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NAME COUNTRYTITLE_OF_PAPER Paper/Poster DIVISION no. in progr. Colombo Argentina The influence of color in visual performance model measured as reaction times Poster 1 110 Ixtaina Argentina Road lighting: New method for the overall uniformity assessment Poster 4 416 Ixtaina Argentina Characterization of Argentinean high specularity road surfaces Poster 4 417 Jaén Argentina Temporal Modulation Meter to Assess Lit Environments Poster 2 211 Kirschbaum Argentina Lighting Temporal Modulation and Visual Performance Poster 1 109 Kirschbaum Argentina Residential Areas Lighting: Demands and proposals for crisis times Paper 5 3C-P4 Manzano Argentina Considerations about quality management for urban lighting Poster 5 503 Ulas Australia LIGHT IN RE-CREATING PERCEPTION OF ARCHITECTURAL CONTEXTS AND URBANSCAPE Poster 5 504 Dehoff Austria ELI: Lighting criteria at one glance Poster 3 308 Gillet Belgium Characterization of Road Surfaces using a Mobile Gonioreflectometer Poster 4 401 Reisinger Belgium Lighting to enhance the atmosphere in the bathroom Poster 3 325 Gomes Brazil Implementation of Colorimetric Measurement System at Inmetro Poster 2 230 Pimenta Brazil THE APPLICATION OF THE PSEUDOCOLOR ANALYSIS TO ASSESS THE OBTRUSIVE LIGHT PRODUCED BY OUTDOOR LIGHTING INSTALLATIONS Paper 5 3C-P7 Timmins Brazil Compliance and Testing of HID Lamps for Minimum Luminous Flux Levels Poster 2 232 Veitch Canada Office lighting appraisal, performance and well-being: A linked mechanisms map Paper 3 2B-P1 Bian CHINA A Research of GIS based Urban Lighting Planning Support System Paper 5 2C-P3 Cao China The lighting design of Peng-Qian tunnel Poster 4 408 Chang China Research on integrative design of light and space Poster 3 364 Che China SKY MODEL Poster 3 321 CHEN china Analyze the Color Reproduction Characteristics of DLP Projector Paper 8 1C-P3 Chen China Study on the Road Lighting of the Digital City Paper 4 1C-P6 Chen China Maximum Spectral Luminous Efficacy under Mesopic Conditions and Application Paper 1 3A-P4 CHEN China Modulation of Elastin Exon 26A mRNA and Protein Expression in Human Skin In Vivo Poster 6 612 CHEN China Investigation about Indoor Light Environment of three Schools in Suzhou Poster 3 312 Chu China The Application of Golden Section Method on Road Lighting Optimization Design Poster 4 410 Dai China THE Illumination Standard of Olympic Shooting Range Poster 3 329 Enyu China Uniform Color Space and Digital System Poster 8 801 feng China Natural Color Reproduction in the Diagnosis of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests Poster 8 806 Hao China A study on high-efficient and energy-saving lighting system for EXPO Shanghai 2010 paper 5 2C-P4 Hao China Lighting Education in Tongji University Poster 5 502 Haolei China Research of Urban Lighting Master Plans in China paper 5 2C-P1 He China Colorimetric Color Matching Based On New Two-Constant Theory Poster 1 114 Hu China Mesopic Luminous Efficiency Functions Based on Reaction Time Experiments Poster 1 117 Huang Min China Research of Enactment of the Parameters in 3D Imaging Poster 8 809

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ju LI Li Li Li Li Li Li Lin Lin Lin Liu liu Liu Liu Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Mou Mou Ni Ni Qiao Qinxuan Shen Shen Shi Song Sun Sun

China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China CHINA CHINA China China China China China China China China China China

