.                  Hartmann said he will abide by      Counterinsurgency                    Ramadi that helped control
     The courtroom has a mute        the judge's ruling and noted        By Ann Scott Tyson,                  violence in the capital of Anbar
button so spectators in an           that he did not testify in the      Washington Post Staff Writer         Province, according to the
adjacent gallery cannot hear if      Hamdan case.                             An Army board headed by         officers.
any of the accused try to spill           Defense lawyers have           Gen. David H. Petraeus has                In an article published this
state secrets, such as where and     signaled they will allege           selected several combat-tested       year on the lessons of Iraq and
how they were interrogated in        improper influence in other         counterinsurgency experts for        Afghanistan,           McMaster
years of secret, overseas CIA        cases as well, meaning there        promotion to the rank of             challenged what he called the
custody.                             could be a spate of setbacks for    brigadier    general,   sifting      military's preoccupation in the
     The Pentagon is inviting        the already delayed war crimes      through more than 1,000              1990s with technology, to the
some 60 journalists to the           tribunals.                          colonels to identify a handful       neglect of the political and
KSM court date. It may well be            Nonetheless,      Hartmann     of innovative leaders who will       cultural dimensions of war.
the first time that anyone but       said he remains focused on          shape the future Army,               Military leaders must end the
the U.S. military or intelligence    making progress in moving the       according to current and             "self-delusion" that high-tech
agents will see the five men                                                                                  weapons and a "minimalist"
                                                                                                                                          page 22
commitment of forces can             has headed the Joint Special         Cooperation To Combat                dangerous in the world.
solve conflicts, he wrote.           Operations Command for               Sea Piracy                               Ships from Denmark,
     The promotion list has          Central Command. The Senate               COPENHAGEN (AFP) --             France, Spain and Japan have
attracted keen attention from        is expected to act this month on     The United States called             been hijacked by pirates in the
younger Army officers who are        McChrystal's nomination to           Wednesday        for    increased    region in the past six months
weary from multiple tours in         become director of the Joint         civilian       and        military   and released after ransom
Iraq and Afghanistan. "This          Staff. Another member was Lt.        cooperation worldwide to             money was paid.
sends a signal to the junior         Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the senior     combat sea piracy, off the
officers who are laboring in the     military aide to Defense             perilous coasts of Africa in
trenches, literally, that the        Secretary Robert M. Gates who                                             Washington Times
                                                                          particular.                          May 15, 2008
Army is trying to cast itself in     served twice as a senior U.S.             Maritime forces should
a new mold," said retired Army       commander in Iraq and was                                                 Pg. 15
                                                                          unite with insurance and
Maj. Gen. Robert H. Scales Jr.,      nominated last month to              shipping companies to make it
                                                                                                               27. Online Warfare
a defense consultant and             become the Army vice chief of        "so hard, so difficult, and high     Research Outlined
former head of the Army War          staff, the officials said. Also on   risk for pirates to undertake        Air Force eyes taking lead role
College. "The quickest way to        the board was Maj. Gen.              their business that they stop        By Shaun Waterman, United
change the Army is at the            Anthony Cucolo, who has              doing it," Admiral Gary              Press International
brigadier general level. That is     experience in Afghanistan,           Roughead, the chief of US                 Procurement documents
the surest way to turn the ship,     they said.                           navy operations, told AFP.           released by the U.S. Air Force
because those names are how                Currently, the Army has             He was speaking on the          give a rare glimpse into
those young officers intuit          4,000 colonels and 154               sidelines of a conference in         Pentagon plans for developing
where the Army is going," he         one-star generals. The board         Copenhagen        on     maritime    an      offensive       cyber-war
said.                                first conducts a yes or no vote      security which grouped more          capacity that can infiltrate,
     The one-star-general list,      on about 1,000 to 2,000              than 200 representatives from        steal data from and, if
which requires congressional         colonels, who are each ranked.       60 countries, including navies,      necessary, take down enemy
approval, was expected to be         Then the presiding officer           non-governmental                     information-technology
released months ago but has          determines where to draw the         organisations and NATO.              networks.
been delayed, partly due to a        cutoff for a pool of a few                The two-day meeting was              The        Broad        Area
requirement that to qualify for      hundred whose files will be          organised by Denmark and the         Announcement,              posted
promotion Army colonels must         discussed individually. Several      United States to discuss ways        Monday by the Air Force
attend a course designed to          colonels who worked under            of combatting a disturbing rise      Research             Laboratory's
improve their understanding of       Petraeus have already been           in incidents of sea piracy.          Information Directorate in
other military services. Several     selected       for     promotion,         "Cooperation is the key.        Rome, N.Y., outlines a
colonels who served under            including all three brigade          One country can't do it alone,"      two-year, $11 million effort to
Petraeus -- including some said      commanders who served under          Roughead said, citing the            develop capabilities to "access
to be on the list -- are currently   him when he commanded the            example of efforts made by           to any remotely located open
attending or are scheduled to        101st Airborne Division in           countries bordering the strait of    or closed computer information
attend the 10-week course,           Iraq, as well as one who             Malacca.                             systems," lurk on them
called     Joint     Professional    recently headed his command               Faced with "significant"        "completely          undetected,"
Military Education Phase II in       initiatives group.                   piracy problems, "Singapore,         "stealthily              exfiltrate
Norfolk.                                   According to Scales, the       Malaysia and Indonesia came          information" from them and
     In the past, a number of        word in Army circles is that         together, put together ways of       ultimately "be able to affect
colonels received waivers and        McMaster will be given a key         sharing information (and)            computer information systems
were promoted without taking         role shaping future Army             began in an effective way            through      Deceive,       Deny,
the class. But Army officials        doctrine. "We are in a very          patrolling the area," he said.       Disrupt, Degrade, Destroy
said the Pentagon has pushed         similar place now to the period           "They have essentially          (D5) effects."
to minimize that practice. Rep.      after Vietnam in the 1970s,          reduced piracy for the last five          "Of       interest,"       the
Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), chairman        when a lot of officers returned      years from an excessive 50           announcement says, "are any
of the House Armed Services          and everyone was asking 'What        events a year to one this year,"     and all techniques to enable
Committee, is a proponent of         is next?' " said Scales. "It's       he added.                            user and/or root-level access to
the joint education, said            time now for the Army to think            But acts of piracy have         both fixed [and] mobile
committee spokeswoman Lara           about      the      future     and   continued        to      increase    computing platforms ... [and]
Battles.                             institutionally anticipate the       elsewhere around the world. In       methodologies to enable access
     Promotion boards are            changing nature of war."             2007, there were 263, up from        to any and all operating
sworn to secrecy, and none of              Staff writer Thomas E.         239 in 2006, according to the        systems,       patch       levels,
the known board members or           Ricks contributed to this            International           Maritime     applications and hardware."
officers said to be selected         report.                              Organisation.                             The announcement is the
would discuss the issue.                                                       Waters off the coast of         latest stage in the Air Force"s
     The      Petraeus      board                                         Somalia -- which has not had         effort to develop a cyber-war
included several prominent                                                                  capability and establish itself
                                     May 14, 2008                         an effective central government
veterans of the Iraq and                                                  for more than 17 years and is        as the service that delivers U.S.
Afghanistan wars, the officials      26. U.S. Calls For                   plagued by insecurity -- are         military power in cyberspace.
said. These include Lt. Gen.         International                        considered among the most                 Last year, the Air Force
Stanley A. McChrystal, who                                                                                     announced it was setting up a
                                                                                                                                          page 23
Cyberspace             Command,      America from defending itself        29. Single Marines Get                the Marine Corps' mission to
alongside its Space and Air          if the harm is sufficiently          New Digs                              expand by 22,000 service
commands,           and       was    grave," wrote Col. Williamson        By Rick Rogers, Staff Writer          members within roughly the
developing military doctrine         in the article, which officials           CAMP PENDLETON –                 same time period.
for     the    prosecution      of   were keen to stress does not         Camp       Pendleton      officials         The barracks building that
cyber-war operations.                represent U.S. policy.               yesterday unveiled a new              opened yesterday in the Horno
     The United States is not             More important, because         barracks building, the first of       section of the base cost $21.4
alone in thinking along these        of the difficulties in identifying   24 to be constructed on the           million to complete. Its design,
lines, and NATO announced            attackers and immediately            base in the next two years for        based on recommendations
yesterday that seven European        quantifying damage from a            single Marines.                       from focus groups of young
nations had signed up to             cyber-attack, it can be hard to           The four-story, 170-room         Marines, likely will serve as
participate in a cyber-defense       determine when such attacks          structure represents nothing          the blueprint for future
Center of Excellence, in             constitute an act of war as          less than an about-face by the        barracks at Marine installations
Tallinn,      Estonia,      which    opposed to crime or even             Marine Corps on the issue of          nationwide.
suffered a cyber-attack last         vandalism.                           housing for unmarried troops,               With its brick facade and
year that many officials think            "No one"s come out and          who make up about half of the         activity center, the building
was orchestrated by Russia.          defined that yet," Air Force         service and spend more time           resembles a college dormitory
     The center will conduct         Cyberspace              Command      fighting overseas than their          more than military barracks.
research and training on             spokeswoman Karen Pepitt             married counterparts.                       Out are metal bunks,
cyber-warfare and include a          told United Press International,          “We just fundamentally           standing lockers and open bays
staff of 30 people, half of them     adding that the Air Force saw        had to change the way we were         where 50 or more Marines
specialists from the sponsoring      its    role     as     developing    treating them,” said Maj. Gen.        sleep. Also out are basketball
countries — Estonia, Germany,        capabilities for cyber-war, but      Mike Lehnert, commander of            courts without lights, and
Italy,     Latvia,      Lithuania,   that the decision about when         Marine Corps Installations            washers and dryers that
Slovakia and Spain, according        and how to use those                 West. “We didn't want Marines         dominate small, closed rooms.
