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The Early Show began a four-part series on Monday, March 23, 2009, called "Firm It Up."

It's about getting certain body parts in shape for spring, and accentuating them.

Monday's topic: arms.

First lady Michelle Obama has everybody talking about them, becuase hers are so great and she
doesn't mind showing them.

Style Expert Katrina Szish discussing which celebs have fit arms, then fitness trainer Nikki
Kimbrough showed how to tone up your arms at home, then Katrina came back with three styles
that accentuate arms:

Katrina Szish on Michelle Obama and other celebs:

1. Katrina, Thanks to Michelle Obama having great arms is the body part we must have in shape
this season. What is it about her arms that work so well?

Michelle's arms work because they are a perfect combination of being toned, not overly muscular
or too skinny. Strong arms signify a strong woman. Michelle Obama is the ultimate modern
woman and the first lady she should and will inspire new rules for women. Everything she
chooses to wear is sophisticated and appropriate and she's also mush younger than past first
ladies and she's showing that women can be strong, independent and sexy but she does not
overdue it. She gives people the inspiration to be themselves.

2. What kind of workout routine does Michelle follow to maintain those great arms?

Michelle has said that she works out 3-4 days/week for 90 minutes with a personal trainer.
Michelle is religous about her work out-she always makes sure she sets aside time - even getting
up extra early to work out with Mr. Obama.

3. Before Michelle, we had Madonna whose body has always been in phenomenal shape. Her
workout routine has changed over the years, How have her arms evolved over time?

When we first met madonna, her arms were not very defined. through the years as she started
working out more and more, she became increasingly muscular and now she's hit the point of
arm perfection. According to Madonna's trainer, Tracy Anderson. Madonna uses 3-pound weights
to do a series of arm exercises, which Anderson believes are just right for being toned without
overdeveloping your muscles. Madonna hops on her bike to sculpt the rest of her body. Cycling is
a great way to cross-train, burning more than 500 calories an hour at a moderate pace and
sculpting the abs, legs, and butt. Madonna maintains a lean figure by going to Pilates classes.

4. Kate Walsh, one of Hollywoods hottest actresses has great arms, what's her secret?

Kate Walsh has arms that anyone would kill for.I admire Kate Walsh's arms because they are the
perfect combination of tone and womanly, and she swears by Pilates. She's not a gym rat, but
she does it enough to have a streamlined tone look with curves.

Nikki Kimbrough on firming up your arms at home:

Nikki says one of the best ways to get a good cardio workout and tone your triceps, biceps is with
boxing. She took viewers to Punch Fitness Center in Manhattan and learned a few good arm
toning techniques (jumping rope, push ups, dips and shadow boxing ) everyone can do at home.
Nikki also tries "FORZA," a class in which you use a wooden sword to simulate the moves of a
Japanese Samurai. The constant arm movement helps build muscle mass. And if you don't have
a wooden sword handy, a broomstick or towel will do just fine!

Szish fashion suggestions to best show buffed arms:

1. Once we have our arms in shape, you have to show them off. You've brought three different
looks for us. Starting with a day look that's good for the office. Tell us why this works for the

Model Kara is in this outfit.This outfit works because its a jacket that has sleeves that are short
and transparent enough to be office appropriate and to expose your best asset. Black is always a
safe color and it's a trendy color this season. It's not too much for the office. You get a pop of
color with the red shoes. She's got a bangle and classic hoop earrings. The bracelet draws
attention to the toned arm. (Kara's Arm upkeep: run, weight training with machines, yoga. 3-4
days of each per week)

"Be Bad" jacket, Nanette Lepore, $425
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When you're wearing sleeveless do you always need a jacket?

No, rules have changed and jackets are no longer required for the office. A tasteful shift dress or
sleeveless shell are sophisticated and professional.

2. Tell us about the casual look and how this shows off the arms.

Model Susan is wearing halter top, the ideal cut to show off a well-toned upper body. The unique
shape of the neck line, enhances both arms and shoulders. (Susan 's Arm upkeep: push-ups &
weight training with free weights - she works with a trainer that 'kicks her butt')

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Not everyone can wear sleeveless. If you don't feel comfortable in sleeveless is short sleeves or
cap sleeves a good alternative?

You don't have to wear something sleeveless to show off your arms! Cap sleeves and short flutter
sleeves are equally flattering

4. And finally, the evening/cocktail look for the arms

Model Jenn is wearing The asymmetrical neck line is a hot trend and if you have great arms, this
is the best way to show them off. You're enhancing the bare shoulder and arm which is sexy and
the ruffle adds a touch of femininity so the look is not too overpowering - its the best way to show
off the arms at night! She's also wearing statement cuffs on her arms and the dangling earring
draw attention to the entire neck, shoulder and chest area. That's a good way to draw attention to
that area. ( Jenn's Arm upkeep: Mostly yoga. She prefers vigorous practice with extra chaturanga
push ups. She has does a lot of boxing, running and climbing of the rock gym)

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