the effect of headlamp's color temperature on visual performance of drivers Poster 4 404 Experiment research for high frequency discharge and 50 Hz Poster 2 218 A study on the seamless prism light guide used in a concrete-curing room Poster 3 313 Increment of the Tourism Value in Urban Lighting Development Poster 5 501 The research on the characteristics of emergency power facility of the field lighting of stadiums Poster 5 518 Atmosphere absorbance and its application in the design of the field lighting system in a stadium Poster 5 519 Including color distortion in color image quality assessment algorithms Poster 8 807 Assembled D3.5m Reflecting Dome Type Artificial Sky Poster 2 220 A study and zoning of the daylight climate in China Paper 3 1B-P1 A study and application of the natural light resources in Beijing Poster 3 303 Relationships between reading task performance and subjective ratings on visual comfort for classroom3 Paper 2B-P2 A review of perspective of the application of LEDs in General lighting by comparing efficacies of LED and conventional light sources Poster 2 240 Uniform Color Space and Digital System Poster 8 805 Color Difference Evaluation for Printed Images Poster 8 808 Skin Phototyping in Chinese Female Population Poster 6 610 A primary research on quantification of chromatic light preference in landscape illumination Poster 1 125 THE RESEARCH OF DAYLIGHT INVERAMENT OF HIGH-RISE OFFICE BUILDING IN CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT OF BEIJING Poster 2 315 THE RESEARCH OF DAYLIGHT INVERAMENT OF HIGH-RISE OFFICE BUILDING IN TIANJIN Poster 3 319 PRIMARY STUDY OF ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING EFFECTS ON PAINTS AND COLORED DRAWINGS OF CHINESE 334 Poster 3 TRADITIONAL ARCHITECTURE Task Lighting for the Elderly Poster 3 335 Experimental method research of landscape lighting in Mesopic Vision Paper 5 3C-P2 Lighting Ecology Study of the Summer Palace Paper 5 3C-P8 Inheriting and Developing of Chinese Traditional Lighting Culture Poster 5 507 Environmental Influence Analysis of Lighting Project in China Classical Garden Poster 5 508 Luminance contrast measurement of FPDs under Daylight Ambient Condition Paper 2 1A-P1 The apparent sources determination for LEDs Poster 2 208 Measurement of The Luminance and Chromaticity under Twenty-four Hour Daylight and Night Sky Paper 5 3C-P6 Colour Reproduction Measurement and Reference White Chromaticity Value Definition for Colour TV Receiver Poster 8 802 Research on Office Lighting Quality--Field research of Chinese office workers Paper 3 2B-P3 China??s Urban Nightscape and Building Elevation Lighting in Developing Poster 5 515 Uncertainties in the LED luminous flux measurement using integrating sphere Paper 2 1A-P6 Research on the detector-based high stable color tunable LED standard source Poster 2 207 Color Reproduction Between CRT Monitors And Use of Color Appearance Models Poster 8 803 Optical design of flood light basing on green lighting Poster 5 506 Research on Color Environment of Classrooms in Middle School and Primary School Poster 3 317 Designing study of multi-spectral imaging system based on two CCD Poster 8 810

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TIAN Tsai WANG Wang Wang Wang WANG Wang wang wang wang Wei Wong Wu Bing xiaochuan xu Xu Xu XUE Yang Yang Yang Yang yang yang yang yang Yao Yao Yuan Zhang Zhang Zhang Zhang Zhang Zheng

China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China CHINA China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China

Measurement of the ultraviolet irradiation of artificial light sources in daily life Poster 6 609 Improvement on ICC-based Color Management Solutions Paper 8 1C-P4 Uniformity Research on CIE1931 Chromaticity Diagram Poster 1 108 Three attributes Uniform color space in a new color-difference software Poster 1 111 Research on Daylight Environment of the Residential Buildings in Beijing Poster 3 311 Local Daylighting Climate Research with GIS: A Proposal Poster 3 316 Prediction of Chinese Color System Appearance Scales Using Various Color Appearance Models paper 1 3A-P5 The Study and Analysis of the Summer Palace??s Multi-dimensions nightscape Poster 5 505 Altitude_Effects_on_UV_Spectral_Radiation Poster 6 618 Study on the color of illuminant and energy efficiency for floodlighting Paper 5 2C-P8 Study on the obtrusive light of urban cloverleaf illuminating Poster 5 520 The application of color in decorative flood lighting Paper 5 2C-P6 The relationship between the structure of city and its nightscape design Poster 5 510 Research of the Influence of Poster 1 120 The Effective Fluorescence from Readily-synthesised Bisindolyl- maleimides Derivatives Fluorophores 6 Poster 607 Color capability analysis of monitors used for simulating the output colors Poster 2 216 Technique of reflector design Poster 2 227 Does the Photo Irradiation Affect the Stereoselectivity in the Staudinger Reaction? Poster 6 606 The musical characteristics of the TV entertainment programs light Poster 3 310 Algorithm of spectral estimation based on multi-spectral imaging system with two CCD Poster 2 217 Oxidative Mechanism of Cataract Induced by UV Irradation and its Inhibition by Natural Products Paper 6 3B-P7 Multi-spectral Imaging Acquisition and Spectral Reconstruction using Monochromatic Camera and narrow-band filters Poster 8 804 Study to Visual Estimation on GOG of CRT Displays Poster 8 812 The research of artificial nerve network??s use in the luminance design of buildings?? night Paper view 5 2C-P5 The research of the night view programming of upland cities in China Poster 5 521 The research on the experiment about the influence of the light reflection characteristics of different kinds of surface decorated materials to the building night v Poster 5 522 The research of luminance subjective evaluation method for buildings?? night view lighting Poster 5 523 Contrast sensitivity under different surround luminance Poster 1 106 Study on Lighting Design Meets Identifiable Characteristic of the Road Intersection in the City oster P 4 443 Research of Energy-Saving Problems in the Efficiency Power Plant Poster 3 305 Application Threshold Brightness Contrast Experiments of Human Eyes for Study on the Visibility Poster 1 102 Research on protecting the interior luminous environment of the QuanJin Studio in the Palace Museum 3 Poster 323 Comparasion of ICA and PCA in Color Reproduction Poster 8 811 EXPERIMENTS AND RESEARCHES OF READING LIGHTING FOR THE ELDERLY Poster 3 322 Improving the supply voltage and control of the urban road lighting system Poster 4 403 Construct Chongqing night view to top-ranking of the world with scientific developmental view Paper 5 2C-P2

