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Code    Type                                 Menu_text

  256   #title                               Traffic Conditions
  257   stopped traffic                      stopped traffic
  258   stop and go traffic                  stop and go traffic
  259   slow traffic                         slow traffic
  260   heavy traffic                        heavy traffic
  261   traffic building                     traffic building
  262   long queues                          long queues
  263   traffic congestion                   traffic congestion
  264   traffic lighter than normal          traffic lighter than normal
  265   traffic heavier than normal          traffic heavier than normal
  266   traffic much heavier than normal     traffic much heavier than normal
  256   #sub_title                           Cancel Types
  379   traffic flowing freely               traffic flowing freely
  380   traffic easing                       traffic easing
  381   traffic returned to normal           traffic returned to normal
  382   no problems to report                no problems to report
  383   traffic congestion cleared           traffic congestion cleared
  512   #title                               Accidents & Incidents
  512   #sub_title                           Accidents

  513 accident                               accident
  514   serious accident                     serious accident
  515   injury accident                      injury accident
  516   minor accident                       minor accident
  517   multi vehicle accident               multi vehicle accident
  518   numerous accidents                   numerous accidents

  519 accident involving a bicycle           accident involving a bicycle

  520 accident involving a bus               accident involving a bus

  521 accident involving a motorcycle        accident involving a motorcycle

  522 accident involving a pedestrian        accident involving a pedestrian
  523 accident involving a train             accident involving a train

  524 accident involving a truck             accident involving a truck
  525 accident involving hazardous materials accident involving hazardous materials
  526 earlier accident                       earlier accident

  527 medical emergency                      medical emergency
  528   secondary accident                   secondary accident
  529   rescue and recovery work in progress rescue and recovery work in progress
  530   accident investigation work          accident investigation work
  531   incident                             incident
  512   #sub_title                           Disabled, etc
  532   stalled vehicle                      stalled vehicle
  533   abandoned vehicle                    abandoned vehicle
  534   disabled vehicle                     disabled vehicle
  535   disabled truck                       disabled truck

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536 disabled semi-trailer                    disabled semi-trailer

537 disabled bus                             disabled bus
538   disabled train                         disabled train
539   vehicle spun out                       vehicle spun out
540   vehicle on fire                        vehicle on fire
541   vehicle in water                       vehicle in water
542   vehicles slowing to look at accident   vehicles slowing to look at accident
512   #sub_title                             Jackknifed
543   jackknifed semi trailer                jackknifed semi trailer
544   jackknifed trailer home                jackknifed trailer home
545   jackknifed trailer                     jackknifed trailer
512   #sub_title                             Spills
546   spillage occurring from moving vehicle spillage occurring from moving vehicle
547   acid spill                             acid spill
548   chemical spill                         chemical spill
549   fuel spill                             fuel spill
550   hazardous materials spill              hazardous materials spill
551   oil spill                              oil spill
552   spilled load                           spilled load
553   toxic spill                            toxic spill
512   #sub_title                             Overturned. Stuck
554   overturned vehicle                     overturned vehicle
555   overturned truck                       overturned truck
556   overturned semi-trailer                overturned semi-trailer
557   overturned bus                         overturned bus
558   derailed train                         derailed train
559   stuck vehicle                          stuck vehicle
560   truck stuck under bridge               truck stuck under bridge
561   bus stuck under bridge                 bus stuck under bridge
512   #sub_title                             Cancel Types
638   accident cleared                       accident cleared
639   incident cleared                       incident cleared
768   #title                                 Closures (Road and Lane)
769   closed to traffic                      closed to traffic
770   closed                                 closed
771   closed ahead                           closed ahead
772   closed intermittently                  closed intermittently
773   closed for repairs                     closed for repairs