to a statement from NATO.            capabilities would be one for        getting married just to get out             In are two-person rooms
     The            developments     the national leadership.             of the barracks. When Marines         with walk-in closets and
highlight the murky legal                                                 say they were living better in        matching wooden beds and
territory    on      which     the                                        Fallujah (Iraq), it hurts.”           desks. Also in are banks of
cyber-wars of the future will be     New York Times                                                             gleaming washers and dryers
                                     May 15, 2008                              Camp              Pendleton's
fought: terrain on which                                                  emphasis on family housing in         where troops can do laundry
attackers can cloak their            28. Marine Charged In                the past decade might have            while watching TV, areas with
identity and use as weapons the      Iraq Shooting                        come at the expense of single         wireless      Internet     access,
home          computers         of        CAMP         PENDLETON,         Marines, who live in barracks         surround-sound chairs for the
unsuspecting Web surfers that        Calif.     (AP)     —     Camp       that are about three decades          video-game room, pool tables
have      been     recruited    to   Pendleton’s         commanding       old.                                  and lighted volleyball and
so-called "botnets" networks of      general has ordered a marine to           Three years ago, Lehnert         basketball courts.
PCs that unbeknownst to their        be tried for murder in the           convinced Marine commandant                 “This not not your
owners          have         been    killing of an unarmed detainee       Gen. Michael Hagee that               mother's (bachelor enlisted
compromised by hackers.              in Falluja, Iraq.                    money – a lot of it – was             quarters),” Lehnert said. “If
     In a recent article for the          Sgt. Jermaine Nelson, of        needed for bachelor barracks at       you think about what the
Armed Forces Journal, Col.           New York, is among three             Camp Pendleton. The current           Marines are being asked to do
Charles Williamson, a staff          marines accused of shooting          commandant, Gen. James                in war, they deserve this.”
judge advocate for U.S. Air          unarmed captives in November         Conway,         worked        with          He and other commanders
Force                Intelligence,   2004.                                congressional leaders to line up      insisted that new barracks
Surveillance                  and         Sergeant Nelsa, 26, is          the funding.                          feature public spaces for
Reconnaissance Agency, wrote         charged with unpremeditated               The       result:      Camp      communal        interaction     so
that computer users whose            murder and dereliction of duty.      Pendleton's       $1.1      billion   Marines don't feel isolated
equipment was recruited to           He told investigators in March       facilities renovation package         sitting in their rooms. They
botnets because they failed to       2007 that his squad leader had       for fiscal years 2008 and 2009        said camaraderie on a base
patch their systems could not        demanded help shooting four          is larger than that of any other      translates to camaraderie on the
properly       be      considered    detainees after guns were            Marine base. Nearly $800              battlefield.
bystanders.                          found in the house where the         million will go toward erecting             Most Marines at Camp
     "If the United States is        Iraqis were held.                    barracks. The rest will be used       Pendleton have served at least
defending itself against an               Sergeant           Nelson’s     for repairing and maintaining         one combat deployment. Base
attack that originates from a        attorney, Joseph Low, has said       training sites, gyms and other        officials said it's important that
computer which was co-opted          he obeyed what he perceived as       infrastructure.                       troops talk about their wartime
by an attacker, then there are       an order.                                 Camp Pendleton's leaders         experiences instead of shutting
real questions about whether              Sergeant Nelson faces life      plan to spend more money              themselves away.
the owner of that computer is        in prison if convicted.              from 2010 to 2013 on projects               Enlisted Marines will start
truly innocent. At the least, the                                         to help the base accommodate          living in the freshly minted
owner may be culpably                                                     4,000 more troops. The                building later this week.
negligent, and that does not, in     San Diego Union-Tribune                                                          “They are anxious to move
                                                                          anticipated growth is part of
fairness or law, prevent             May 15, 2008                                                               in there, that's for sure,” said
                                                                                                                                         page 24
Pfc. James Stein, 23, of his        Technology Strategic Guidance        juveniles were still being held      held in detention facilities in
fellow Marines from the 2nd         and several others.                  in Bagram, Afghanistan, out of       Iraq. In February, according to
Battalion,      1st      Marine          By consolidating guidance       90 that had been captured in         the U.S. report, a plan was
Regiment. They will be the          into one volume, Pentagon            that country since 2002,             approved to improve education
first service members to call       officials hope to provide to         according to the report.             programs available to juvenile
the barracks home.                  service planners -- those                  Eight    juveniles     were    detainees.
     “If you are in the field for   responsible       for     making     brought to Guantanamo Bay
week or a month, this place         strategic resource allocations --    since 2002, having been
will welcome you home,” said        a single, authoritative text.        captured at ages ranging from        Washington Post
Pfc. Herbert Hartfield, 20. “For         The Guidance for the            13 to 17. Although there are no      May 15, 2008
those who have experienced          Employment of the Force              juveniles at the prison in Cuba      Pg. 1
combat,     it    is    certainly   (GEF),        developed         in   now, two people being held --        32. Venezuela Offered
deserved.”                          coordination with the National       21-year-old Omar Khadr and           Aid To Colombian
                                    Security Council and recently        23-year-old Mohammed Jawad           Rebels
                                    reviewed by President Bush,          -- were under 18 when they           Officials Served as Middlemen
Inside The Pentagon                 sets forth priorities for crafting   arrived. Both are facing trial by    With Arms Dealers, Files Show
May 15, 2008                        contingency plans over the           a military commission on             By Juan Forero, Washington
Pg. 1                               next two years, the senior           charges of attempted murder.         Post Foreign Service
30. Gates Signs Planning            Pentagon official said.                    Three of the other six              CARACAS, Venezuela,
Documents To Guide                       The GEF also consolidates       juveniles     once      held    at   May 14 -- High-ranking
Investments, Operations             in one place what was                Guantanamo were sent back to         officials in Venezuela offered
     Defense Secretary Robert       previously issued in a number        Afghanistan in 2004, where           to help Colombian guerrillas
Gates this week approved two        of documents, including the          they were put into a UNICEF          obtain surface-to-air missiles
key       strategic     planning    Contingency              Planning    rehabilitation program for child     meant to change the balance of
documents designed to guide         Guidance, policy guidance for        soldiers, according to the           power in their war with the
the development of war and          the employment of nuclear            report. The last three juveniles     Colombian           government,
contingency plans as well as        weapons, and the Security            were transferred back to their       according to internal rebel
the Pentagon’s weapon system        Cooperation Guidance.                home countries.                      documents.
investment             blueprint,        -- Jason Sherman                      The ACLU decried what is            Venezuelan           officials
according to a senior defense                                            described as a "lack of              served as middlemen with
official.                                                                safeguards"        for     youths    Australian arms dealers and
                                    Washington Post                      captured by the U.S. military
     On May 12, Gates signed                                                                                  agreed to help the rebel
                                    May 15, 2008                         and "no comprehensive policy
the     “Guidance      for    the                                                                             commanders travel to the
                                    Pg. 11                               in place" for dealing with
Development of the Force” and                                                                                 Middle East to receive missile
the     “Guidance      for    the   31. U.S. Has Detained                juveniles.                           training, according to files on
Employment of the Force,”           2,500 Juveniles as                         "Juveniles and former          computer hard drives seized by
both      classified,    biennial   Enemy Combatants                     child soldiers should be treated     Colombian authorities and
documents        that   Pentagon    By Walter Pincus, Washington         first and foremost as candidates     shown to The Washington
officials had originally hoped      Post Staff Writer                    for       rehabilitation      and    Post. In interviews, Colombian
to have in place in early                The United States has           reintegration into society, not      officials said they have no
February.                           detained approximately 2,500         subjected         to       further   evidence that the guerrillas
     “Those are the Defense         people younger than 18 as            victimization," Jamil Dakwar,        obtained      the      antiaircraft
Department’s two primary            illegal enemy combatants in          director of the ACLU's human         missiles, but added that
strategic planning documents,”      Iraq,      Afghanistan      and      rights program, said in a            Venezuelan authorities appear
said a senior Pentagon official.    Guantanamo Bay since 2002,           statement.                           to have provided light arms,
     Previously called Strategic    according to a report filed by             In Iraq, where the U.S.        thousands of rounds of
Planning       Guidance,      the   the Bush administration with         military holds more than             ammunition                     and
Guidance for the Development        the United Nations Committee         20,000 Iraqis in detention           rocket-propelled          grenade
of the Force (GDF) considers a      on the Rights of the Child.          centers, the United States           launchers.