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Zhou China Synthesis and luminescent properties of oxyfluoride YOF:Eu3+ phosphors Poster 2 213 Sokanský Czech republic OBTRUSIVE LIGHT IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Poster 4 405 Ekrias Finland Intelligent road lighting and effects of weather conditions on road luminances Poster 4 418 Ikonen Finland MODELING THE DISTANCE DEPENDENCE OF LED ILLUMINANCE Paper 2 1A-P2 Juslén Finland Why lighting influences on productivity? - The analyse of five field studies Poster 3 359 Mäkinen Finland Color Theoretical Approach to Optical Properties of Printing Papers Poster 8 814 Orreveteläinen Finland Spectral sensitivity model for peripheral vision at mesopic luminance levels Paper 1 3A-P1 Tetri Finland IEA ECBCS Annex 45 - Energy Efficient Electric Lighting for Buildings Paper 3 1B-P13 BASTIE France Measurements and units for photobiological and photochemical quantities Poster 2 212 Boissard France Optimisation of mixing of LED-based light for object presentation. Comparison with traditional light sources Paper 1 2A-P8 Brémond France Experimental comparison of tone mapping operators using a visual performance index Paper 8 1C-P2 Brémond France Quality indexes for road lighting: a comprehensive review Poster 4 414 Brémond France A night-time road visibility index for the diagnosis of rural road networks Poster 4 415 CHAIN FRANCE Impact of real road photometry on public lighting installation Paper 4 1C-P11 CHAIN FRANCE Public lighting specifications for visually impaired people: results from an experiment. Paper 5 3C-P1 COLOMB France Use of a calibrated camera to study visibility in fog Poster 4 438 DEMIRDES France Benefits of White Light in Urban Lighting applications compared to Yellow Light Poster 4 440 Dumont France Are standard tables R still representative of the reflection properties of road surfaces in France? Poster 4 420 Dumont France Pavement reflection properties and luminance distribution: measurements on a road lighting Poster test-track and comparison with standard calculations 4 441 Dumortier France Deriving CIE sky types from horizontal irradiances Paper 3 1B-P3 Dumortier France A database of light doses received during typical daily activities Poster 6 617 FontoynontFrance Correlation of Lighting Quality Descriptors Paper 3 2B-P4 HAUTIEREFrance Mobilized and Mobilizable Visibility Distances for Road Visibility in Fog Poster 4 412 HAUTIEREFrance Assessment of Object Visibility in Complex Road Scenes Poster 4 413 LAGANIERFrance LED Colors and Material, the Mixing of Sense Paper 5 2C-P7 LECOCQ France A driving simulator for road lighting using low mounting height luminaires Poster 4 436 LECOCQ France Measurement of visibility in outdoor lighting of spherical targets or other real obstacles Poster 4 437 Obein France A new realization of the Candela at the LNE-INM/CNAM Poster 2 242 Perraudeau France On luminaire's near field photometry measurement. Paper 2 1A-P7 Perraudeau France Evaluation of annual interior lighting using multizones sky Paper 3 1B-P4 Perraudeau France Evaluation of annual luminous performances of skylights using luminous intensity distribution Poster 3 339 Rami France A driving simulator for road lighting using fixed low mounting height luminaires Poster 4 402 RAMI France Road luminances delat with digital luminancemeter devices Poster 4 435 Rollo France Multiscale human vision simulation for image segmentation Poster 8 813 Simon France A new paradigm for the computation of conspicuity of traffic signs in road images paper 4 1C-P14 Viénot France Grading LED illumination : from colour rendering indices to specific light quality indices Paper 1 2A-P6

