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									A Fabulous Fall 2011 Semester
   Twenty courses in the arts,	sciences,	literature	and	social	sciences will be given at several locations throughout Berkshire
County and in Bennington, Vermont. They will be presented in lecture, seminar, hands-on and videoconferencing formats.
Two evening courses are offered as well. Courses start on September 12 and continue through October 28. See the Fall Catalog
for	specific	details. Please visit our website at for more information.

MONDAY	                                     BCC	Pittsfield	and	Great	Barrington             Lecturer
The Lives and Careers of Great Opera Singers – Peter Podol                                    Abu
Titans of the Twenties: Lewis, Dos Passos, Fitzgerald and Hemingway                       Selimuddin
   – James Kraft                                                                              BCC
The Gilded Age: The Emergence of Modern America – Stacy Wallach
Picture Is Up! – S. Glantz, J. Houston, D. Ongaro, D. Pearlman, C. Wade EvENING

TUESDAY	         Housatonic	Valley	Association;	Bard	College	at	Simon’s	Rock
Get to Know the Housatonic Watershed – Alison Dixon
Dancing Through the Decades at Jacob’s Pillow – Norton Owen
The Personification of Good and Evil in the Abrahamic Tradition – R. Fiske

WEDNESDAY	                  Bennington	Museum;	The	Clark;	Williams	College
                                        BCC	Pittsfield	and	Great	Barrington                                     Rebecca Fiske
Moby-Dick – Lea Newman                                                                                         Bard College at
                                                                                                                Simon’s Rock
Reflections of Diversity in the Religions of Asia – C. Coggins, J. Josephson,
   M. Naamon, I. Peterson
Studies in the Undead – Lawrence Raab, James Shepard, Christian Thorne
Frontiers of Science – Andrea Danyluk, Hugh Powell, Mihai Stoiciu                       Winter 2012
What Would Shakespeare Do? – Richard Matturro EvENING
                                                                                        Photo Contest
THURSDAY	                               Hancock	Shaker	Village;	BCC	Pittsfield
                                                                                        PRIZE: The winning photo will
Pastiche Fiction? What Could That Mean? – Phyllis Jaffe
                                                                                        be on the cover of the Winter 2012
Today’s Headlines – James Cotter
                                                                                        Catalog, and the winner will receive
Emerging Economies and Their Impact on the New World Economy
                                                                                        a 1-year free membership to OLLI.
  – Abu Selimuddin
Basic Ballroom Dancing: Swing – Sal Angelo                                              THEME: Berkshire winter scene
                                                                                        SPECS: Digital format (jpeg, tiff,
FRIDAY		                                                           BCC	Pittsfield
                                                                                        bmp), 3.2 mega-pixels or greater
The Art of Cooking Italian Cuisine: Part III – Howard Arkans
                                                                                        DEADLINE: September 23, 2011
Architectural Gems: Selected Sites – J. Brooks; B. Blonder; D. Rudolph and
   F. Rudolph; R. Haas and S. Haas; P. Hudnut and S. Schoenfeld; M. Leavitt and         SUBMIT: E-mail attached photos to
   T. Leavitt; J. Weber and L. Weber                                          
But It’s My Property: Conservation in the Berkshires – T. Ames; L. Luchonok;            Visit for
   G. Palmer; K. Smith                                                                  futher details.
From Page to Stage – D. Anderson; J. Boyd; K. Maguire; E. Peterson; B. Stevens
President’s Message                          editor of the OLLI                                            To achieve these goals,
                                             Newsletter and next                                        your help is needed. I
    I am honored to be the new president     I served as the vice                                       have found that the
of OLLI at BCC’s Board of Directors. It      president of OLLI. In                                      quality and dedication of
is a daunting challenge, and I hope the      these roles, I quickly                                     our volunteers is the most
membership will find me equal to the         learned the workings                                       amazing part of OLLI.
task. I want to thank Howie Arkans           of this very special                                       We are indeed “member-
in whose footsteps I follow. He served       organization.                                              driven.” So many people
as president for more than three years           My term will be                                        work tirelessly to make
and during that time, OLLI has become        a challenging one.                                         the overall program a
financially solvent and can face the         We have achieved so                                        success—whether they
future on a strong and positive path.        many milestones, but                                       serve on a committee,
    About five years ago, when my            now we must double                                         help with special events
husband Alan and I moved full                our efforts to ensure                                      or participate in OLLI’s
time to the Berkshires, we became            that we do not become complacent            lecture programs.
involved with OLLI. As we began that         believing that there is nothing left to         We need more help! Please consider
involvement we found, as did many            achieve. OLLI has many areas yet to         lending OLLI your support. I guarantee
of you, that OLLI would be a very            explore—among them are:                     that you will find it a rewarding
bright spot in our lives. The quality of     • widening our program to attract           experience.
courses, the diversity of special events        those on the cusp of retirement,             To volunteer, just call the OLLI
and the compelling topics covered in         • developing a leadership recruitment       office at 413.236.2190 or send an e-mail
our Distinguished Speaker Series keep           and training component to ensure         to
us busier than we ever expected to be.          longevity and
    I was asked to join the OLLI board as    • furthering connections with our
secretary two years ago. I then became          educational and cultural partners.