20-year view of the security             Although 2,400 of the           reported the average stay of a            The     disclosures      have
environment to inform the           juveniles were captured in Iraq      juvenile as less than a year and     already started to reverberate in
construction of the Pentagon’s      after the U.S.-led invasion in       said a "majority of juvenile         the Bush administration and
fiscal year 2010 to 2015            March 2003, only 500 are still       detainees are released within        among        Latin       America
spending plan, now being put        held in detention facilities in      six months."                         policymakers on Capitol Hill,
together by the military            that        country.        The            A "very small percentage,"     where a small group of
services and defense agencies.      administration's report, which       however, have been kept for          Republicans has proposed
     The GDF also replaces a        was made public yesterday by         more than a year because the         classifying Venezuela, a major
handful of guidance documents       the American Civil Liberties         juveniles were "assessed to be       oil exporter to the United
previously      issued    on    a   Union, says that most of the         of a high enough threat level,"      States, as a state sponsor of
two-year cycle, including the       detained Iraqi youths were           the report said.                     terrorism. The United States
Transformation          Planning    "engaging in anti-coalition                In August 2007, the U.S.       and      Europe      long      ago
Guidance,         the    Posture    activity."                           military established a juvenile      blacklisted       the        rebel
Guidance, the Science and                As of last month, 10            education center in Iraq. At         organization,                   the
                                                                         that time, 820 juveniles were
                                                                                                                                             page 25
Revolutionary Armed Forces             and hard drives in a rebel camp      presence of narco-trafficking in      for its assault rifles, as well as
of Colombia, or FARC, as a             just inside Ecuador's northern       Venezuela, of camps in                explosives. The guerrilla, who
terrorist group.                       border.      The       documents     Venezuela, and they have              operated inside Venezuela's
     At Colombia's request,            belonged to Luis Edgar Devia,        never responded," he said.            border,       said    Venezuelan
Interpol, the international            alias Raúl Reyes, a top                   In Washington, officials         authorities      also    provided
police agency, has completed           commander killed in an               are worried that Venezuela's          sanctuary to guerrilla units
an extensive forensic analysis         airstrike on the camp.               aid to the FARC, if proved,           escaping Colombian attacks.
on the hard drives, which were              But documents released          could threaten the progress                "It's a state policy. What
confiscated in an army raid on         more recently to the Wall            Colombia has made against the         we were told was that Chávez
a rebel camp on March 1. On            Street Journal, El Pais of           FARC. "I think the obvious            liked to see us expand in
Thursday, Interpol is expected         Madrid and The Post reveal           problem is that a serious threat      Venezuela and in Colombia,"
to announce that there is no           that ties between Venezuela's        to both Colombia and a                said the guerrilla, who spoke
evidence that anyone tampered          government and the FARC              terrorist threat in the region has    on the condition his name not
with the hard drives after they        included plans to procure a          apparently had pretty direct          be used.
were seized, though the agency         range of arms to help the            support from Chávez and his                In FARC correspondence,
cannot vouch for the veracity          guerrillas turn back Colombian       government," John P. Walters,         the guerrillas talk about
of the rebels' claims, according       government offensives.               the White House drug policy           obtaining       weapons      either
to an American official                     "What they show is that         chief, said by phone from             directly from the Venezuelans,
knowledgeable about the study.         the level of cooperation was         Washington.                           or with their help. On March 1,
     The documents are the             much more than what we had                Still,     a    high-ranking     2007, a commander named
latest to be released among            earlier estimated," Colombian        official      in     the      Bush    Rodrigo Londoño Echeverry
16,000 files and photographs           Defense Minister Juan Manuel         administration and senior aides       says Venezuelan intelligence
being reviewed by Colombian            Santos said in an interview this     in Congress said the United           operatives offer "parts to build"
and U.S. officials that describe       week. "We knew there was a           States must remain cautious           antiaircraft missiles.
meetings       between       FARC      level of cooperation, but not as     about drawing conclusions                  Another letter, from a
commanders and Venezuelan              intense, not as close and not as     from the documents and                commander named Marin
officials, including Interior          effective as we're now seeing."      prudent about the adoption of         Arango on Jan. 20, 2007, talks
Minister Ramón Rodríguez                    Former FARC guerrillas          policy initiatives.                   of how two Venezuelan
Chacín;         the        military    who operated in southern                  After a recent fact-finding      officials, identified in an earlier
intelligence chief, Gen. Hugo          Colombia and along the               trip to the region, Carl              e-mail as Gens. Carvajal and
Carvajal; other top generals           Venezuelan border said in            Meacham, a senior aide to Sen.        Alcalá,      provided      "85mm
such as Clíver Alcalá; and             interviews that their units          Richard G. Lugar (Ind.), the          antitank rockets." Colombian
Amilkar        Figueroa,        who    received Venezuelan arms and         ranking Republican on the             officials believe the "rockets"
organizes Venezuela's civilian         munitions.            Colombian      Senate       Foreign     Relations    are grenade launchers, often
militias.                              intelligence     officials    also   Committee, noted in a report          used to attack police outposts.
     President Hugo Chávez,            described the funneling of           that a hard line against                   In another message dated
who has publicly lauded the            weaponry, with one official          Venezuela could damage trade          Sept. 6, 2007, Arango tells
FARC        and      characterized     providing documents showing          with the United States and            other FARC leaders that he
Colombia's government as               how Colombia's military has          inadvertently           strengthen    met with two Australian arms
illegitimate,       on      Sunday     confiscated more than 210,000        Chávez's position.                    dealers with the help of
ridiculed the latest batch of          rounds of Venezuelan-made                 Colombian officials have         Figueroa. The items for sale
correspondence as "imbecilic           munitions in FARC camps              also debated the ramifications        included "Chinese missiles"
documents."          He         cast   since 2003.                          of a tough stance, since it could     that are "very easy to operate
Colombian President Álvaro                  "We believe they act in         endanger $6.5 billion in annual       and they guarantee the
Uribe as a "manipulator"               Venezuela, fully protected, and      trade with Venezuela. Santos,         instruction,"       he      wrote,
linked to drug trafficking and         that from there they prepare         the defense minister, said, "I        speaking        of     antiaircraft
charged      that      the    Bush     terrorist acts," one intelligence    want to normalize relations           missiles.
administration is using the            operative in Colombia said of        with Venezuela because it                  In      exchange,      FARC
documents as a pretext to              the FARC. "There is fluid            would be convenient for all of        documents          show,        the
invade       Venezuela         from    communication between the            us." He added: "But to do that,       Venezuelans have asked the
Colombia.                              two."                                they cannot help the FARC."           FARC to train the Venezuelan
     Communications Minister                Santos, in some of his               Colombian officials and          army, in order to repel the U.S.
Andrés Izarra, speaking to a           strongest comments to date,          former FARC guerrillas said           invasion Chávez frequently
group of American newspaper            said Colombia has frequently         the close ties between the            warns is about to come.
editors on Tuesday in Caracas,         provided        the        Caracas   group and Venezuela are not
called the findings "laughable."       government with information          new, though officials in
     "It's part of the lies that are   about the activities of the          Chávez's government and rebel
spread around every day                FARC inside Venezuela. That          commanders have drawn closer          May 15, 2008
against what we are doing," he         information has included the         since 2005.                           33. Chavez Tells
said.                                  locations of senior members of            One mid-level guerrilla          Colombia Not To Build
     Colombian officials made          the group's leadership. "We          who         recently       deserted   Base For US
dozens of documents available          have in various opportunities        described how Venezuelan              By Christopher Toothaker,
to reporters shortly after             told them about guerrilla chiefs     forces         provided         the   Associated Press
commandos recovered laptops            in Venezuela, about the              ammunition the FARC needs
                                                                                                                                        page 26
     President Hugo Chavez on       allegedly showing that Chavez        R-Humble, told Congress on           only $400 million of Bush's
Wednesday warned Colombia           sought to arm and finance            Wednesday.                           request in the $161 billion war
not to allow a U.S. military        Colombian rebels. Chavez                  The renegade members of         spending measure.
base on its border with             denies the claim.                    Mexico's                     elite        Poe tried to require the
Venezuela, saying he would                Colombian officials say        counter-narcotics teams trained      Bush administration to evenly
consider such an act an             they found the documents in          at Fort Benning, Ga., have           split spending between the
"aggression."                       laptops recovered after a            switched sides, contributing to      United States and Mexico
     Chavez said he would not       March 1 cross-border raid in         a wave of violence that has          rather than sending the entire
permit Colombia's U.S.-backed       Ecuador that killed rebel leader     claimed some 6,000 victims           amount south of the border.
government to establish an          Raul Reyes and 24 other              over the past 30 months,                  "It seems as though the
American military base in La        people.                              including      prominent      law    United States has a history in
Guajira, a region spanning                International police agency    enforcement       leaders,     the   some cases of giving support
northeastern Colombia and           Interpol is analyzing the            Houston-area Republican told         (to Mexico) and that support
northwestern Venezuela.             documents and plans to present       the House Foreign Affairs            turns around and is used
     The Venezuelan leader          its findings on Thursday in          Committee.                           against the very people we're
said if Colombia allows the         Bogota.                                   The slaughter has gained        trying to protect, in this case,
base, his government will                 "The            Colombian      urgency amid high-profile            us," Poe said. "We have no
revive a decades-old territorial    government        will      surely   assassinations of law officers       assurance that the equipment
conflict and stake a claim to       announce tomorrow that the           in Mexico since May 1,               we're sending to Mexico won't
the entire region.                  documents retrieved from Raul        claiming six senior officers,        be turned over to the drug
     "We will not allow the         Reyes' computer are authentic        five of them with the federal        cartels and used against us."
Colombian government to give        and,       therefore,      Chavez    police.                                   Rep. Michael McCaul,
La Guajira to the empire,"          supports terrorism," Chavez               Poe held aloft a dramatic,      R-Austin,      also    tried    to
Chavez said, referring to the       said.                                poster-board-size photograph         persuade                       the
U.S. during a speech to a                 Chavez - an outspoken          that     he      said     showed     Democratic-controlled panel to
packed        auditorium       of   critic of U.S. foreign policy in     guerrilla-style       commandos      shift part of the Mexico-bound
uniformed soldiers. "Colombia       Latin      America       -    said   crossing into the United States.     spending to the United States
is launching a threat of war at     Washington is using Uribe as              He said the Department of       to bolster law enforcement
us."                                pawn in a plan aimed at              Homeland         Security     had    efforts on the border.