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Horak Germany Comparison of the Optical Radiation Safety Requirements for Light Emitting Diodes (report of CIE TC 6-55 ?Safety 604 Poster 6 of LEDs?) Khanh Germany on the latest visual experiments on the color rendering issues of light sources and the correlation with color difference according CIEDE2000 Poster 1 104 Marx Germany A digital illuminance-meter with a special luminance-tubeadapter for universal applications inPoster engineering 201 lighting 2 Raphael Germany Mesopic photometry for spatially resolved luminance measurements Paper 1 3A-P2 Rattunde, Dr. Germany The Photometric Measurement of Pulse-Width Modulated LED Signals Paper 2 1A-P3 Rattunde, Dr. Germany Uniform Detection Distance as a Quality Parameter for Automotive Headlamps Paper 4 1C-P15 Richter Germany COLORIMETRIC MODEL OF LOGARITHMIC COLOUR SPACES LMSLAB Poster 1 118 Voelker Germany Mesopic vision - Should we replace all sodium lamps by lamps with white light in our public lighting? Paper 4 1C-P12 Tsikaloudaki Greece ANALYZING THE LUMINOUS EFFICACY OF SOLAR RADIATION UNDER THE C.I.E. GENERAL SKY3 Poster CONDITIONS 341 Chung Hong KongMeasurable parameters related to visual satisfaction of a daylit indoor environment Poster 3 307 Chung Hong Kong, China parameters affecting the subjective evaluation of a daylit indoor residential environment based 3 a user assessment survey Physical Paper on 1B-P8 Chung Hong Kong, China Horizontal light pipes with laser cut panels for daylighting of a side-lit room in a dense urban Poster environment 3 355 Beke Hungary SPATIOTEMPORAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE AFTERIMAGE PROCESS Poster 1 123 Bodrogi Hungary Color Image Preference to Aged and Young Observers Poster 1 124 Fekete Hungary Spectral Dependence of Car Headlamp Lighting Paper 1 3A-P8 Hirschler Hungary Evaluation and classification of daylight simulators ? problems and recommendations Poster 1 112 Makai Hungary Surface topography of great area mirror-like surfaces by the Makyoh (magic mirror) method Poster 2 203 Schanda Hungary Light source quality assessment Poster 1 105 Sik Lanyi Hungary Virtual world – “a brave new world”, but what kind of colours are used in these virtual environments? Poster 1 113 Szabo HUNGARYVISUAL EXPERIMENTS ON COLOUR HARMONY: A FORMULA AND A RENDERING INDEX Paper 1 2A-P1 Dugar India Development of a syntactic technique for architectural lighting design derived from musical principles 3 Poster 309 GOLDER India A High Efficiency White LED based Lighting System. An Energy-efficient, Cost-effective Approach for Rural Applications. Poster 3 351 ROY INDIA Development of roadlighting design software - ROADLIGHTS_JU incorporating specifics design factors 4 Poster prevailing in developing countries. 429 Ne'eman Israel The future building - A dynamic humane solar shell Poster 3 314 Ceregioli Italy The effects of colour temperature variation on chromatic response, produced by a lighting system which3 focused 306painted images. Poster is on DA POS ITALY Lightness constancy with 3D objects of different shape and reflectance. Poster 1 133 GRIGNAFFINI ITALY LIGHT DIFFUSION SYSTEMS THROUGH PLASTIC MATERIALS: PERFORMANCE INDEXES RELATED TO THE MAINTENANCE OF BRIGHTNESS AND Poster 2 222 Pellegrino Italy A SKYLIGHT SIMULATOR FOR ASSESSING COCKPIT DISPLAY AND AMBIENT VISIBILITY FOR DAY TIME AND NIGHT TIME CONDITIONS Poster 1 131 Pellegrino Italy IMPROVING ENERGY PERFORMANCE OF BUILDINGS THROUGH A MORE CONSCIOUS LIGHTING DESIGN: 361 ROLE OF LIGHTING CONTROL SYS Poster 3 THE Rastello Italy Surface Color Measurements by Active Vision Systems Paper 2 1A-P16 Rossi Italy A New Instrument for Atmospheric Turbidity Evaluation Poster 3 353 Rossi Italy The measurement of road marking with a mobile lab Poster 4 439 Soardo Italy A scientifically based analysis of the effects of town lighting on sky glow paper 5 3C-P5 AKIZUKI JAPAN Calculating Methods of Floor illuminance by emergency lights in fire smoke taking into account of smoke adhesion 362 Poster 3 Ayama Japan Functional visual field in different road scenes Poster 4 421 Bando Japan MODELING OF LOCATION AND DIRECTION OF VIEWER'S EYE IN MUSIUM FOR LIGHTING DESIGN Poster 3 349