OLLI “Outdoors” Update                                                                   Board of Directors
   OLLI launched its OLLI “Outdoors” program in the winter of 2011. In February,
                                                                                         2011 – 2012
the first event held was a snowshoe hike at the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
                                                                                         Sandra Rubin, President
led by OLLI member and snowshoe enthusiast Elena Powell. Fifteen stalwart OLLI
                                                                                         Arthur Sherman, Vice President
members braved the Berkshire winter weather to hike the sanctuary. All had an
                                                                                         Ruth Degenhardt, Secretary
invigorating, exhilarating day.
                                                                                         Norman Michaels, Treasurer
   In March, OLLI “Outdoors” moved indoors for a respite from the bitter cold
winter. A pool/billiard mixer was held at the Otis Recreational Center. As the
manager of the Otis Pool League, I was happy to host this event, and the league
                                                                                         Marilyn Brimberg, Membership
graciously donated the refreshments. All players had a great time shooting racks.
                                                                                         Leonard Cohen, Legal
We are planning to hold another such event in the fall.
                                                                                         Bonnie Desrosiers, Catalog
   In July, we went on a bike ride on the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in Lanesboro—
                                                                                         Joseph Gerard, Media
OLLI members who pedaled received the new OLLI water bottle.
                                                                                         Wilma Michaels, Newsletter
   On August 24, OLLI will visit Wahconah Park’s baseball stadium in Pittsfield to
                                                                                         Wendy Robbins, Distinguished
watch Pittsfield’s own Colonials battle the Worcester Tornadoes.
                                                                                            Speaker Series
   In the fall, we plan to hike in one of the Berkshires’ beautiful forests and kayak/
                                                                                         Robert Rosen, OLLI “Outdoors”
canoe on one of the lakes and rivers that wind through the county.
                                                                                         Carole Siegel, Mentoring Program
   We hope you will join us at these events. If you have any suggestions for future
                                                                                         Ron Stewart, OLLI Art Show
outdoor events or you would like to become a member of the committee, please
e-mail me at
                                                                                         Howard Arkans, Immediate Past
   Ditch	the	remote;	see	you	outdoors!
                                        — Bob Rosen, OLLI “Outdoors” Coordinator
                                                                                         Barbara Hochberg, Executive Director
                                                                                         Bill Mulholland, BCC Vice President
                                                                                            Community Education & Workforce
Getting to Know Larry Greenapple
    How very fortunate                                    crisis by the government,     was a partner in Otterbourg, Steindler,
OLLI members have                                         regulatory agencies and       Houston & Rosen and then in his own
been to have heard                                        industry and the steps tak-   firm, Greenapple and Skolnick, where
Larry       Greenapple                                    en to bring about financial   he focused on financial issues. Over
make sense of the                                         stability was presented       the years, Larry has served as a Bigelow
recent financial crisis                                   clearly and methodically.     Teaching Fellow at the University
in the spring 2011 OLLI                                       Who is this man whose     of Chicago Law School as well as a
course he presented,                                      efforts and expertise         lecturer at the Practicing Law Institute.
The Financial Crisis                                      enlightened us, and how       He has also lectured for OLLI and for
of 2007-08 and Its                                        did he become interested      Elderhostel.
Aftermath. He began                                       in finance? Larry’s father        Not only has Larry brought his
exploring the topic                                       was an immigrant from         experience and talent to OLLI, he also
with his lecture in the                                   Russia whose hard work        brought his son David, an MBA who
summer session of                                         and innate business sense     works in the finance industry, to share
2009, Has Wall Street Committed Suicide?,   expanded one small butcher shop into        his own insight and expertise with us
which was part of the Distinguished         three large and successful shops in         during a one-session presentation on
Speaker Series.                             different parts of New York City. Larry     market structures, electronic trading
    Weeks of preparation, reading, re-      inherited his father’s qualities.           and trends in the use of market data for
fining and putting the complexities             Larry attended Boy’s High School in     arbitrage.
of the financial crisis into manageable     Brooklyn and then Cornell University            OLLI has benefited from Larry’s
concepts could only have been accom-        as a philosophy major. He graduated         knowledge, and we greatly appreciate
plished by Larry’s thoroughness and         from Cornell Law School in 1952 and         his efforts and expertise.
attention to detail. The response to this   practiced law for fifty-five years. He                   — Fran Wolk, Editorial Staff

