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					 farmhouse fraternity
  university of idaho

strategic Plan of action
        Vision Statement

“As members of our Fraternity, we have
 the opportunity to become builders of
 men. Through our active leaders, who
are motivated by pride, we will strive to
  pursue higher levels of achievement
    through scholarship, social, and
moralality by maintaining the honor and
integrity that FarmHouse Fraternity was
                built upon.
          Mission Statement

“Through Brotherhood, We Build the Complete
      Overview of Strategic Plan

    The basis of this strategic plan is to provide
   written and organized objectives and goals in
      important areas of programming for the
fraternity. It is also to provide needed direction in
  the annual change of offices. The information
will be used throughout the year and reviewed on
  a regular basis by the entire house. An annual
 review will be utilized to revise and redirect any
 areas needed. These goals were set by the 2001
                      officer team.
External Trends Affecting our Fraternity

• Overall decrease in Greek             Summary
                                        • Fraternities on campus are
• Other fraternities going dry          becoming more like we are
• Media negativity                      • Fraternities overall are seeing a
                                        decrease in good members
• Individual attitude – People don’t
need a Fraternity                       • More of a challenge to compete for
• High School students are drinking
less                                    • Bad reputation through media
• College is necessity, not an option
• University is working toward
becoming dry
• Preconceived notion of Fraternities
• IFC Rules
                Focus Areas

• Scholarship        • Campus/Community Image

• Financial          • Alumni Relation

• Recruitment        • House Maintenance/Pride

• Retention          • Leadership
    Key Action            Champion                  Completion               Measurement
      Steps                                           Date
•     House GPA at        Scholarship Chair with    Year Round, checked at   House GPA at semester
      3.0 or above        help from e-board.        mid-terms

•     85% of the         Scholarship Chair with     Year Round               85% or above at end of
      house at or        help from e-board.                                  semester
      above the all-
      greek average
      for previous

•     No more than 2     2nd Vice President with    Year Round, checked at   See who we initiate
      pledges not        the help from e-board      mid-terms
      making grades

•     No member or       Scholarship Chair with     Year Round, checked at   Determine where we sit at
      pledge below a     help from e-board.         mid-terms                mid-terms and finals
      2.0 GPA

•     Follow by-laws     Scholarship Chair with     Year Round               Members need to be
      according to       support from the chapter                            responsible for there
      scholarship with                                                       grades and lack thereof
      members                                                                requires removal
    Key Action              Champion                   Completion              Measurement
      Steps                                              Date
•    Meet Budget (or        Treasurer with help of     Year Round              Determined by balance
     below)                 officers with budgets                              throughout semester

•    No-one with a         Treasurer with support of   Year Round              Starts with this semester
     house bill over       e-board and chapter                                 dues. No one with bills
     $600 30-days past

•    Cap house bill at     Treasurer with help of      Year Round              Not allowing house bills
     $490/month and        budgeted officers                                   to get higher. Over/under
     $1850 a semester.                                                         budget

•    Pay $4000 in back-    Philanthropy Chairs with    Per semester, 5/10/01   Everyone does there part,
     rent by fundraising   help of chapter                                     rent is paid.

•    Turn-over all         Treasurer and President     1/22/01                 Collecting $6000 by end
     accounts                                                                  of this semester
     receivables with
     from E-board
    Key Action            Champion                 Completion              Measurement
      Steps                                          Date
•     23 Pledges per     Rush Chair with support   Next year, every rush   Membership rises by 23
      year               from the chapter                                  people

•     Chapter will not   Chapter                   Next year, every rush   Eliminating people with
      bid anyone                                                           2.5 or lower during rush
      below a 2.5

•     E-board will       E-board, agreed upon by   03/05/01                E-board develops a plan,
      revamp our         the chapter                                       chapter approves
      current rush
    Key Action              Champion                Completion   Measurement
      Steps                                           Date
•     Seniority based      E-board develops,        2/12/01      System put into place by
      progressive          chapter approves                      this next semester
      sliding house

•     Pass a by-law        E-board comes up with by 03/05/01     Implementation this year
      requiring a 2-       -law, chapter approves
      year minimum
      to stay in house

•     Establish stricter   Chapter                  All Year     Less people in the house
      initiation                                                 that don’t care about what
      guidelines                                                 it stands for
              Campus/Community Image
    Key Action               Champion                  Completion              Measurement
      Steps                                              Date
•    Establish all-campus    Philanthropy Chairs       Developed by 2/12/01    Whether or not dates are met.
     philanthropy                                      04/21/01 Philanthropy   Success of philanthropy

•    Increase sorority      E-board team leaders       Year Round              More girls coming around, better
     relations.                                                                name around campus

•    Etiquette review for   House Mother informed      2/12/01                 Ruby giving us the lessons
     whole chapter.         by the President

•    One all-house          Chaplin, with support of   2/13/00 with one week   We serenade on the
     serenade a semester    the E-board                of practicing prior     2/13/01 for our Valentines
                                                                               Dinner date dash

•    Theme Formal           1st Vice President with    02/01/01, 03/15/01,     Success of Formal
     Dinners once a         support of E-board         04/12/01, 05/10/01      Dinners
                          Alumni Relations
    Key Action             Champion                  Completion               Measurement
      Steps                                            Date
•    Expand the            1st Vice President &      On-Going until all       Success of the list serve
     FarmHouse e-mail      Secretary                 alumni are on the list   and feedback from alumni
     list serve

•    Yearly Phone-a-       1st Vice President with   Year Round               Feedback from alumni,
     thon to Alumni        support of E-board                                 making it happen

•    More local Alumni     1st Vice President with   Year Round               More alumni at dinners
     involvement           support of E-board                                 and around the house

•    Everyone contact     Whole House                End of the Summer        Members talking with
     one alumni in your                                                       alumni over the summer.
     area over the

•    Develop the          President and Senior       05/07/01                 Completion of website by
     website              Leadership Chair                                    date of completion
                 House Maintenance/Pride
    Key Action            Champion                 Completion             Measurement
      Steps                                          Date
•    Following House      E-board with support     Year Round, every      Cleaner house overall
     Policies better      of chapter               week

•    Laminated check-     House Manager            2/12/01                Chore lists completed by
     lists for house                                                      due date
     chores posted in

•    All-House Clean-     House Manager with       02/05/01, 03/12/01,    Cleaner house overall
     up once a month      support of whole house   04/02/01, & 05/14/01

•    General              Business Manager with    Year Round, current    House maintenance
     Maintenance repair   support of E-board       problems fixed by      problems fixed
     fixed around the                              03/01/01

•    Encourage            Whole house              Year Round             Cleanliness of rooms from
     personal                                                             week to week.
     cleanliness of the
     individual rooms
    Key Action               Champion                 Completion   Measurement
      Steps                                             Date
•    Lead by example         All Officers             Year Round   Our leaders are being good
                                                                   examples. President will
                                                                   reprimand those who are not
                                                                   Starts with this semester
                                                                   dues. No one with bills
•    Show more respect      Whole House               Year Round   Higher respect levels
     for elected officers                                          around the house.
                                                                   Officers sticking up for
                                                                   one another.
•    Talking more           Senior Leadership along   Year Round   Problems eliminated,
     personally with        with 2nd Vice, E-board                 morale improved
     members to deal        support
     with problems

•    Be more active         Whole House               Year Round   Increase participation,
     with extra                                                    unity, and competitive
     curricular/house                                              levels

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