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 774   closed for the season                        closed for the season
 775   blocked                                      blocked
 776   blocked ahead                                blocked ahead
 777   reduced to one lane                          reduced to one lane
 778   reduced to two lanes                         reduced to two lanes
 779   reduced to three lanes                       reduced to three lanes
 780   collapse                                     collapse
 781   out                                          out
 768   #sub_title                                   Cancel Types
 891   open to traffic                              open to traffic
 892   open                                         open
 893   reopened to traffic                          reopened to traffic
 894   clearing                                     clearing
 895   cleared                                      cleared
1024   #title                                       Roadwork
1024   #sub_title                                   Roads
1025   road construction                            road construction
1026   major road construction                      major road construction
1027   long term road construction                  long term road construction
1028   construction work                            construction work
1029   paving operations                            paving operations
1030   work in the median                           work in the median
1031   road reconstruction                          road reconstruction
1032   opposing traffic                             opposing traffic
1033   narrow lanes                                 narrow lanes
1034   construction traffic merging                 construction traffic merging
1035   single line traffic alternating directions   single line traffic alternating directions
1036   road maintenance operations                  road maintenance operations
1037   road marking operations                      road marking operations
1024   #sub_title                                   Bridges
1038   bridge maintenance operations                bridge maintenance operations
1039   bridge construction                          bridge construction
1040   bridge demolition work                       bridge demolition work
1024   #sub_title                                   Other
1041   blasting                                     blasting
1042   avalanche control activities                 avalanche control activities
1043   water main work                              water main work
1044   gas main work                                gas main work
1045   work on underground cables                   work on underground cables
1046   work on underground services                 work on underground services
1047   new road construction layout                 new road construction layout
1048   new road layout                              new road layout
1049   temporary lane markings                      temporary lane markings
1050   temporary traffic lights                     temporary traffic lights
1051   emergency maintenance                        emergency maintenance
1024   #sub_title                                   Cancel Types
1146   road maintenance cleared                     road maintenance cleared
1147   normal road layout restored                  normal road layout restored
1148   road work clearance in progress              road work clearance in progress
1149   road construction cleared                    road construction cleared
1150   normal traffic lanes restored                normal traffic lanes restored
1151   road work cleared                            road work cleared

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1280   #title                                Obstructions
1280   #sub_title                            General
1281   obstruction on roadway                obstruction on roadway
1282   object on roadway                     object on roadway
1283   objects falling from moving vehicle   objects falling from moving vehicle
1284   debris on roadway                     debris on roadway
1285   storm damage                          storm damage
1280   #sub_title                            People
1286   people on roadway                     people on roadway
1287   bicyclists on roadway                 bicyclists on roadway
1288   sightseers obstructing access         sightseers obstructing access
1289   large numbers of visitors             large numbers of visitors
1280   #sub_title                            Animals
1290   animal on roadway                     animal on roadway
1291   large animal on roadway               large animal on roadway
1292   herd of animals on roadway            herd of animals on roadway
1293   animal struck                         animal struck
1280   #sub_title                            Specific Items
1294   fallen trees                          fallen trees
1295   downed power lines                    downed power lines
1296   downed cables                         downed cables
1297   subsidence                            subsidence
1298   road surface collapse                 road surface collapse
1299   pavement buckled                      pavement buckled
1300   pothole                               pothole
1301   flooding                              flooding
1302   broken water main                     broken water main
1303   collapsed sewer                       collapsed sewer
1304   sewer overflow                        sewer overflow
1305   gas leak                              gas leak
1306   snowmelt                              snowmelt
1307   mudslide                              mudslide
1308   avalanche                             avalanche
1309   rockfall                              rockfall
1310   landslide                             landslide
1280   #sub_title                            Cancel Types
1406   clearance work                        clearance work
1407   obstruction cleared                   obstruction cleared
3072   #title                                Disasters
3072   #sub_title                            Water Related
3073   flash flood                           flash flood
3074   major flood                           major flood
3075   reservoir failure                     reservoir failure
3076   levee failure                         levee failure
3077   tsunami                               tsunami
3078   tidal wave                            tidal wave
3072   #sub_title                            Fire Related
3079   volcanic eruption                     volcanic eruption
3080   ash fall                              ash fall
3081   lava flow                             lava flow
3082   serious fire                          serious fire
3083   forest fire                           forest fire