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Deguchi Japan FURUSHOJAPAN Godo JAPAN Hagiwara Japan Hara Japan Igawa Japan Ikeda Japan Ikeda Japan IKEGAMI Japan INOUE Japan ISHIDA Japan Ishida Japan Ishii Japan Ishii Japan Ito Japan Ito Japan Itoh Japan Itoh Japan Iwata JAPAN KARASAWAapan J Kawanishi Japan Kikuchi Japan Kobayashi Japan Kohko JAPAN Kohmoto Japan Komatsubara Japan MASUYAMAapan J Matsui Japan Matsuzaki Japan MIKI JAPAN Mochizuki Japan Mori Japan Morikawa Japan Nakamura Japan Nissato Japan Noguchi Japan

Evaluation of UV water disinfection system by computational fluid dynamics and its relating bio and chemical experiments Poster 6 601 Field Factor in the Sea Traffic Related Human Factors Paper 4 1C-P16 Averaged LED Intensity measurement at NMIJ Poster 2 229 Effect of Vertical Illuminance on Visibility of the Pedestrian at Crosswalk Observed from Right Turning Drivers at Night Paper 4 1C-P10 Influence of color vision difference on readability and equivalent luminance contrast of chromatic documents Poster 1 121 A solar radiation and daylight measurement station installed in Osaka, Japan Poster 3 336 PREDICTION OF COLOUR DIFFERENCES Poster 1 126 COLOUR RENDERING PROPERTIES OF LIGHT EMITTING DIODE Poster 1 128 Adaptation luminance of the complex luminance distribution: directionality and additivity of the adaptation luminance increase Poster 1 132 The Emergency Lighting Considering the Adaptation of the Eye. The Lighting System Based Poster Time Characteristic of the Luminance Difference Threshol on the 3 326 Psychological Evaluation of Lighting with a Wide Range of Color Temperatures and Illuiminances Poster 1 134 Study on Lighting for the Relaxation Influence of the wall color and the correlated color temperature of lamp Poster 3 337 Examination of white LED lamps and conventional museum lamps against textiles dyed with Poster dyes natural 3 301 Research on the Lighting Environment in the Street at Night? Part 2. The effect of the lighting environment in the street on the insecurity feeling ? Poster 5 512 Study of total revealing power for tunnel lighting(the second report) Poster 4 431 Measurement of luminance discrimination threshold for positive and negative contrast stimuli to investigate visibility432 the tunnel entrance lighting Poster 4 under Study on automated blind control based on visual comfort Paper 3 1B-P6 Visual property of the low vision (1): Span of colour similarity Paper 1 3A-P7 Border between contrast glare and saturation glare Paper 3 1B-P11 New method of Road lighting design based on Revealing power Paper 4 1C-P7 Sunburn Chart and Sunshade Design Poster 6 608 Validation of daylight simulation tools and evaluation of daylighting devices with two scale models Poster 3 357 Visibility and color-rendering properties of light sources in tunnel lighting Poster 4 430 Impacts of Veiling Luminance on Pedestrian Visibility Paper 5 3C-P3 Considerations on measurement of LED radiance and luminance Poster 2 202 New color-difference formula based in uniform color-difference space Poster 1 103 Luminance variation and the sense of perspective for the facade components of lit-up building Poster 5 514 A study on a street lighting that makes change illuminance is effective for both reducing fear Poster and saving energy. of crime 5 516 METHOD OF LIGHTING DESIGN TO RETAIN VIEWABILITY IN LOW ILLUMINANCE AT MUSEUM 3 Poster 347 The evaluation of the distributed multiple-light arrangement in the daytime and nighttime using brightness image 352 Poster 3 Field measurement on the amoount of outdoor exposed light in nighttime in Japan Paper 3 3C-P9 Utilization examination of the task and ambient lighting and corridor lighting using LED lighting apparatus Poster 3 348 Judging Color Appearance Mode of a stimulus with short duration Poster 1 129 METHOD OF DISCOMFORT GLARE ESTIMATION APPLICABLE TO WIDE RANGE OF SOURCE SIZES Paper 3 1B-P12 Application of carbon nanotubes to optical radiation absorber layer Poster 2 224 Lighting and Sleep: A Way of Lighting to Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits Paper 6 3B-P4

