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					CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF YPSILANTI PLANNING COMMISSION REGULAR MEETING – MAY 27, 2003 MINUTES Commissioners Present: Jeff Allen, Chairman John Harris, Vice Chair Eugene Shuey

Nicole Champagne Deborah Iles

Larry Doe Carolyn Minot

Commissioners Absent: Sally Richie, Secretary, Theo Hamilton Others in Attendance: James Gartin, Community & Economic Development Director Kc Krzic, Planning and Development Coordinator Denny McLain, Township Attorney Jeff Purdy, Township Planning Consultant Joe Lawson, Assistant Planner Cheryl Benham, Recording Secretary 1. Minutes of April 22, & May 13, 2003 meetings.

Motion by Minot, to approve the minutes of April 22, 2003, support Doe. MOTION CARRIED – ALL. Motion by Minot to approve the May 13, 2003 minutes, support Shuey. MOTION CARRIED – ALL. Doe voted no NEW BUSINESS 2. PRELIMINARY NON-RESIDENTIAL SITE PLAN – Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan, 905 W. Eisenhower Circle, Suite 107, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 – to construct a new 5,351 sq. ft. headquarters building - to be located at 1921 W. Michigan, currently zoned IRO (industrial research) K-11-39-350-013/014

Ivan Harner, Executive Director Hemophilia Foundation and Michael Rein, Vice President Bowers & Rein were present for questions. Michael Rein stated that hopefully they could answer any questions that the Planning Commission might have. Commissioner Minot read the staff report into record. Mr. Rein stated that they have read the review comments and agree to take care of all the issues. He has a site plan of the building and elevations here. PUBLIC HEARING OPENED There were no public comments. PUBLIC HEARING CLOSED

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Commissioner Champagne will there be radiology, chemo type chemicals in this facility or patients with have those substances in them? Mr. Harner stated no. Commissioner Doe asked if the petitioner would consider participating in a special assessment street light district if one was created? Mr. Harner stated that more than likely they will, that’s way in the future and he can t speak for his Board 100 percent, but, yes they would consider it. Chairman Allen asked if he is aware of the sign ordinance and the location requirements? Mr. Rein stated yes they have agreed to all the requirements. They are proposing a 1-story building with the dominant material being brick with a residential feel. There will be covered entranceways with decorative wood columns and stone accent on the bottom, steel shingle peaks over the entrances with shingle roofs. It will be a very low key residential type building. Vice-Chair Harris stated that there would be no medical procedures done on site? Mr. Harner stated that most of the work done is administrative work, social work, counseling work and for liaison services. Commissioner Doe asked what is height of the building? Mr. Rein stated that the height in the office portion is 19-feet and the garage is 15.67-feet. Chairman Allen asked if the petitioner was in agreement with the conditions? Vice-Chair Harris stated that the petitioner said he was, they started out with that. Brenda Stumbo asked what type of decorative lighting is in the parking lot other than the shoebox? Mr. Rein stated none other than what is on the building. He didn’t know that was a requirement. There was discussion in the audience between LSL, Ms. Stumbo and Mr. Rein. Mr. Rein stated they weren’t aware of decorative requirements other than the 15-foot height requirement. Mrs. Krzic stated that the Township doesn’t have a requirement of decorative lighting. They do meet all the requirements of the foot -candles and the height of 15-feet. She stated that decorative lighting is not required. What is required through the ordinance they do meet. The height requirement is due to the residential zoning being adjacent to this development. Commissioner Doe asked if the petitioner would be opposed to putting in decorative lighting. The Township, as a whole, is looking to put decorative lighting on their buildings, Kroger’s, the Library and the Fire Department that is on Holmes Road all have it. Decorative lighting up-lifts the area and makes it much more aesthetic. It’s a plus for him, the petitioner, and the community

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Mr. Rein stated that he is flying blind here. They overdid the landscaping on the perimeter because of the Township requirement. There they are on a tight budget now due to them being a non-profit organization. He doesn’t know what the price difference would be of going one on one, maybe they could do a decorative light on the one light closest to Michigan Avenue. He stated that he could look into it and get back to them. Commissioner Doe stated surprised didn’t mention it since they have started to push this on all sights, projects, going in. He would appreciate the petitioner making all efforts to try and make happen. Mr. Rein asked if he would be buying the lights from the Township? He stated they would take a look at the costs and feasibility. Commissioner Doe stated that he doesn’t think the cost is much greater, they would not be buying the lights from the Township. Mr. Harner asked if it was the same lighting as is on the street? Commissioner Doe stated pretty much yes, lots are global acorn types. Much of the lighting should be overhead to reduce the lights in the sky. When the petitioner leaves here look at Kroger’s and the new library those are less shielded and have the acorn type in. Mr. Rein stated that he would be glad to take a look at them. Motion by Minot to approve the preliminary (non-residential) site plan for Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan, to construct a new 5,351 sq. ft headquarters building located at 1921 W. Michigan, subject to the following conditions: Address all items as outlined in the letter from OHM, dated April 28, 2003, the Fire Department, dated April 28, 2003, and the letter from Assessor, dated April 23, 2003. 2. All final site plan and detailed engineering approvals and permits are obtained prior to construction. 3. Petitioner will work with Township Staff on adding decorative lighting if it is fiscally feasible. 4. Petitioner will consider participating in a Street Light Special Assessment District if one is created on West Michigan. Support Allen. MOTION CARRIED – ALL. 3. Any other business that may come before the board. 1.

Adjournment: Motion by Minot to adjourn at 6:40 p.m. support Iles. MOTION CARRIED – ALL. Respectively submitted

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Cheryl Benham Recording Secretary

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