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3084   wildfire                               wildfire
3085   building fire                          building fire
3086   brush fire                             brush fire
3087   grass fire                             grass fire
3088   fire danger extreme                    fire danger extreme
3089   fire danger very high                  fire danger very high
3090   fire danger high                       fire danger high
3091   fire danger medium                     fire danger medium
3092   fire danger low                        fire danger low
3072   #sub_title                              Other
3093   earthquake damage                      earthquake damage
3094   air crash                              air crash
3095   rail crash                             rail crash
3096   toxic release                          toxic release
3097   toxic leak                             toxic leak
3098   radioactive release                    radioactive release
3099   radiation hazard                       radiation hazard
3100   reactor leakage                        reactor leakage
3101   explosion                              explosion
3102   major hazardous materials fire         major hazardous materials fire
3103   major hazardous materials release      major hazardous materials release
3072   #sub_title                             Cancel Types
3199   disaster cleared                       disaster cleared
6144   #title                                 Winter Driving Restrictions & Recommendations
6145   winter equipment recommended           winter equipment recommended
6146   winter equipment required              winter equipment required
6147   snow chains recommended                snow chains recommended
6148   snow chains required                   snow chains required
6149   snow chains prohibited                 snow chains prohibited
6150   studded tires prohibited               studded tires prohibited
6151   snow tires recommended                 snow tires recommended
6152   snow tires required                    snow tires required
6153   four wheel drive recommended           four wheel drive recommended
6154   four wheel drive required              four wheel drive required
6155   snow tires or chains recommended       snow tires or chains recommended
6156   snow tires or chains required          snow tires or chains required
6157   winter driving requirements lifted     winter driving requirements lifted
6400   #title                                 Winter Driving Index
6401   driving conditions good                driving conditions good
6402   driving conditions fair                driving conditions fair
6403   difficult driving conditions           difficult driving conditions
6404   very difficult driving conditions      very difficult driving conditions
6405   hazardous driving conditions           hazardous driving conditions
6406   extremely hazardous driving conditions extremely hazardous driving conditions
5888   #title                                 Pavement Conditions
5888   #sub_title                             General
5889   impassable                             impassable
5890   almost impassable                      almost impassable
5891   passable with care                     passable with care
5892   passable                               passable
5893   surface water hazard                   surface water hazard
5894   danger of hydroplaning                 danger of hydroplaning

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5895   wet pavement                     wet pavement
5896   treated pavement                 treated pavement
5897   slippery                         slippery
5888   #sub_title                       On Roadway items
5898   mud on roadway                   mud on roadway
5899   leaves on roadway                leaves on roadway
5900   loose sand on roadway            loose sand on roadway
5901   loose gravel                     loose gravel
5902   fuel on roadway                  fuel on roadway
5903   oil on roadway                   oil on roadway
5904   road surface in poor condition   road surface in poor condition
5905   melting tar                      melting tar
5888   #sub_title                       Ice & Snow
5906   ice                              ice
5907   icy patches                      icy patches
5908   black ice                        black ice
5909   ice pellets on roadway           ice pellets on roadway
5910   ice build up                     ice build up
5911   freezing rain                    freezing rain
5912   wet and icy roads                wet and icy roads
5913   melting snow                     melting snow
5914   slush                            slush
5915   frozen slush                     frozen slush
5916   snow on roadway                  snow on roadway
5917   packed snow                      packed snow
5918   packed snow patches              packed snow patches
5919   plowed snow                      plowed snow
5920   wet snow                         wet snow
5921   fresh snow                       fresh snow
5922   powder snow                      powder snow
5923   granular snow                    granular snow
5924   frozen snow                      frozen snow
5925   crusted snow                     crusted snow
5926   deep snow                        deep snow
5927   snow drifts                      snow drifts
5928   drifting snow                    drifting snow
5929   expected snow accumulation       expected snow accumulation
5930   current snow accumulation        current snow accumulation
5888   #sub_title                       Cancel Types
6011   dry pavement                     dry pavement
6012   snow cleared                     snow cleared
6013   pavement conditions improved     pavement conditions improved
6014   skid hazard reduced              skid hazard reduced
6015   pavement conditions cleared      pavement conditions cleared
4864   #title                           Precipitation
4865   severe weather                   severe weather
4866   blizzard                         blizzard
4867   heavy snow                       heavy snow
4868   snow                             snow
4869   light snow                       light snow
4870   snow showers                     snow showers
4871   winter storm                     winter storm