     He said Washington's top       portraying Venezuela as a            documented         "over      250         McCaul, a former federal
diplomat in Bogota, U.S.            backer of terrorism.                 incursions      by      suspected    prosecutor who specialized in
Ambassador               William          Chavez denies supporting       military forces" into the United     counter-terrorism,          called
Brownfield, recently suggested      the Revolutionary Armed              States over the past decade.         border drug violence "an
that a U.S. military base in        Forces of Colombia, or FARC,              "I was surprised to hear        imminent security threat right
Ecuador could be moved to La        saying he only seeks a peaceful      that the United States has           on our doorstep" that deserves
Guajira.                            end to the neighboring               trained Mexican forces and           the same effort as the war on
     Chavez        urged      his   country's decades-long armed         some of those have deserted          terrorism      in   Iraq      and
Colombian counterpart, Alvaro       conflict.                            and become the reason for            Afghanistan.
Uribe, to "think it over well"            The     European      Union    these attacks," Poe said.                 The 50-member panel, led
before making such a decision       joined the United States in               The U.S.-trained Mexican        by Rep. Howard Berman,
because Venezuela will do           listing the FARC - Latin             security      personnel      have    D-Calif., largely endorsed the
"whatever it takes" to ensure       America's largest rebel force        "switched sides and became           Bush administration's version
that a U.S. military base is not    with roughly 14,000 fighters -       assassins and recruiters for the     of the proposal, expanding
built on the peninsula in the       as a terrorist group in 2002,        Mexican drug cartels."               assistance beyond Mexico and
Caribbean Sea.                      outlawing economic support                Poe, a former prosecutor        Central America to include the
     Ecuadorean        President    for the guerrillas.                  and criminal court judge,            Caribbean nations of Haiti and
Rafael Correa - a close Chavez                                           issued the allegations in an         the Dominican Republic.
ally - has repeatedly said that                                          unsuccessful effort to persuade           Berman referred Poe's and
he will not renew a 10-year         Houston Chronicle                    the House Foreign Affairs            McCaul's proposed changes to
lease on the base in the Pacific    May 15, 2008                         Committee         to      revamp     the        House         Judiciary
port of Manta when it expires       34. U.S.-Trained Forces              President      Bush's      Merida    Committee, saying their plans
next year.                          Reportedly Helping                   Initiative.                          for greater spending by U.S.
     Manta is the United States'    Mexican Cartels                           Bush's blueprint calls for      law enforcement along the
only military base in South         By Stewart M. Powell,                $1.4 billion in training,            border fell within that panel's
America. Surveillance flights       Houston Chronicle Washington         equipment          and        law    jurisdiction.
the U.S. runs from there are        Bureau                               enforcement assistance to
responsible for about 60                 WASHINGTON — As                 Mexico and Central America
percent of drug interdiction in                                          over three years.                    Wall Street Journal
                                    many as 200 U.S.-trained
the eastern Pacific.                                                          Bush also is seeking $500       May 15, 2008
                                    Mexican security personnel
     Diplomatic         relations                                        million       in       emergency     Pg. 4
                                    have defected to drug cartels to
between Caracas and Bogota          carry out killings on both sides     assistance for Mexico this year      35. U.S.-India Nuclear
have been rocky for months.         of the border and as far north       as part of the supplemental war      Deal Faces Uncertain
They worsened last week when        as Dallas, Rep. Ted Poe,             spending measure.                    Future
Colombia unveiled documents                                                   Democrats have included
                                                                                                                                          page 27
     By Jay Solomon in                India and Iran would move                                                  invasion or had planned to go,
Washington         and       Peter    ahead on a $7 billion pipeline                                             but they denied having been
Wonacott in New Delhi                 project with Pakistan. India         New York Times                        part of a network that recruited
     A nuclear-cooperation pact       also is seeking to buy millions      May 15, 2008                          insurgents.
between the U.S. and India is         of tons of liquefied natural gas     36. Pakistan: Taliban                      The group’s leader, Farid
unlikely to get completed             each year from Iran.                 Prisoner Exchange                     Benyettou, 27, was given a
before the Bush administration             The      U.S.-India     deal,   By Jane Perlez                        six-year-sentence.            Mr.
leaves office early next year,        proposed by Mr. Bush and                  The     Pakistan     Army        Benyettou, a former janitor and
U.S. officials now believe.           Indian       Prime        Minister   released 40 Taliban militants in      self-taught     preacher,     was
     The lack of action would         Manmohan Singh in 2005, was          exchange for 12 members of            accused of recruiting fighters
represent a further unraveling        conceived as a centerpiece for       the army and the paramilitary         from Paris mosques and
of        President        Bush's     a strategic partnership between      Frontier Corps before the             justifying suicide bombings in
foreign-policy agenda, which          the two countries. India and the     expected completion of a peace        private sermons given in his
has been plagued by instability       U.S. have had a rocky                accord with Islamic extremists        family apartment.
in Iraq and Afghanistan.              relationship for much of the         in the tribal area of South                Boubakeur al-Hakim, 24,
     State Department officials       last half century. But as China's    Waziristan,         government        who had fought in Iraq and was
have said the Indian Parliament       influence      in    Asia     has    spokesmen said. The Bush              accused of running a way
would need to ratify New              increased, and India's market        administration has tried to           station in Syria for French
Delhi's commitment to the             has opened, the Clinton and          discourage     such     accords,      youths headed for Iraq, was
agreement by June in order for        Bush administrations have            saying they would allow the           sentenced to seven years. So
Congress to have the time to          edged closer to the world's          militants more freedom to             was Said Abdellah, 39, a
pass the nuclear pact into U.S.       largest democracy.                   organize     attacks     against      Moroccan citizen.
law before Mr. Bush leaves                 Other countries also have       American         forces       in           Nacer Eddine Mettai, a
office. But a lack of action in       lent support, with the goal of       Afghanistan.                          39-year old Algerian national,
India in recent months is             bringing      India     into     a                                         was ordered jailed for four
leading many in Washington to         nuclear-regulatory regimen and                                             years for forging passports.
believe          the         Bush     selling it fuel as well as           New York Times                        Three others — one who
administration has run out of         equipment.               Business    May 15, 2008                          fought in Iraq and two who had
time.                                 communities of both India and        37. French Court                      been planning to — were given
     Some       U.S.      officials   the U.S. have thrown their           Convicts 7 For Helping                lighter sentences.
believe the Indian government         weight behind the agreement,         To Send Youths To Join                     The prosecution had asked
already is looking ahead to a         largely     because      of    the                                         for sentences of three to eight
new U.S. administration. "It is       anticipated boon to trade.
                                                                           Jihadist Fight In Iraq                years.
not unusual as one approaches         Some U.S. companies hope to          By Katrin Bennhold                         Along with three young
the end of an administration for      sell sensitive civilian and               PARIS — A Paris court            French Muslims who died
foreign nations to look at            military technology to India, a      sentenced seven men to prison         fighting against American
proposed agreements and see a         market the pact would have           terms of up to seven years on         forces in Iraq, the seven men
much      larger     benefit     to   opened as restrictions on            Wednesday for helping to send         were members of what has
concluding it under the               certain exports from the U.S.        French      youths     to    fight    become known as the “19th
incoming" president, said a           were eased.                          alongside insurgents in Iraq,         Arrondissement cell,” named
U.S. official working on                   In one such deal, Boeing        ending          a        four-year    after the working-class, heavily
proliferation issues.                 Co., Lockheed Martin Corp.           investigation into a jihadist         immigrant Paris neighborhood
     The accord would offer           and other U.S. equipment             recruitment ring.                     where most of them lived. The
India, the world's sixth-largest      suppliers are vying to win bids           The men — five French,           cell     had      been      under
energy consumer, U.S. nuclear         to help build 126 fighter jets       one      Algerian     and      one    surveillance for at least a year
technology and fuel. In return,       for the Indian air force. The        Moroccan — were tried on              before the seven men were
India would open its civilian         deal is valued at an estimated       charges including criminal            arrested in early 2005.
reactors     to      international    $6 billion to $8 billion.            association with intent to                 Judge            Jacqueline
inspectors.      Some       Indian         The nuclear agreement has       commit terrorism.                     Rebeyrotte, who announced the
security analysts have argued         encountered resistance in India,          Jean-Julien Xavier-Rolai,        convictions and sentences,
that India can get better energy      mainly from allies of Mr.            the prosecutor, had accused the       called Mr. Benyettou the
deals elsewhere.                      Singh's government. Leftist          group of sending about a dozen        ideologue of a group “whose
     And there are signs the          politicians have objected to an      young Frenchmen to join Abu           objective was to send young
Indian government is hedging          accord that locks India into a       Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader          people      from     the     19th
its bets among a diverse group        strategic      and      economic     of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia            Arrondissement of Paris to
of energy suppliers. Last             embrace with an unpopular            who was killed in an American         fight in Iraq.”
month, India hosted President         superpower. They have vowed          airstrike    in    2006,      after        The       case      received
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of                to withdraw support from Mr.         funneling them through radical        widespread media attention in
Iran -- which the U.S. accuses        Singh's Congress Party-led           religious establishments in           France, home to an estimated
of secretly trying to develop         coalition if the government          Syria and Egypt.                      five million Muslims, many
nuclear weapons -- to help spur       continues to push ahead with              At a six-day trial in March,     from former colonies in North
a number of new energy                the deal. A representative of        most of the men testified that        Africa. Memories of a series of
projects. At a news conference,       Mr. Singh couldn't be reached        they had either been to Iraq          terrorist attacks by Islamist
President Ahmadinejad said            for comment.                         after the 2003 American-led           networks in the mid-1990s are
                                                                                                                                             page 28
still fresh, and high rates of       official    told     Inside     the    of terrorism including the 1988        probably want to buy U.S.