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Ochiai Japan Ogiuchi Japan Ohtani Japan Oi Japan OKUDA JAPAN OSHIMA JAPAN Qian Japan Sagawa Japan Saito Japan Sasaki Japan Shitomi JAPAN Sugano Japan Tachibana Japan Takahashi Japan Takeshita Japan Toru Japan Umemiya Japan Yaguchi Japan YamaguchiJapan Yoshizawa Japan Zama Japan Chang Korea Cho Korea Chung Korea Kim Korea Kim Korea Kim Korea Kim Korea Kim Korea Kim Korea Kim Korea Kim Korea Lee KOREA Lee Korea lee korea Lee Korea

Universal-Design LED Traffic Signals for Color-deficient Drivers Poster 4 406 Environmental brightness estimation for asymmetrically illuminated space Poster 3 343 QUANTITATIVE ASSESSMENT METHOD OF REFLECTION ON GLASS OF SHOWCASES Poster 3 354 Preferred combinations between Luminance and Color Temperature in several settings for daily living activities Poster 3 330 Research on the Lighting Environment in the Street at Night ?| Part 1. Resident?fs attitude on the safety5 Poster and security in the street at Night?| 513 The correction method for LED spectrum measurement in the total flux mode Poster 2 236 Total luminous flux measurement of LEDs using an integrating sphere with an external standard source 2 Paper 1A-P5 Visual property of people with low vision (2):Contrast sensitivity function Poster 1 115 Visual perceiving experiment on color rendering of white LEDs Poster 1 101 A Proposal for Prevalence of CIE Definition of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C Poster 6 613 Extending the calibration range of the NMIJ spectral diffuse reflectance standard with respect to the wavelength and reflectance level Paper 2 1A-P13 Create comfortableness of natural light in a house - research a condition that to obstruct resident?fs conversation and to reduce their comfortableness Poster 3 358 Measurement of vacuum ultraviolet radiation using photoconductors made of synthetic diamond thin films Poster 2 215 Discomfort glare and annoyance caused by white LED lamp Poster 1 107 UV irradiance at indoor life space Poster 6 615 Effect of Vertical Illuminance on Visibility of the Pedestrian at Crosswalk Observed from Right Turning Drivers at Night Poster 4 419 Discrimination of insolation conditions considering CIE STANDARD for General Sky Poster 3 350 Relation between elementary color scaling and the perceptive attributes specified with CIECAM02 Paper 1 2A-P2 Evaluation of space brightness based on the border luminance of color appearance mode Poster 1 127 Light phenomena in architecture and their relation to the illumination and texture Poster 3 342 An attempt at establishing a spectral irradiance scale from 200 nm to 250 nm Poster 2 237 A study of change of luminous intensity value by spatial intensity distribution, radiating area and measurement distance of LED and LED Module Poster 2 233 Round Robin LED Thermal Resistance Poster 2 241 An Improvement Plan on Outdoor Lighting of Hoham Park at Chungju City in KOREA Poster 5 511 Mathematical Transformation of NCS Notations to CIELAB Coordinates in D65/10 Illuminant/Observer Condition 119 Poster 1 A study on the estimation of discomfort glare Paper 3 1B-P10 Evaluation of Discomfort Glare from Daylight Poster 3 327 Driver's Visual Reaction Estimation over the Temporal Change of the Headlamp's the Brightness Poster 4 426 Driver's Psychological Responses and Determination of Limits over the Temporal Change ofPoster the Headlamp's the Brightness 4 427 A Study on Driver??s Brain Wave Characteristics over the Change of the Headlamp's Brightness Poster 4 428 Validation of CIE averaged LED intensity measurement by comparing results of the photometric and spectroradiometric methods with different traceabilities Poster 2 225 A Study on Measuring Forward Voltage to Get Junction Temperature of LED Poster 2 234 A Study on Method of Evaluating Image Quality with CIECAM02 Paper 8 1C-P1 The Fundamental Research for Discomfort Glare Evaluation of Building Interior Artificial Illumination Poster 3 338 Evaluation of Human??s Emotional Reaction on LED Outdoor Lighting Source Poster 5 524 Preparation of standard LEDs based on the generalized model of the functional seasoning Poster 2 226