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4872   ice glaze                        ice glaze
4873   heavy frost                      heavy frost
4874   frost                            frost
4875   ice storm                        ice storm
4876   sleet                            sleet
4877   rain and snow mixed              rain and snow mixed
4878   rain changing to snow            rain changing to snow
4879   damaging hail                    damaging hail
4880   hail                             hail
4881   thunderstorms                    thunderstorms
4882   thundershowers                   thundershowers
4883   extremely heavy downpour         extremely heavy downpour
4884   heavy rain                       heavy rain
4885   rain                             rain
4886   light rain                       light rain
4887   drizzle                          drizzle
4888   showers                          showers
4889   dew                              dew
4864   #sub_title                       Cancel Types
4991   precipitation cleared            precipitation cleared
5120   #title                           Winds
5121   tornado                          tornado
5122   hurricane                        hurricane
5123   hurricane force winds            hurricane force winds
5124   tropical storm                   tropical storm
5125   gale force winds                 gale force winds
5126   storm force winds                storm force winds
5127   strong winds                     strong winds
5128   moderate winds                   moderate winds
5129   light winds                      light winds
5130   calm                             calm
5131   gusty winds                      gusty winds
5132   crosswinds                       crosswinds
5133   windy                            windy
5120   #sub_title                       Cancel Types
5246   strong winds have eased          strong winds have eased
5247   strong wind forecast withdrawn   strong wind forecast withdrawn
5376   #sub_title                       Visibility
5377   dense fog                        dense fog
5378   fog                              fog
5379   patchy fog                       patchy fog
5380   freezing fog                     freezing fog
5381   mist                             mist
5382   haze                             haze
5383   visibility reduced               visibility reduced
5384   white out                        white out
5385   blowing snow                     blowing snow
5386   smoke hazard                     smoke hazard
5387   spray hazard                     spray hazard
5388   low sun glare                    low sun glare
5389   snow glare                       snow glare
5390   blowing dust                     blowing dust

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5391   blowing sand                          blowing sand
5392   dust storms                           dust storms
5393   sandstorms                            sandstorms
5376   #sub_title                            Air Quality
5394   air quality good                      air quality good
5395   air quality fair                      air quality fair
5396   air quality poor                      air quality poor
5397   air quality very poor                 air quality very poor
5398   severe exhaust pollution              severe exhaust pollution
5399   smog alert                            smog alert
5400   pollen count high                     pollen count high
5401   pollen count medium                   pollen count medium
5402   pollen count low                      pollen count low
5403   swarms of insects                     swarms of insects
5376   #sub_title                            Cancel Types
5499   fog clearing                          fog clearing
5500   visibility improved                   visibility improved
5501   fog forecast withdrawn                fog forecast withdrawn
5502   pollution alert ended                 pollution alert ended
5503   air quality improved                  air quality improved
5632   #title                                Temperature
5633   maximum temperature                   maximum temperature
5634   temperature                           temperature
5635   minimum temperature                   minimum temperature
5636   current temperature                   current temperature
5637   heat index                            heat index
5638   extreme heat                          extreme heat
5639   hot                                   hot
5640   hotter                                hotter
5641   heat                                  heat
5642   warmer                                warmer
5643   warm                                  warm
5644   mild                                  mild
5645   cool                                  cool
5646   cooler                                cooler
5647   cold                                  cold
5648   colder                                colder
5649   very cold                             very cold
5650   extreme cold                          extreme cold
5651   wind chill                            wind chill
5652   dewpoint                              dewpoint
5653   relative humidity                     relative humidity
5632   #sub_title                            Cancel Types
5758                                         temperatures close to the seasonal norm
       temperatures close to the seasonal norm
5759   less extreme temperatures             less extreme temperatures
4608   #title                                Weather Conditions
4609   overcast                              overcast
4610   cloudy                                cloudy
4611   mostly cloudy                         mostly cloudy
4612   partly cloudy                         partly cloudy
4613   partly sunny                          partly sunny
4614   mostly sunny                          mostly sunny

