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Hobby_Hour_Sep_2009 by liwenting


									        HILLSIDE PTA “HOBBY HOUR Fall 2009” PROGRAM
                  Please keep this information sheet for future reference

Hobby Hour is a student enrichment and fun program, with classes taught by either
Hillside parents or private organizations. All children at Hillside are invited to
participate. Classes are located at Hillside School; begin at 2:30p.m. and end at 3:30p.m.

This year’s dates for Hobby Hour are:

       Wednesday, September 30, October 7, 14, 28 (NO CLASS 10-20-09)
       Thursday, October 1, 8, 15, 29 (NO CLASS 10-21-09)

HOW DO CHILDREN GET TO CLASSES? Each teacher gets a list of children who
are participating and which class they will attend. Each child participating receives a tag
indicating the class name and room number. The children are escorted to the Hobby Hour
classes. Attendance will be taken.

HOW IS DISMISSAL HANDLED? Pick up will be at 3:30 p.m. If your child attends
the YMCA extended day program and would like to participate in Hobby Hour, we will
bring him/her to the program after Hobby Hour class. It is the parents’ responsibility to
make arrangements for pick-up at 3:30p.m. Children will exit from the Kindergarten
doors only. There will be no crossing guards at the usual locations. Any child who will
be walking home after the program must provide a note to the class instructor from their
parents giving permission.

WHAT IS THE COST? The cost per class varies. The cost per class is the cost for the
instructor and supplies. Do not send money now.

HOW DOES MY CHILD REGISTER? Due to limited class size, participants will be
chosen by lottery. Availability of classes is subject to student interest. FILL OUT THE
Wednesday, September 16th. Indicate the Childs 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of class/date.
Please understand that making only one choice on the registration form does not
guarantee a spot in that class. Once the participants have been chosen, a confirmation
notice will be sent home indicating his/her class and date and all appropriate fees. Each
child is limited to one class on one day.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Instructors have the right to dismiss disruptive students from
class once Mrs. Pilchman and the parent have been notified. Your cooperation is
essential for this program to run smoothly. Thank you and a special thanks to those who
volunteer to help make this program happen.
Hobby Hour Class Descriptions Fall 2009
Most classes are divided into age categories, Kindergarten through 2nd grade, (K-2): and
3rd grade through 5th grade, (3-5). Read the descriptions, complete the enclosed form,
and return it in an envelope marked PTA HOBBY HOUR by Wedneday, September 16th.

                               Grades: K-2        Wednesday         Instructor: Jr. Lancers Coach – Jessy Byrne
Kids will be taught the fundamentals of cheerleading. There will be NO tumbling in this class.
Cost: $20.00 for instructor fees

                              Grades: K-2        Thursday          Instructor: Color Me Mine Instructors
Color Me Mine                         3-5        Wednesday
Kids will paint a different ceramic piece each week and receive their fired piece the following week! Classes may use
techniques of favorite artists or cover themes or cultures from around the world. The final class will do a mosaic which
you can take home the same day.
Cost: $60.00 for supplies and instructor fees

                               Grades: 3-5       Wednesday          Instructor: Jeri Fitzgerald
Jewelry Making
Kids will make a different piece of jewelry each week.
Cost: $50.00 for supplies and instructor fees

                              Grades: K-2        Wednesday          Instructor: Lori Fine
Kids will learn beginning karate skills, and develop cardio, balance, respect and focusing techniques through the use of
fun filled, age-specific games and activities.
Cost: $55.00 for instructor fees

                               Grades: K-2       Thursday           Instructor: Mad Science Instructors
Mad Science                             3-5      Wednesday
This is a privately operated program that promotes scientific literacy in a learn-by-doing program. Children are
introduced to science concepts through hands-on experiments and some take home projects. Each class will cover a
different topic and include age appropriate experiments and fun! This is all new this year taught by a new group of
Cost: $60.00 for supplies and instructor fees

                              Grades: 1-5        Thursday          Instructor: Joe Fisher
A behind the scenes look at how magicians do their tricks. Each week students are taught how to do magic by a real
professional magician. They take home their own bag of tricks making them real magicians.
Cost: $50.00 for instructor fees and supplies

                               Grades: K-2       Wednesday          Instructor: Instructors from Platypus Pottery
Platypus Pottery                       3-5       Thursday
Kids will have fun creating and sculpting animals and whimsical clay characters in this fun class run by Livingston’s
Platypus Pottery Studio. The children will take home a different “masterpiece” each week.
Cost: $50.00 for supplies and instructor fees
Hobby Hour Class Descriptions Fall 2009 (page 2)
                                Grades: K-2        Thursday           Instructor: Bill Boesenberg
Snakes and Scales                       3-5        Wednesday
A different reptile will be brought to class each week. The children will be able to touch and learn about the reptile and
then complete an activity or craft related to that reptile.
Cost: $60.00 for instructor fees and supplies

                                Grades: K-2        Thursday           Instructor: Sports Institute Instructor
Sports Institute                        3-5        Thursday
The US Sports Institute will introduce, teach and play a different sport each week (i.e., golf, flag football, cricket,
Cost: $60.00 for instructor fees

                                Grades: K-2        Wednesday          Instructor: Studio Instructor
Studio Kids Art
Bugs, Birds and People Puppets: Each class we make a different kind of puppet that is either a bug, bird or person
and have a short puppet show
Cost: $55.00 for supplies and instructor fees

                                Grades: 3-5        Thursday           Instructor: Studio Instructor
Studio Kids Art
Comic Book Art: Learn all aspects of comic book and cartoon illustration and complete a one page comic story by the
end of the session. Students will use pencil, pen, and ink, watercolors and colored pencils.
Cost: $55.00 for supplies and instructor fees

Wednesdays                                                          Thursdays
Cheerleading                   K-2                                  Color Me Mine                  K-2
Color Me Mine                  3-5                                  Mad Science                    K-2
Jewelry Making                 3-5                                  Magic                          1-5
Karate                         K-2                                  Platypus Pottery               3-5
Mad Science                    3-5                                  Snakes & Scales                K-2
Platypus Pottery               K-2                                  Sports Institute               K-2
Snakes & Scales                3-5                                  Sports Institute               3-5
Studio Kids Art                K-2                                  Studio Kids Art                3-5

HOBBY HOUR BY Wednesday, September 16th.


Child’s Name________________________________________________________
Telephone #_________________________________________________________

Class/Date Choice #1____________________________________________________

Class/Date Choice #2____________________________________________________

Class/Date Choice #3____________________________________________________

Please indicate first, second and third class/date choices. Classes are formed by
lottery. We will do all that we can to register your child for his/her first choice, but
making only one choice does not guarantee a spot in the program. When making
your choice, please be sure that your child is available for the class on the dates
indicated and that they want to take the class. It is not fair to those who do not get
their first choice, for others to drop out at the last minute.

Do not send any money at this time.

When your child is selected for his/her class/date through the lottery system, you will be
notified. The fees will be collected AFTER you are notified.

REMINDER: Classes will be dismissed promptly at 3:30p.m. It is the parents’
responsibility to make arrangements for pick up. Children will be exiting from the
Kindergarten doors only.


Parent’s Signature_____________________________________

I would like to volunteer to help with Hobby Hour dismissal:

(We need LOTS of volunteers to help out with dismissal. The classes are dismissed one at a time
and we need help ensuring the kids’ safety. You would need to report at 3:15 p.m. on the Hobby
Hour day you select).

Thank you for your cooperation!

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