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      CLEANLINESS & HYGIENE                                                   Unit 5

     We all think we know how to                       Wash around your thumbs.
     wash out hands but many of us
     don't do it properly.                             Wash between each finger.

     Simply rinsing the tips of fingertips             Wash around and under
     under cold water does not count.                  your nails.

     Always use warm water.                            Rinse with clean water.

     It's better to wet your hands                     Germs spread more easily if
     before taking soap. This                          your hands are wet, so dry
     prevents irritation.                              them thoroughly.

     Rub your hands together                           Use a clean, dry towel,
     vigorously for about twenty                       paper towel or air dryer.

     Make sure you wash both
     sides of your hands thoroughly.
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      Unit 5                                                      GROWING UP

            Do you think this is true about children who are five years old?

     Five year olds are pleased                         They enjoy praise.
     with themselves.
                                                        They begin Kindergarten.
     They like their world.
                                                        Some do not want to go to
     Five year olds are happy                           school.
     and secure.                                        They prefer to be at home,
                                                        especially if there are other
     They are cooperative.                              children to play with.
     They are friendly.
                                                        As children approach the age
     They prefer to stay at home.                       of five-and-a-half they start to
     They rarely try to do things they                  change.
     cannot do, so they do not get                      They become less happy with
     frustrated.                                        themselves and others.
     Mother is their favorite.                          They are no longer calm.
     They like to be with her
     and do things for her.

                Doctor:         Does it hurt when you do this?
                Patient:        Yes.
                Doctor:         Well, don't do that again!
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      ASK THE DOCTOR                                                           Unit 5

      Why do we have fingernails?                      What if I hit my nail with a
      Your nails protect the tips of
      your fingers and toes. And your                  A bruise may appear under
      fingernails make it easier to                    the nail. If the nail falls off,
      scratch an itch.                                 A new one grows in its place.

      When do nails start to grow?                     Why do doctors look at
      You had nails before you were
      even born. They grow slowly; one                 Your fingernails provide good
      tenth of an inch (2.5 millimeters)               clues to your health. The
      each month. It can take six                      doctor presses your nails to
      months to replace a nail.                        check your blood circulation.
                                                       By looking at your nails, a
      How should I cut my nails?                       doctor may find changes
                                                       that may be associated with
      Cut fingernails straight across.                 skin problems, lung disease,
      Don't bite your nails as this can                anemia, and other medical
      lead to infections.                              conditions.

      What about toenails?

      Toenails grow even more slowly
      than fingernails so they don't
      need to be trimmed as often.

      Do nails have problems?
                                                       Blood vessels under your nails
      Ingrowing nails grow down                        make them pink. Your cuticles,
      into the skin, causing pain                      the half moons, are usually
      and infection.                                   white.
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      Unit 5                                                  A HEALTHY MIND

                     THE BAT, THE BIRDS AND THE BEASTS

     Long ago, the birds and the beasts were at war with each other.
     The bat did not know which side to join.

     The birds that passed his perch said, "Come with us."
     But the bat replied, "Sorry, I am a beast."
     Later on, some beasts who were passing beneath him
     looked up and said,"Come with us."
     But the bat replied, "Sorry, I am a bird."

     Luckily, at the last moment, the birds and the beasts
     made peace and no battle took place.
     The bat came to the birds and wished to join their
     celebration, but all the birds turned against him and he had
     to fly away. He then went to the beasts, but he had to flee
     for his life, or else they would have torn him to pieces.

        Something to talk about

        He that is neither one thing nor the other has no friends.

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