unemployment and crime in            Pentagon.                              bombing of Pan Am flight 103           military equipment, he added.
neighborhoods like the 19th               The United States should          in Lockerbie, Scotland, and the             Qadhafi’s government is
Arrondissement       and     poor    “promote and award” their              1986 bombing of a Berlin               also particularly interested in
suburbs ringing big French           efforts     at     reform      and     nightclub, the official told ITP.      assistance on counterterrorism
cities have intensified concerns     reintegration        into       the    The country also released              issues, he said.
that disenchanted Muslim             international community, he            Bulgarian nurses held for years             Like other countries in the
youths may be vulnerable to          said in an interview from his          on charges they infected               region, including Morocco,
anti-Western rhetoric and            Pentagon office. The official          hundreds of Libyan children            Tunisia and Algeria, Libya is
recruitment by militant Islamist     spoke      on     condition      of    with the HIV virus, he added.          concerned about local terrorist
cells.                               anonymity.                                  A number of U.S. court            groups as well as nationals
     When the Paris cell was              “Libya’s at a very nascent        cases seeking compensation             returning home after fighting in
broken up in early 2005,             stage in terms of mil-to-mil           from Libya for its past support        Iraq and Afghanistan, the
investigators worried about          cooperation with us,” the              for        terrorism         remain    official maintained.
what they called a new terrorist     official said. “We’re, I think,        unresolved,        the        report        Al Qaeda aims to exert
threat created by the Iraq war.      very close to signing a                indicates.                             influence in the northern tip of
Since then, fears of European        memorandum of understanding                 “Libyan       officials     are   the continent as part of its
jihadist fighters returning from     with the Libyan military,              engaging with the courts and,          desire      to      create      an
Iraq to carry out attacks in their   which is a prerequisite for us to      at [U.S. government] urging,           “overarching caliphate,” the
home countries have receded.         begin any sort of official             are continuing settlement talks        official explained, referring to
     In sealed court documents       mil-to-mil relationship with           with the claimants, including          an      Islamic       form      of
and     in    open     testimony     them.”                                 the families of the victims of         government.
presented during the trial of the         Discussions between the           the 1988 bombing of Pam Am                  “And they recognize it,”
seven members of the Paris           United States and Libya have           flight 103 in Lockerbie,               he said of governments in
cell, for example, prosecutors       been ongoing for at least 18           Scotland, and the 1986                 North Africa. “They’ve seen
presented no evidence that any       months, the official said. He          bombing of the La Belle                the challenges in Iraq and
of the seven men intended to         added the Libyan government,           nightclub in Berlin,” the State        Afghanistan and they don’t
carry out terrorist attacks          which has “no stated concerns          Department writes.                     want the same challenge on
against France.                      except they wish for more                   But the report suggests           their border. Once again, it’s
     The Iraq war continues to       progress” in forging an                Libya and the United States            been a very unifying aspect of
fuel hatred, extremism and           agreement, has the final draft.        have a common enemy. Last              working with these countries.”
terrorism, the officials said.       The official predicted it will be      November, Egyptian cleric and               The United States tracks
But now investigators are more       signed in two to three months.         al Qaeda leader Ayman                  instances of terrorism in the
concerned about North Africa              A spokeswoman for the             al-Zawahiri       announced        a   area, noting the occasional
and Pakistan as regions with a       Libyan embassy in Washington           merger last November between           improvised explosive device or
growing potential to recruit and     said Ambassador Ali Aujali             his group and the Libyan               vehicle bombing that occurs,
radicalize young Muslims.            was uncertain about the signing        Islamic       Fighting        Group    the official said. But he
     The men convicted and           date. The embassy made no              (LIFG). “In an audiotape,              hesitated to describe incidents
sentenced Wednesday have             further comments about the             al-Zawahiri urged AQ fighters          of insurgent violence as a
spent three years in pretrial        pending deal.                          to topple the government of            significant spike in North
detention, time that will be              Washington is on the              Libya,      describing      Libyan     Africa, noting the increased
subtracted       from        their   verge of striking a military           leader Muammar Qadhafi as an           focus on the region may make
sentences.                           relationship      with      Tripoli    ‘enemy        of     Islam’     and    the violence more apparent.
                                     because certain longstanding           criticizing Qadhafi’s 2003                  U.S. foreign military sales
                                     grievances against the North           decision to renounce [weapons          provide countries with needed
Inside The Pentagon                  African country have been              of mass destruction] and               radios, night-vision systems
May 15, 2008                         removed from the table, the            terrorism,”         the        State   and capabilities for information
Pg. 1                                senior Joint Staff official            Department writes.                     management and information
38. Libya, Pentagon On               explained.                                  Once the memorandum is            operations         that       help
Verge Of Signing                          Since the United States           signed, the United States may          counterterrorism and border
Military Cooperation                 rescinded Libya’s designation          “sit down and start to frame           security, he said.
Pact                                 as a state sponsor of terrorism        with the Libyan military those              Beyond the military, the
     The United States is close      in June 2006, Libya has                types of things they would like        official contended, the State
to signing a memorandum of           continued to cooperate closely         to do with us,” the senior Joint       Department and other agencies
understanding with the Libyan        with the United States and the         Staff official explained.              like the FBI may also provide
government that will open the        international community on                  Initially, the United States      countries        counterterrorism
doors to formal military             counterterrorism           efforts,    expects to boost Libya’s air           assistance     like      “forensic
engagement following years of        according      to     the     State    force fleet purchased before the       evidence exploitation and
strained relations, according to     Department’s annual terrorism          “relationship went south,” he          things like that,” he said.
a senior military official in the    report, released April 30.             said. The country has some                  -- Fawzia Sheikh
Joint Staff.                              Libya      renounced        its   C-130 aircraft and would likely
     The Libyans are “certainly      pursuit of weapons of mass             seek help in training pilots and
                                     destruction      and      accepted     obtaining repair parts, he said.       USA Today
ripe for engagement,” the                                                                                          May 15, 2008
                                     responsibility for previous acts            In general, Libya would
                                                                                                                                      page 29
Pg. 5                                   Company officials and           helicopters appeared to be fine.     the     Defense       Department
39. Chelsea Clinton                Defense               Department          "There's a low probability      investigation.
Can't Campaign On                  investigators, including an          that this was not deliberate,"            Boeing spokesman Joseph
                                   agent            of            the   said Sestak, a member of the         L. LaMarca Jr. said that
Base                               criminal-investigations              Armed Services Committee.            government investigators were
     The Navy denied Chelsea
                                   division, would not detail what      "But it can't be ruled out that it   on site beginning Tuesday, and
Clinton      permission       to
                                   they had learned. They also          was some accident or some            that the damage appeared
campaign for her mother on a
                                   offered no explanation of why        nondeliberate occurrence."           limited to two helicopters.
former bombing range on the
                                   someone might seek to                     Sestak said the damage               "They did inspections
small Puerto Rican island of
                                   vandalize key military aircraft      and irregularities involving the     overnight, and so far it looks
Vieques. Hillary Rodham
                                   while the country was at war.        two       Chinook        CH-47F      like there are no irregularities
Clinton's campaign wanted to
                                        "Our members are very,          helicopters was an "unusual          with any of the other aircraft
use the land as a setting to
                                   very concerned and very, very        occurrence       without     any     on the line," LaMarca said.
discuss the candidate's plan to
                                   upset," said John DeFrancisco,       question. But I've also learned      Boeing produces about three
clean up the area and turn over
                                   president of Local 1069 of the       ... wait till the assessment is      Chinooks a month.
some     sections    to    local
                                   United Auto Workers, which           out."                                     The      problems      were
residents. Navy spokeswoman
                                   represents 1,640 production               He said it "may take a          detected      during      routine
Lt. Lara Bollinger said no one
                                   and maintenance employees at         couple weeks now to make a           inspections. At the behest of
is allowed to campaign on
                                   Boeing. "They are prideful           final determination of how it        Boeing, agents with the
federal property. Puerto Rico's
                                   men and women that build             occurred exactly."                   Defense Contract Management
Democratic          presidential
                                   those aircraft. Our fighting              Production on the Chinook       Agency, which oversees Army
primary is June 1.
                                   forces fly in those aircraft.        assembly line, the only one in       contracts, swiftly made their
                                        "Nobody can say whether         the nation, could resume as          way to the plant, LaMarca said.
Philadelphia Inquirer              this was on purpose. Whether         early as today, Sestak said.              Chinook           production
May 15, 2008                       wires were crimped or cut                 Boeing is building 458          employees reported to work
Pg. 1                              accidentally, we don't know          Chinook        CH-47Fs       and     yesterday as scheduled, though
40. Foul Play Suspected            yet," DeFrancisco said.              MH-47Gs as part of an Army           assembly      work      remained
                                        DeFrancisco said that the       contract      through      2018.     stalled while the investigation
At Boeing Plant                    damage detected Tuesday by           Company officials say they do        continued, LaMarca said.