Annual OLLI Meeting and Mona Sherman Memorial Lecture
    OLLI’s Annual Meeting and the third     Community College Foundation.               bring the country together in spite of
Mona Sherman Memorial Lecture were              The next order of business was the      the extremes in politics today. Halperin
held in the splendid Colonial Theatre       election of board members. Wendy            expects the polarization that exists now
on Friday, May 20. The program began        Robbins, new member, and Sandra             to become even more extreme in the
with a business meeting chaired by          Rubin and Carole Siegel, second-term        next election. And, there is a possibility
Howard Arkans, the outgoing president       members, were unanimously elected.          of a third party. At any rate, it will be a
of OLLI. Kate McGuire, executive                OLLI’s Executive Director Barbara       close election.
director of the newly merged Berkshire      Hochberg delivered kudos to outgoing            The audience asked provocative
Theatre Festival and Colonial Theatre,      board members. She thanked Arline           questions which Halperin answered
welcomed the audience in the filled         Breskin, Bob Desrosiers, Paul Flaum         with the grace, sharp wit and percep-
to capacity theater. Howard Arkans          and Lora Tobias for their outstanding       tion that marked his presentation.
next acknowledged Membership Chair          service to OLLI. Sandi Rubin,                        — Marge Lewis, Editorial Staff
Marilyn Brimberg’s successful efforts       incoming president, made a plea for
to bring the OLLI membership to 1,000       volunteers and thanked Howard
making it possible to apply for a second    Arkans for handing over such a healthy
                                                                                          OLLI NEwSLETTER
$1 million endowment gift—which was         organization.
indeed granted.                                 Following the business meeting,           EDITOR: Wilma Michaels
    Treasurer Norm Michaels presented       guest speaker Mark Halperin of media          ASSISTANT EDITORS:
the budget details. His visual presen-      and news magazine fame delivered a              Peri Caverly, Judy Katz,
tation outlined OLLI’s financial health.    spirited and entertaining analysis of           Marge Lewis, Sandi Rubin
He explained that the earnings from the     the current political scene which has         EDITORIAL STAFF:
endowment cover the cost of the execu-      all the elements of high drama. His             Norman Avnet, Arline Breskin,
tive director’s compensation package,       topic was “Defining Hope and Change:            Ruth Degenhardt, Joanna
additional audiovisual equipment and        Barack Obama and What Comes Next.”              Fribush, Marilyn Margolis,
marketing. The $2 million principal         Although Halperin praised Obama for             Trudy Moskowitz, Robert
cannot be invaded; only the income          his confidence and rhetoric, he believes        Rosen, Helen-Mary Shaffer,
that it earns can be used. The endow-       the coalition that elected Obama is             Arthur Sherman, Fran Wolk
ment is administered by the Berkshire       shattered. To win in 2012 Obama must
Upcoming Events and Lectures
                                                                                         You’re invited to the 2011
AUGUST 20 • Stephen Hellman, “Contemporary Italian Politics: The Never-
 ending Transition”                                                                        OLLI at BCC
AUGUST 24 • Pittsfield Colonials Baseball Game, Wahconah Park, Pittsfield
AUGUST 27 • Adam Segal, “Advantage: How American Innovation Can
                                                                                           3rd AnnuAL
 Overcome the Asian Challenge”                                                            OPEn HOuSE
                                                                                         and ART SHOW
SEPTEMBER 3 & 4 • OLLI Open House and Art Show, Lenox
SEPTEMBER 7 • Trip to Hyde Park and Val-Kill
OCTOBER 16 • Brunch at BCC and Lord of the Flies, Barrington Stage Company,                Saturday, Sept. 3 2–5
 Guest Speaker Phyllis Jaffe                                                               Sunday, Sept. 4 10–2
                      Look	for	e-mails	about	these	events.
                                                                                                The Welles Gallery
                                                                                               at The Lenox Library
Meet Board Member Art Sherman
     Before there was OLLI (Osher Lifelong
Learning Institute), there was BILL (Berkshire
                                                                                            o   Main Street, Lenox

