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addSpecialist lectures, workshops, LED FORUM MOSCOW – add-on supporting programme of INTERLIGHT MOSCOW 2009
There is an increasing demand in Russia for light control technology and the use of lighting concepts in architecture. Russian municipal authorities are investing large sums at present in the modernisation of their street lighting and in the lighting of their residential buildings. Moreover, there is a continuously growing interest in Russia for LED lights and LED-based technologies. These trends in the Russian lighting industry are reflected both in the exhibitor portfolio and in the theme of the supporting programme of INTERLIGHT MOSCOW 2009. Since an increasing number of professional visitors of the leading international trade fairs for Russia and the CIS states use the supporting programme, it would be supplemented to a large extent by specialist lectures and workshops in the year 2009.

“Outdoor and street lighting” on 10th November 2009
On the first day of the trade fair, RosGorSvet is holding a conference on current developments and topics in the field of outdoor and street lighting. RosGorSvet is the Russian association for outdoor and street lighting. Its members supervise more than 1,000,000 lights all over Russia. The “All-Russian Conference on Street Lighting of RosGorSvet” is being held for the first time this year as part of the agenda of INTERLIGHT MOSCOW. Experts on outdoor lighting from all regions of Russia are participating in this conference.

on “Light control systems” on 11th November 2009
The subject of light control is constantly gaining importance even in Russia. This development can be attributed to two causes: On the one hand, the price of electricity is rising rapidly even in Russia. On the other hand, the need for sophisticated and complex lighting applications is growing, especially for large construction projects. The demand, above all, is for control concepts and lighting technologies to be used in expensive and large constructions, but, nonetheless, even private households are showing growing interest in lighting systems in the mid-price segment. In the light of this development, INTERLIGHT MOSCOW is dedicating an entire day to the subject of light control systems in its supporting programme. Among others, leading companies such as Lutron, Legrand & Btichino and Osram would discuss the current development status, technical standards and business opportunities in this important segment in the course of various lectures and workshops.


concepts” “Architecture and lighting concepts” on 12th November 2009
Light is becoming an increasingly important design element for architects. The Russian municipal authorities, in the meantime, have been restoring and renovating many old buildings. The number of large construction projects is growing constantly. As a result of this, Russian architects and light designers are expressing a continuously increasing interest in architectonic lighting concepts. This is why the organisers of INTERLIGHT MOSCOW are inviting international architects and light designers to Moscow this year too, just as they had done in the year 2008. In the context of the theme day “Architecture and lighting concepts”, among others, Simone Mariotto (Italian light designer) and Karsten Winkels (German architect) would be presenting international trends and developments. In addition, Paolo Spotti, Italian light designer in the field of architecture, would disseminate information in the course of a workshop on the topic of “Light concepts for halls and facades” about the trends in European light design.

Supplementary special event: LED FORUM MOSCOW
The triumphant success of LED technology in Russia with annual sales of 52 million Euros is still in its infancy, but, nonetheless, the demand for LED solutions has grown rapidly in recent years. This is why the LED FORUM MOSCOW is being hosted in parallel to the INTERLIGHT MOSCOW event, with the former being the most significant LED specialist conference for Russia and East Europe. In the year 2008, more than 200 participants provided information on the state-of-the-art technology and the latest developments in LED technology at the LED FORUM MOSCOW. Pursuant to the resounding success last year, the LED FORUM MOSCOW 2009 has been extended to two days. Detailed information regarding LED FORUM MOSCOW is available at: www.ledforum-

Other events of the supporting programme of INTERLIGHT MOSCOW
In the years gone by, INTERLIGHT MOSCOW has developed into a platform for conferences and discussions held annually. These events supplement the supporting programme already presented: The annual conference for young light technicians, organised by Prof. Dr. Artem Eremovitsh Ataev of the Academy for electrical sciences. The round table of the Russian lighting trade association (CTA) The contest on “Russian Light Design” of the Russian Institute for Lighting Research (VNISI)

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