By Maria Panaritis and Linda       Boeing quality-assurance staff       not believe there is a                    He said it was too soon to
Loyd, Inquirer Staff Writers       coincided                     with   systemwide problem with the          know whether the problems
     Work remained halted at       union-leadership elections that      Chinooks.                            detected with the two Chinook
the Boeing Co. plant in Ridley     day, but that he saw no                   "The Defense Contract           F-models were caused by a
Township       yesterday      as   connection because the race          Management Agency and the            mechanical issue on the
suspicions of foul play            was not contentious and there        program manager of the Army          assembly line or by sabotage.
dominated      an     unfolding    was "no animosity" toward            were there, and everyone has              "Some people threw that
investigation into how two         management.                          agreed they'll be ready to move      word       around"       Tuesday,
military    helicopters    were         "I believe without a            forward tomorrow with full           LaMarca said, "but as the old
damaged as they were nearing       shadow of a doubt it had             production," said Sestak, who        saying goes, 'You don't know
completion for an Army             nothing to do with our               said he was briefed after Army       what you don't know.' "
contract.                          elections down here," said           investigators met yesterday               The aircraft are part of a
     A union official said idled   DeFrancisco, who is being            morning with Boeing officials        contract to upgrade the Army's
assembly-line workers were         replaced next month by               in Ridley Township.                  fleet of Chinooks, which are
"very concerned" about reports     president-elect Tony Forte.               Agents with the Defense         ideal for high-altitude combat
that someone might have                 "The union does not             Criminal Investigative Service,      zones such as Afghanistan and
intentionally "hacked out"         condone or appreciate anything       an arm of the Office of              Iraq because their propellers
wiring on one helicopter and       being     alleged      like   this   Inspector      General,     were     provide high lift.
that a washer critical to          happening," DeFrancisco said.        dispatched to the facility as             Some are being built from
propeller operation on another     "This affects us all."               part of the Army probe of the        scratch and others are being
had been found where it did             Boeing, based in Chicago,       damage reported by Boeing,           "remanufactured"            using
not belong.                        employs more than 5,100              Defense              Department      recycled D-model Chinook
     Rep. Joe Sestak, a former     people across the Philadelphia       spokesman Gary Comerford             parts on a new fuselage.
Navy admiral whose district        region, making it one of the         said.                                     DeFrancisco, the union
includes the plant, said that he   biggest manufacturers here.               DCIS notified the U.S.          president, said his plant
had spoken with Army                    Work on the Chinook             Attorney's Office as a matter of     manager had described the
investigators and that odds        assembly line at the Rotorcraft      course, Comerford said. The          damage to him.
were low that the damage to        Division came to a standstill        company notified the FBI                  "There's a big grouping of
the two Chinook F-model            Tuesday and remained off-line        Tuesday, but the bureau was          wires that runs all around the
choppers was accidental.           yesterday as investigators and       only monitoring the situation,       aircraft," DeFrancisco said. "It
     The helicopters are part of   government             contracting   an FBI spokeswoman said.             looks like it wasn't cut clean,
a new fleet that has not yet       officials inspected all eight             The U.S. Attorney's Office      like if you would cut it with a
been deployed in combat. Each      aircraft on the line in various      in Philadelphia would not say        saw. It looks like it was hacked
helicopter costs from $20          stages of production. The            whether federal prosecutors          at, from what I'm being told,
million to $30 million.            company said the other six           had been asked to participate in     four, five, six, seven times,
                                                                                                                                       page 30
with maybe a hand cutter or          for phony or overstated              properly acquired Defense           know that Blackwater was
snippers, or something like          insurance payments, the House        Base Act insurance.                 simultaneously moving to open
that."                               Oversight and Government                  "This will be very labor       a smaller facility with a
     On the other helicopter,        Reform Committee is to hold a        intensive, but it needs to be       shooting range in Otay Mesa,
DeFrancisco said, a propeller        hearing      Thursday         with   done," Rhee wrote in an e-mail      within the city limits and near
washer was found in a                witnesses from the Corps of          to Col. Michael Pfenning, the       the Mexican border.
combiner-box        transmission     Engineers, the Pentagon and          North District commander. For            The other project became
area. He said the washer "is         the State Department.                future contracts, the Corps has     known to the public only after
what keeps the propellers in              The session will examine        adopted a rigorous method for       leaders of the coalition
unison when they rotate on top       allegations of abuse and waste       ensuring      that     companies    received a tip from someone
of the Chinook."                     in     the   procurement        of   actually have the insurance.        with inside information.
     "We don't know how it got       insurance for federal contracts,          Rhee put a hold on any              Unlike the Potrero plan,
there - whether it fell in there,    committee Chairman Henry             payments to Sakar al-Fahal and      which would have required
whether in shipment, in              Waxman, D-Calif., said.              al-Jubori for ongoing work.         approval from the county
movement, we don't know," he              All contractors doing work      Her office is also calculating      Board of Supervisors, the Otay
said. "I'd rather not do a lot of    overseas for the Corps of            the amounts both companies          Mesa project required only the
speculating."                        Engineers or for any other U.S.      claimed        in       insurance   sort of basic permits that can
                                     government         agency      are   reimbursements on completed         be issued over the counter.
                                     required to insure their civilian    contracts.                               What       has     annoyed
Seattle Post-Intelligencer           employees, many of whom are               Grant Sattler, a Corps of      Blackwater opponents is that
May 15, 2008                         handling dangerous jobs in           Engineers spokesman in Iraq,        the permits were not sought
41. Insurance Fraud By               hostile areas. The medical and       referred questions about Sakar      under the name Blackwater.
Contractors In Iraq                  disability insurance is called       al-Fahal and al-Jubori to the       Instead, papers were filed for
Suspected                            Defense Base Act coverage, a         Army Criminal Investigation         Raven Development Group
2 firms may not have bought          reference to the federal law         Command. Chris Grey, a              and        Southwest         Law
subsidized policies                  mandating it.                        command spokesman, said the         Enforcement.
By Richard Lardner,                       Contractors       get     the   command does not confirm or              "They were using these
Associated Press                     coverage        from       private   deny     the      existence    of   phony names to evade scrutiny
     WASHINGTON                 --   insurance companies and they         investigations.                     by activist groups like ours that
Companies working on Iraqi           are reimbursed for what they              Officials     with     Sakar   are watching their every
reconstruction     have     been     spend. The insurance costs are       al-Fahal and al-Jubori could        move," said Raymond Lutz,
accused of padding their profits     included in the price of the         not be reached by telephone or      coordinator       of     Citizens
through an insurance scam,           contract and passed on to            e-mail for comment.                 Oversight Projects, which led
leading      to    a    criminal     American taxpayers.                                                      the opposition to the Potrero
investigation     and     hurried         The two companies under                                             proposal.
                                     investigation have completed         Los Angeles Times                        Blackwater spokeswoman
changes in the way many
                                     or are currently working on          May 15, 2008                        Anne Tyrrell denied that there
contracts are handled by the
                                     contracts worth close to $30         Pg. B5                              was      any       attempt     at
U.S. Army, according to
internal military documents          million,       according        to   42. New Blackwater                  concealment. Raven, she said,
obtained by The Associated           correspondence among Corps           Project Draws Fire                  has long been a Blackwater
Press.                               of Engineers officials.              Opponents say firm used             construction subsidiary.
     The investigation of two             Three     recent      awards    names of other entities to gain          "Raven is not an unknown
companies in Tikrit -- Sakar         totaling $19.5 million carried       permits for proposed Otay           entity by any means," Tyrrell
al-Fahal and al-Jubori -- led the    an initial payroll of $410,000,      Mesa training facility.             said from Blackwater's North
Army Corps of Engineers to           the documents indicate. The          By Tony Perry, Times Staff          Carolina headquarters. "Raven
scour its records for evidence       insurance costs would have           Writer                              was started to build things" for
of fraud by other contractors        been about $30,000.                       SAN        DIEGO          --   Blackwater.
hired with billions of U.S.               Although those figures          Blackwater Worldwide, the                The Otay Mesa project,
dollars to help rebuild Iraqi        may pale when compared with          global security firm whose          Tyrrell said, would allow
infrastructure devastated by the     the more than $46 billion the        conduct in Iraq has drawn           Blackwater to continue an
war, the documents reveal.           United States has provided for       criticism, is again trying to       existing contract to train Navy
     Whether Sakar al-Fahal          relief and reconstruction of         open a training facility in the     personnel. Blackwater has been
and al-Jubori were paid for          Iraq since April 2003, the           face of local opposition.           using a shooting range in the
insurance they never obtained        problem could well be much                In March, the firm             Kearny Mesa area of San
is a matter now being                bigger than just a few Iraqi         dropped plans to build a            Diego, but its relationship with
examined by the Army                 companies.                           220-acre training camp in rural     the shooting range owner is
Criminal            Investigation         Maj. Charlotte Rhee, a          Potrero, about 45 miles east of     ending, she said.
Command. The documents               contracting chief with the           downtown San Diego. A                    Under the names Raven
don't state the total amounts in     Corps of Engineers' North            coalition of rural property         and        Southwest         Law
question.                            District in Iraq, decided last       owners, environmentalists and       Enforcement,          Blackwater
     Congress is looking into        month to send letters to the         antiwar activists opposed its       received permits to remodel a
the problem, too. Concerned          hundreds of contractors doing        effort to build a "combat           61,600-square-foot warehouse
that the U.S. is footing the bill    business with the Corps              town."                              in an industrial park west of the
                                     seeking proof that they                   But the coalition did not      Otay Mesa border crossing.