                                                                                            Wine and Hors d’oeuvres
Institute for Lifetime Learning). And Art                                                     Saturday Reception
Sherman was a leader in both of them. For BILL,
                                                                                        FREE	and	OPEN	TO	THE	PUBLIC
he was editor of its newsletter, board member,
curriculum committee chair, vice president and
                                                                                        OLLI Open House launches the Fall
then president. For OLLI, he is currently the
                                                                                         2011 semester. Art Show features
social science chair and first vice president. Art
                                                                                             works by OLLI members.
and his late wife Mona were the force behind
                                                                                        Some artwork available for purchase.
BILL ultimately becoming an OLLI.
      Art embraced BILL and OLLI, he says,
                                                                                               For more information
because it “gave me access to courses that as an
                                                                                                 call 413.236.2190
engineer I never had—arts, literature, music—a
                                                                                          or e-mail
chance to talk to literate people with a broad
outlook.” He describes himself as a history buff
with a special interest in politics and current events.
    Art came to the Berkshires as a retiree after a career that took more turns than    Fall Photo Contest
an alpine road. After graduating from the City College of New York in 1948 as a
mechanical engineer, he worked for twenty years for a pioneering rocket-engine          Winner
company and, along the way, earned a master’s degree at Stevens Institute of
Technology. He was director of research and engineering when the rocket-engine              The winning photo on the cover
company, after a merger, relocated from New Jersey to the southwest desert              of the Fall 2011 Catalog was taken by
country. Rather than uproot his family, he switched to investment banking.              Bill Madden of Williamstown. The
After a variety of business ventures, he was ultimately employed by the Japanese        photo was taken on Bee Hill Road in
company, Sharp Electronics. “I ended up responsible for all Sharp product               Williamstown, MA, with a Nikon D80
support in the U.S. which then expanded to Canada, Central and South America.”          camera.
    Along the way, Art carried heavy personal burdens. He supported his first
wife through decades of illness ending in her death; he lost one of his two sons
who was 32 years old to a totally unexpected heart attack. Several months after          Website Info
his wife died, Art was introduced to Mona. “We had one date. I said to myself,
you are going to marry this lady.” The blockbuster Art and Mona team ended                  On our website you can find
abruptly and tragically in 2008 when Mona, like Art’s son, was felled without            OLLI information including the
warning by a heart attack. Art admits that this was hard to handle. “Twice? Out          current course catalog, newsletter,
of a clear blue sky?” But, he adds, “The sun comes up every day. You have to go          calendar of events, speakers/trips,
forward.”                                                                                photos, flyers for events, cultural
    Most of all, Art adores his blended family of children and grandchildren. He         partners’ discounts and much
glows when he talks of them, and they are very much a part of his life.                  more. Browse, explore, have fun!
    And OLLI benefits hugely from his optimism, intelligence, commitment and   
good humor.                                              — Judy Katz, Editorial Staff
Faculty Appreciation Dinner
   The Faculty Appreciation Dinner held on Tuesday, May 17, at BCC was a
success! Over 95 lecturers, board members and guests attended.