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Park Korea Calculation of spatial response distribution function (SRDF) of an integrating sphere for LED Paper total luminous flux measurement using a commercial Monte-Carlo 2 1A-P11 Park Korea A series of round robin tests to improve agreement of CIE averaged LED intensity measurements among Korean industrial laboratories Poster 2 239 De Groot Netherlands Benefits of photobiological light exposure during rapidly rotating night-shift work Paper 6 3B-P2 Knoop Netherlands Use of color: Considerations & applications Paper 3 2B-P6 Schlangen Netherlands Health and well-being effects of high color temperature light Paper 3 2B-P8 Tenner Netherlands Activity Light for the Elderly Poster 3 320 van den Brink Netherlands The future os lighting for traffic roads Paper 4 1C-P5 vanderBurgt Netherlands About colour rendition and light sources, Paper 1 2A-P7 Clare New Zealand Instrumental Nonlinearity in the Use of a New Integrating Sphere for the Measurement of Diffuse Reflectance Poster 2 223 Osterhaus New Zealand Design Guidelines for Glare-Free Daylit Work Environments Paper 3 1B-P9 Willey New Zealand Lighting, Sensory Richness and Health Poster 3 318 Bjelland Norway Intelligent road lighting Paper 4 1C-P9 Lillelien Norway Energy efficient lighting systems - Consequences for environment, health and human factors Poster 3 344 Matusiak Norway The Graphical Method for Sky Factor, Solar Glare and Overheating Risk Prediction Poster 3 331 Nersveen Norway Sight weakness and universal design paper 3 2B-P5 Nersveen Norway Sight weakness and universal uniformity Poster 3 333 Fryc Poland LED-based spectrally tunable light source for photometry and colorimetry Poster 2 228 Grzonkowski Poland Rational modernisation of street lighting Poster 4 433 Pawlak Poland A general lighting luminaire with high power LED diodes Poster 3 345 Pracki Poland Criteria for assessment of lighting energy efficiency Paper 3 1B-P15 SAWICKI POLAND The Area Light Source Modeling for Determining the Light Point Figure Using Ray Tracing Method Poster 2 206 Turlej Poland The color changing element for a free-standing luminaire Poster 3 346 Zalesi?ska Poland Determination of the optimum values of maitenance factor in the road lighting Poster 4 407 Turlej Polska The change-color element for a free-standing luminarie Poster 3 328 Pop Romania Residential energy efficient lighting, promoting actions under the frame of national and European projects Poster 3 304 SIMIONESCU ROMANIA NIM-ROMANIA SPECTRO-REFLECTOMETRIC CAPABILITY Poster 2 221 Korobko Russia The Light-Vector-Based Method for Calculation of Lighting in a Near Field Poster 2 210 Popovskiy Russia NEW METHODIC FOR MEDICAL TEST OF LIGHTING CONDITIONS. MORPHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS 6 BIOLOGICAL FLUIDS Poster OF 616 Prikupets Russia Use expediency of quantum units of radiant energy in plants light culture Poster 6 605 Stolyarevskaya Russia Detector based approach in high brightness LED measurements Poster 2 219 Sventitski Russia The determination of exergy of optical radiation (light) - Basic source of renewable energy Poster 6 602 Tomski Russia Methods and devices for measuring colorimetric characteristics of light sources Poster 2 204 Vasilyak Russia UV TREATMENT of AIR AND SURFACE Paper 6 2C-P9 Vinokurov Russia Dynamics of the stress- and FAS-induced apoptosis of human neutrophils under the action of endotoxins Poster 6 603 Kostic Serbia Efficient and Visually Acceptable Street Lighting Paper 4 1C-P8 Xu Singapore Standardisation of calibration of broadband UV radiometers Poster 2 209