                                                                                                                                         page 31
     The firm hopes to begin         contract worth about $1.8             protest dispute.                     was to be delivered to the
training this summer, although       billion     to     build     eight         The Air Force is still          White House, new intelligence
opponents hope to block those        next-generation             global    smarting from Boeing's protest       surfaced      indicating     that
plans     by      arguing     that   positioning satellites.               of $35 billion order for 179         Tehran's nuclear weapons work
Blackwater lacks the necessary            The deal could be worth          aerial      refueling     tankers    had stopped.
firearm permits. Lutz and            more than $4 billion as the           awarded to Northrop Grumman               Fingar was acutely aware
several dozen other opponents        victor will be in a strong            Corp.         and       European     of the stakes. Five years
of Blackwater petitioned the         position to win two additional        Aeronautic Defence and Space         earlier, grave errors helped
City Council on Tuesday.             contracts for another 24              Co. in late February.                start a war in Iraq that most
     The issue of permits has        satellites for the Pentagon's              Boeing has filed a formal       Americans now regret. "This
become part of the increasingly      new GPS III system, said              protest of the contract with         was a WMD issue in the
bitter    election      campaign     Loren Thompson, a defense             Governmental Accountability          country adjacent to Iraq,"
between Mayor Jerry Sanders          industry consultant based in          Office, which is expected to         Fingar said of the Iran
and      businessman        Steve    Virginia. Thompson consults           issue a ruling by June 19.           intelligence. "We wanted to get
Francis.                             for Lockheed, among other                  "Boeing's tanker protest        this right."
     Sanders has ordered an          aerospace companies, but not          has convinced the Air Force               But Fingar would learn
investigation into whether           on the GPS III program.               that it must have a very             that getting it right did not
Blackwater used deception to              The first GPS III satellites     compelling case ready when it        mean he could avert the
get the permits. Francis said        are scheduled for launch in           makes a contract award,"             ongoing      conflict    between
the episode shows "the               2014, with all 32 satellites in       Thompson said.                       politics and intelligence in the
corrosive effects of too much        orbit by 2022. The military                The GPS III contract will       nation's capital, and his Iran
secrecy and not enough               relies on GPS systems to              be subject to tight cost             report only underscored the
transparency" at City Hall.          provide precision timing and          controls.                            limitations of urgent efforts to
     Rep. Bob Filner (D-Chula        navigation signals for aircraft,           In a statement last week,       reform the U.S. spy system.
Vista) has asked Sanders to          guide bombs and missiles,             John Young, undersecretary of             In several interviews,
block Blackwater's plans. "We        direct troops, map battlefields,      defense       for     acquisition,   Fingar offered new insight into
cannot allow a company with          conduct      minesweeps        and    technology and logistics, said       the last-minute reversal of the
their reputation to do business      perform      other      operations    he has directed the Air Force to     Iran intelligence estimate, and
in our community. The cost is        critical to modern warfare.           tie payments to the contractor       the controversy that has
too high," Filner said.                   The new GPS III network,         to       "specific       program     continued to reverberate.
     Lutz and members of his         which will be interoperable           accomplishments,"       not     to        The report, reflecting the
group say Blackwater wants a         with Europe's Galileo GPS             adjust the scope of the program      new intelligence, kicked the
facility near the border so it       system, has a more powerful           or change its technical              legs out from under the
can try to supply the federal        military signal, resistant to         specifications and to "consider      administration's hard-line Iran
government        with     border    enemy jamming, and a stronger         solutions which lower cost or        policy and stunned the
guards.                              commercial         signal.      Its   risk to deliver within or below      diplomatic world, touching off
     Tyrrell disputed those          cross-linked command and              budget."                             a political maelstrom that has
charges. The Otay Mesa               control system will allow                                                  barely abated after five
warehouse, she said, would be        simultaneous upgrades of the                                               months.
used     to    teach     survival    entire GPS constellation from a       Los Angeles Times                         For more than three years,
techniques, the kind of training     single ground station.                May 15, 2008                         Fingar had pushed through
that Blackwater, which was                Air       Force      officials   Pg. 1                                sweeping changes: ramping up
founded in 1997, specialized in      declined to comment on the            44. Political Clashes                training, adapting tools from
before its name became linked        timing      of    the     contract    Underline Limits To                  the Internet and instituting
to Iraq.                             announcement.                         Intelligence Reform                  more rigorous review for major
     "This     is    our     core         Boeing, which has its            Analysts are forced to defend        reports. Yet the improvements
competency," she said. "This is      defense unit based in St. Louis,      their controversial Iran report,     in tradecraft failed to protect
not anything new."                   and Lockheed both already             which was intended as a              the Iran analysts from criticism
                                     hold satellite contracts for the      symbol of change.                    or to preclude charges that they
                                     military's existing GPS II            By Greg Miller, Los Angeles          had political motives.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch              constellation, but Boeing's part                                                And were it not for the
                                                                           Times Staff Writer
May 14, 2008                         of that program has suffered                                               new intelligence that surfaced
                                                                                WASHINGTON             —As
Pg. C2                               technical problems, delays and                                             last       summer,        Fingar
                                                                           head of analysis for all U.S.
43. Air Force's GPS III              cost increases. That track            spy agencies, Thomas Fingar          acknowledged, a key piece of
Contract Looms                       record likely will tip this           was making final edits last          the Iran report would have
Boeing is dueling with               next-generation contract in           summer on a long-awaited             been wrong.
Lockheed Martin on first $1.8        Lockheed's favor, Thompson            intelligence report on Iran.              And he was forced to
billion for satellite network.       said.                                      The draft concluded that        defend a report that was
By Joelle Tessler, Associated             Thompson added that the          Tehran was still pursuing a          intended as a symbol of
Press                                Air Force actually picked the         nuclear bomb, a finding that         reform.
     WASHINGTON -- The               winner months ago, but                echoed previous assessments               "We didn't have the
Air Force is expected this week      delayed the announcement in           and would have bolstered Bush        dismissal of dissenting views.
to award either Boeing Co. or        part to ensure it can justify its     administration hawks. Then,          We didn't have a 'Curveball,' "
Lockheed Martin Corp. a              choice and avoid a messy              just weeks before the report         Fingar said, referring to the
                                                                                                                                            page 32
discredited source behind             overseeing a few hundred                    In 2006, the Defense            the report's findings faulted the
much        of      the     prewar    analysts      at      the      State   Intelligence Agency went to          way it was put together.
intelligence on Iraq. "The            Department to head of nearly           Fingar for help in tracking the      Fingar's boss, Director of
image that this was somehow           20,000 analysts across more            Iraqi insurgency but was turned      National       Intelligence     J.
sloppy work in some respects          than a dozen spy agencies.             away.                                Michael McConnell, testified
has a splash effect that hits a            Some of Fingar's first                 "They explained to me,          in February that the report had
lot more than just the analysts       moves were scripted in the             'We're about standards and           caused such confusion that if
who worked on it. It's [as if]        legislation that created his job.      oversight and tradecraft,' " said    he could rewrite it, he would
the whole damn community is           The law called for basic               Robert Cardillo, head of             "do some things differently."
still incompetent."                   standards, so analysts now             analysis at DIA. "I was looking           Accusations of bias
      As deputy director of           wear cards around their necks          for command and control."                 Critics said Fingar's team
national       intelligence     for   reminding them to remain                    Fingar said the law didn't      understated the threat to
analysis, Fingar's job is to          "independent        of     political   give him power to shift              undermine the president.
make sure that after Iraq, the        considerations."                       resources the way Cardillo                "They wanted to forestall
teams of experts searching for             But         others        were    wanted. And even if he could,        any possible military action by
answers in fragments of               improvised. Fingar hired a             Fingar said, "there was no           the Bush administration against
intelligence never again get it       former cryptographer at the            bench full of analysts waiting       Iran's nuclear program," said
so wrong.                             National Security Agency,              to get in the game."                 John R. Bolton, the former
      A serious manner                Michael Wertheimer, to help                 In     speeches,       Fingar   United Nations ambassador.
      Fingar, 62, has blue eyes, a    brainstorm ideas; and a former         compares the stigma of                    Bolton and others said that
deep voice and a serious mien.        academic, Richard Immerman,            erroneous Iraq assessments to        Fingar had surrounded himself
He grew up on Long Island,            as an ombudsman and to                 "having your yearbook picture        with       State      Department
where his family operated a           enforce quality control.               taken on the worst bad hair day      colleagues who were hostile to
market and gas station. He said            Fingar's team assembled a         ever."                               the Bush administration and its
he is the only surviving              directory of analysts, the first            The controversy over the        approach to Iran. There is some
member of his youth baseball          time that had ever been done.          Iran report is likely to linger as   evidence to support that view.
team -- the others were killed        They      launched        classified   well. Asked whether he               Immerman published a paper
by cars, drugs or Vietnam.            versions of the Wikipedia and          anticipated the fallout from the     before joining the government
      Fingar served as a German       MySpace websites, so analysts          Iran estimate, he said: "I don't     in which he called the Bush
linguist in the Army, and was a       from different agencies could          think I thought about it very        foreign         policy       team
professor of political science at     collaborate online.                    much. Maybe I should have."          "cognitively impaired."
