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					                               University Affairs Committee Meeting
                                        January 14th, 2013
                               John Sapp Conference Room 5:30 PM
                                  Chairwoman: Monica Bowman

       I.      Call to Order
               Meeting is called to order at 5:30 pm.

II.         Roll Call
            Quorum is established with 6 voting members.

III.        Approval of Minutes
            Motion from Sen. Morrison to approve the minutes from October 29. Second. No
            objections. Moved.

IV.         Approval of Agenda
            Motion from Sen. Morrison to approve today’s agenda. Second. No objections.

V.          Chairwoman Report and Remarks- sgauac@unf.edu
            If you have any questions or comments over what the committee your assigned to
            entails, come see me. I am hoping to meet with each of you individually. Also, hoping
            to get those who chair meetings to come in as guest speakers.

VI.         Director of Governmental Affair’s Report

VII.        Student Advocate’s Report
            Hope you all have heard of Aim Higher. Michelle has been working nonstop to get
            things together for the rally today. We need senators to help get everything filled
            out. We got 900 signatures today but we would like 4000. Not every day will be like
            today. Today was the first day and a rally so this helped the numbers. If you have
            ideas to continue to get people involved please let us know. I will be asking for your
            support on this and you will be hearing more details soon.

VIII.       Guest Speakers

IX.         Student Remarks

X.          Old Business

XI.         New Business
1. JR-13S-2666
   Sen. Anderson- This JR encompasses two major things. First, to
   propose a change of the scantron policy. There are currently 5
   different color scantrons and different color books. This would be fine
   if there was a reason for these colors. For some colleges it makes
   sense others are just random. It can cause stress during finals week.
   We want to stream line this. We supply these so it would make sense
   to just have one kind and a lot of them. We order in bulk so it would
   make sense to only have one. This is to also push for professors within
   the same colleges to use the same color, at the least. Second, wishing a
   blackboard change. Like to see any non procter test or quiz to be
   online. This is to help go green. We want to see a push to if something
   can be online, than it should be. We are a huge green campus and we
   should continue to push this.
   Sen. Morrison- Do we know how much that will cost?
   $7,000 for everything on each machine. This will not come from A and
   S fees. The school has numerous auxiliary funds that it would come
   from. We want this done and the student body wants it done soon.
   Sen. Bowman- this has been discussed for a couple months now. They
   know this is what we are looking to do.
   Sen. Anderson- This is to help the push and the support.
   Sen. Grego- For the blackboard change, is that to help all the colleges?
   Yes. It specifically says “where applicable.” Therefore if a professor
   needs to do something a certain way, that is fine. However this is so
   that if it doesn’t need to be we want them to save the paper. But this
   still gives them the freedom.
   Sen. Grego- I was thinking in regards to math and science when you
   have to show your work for assignments.
   These colleges can still do electronic submissions. They can use
   attachments or My Math Lab. Teachers can also use PDF scanners or
   any electronics with image capturing ability.
   Motion from Sen. Morrison to approve JR-13S-2666. Second. No
   objections. No discussion.
   Roll call vote.
   Passes 6-0-0.
2. Student Fee Assessment
   Sharry Shuman brought students in to relook a fee assessment of $1
   for students for athletics. Also to look at the use of a health fee. Carlo
   mentioned this is a necessity for admin students. This passed
   unanimously and is forwarded to the board of trustees.
3. Center for Student Media
   Sen. Pres. Varshovi- I will go over some of the highlights from this
   meeting. The center has been trying to figure out what to do with old
   spinnaker boxes. They have a coke logo and are looking for ideas to
   advertise. Reached an agreement with FSCJ and Comcast to watch
   Osprey TV. Osprey radio is still waiting to hear back from a low FM
                     radio station. This will be a big deal for them. Only a few people get
                     this license. Within the business office, the director was fired and they
                     are looking to get someone new. They just hired an assistance to help
                     him take over when he graduates.
                  4. Safety Council
                     A fire marshal came and did an expection of the campus. The only
                     issue was in the dorms. People were parked in wrong spots for too
                     long. They said to give tickets after a car is parked for 30 minutes.
                     Another issue they had was before break, there was a small explosion
                     in the chemistry lab and a student got some glass in his hands. They
                     ask that students let someone know if you will be working alone or to
                     let UPD know.
                  5. University-wide Committee Assignments
                     (Reads off assignments for all the university wide committees.) If you
                     have any questions come see me. Carlo is going to emails the chairs
                     for times and locations and will let you know. This is tentative
                     depending on your schedules.
                     Sen. Pres. Varshovi- on a side note, if haven’t signed up with a one on
                     one time with me, please do so. I would like to meet with each of you.

XII.    Announcements

            1. The next regularly scheduled Senate Meeting will be February 4th, 2013

XIII.   Final Roll Call
        Quorum is reestablished with 6 voting members.

XIIII. Adjournment
       Meeting is adjourned at 5:51 pm.

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