                                                                           Adele Cukor, Event Chair, and Barbara
                                                                             Hochberg, OLLI Executive Director

Board member Ron Stewart and guest Martha Stewart,
lecturer Alexandra Tinari with guest John Marion

              Lecturers Robert Pollock, Kelly Clady-Giramma,
                       Tereze Hubkova and guest Chris Buono

OLLI “Outdoors”

                                                                                          March 20, A Pool
                                                                                          Adventure, Nate Doctrow,
                                                                                          Frank Gioia, Bob Rosen,
July 11, Bike Ride,                                                                       Joe Gelinas, Sal Angelo
members holding new
OLLI water bottles

        February 13, A Snowshoe
   Adventure, Elena Powell leading
             hardy OLLI members
The Sedgwick Family of Stockbridge
    It is said that Longfellow remarked,   belief in religious freedom and
“…in Stockbridge even the crickets chirp   women’s dignity and rights.
Sedg-wick, Sedg-wick, Sedg-wick.”          The feminist movement of
    Judge Theodore Sedgwick (1746-         the 1960s stimulated renewed
1813) of Stockbridge was one of the        interest in her writings. As a
area’s most prominent colonial leaders     child, she was cared for by
and ancestor of a prolific family that     Elizabeth Freeman who had
has included many notable members          moved into the Sedgwick
over the past 200 years. A Federalist,     home as a paid worker and is
Theodore served in both the colonial       buried next to Catherine in the            Sedgwick, of Andy Warhol fame, died
state government and the first Congress    family plot.                               from alcohol and a drug overdose in
of the U.S. and was appointed a justice       Other notable descendants include       1971. The actress Kyra Sedgwick is
of the Supreme Judicial Court of           Ellery Sedgwick, who was editor            Edie’s cousin.
Massachusetts. Perhaps he is most well     and president of The Atlantic Monthly          The Sedgwicks are buried in the
known in our area as the man who, in       (presently The Atlantic) magazine for      Stockbridge cemetery in a formation
1780, successfully defended Mum Bett,      thirty years and the contemporary          called the “Sedgwick Pie” pictured
a slave who escaped and appealed to        author John Sedgwick. His book, In         above. Theodore and Pamela are in the
Sedgwick for her freedom. She later        My Blood; Six Generations of Madness and   center of concentric circles of graves
took Elizabeth Freeman as her name.        Desire in an American Family, written      arranged so that on Judgment Day all
    Theodore married Pamela Dwight,        in 2007 tells the story of the Sedgwick    the Sedgwicks will rise and see no one
and their daughter Catherine Maria         family and their colorful members          but Sedgwicks. The Sedgwick house
(1789-1867) became a well-known            as well as their frequent bouts with       built by Theodore in 1785 still stands
author often cited as the first eminent    depression. Theodore’s wife Pamela         on Main Street and is owned by the
American woman novelist. Her book,         suffered from depression and was           family trust.
A New England Tale, expressed her          admitted to an asylum in 1793. Edie              — Joanna Fribush, Editorial Staff

                                                                                                         Pittsfield, MA 01201
                                                                                                         1350 West Street
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