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Gasparovsky Slovakia Specific Problems of Exterior Glare Poster 4 442 Bizjak Slovenia Luminance measurement device based on digital camera for quality control in automotive industry Poster 2 231 Kobav Slovenia Use of digital camera with fish-eye lenses as a sky luminance scanner Paper 3 1B-P2 Lysko South Africa Approach for Determining the Responsivity of Peak Irradiance Pulse Detectors An Paper 2 1A-P9 Lee South Korea Development of the tool for Evaluation on Discomfort Glare of Windows A Poster 3 340 Campos Acosta Spain Reflectance changes in white reflectance standards measured in different instruments with 0/d geometry P+B70aper2 1A-P15 Campos Acosta Spain Reflectance values of plaster board in the UV, VIS and near IR Poster 2 205 Coppel Sweden Whiteness assessment of paper samples at the vicinity of the upper CIE whiteness limit Paper 1 2A-P3 Govén Sweden The background luminance and colour temperatures influence on alertness and mental health Paper 6 3B-P3 Hemphälä Sweden Vision Ergonomics and Lighting System at Recycling Centres Poster 5 517 Hubalek SwitzerlandPhotometrical situation and eye movements at VDU work stations Poster 6 614 SIMOS SwitzerlandLighting of two islamic monuments in Cairo, Egypt Poster 5 509 Inkarojrit Thailand Assessment of Discomfort Glare from Daylight with High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging Technique: A Field Study 324 Poster 3 Enarun Turkey The Importance of Automatic Control using Occupancy Sensors for Electric Lighting concerning Energy 3 Poster Issues 332 Erkin Turkey Energy Saving by Compact Fluorescent Lamps in the Residences Considering User Satisfaction Paper 3 1B-P16 Manav Turkey Effects of Different Colour Temperatures and Illuminance Levels on the Preference of Wall Colours at Offices Paper 3 2B-P7 Onaygil Turkey Examination of STV and Visibility Level as Road Lighting Design Criteria Poster 4 409 Unver Turkey Importance of Colour Recordings during the Documentation Process within the Conservation and Restoration Applications Poster 3 356 Carter UK User attitudes toward tubular daylight guidance in offices Paper 3 1B-P5 Cook UK Innovation in Light Reflectance Value - Measurement and Application Poster 1 122 Fotios UK Research of Lamp SPD Effects on the Perception of Interior Spaces: The Current State of Knowledge 1 Poster 116 Fotios UK A Summary of Recent Road Lighting Research Poster 4 411 Goodman UK Measurement of Naturalness Paper 2 1A-P14 Goodman UK Measurements at NPL for LED performance and safety Poster 2 235 Goodman UK A performance-based model for mesopic photometry Paper 1 3A-P3 Kim UK Perceived Brightness Magnitude under Outdoor Condition and Its Approximated Contrast Sensitivity Function Paper 1 3A-P6 Li UK Evaluation of LED Sources based on Colour Appearance Data Poster 1 130 Li UK A NEW METHOD FOR QUANTIFYING COLOUR RENDERING Paper 1 2A-P4 MardaljevicUK Illuminance Proxy High Dynamic Range Imaging: A New Technique to Measure Luminous Flux Paper 2 1A-P12 Peter UK Office users response to new lighting solutions Paper 3 1B-P14 Webb UK Exploring the risks and benefits of solar UV exposure paper 6 3B-P6 Akashi USA Visual mechanisms and implementations of sparkle Poster 3 363 Brainard USA Light and Health: Photoreception for biological, behavioral and therapeutic responses in humans Paper 6 3B-P1 Brickner USA Ultraviolet germicidial irradiation - A technology to control the transmission of airborne pathogens Paper 6 2C-P10 Carlson USA Driver Performance Measure for Traffic Signs Poster 4 422 Carlson USA Evaluation of the Visibility of Pavement Markings in Wet-Night Rainy Conditions and the Appropriateness of Associated Measurement Techniques Poster 4 423

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Davis USA EppeldauerUSA Gibbons USA Gibbons USA Inanici USA La Garce USA Miller USA Navvab USA Navvab USA Ohno USA Radkov USA Sliney USA Zhang USA Zong USA Zong USA

Pilot Study on Daytime Color Appearance of Retroreflective Sheeting Paper 4 New photometer standards for a low uncertainty illuminance scale realization Poster 2 Influence of Vertical Illuminance on Pedestrain Visibility Poster 4 Wet night Visibility of Pavement Markings Poster 4 An image-based Metric for Determining the Directionality of Light Poster 3 The Effects pf Specific Color Wavelengths of Ambient Light on Paper 6 Measuring the Luminance of a Retroreflective Sign Poster 4 Spectral variability of daylight and electric light at the eye in working environments Paper Physically Based Renderings of Color Appearance of Glazing Systems Under Different Daylight Conditions Poster 3 Measurement of Solid-State-Lighting Products Paper 2 A Comparative Study of New Solid State Light Sources Paper 1 Balancing Health Benefits and Risk of Light Sources Paper 6 Luminaire Photometry for Temperature-Sensitive Light Sources Paper 2 Correction of stray light in spectrometers and imaging systems Paper 2 Realization of total spectral radiant flux scale and calibration service at NIST Poster 2

1C-P13 214 424 425 360 3B-P8 434 3 1B-P7 302 1A-P4 2A-P5 3B-P5 1A-P8 1A-P10 238

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