Stanford University before                 Nearly half the nation's               The first line in the report         Fingar said the Iran
being lured away in the               analysts have joined the               said that analysts judged "with      intelligence report emphasized
mid-1980s to serve as a China         government since 2001. To              high confidence" that Tehran         the halt in warhead work
expert at the State Department.       speed      their     development,      had halted nuclear weapons           because that was the newest
      "What I liked in him was        Fingar required new hires to           work in 2003. The finding was        finding. He attributes the
his analytical style," said           take a six-week course called          based in part on captured            attacks to anger among
Richard Clarke, who was one           Analysis 101.                          journals that recorded Iranian       hard-liners that the report didn't
of Fingar's first bosses before            During a recent class in          decisions to stop weapons            conform to their preconceived
becoming a counter-terrorism          northern Virginia, students            work.                                views.
advisor to Presidents Clinton         from a dozen agencies formed                But a footnote at the                "The unhappiness with the
and Bush. "He was more open,          teams to work on a war                 bottom of the page explained         finding -- namely that the evil
honest and user-friendly than         scenario. It was their first day       that analysts meant only that        Iranians might be susceptible
the      intentionally      obtuse    of class, but many seemed to           Tehran had halted warhead            to diplomacy -- adroitly turned
analysts we sometimes get."           have arrived having absorbed           design work, not its efforts to      into an ad hominem assault,"
      Fingar rose to become           the lessons of Iraq.                   enrich uranium, which experts        Fingar said. "Why do we have
head of analysis at the State              Dissent was encouraged.           regard as the most difficult         an intelligence community if
Department's         Bureau      of   Attempts to goad students into         hurdle to making a bomb.             all you want are cheerleaders?"
Intelligence and Research.            policy debates were rebuffed.               Weeks earlier, President             The lasting impact of the
Known as INR, the bureau is           As one young analyst went              Bush had warned that a               report on Iran policy has been
tiny compared to the CIA, and         through the mock exercise of           nuclear-armed       Iran     could   unclear. Weeks after its
has a reputation for analytic         briefing a general who was             trigger "World War III" and          release, the U.N. approved new
independence if not obstinacy.        considering an invasion, she           speculation mounted about the        sanctions against Tehran, but
      INR was almost alone in         offered a pointed warning.             possibility of a military strike.    they fell far short of what the
voicing any skepticism of the              "Once you go into a                    Democratic        lawmakers     Bush administration wanted.
prewar claims that Iraq had           country and take it over," she         and liberal columnists cast the           Bush and Vice President
stockpiles of banned weapons.         said, "it would be best to have        document as evidence that            Dick Cheney continue to argue
As a result, the bureau had new       a plan."                               fed-up spies were finally            that Iran is unbowed in its
clout when the intelligence                Agency has limits                 striking back against their          pursuit of the bomb. And
community came in for                      Senior            intelligence    political masters, while Iran        military officials are stepping
sweeping reform.                      officials praise Fingar's efforts,     hawks accused Fingar of              up charges that Iran is helping
      Fingar was picked to fix        though some complain that              subverting      the    president's   destabilize Iraq, accusations
the       system's        shattered   there are some problems he             policy.                              denied by Tehran.
credibility. He went from             lacks the authority to solve.               Even those who defended              But even while brushing
                                                                                                                                           page 33
aside the complaints from           which was first reported by          said.                                 during the drill.
hard-liners, Fingar said the        Time magazine.                            One key lesson was that               "It     is     important     to
reactions of those on Capitol            NNSA spokesman Bryan            the laboratory"s protective           emphasize that Livermore's
Hill and elsewhere who              Wilkes declined to comment           forces need to train more often       security problems are not the
welcomed the report's findings      on the details of the exercise       within the actual area they are       fault of the guard force, who
still ring in his ears.             but stated in an interview that      protecting, he said.                  have complained about their
      "We briefed a lot of          the     initial    results   were         "Immediate compensatory          lack of training and poor
committees and members,"            "disappointing"               and    measures were put in place            tactics," said POGO senior
Fingar said. "In every session,     "highlighted the need for            after the inspection, including       investigator Peter Stockton. "In
one or more people reached          improvement."                        additional     security     police    fact, two security officers were
across the table and said,               "This is precisely the          officers and relocation of            fired     for      raising     these
'Thank you for your courage.        reason why we have these             material to more secure storage       problems."
Thank you for your integrity.' I    kinds of assessments done to         locations," he said.                       Time magazine, which
began to resent this. Treating      test our security," Mr. Wilkes            "No material or sensitive        first reported the penetration
integrity and professionalism       said. "We are constantly testing     information       at    Lawrence      drill in its Monday editions,
as if it is an unusual and          our security ... to find areas for   Livermore National Lab is at          stated that the attacking force
courageous act. I frankly was       improvement."                        risk, and the security at the site    was able to penetrate Building
dismayed."                               "The nuclear material at        remains strong," he said.             332, which contains about
                                    the site is secure, and we have           All plutonium at the             2,000 pounds of plutonium and
                                    the best security in the             facility will be removed in four      weapons-grade uranium.
Washington Times                    government," he said.                years, he said.                            The mock terrorists gained
May 15, 2008                             The      "attackers"    were         The NNSA said in a               access to a payload of
Pg. 1                               commandos who are part of            statement Friday that a recent        simulated       fissile     material
45. Nuclear Lab Fails               security teams that guard other      "security             assessment"     inside the facility.
Terrorist Exercise                  U.S. nuclear facilities in the       identified several areas needing           A POGO report on
Drill exposes defense flaws         country and were part of a           improvement.                          Lawrence Livermore security
By Bill Gertz, The Washington       seven-week          review      of        Lawrence Livermore is            problems last year stated that
Times                               laboratory security at Lawrence      part of the nuclear weapons           contract security guards are not
     Armed security agents          Livermore. The simulated             complex and conducts research         equipped to adequately secure
posing as terrorists broke into a   attack took place in late April.     on plutonium pits used in             the site and have limited
secure area at a nuclear                 The attacking force also        nuclear weapons.                      capabilities to communicate
weapons laboratory during a         began the exercises inside the            Laboratory spokeswoman           with local police.
recent test, exposing flaws in      laboratory's perimeter fences        Susan Houghton said some                   "As a result, coordinating
the protection of stockpiles of     and other defenses inside an         personnel were reassigned as a        an effort to recapture stolen
plutonium        and     uranium    area called the Superblock,          result of the security review         [special nuclear material] is
coveted by terrorist groups and     where nuclear material is            and one immediate step will be        virtually      impossible,"      the
rogue nations seeking to            stored, the administration           to increase the training of the       report said.
become nuclear powers.              officials said.                      protective      force     officers.        A POGO report from
     The         "force-on-force"        "The attackers were given       "We've accelerated training,          March       stated       that    the
exercise        at      Lawrence    tremendous insider knowledge,        and we're training against more       laboratory has been unable to
Livermore National Laboratory       personnel, site access, facility     real-world threats," she said.        meet U.S. government security
in California pitted two teams      information                   and         The anti-nuclear group           requirements and was given a
of special-operations-trained       communications         advantages    Project      on      Government       waiver from the Energy's
commandos: one that attacked        that     would       be    highly    Oversight (POGO), which               nuclear security administration.
use of simulated explosives,        improbable in a real-world           monitors security at Energy                "This action comes at a
and a team of defenders who         scenario," one official said.        Department facilities, said in a      time when experts warn that
tried to keep them out, said             Defenders were limited          statement that the penetration        the threat of nuclear terrorism
Bush administration officials       from firing their weapons            drill shows the problems of           is growing," the report said.
familiar with the test.             inside the area, another             security at the facility.                  Michael Leiter, acting
     The test was part of           advantage for the simulated               "The hydraulic system            director of the National
regular drills designed to test     terrorists.                          used to raise the gun from its        Counterterrorism Center, told a
nuclear defenses and included            A Dillon Aero Gatling           hiding place inside the back of       Senate hearing last week that al
the attackers' use of all-terrain   Gun, capable of firing at high       a small truck failed, making it       Qaeda       in      particular     is
vehicles and torches to cut         rates, also did not work             impossible for the gun to be          continuing            to        seek
through metal barriers, the         properly for the defenders           fired," POGO said, noting that        unconventional weapons.
officials said.                     because of a hydraulic               the group has been critical of             "Most troubling is the
     A spokesman for the            problem, but the problem has         the deployment of the gun             judgment they will continue to
National Nuclear Security           been remedied, the officials         because of its one-mile range         try to acquire and use
Administration (NNSA), the          said.                                that poses a danger to nearby         chemical,                 biological,
Energy Department unit that              Four areas during the           residences.                           radiological         or      nuclear
oversees the laboratory 50          security inspection were found            The group also stated that       materials in attacks," Mr.
miles from San Francisco, said      to be "effective," while four        special response teams of             Leiter said.
the security problems were          had ratings showing the need         armed security guards were                 Other         senior       U.S.
revealed in the penetration test,   for improvement, Mr. Wilkes          involved in tactical failures         intelligence officials have said
                                    page 34
that one threat scenario is for
terrorists to set off a
radiological bomb — a
conventional bomb laced with
nuclear material to enhance its
     Stealing or constructing a
nuclear bomb for use in an
attack would be more difficult
but not impossible.
     "More than anywhere else
in the nuclear weapons
complex, it is essential to
prevent      terrorists     from
accessing the nuclear materials
at Livermore," said Danielle
Brian,     POGO's       executive
director. "Suicidal terrorists
would not need to steal the
materials; they simply could
detonate     them      into    an
improvised nuclear device on
the spot. That is why it is
urgent to remove those
materials from the lab, rather
than settling for the [Energy
Department's]          drawn-out
timetable of removing the
materials by 2012. We hope
this debacle will finally light a
fire    under    [the     Energy
Department] and accelerate
their schedule."

Washington Post
May 15, 2008
Pg. 2
46. Correction
     A May 12 A-section
article incorrectly identified
Brig. Gen. Mike Milano as the
top commander of U.S. forces
in Baghdad. He is the deputy
     Editor's Note: The article
by      Sudarsan     Raghavan
appeared in the Current News
Early Bird, May 12, 2008.

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