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4615   sunny                        sunny
4616   fair                         fair
4617   clear                        clear
4618   mostly clear                 mostly clear
4619   mostly dry                   mostly dry
4620   dry                          dry
4621   UV index very high           UV index very high
4622   UV index high                UV index high
4623   UV index moderate            UV index moderate
4624   UV index low                 UV index low
4625   UV index very low            UV index very low
4626   barometric pressure          barometric pressure
4608   #sub_title                   Cancel Types
4735   weather forecast withdrawn   weather forecast withdrawn
3328   #title                       Disturbances

3329 assault                        assault
3330 crime                          crime
3331 robbery                        robbery

3332 fare dispute                   fare dispute
3333   shooting                     shooting
3334   gunfire on roadway           gunfire on roadway
3335   suicide                      suicide
3336   fight                        fight
3337   gang fight                   gang fight
3338   person harassment            person harassment
3339   person injured               person injured
3340   unruly passenger             unruly passenger
3341   person intoxicated           person intoxicated
3342   crowd control problem        crowd control problem
3343   demonstration                demonstration
3344   march                        march
3345   public disturbance           public disturbance
3346   riot                         riot
3347   civil unrest                 civil unrest
3348   civil emergency              civil emergency
3349   strike                       strike
3350   public transit strike        public transit strike
3351   stampede                     stampede
3352   teargas used                 teargas used
3353   security alert               security alert
3354   security incident            security incident
3355   checkpoint                   checkpoint
3356   bomb alert                   bomb alert
3357   terrorist incident           terrorist incident
3358   high velocity shell fire     high velocity shell fire
3359   explosives in use            explosives in use
3360   air raid                     air raid

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3361   weapons of mass destruction threat   weapons of mass destruction threat
3362   military operations                  military operations
3328   #sub_title                           Cancel Types
3454   security problem cleared             security problem cleared
3455   traffic disturbance cleared          traffic disturbance cleared
3584   #title                               Sporting Events
3585   sports event                         sports event
3586   game                                 game
3587   tournament                           tournament
3588   track and field event                track and field event
3589   baseball game                        baseball game
3590   basketball game                      basketball game
3591   boxing match                         boxing match
3592   football game                        football game
3593   soccer game                          soccer game
3594   golf tournament                      golf tournament
3595   hockey game                          hockey game
3596   tennis tournament                    tennis tournament
3597   wrestling match                      wrestling match
3598   road race                            road race
3599   automobile race                      automobile race
3600   bicycle race                         bicycle race
3601   race event                           race event
3602   marathon                             marathon
3603   horse show                           horse show
3604   rodeo                                rodeo
3605   water sports event                   water sports event
3606   winter sports event                  winter sports event
3607   skating event                        skating event
3584   #sub_title                           Cancel Types
3711   sporting event ended                 sporting event ended
3840   #title                               Special Events
3841   major event                          major event
3842   airshow                              airshow
3843   hot air ballooning                   hot air ballooning
3844   concert                              concert
3845   state occasion                       state occasion
3846   VIP visit                            VIP visit
3847   show                                 show
3848   festival                             festival
3849   exhibition                           exhibition
3850   performing arts                      performing arts
3851   outdoor market                       outdoor market
3852   fair                                 fair
3853   carnival                             carnival
3854   fireworks display                    fireworks display
3855   trade expo                           trade expo
3856   movie filming                        movie filming
3857   presidential visit                   presidential visit
3858   parade                               parade
3859   procession                           procession
3860   funeral procession                   funeral procession

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3861   crowd                             crowd
3862   holiday traffic                   holiday traffic
3840   #sub_title                        Cancel Types
3967   event ended                       event ended
1536   #title                            Delays, Status, And Cancellations
1536   #sub_title                        Delays
1537   delays                            delays
1538   short delays                      short delays
1539   long delays                       long delays
1540   very long delays                  very long delays
1541   delays of uncertain duration      delays of uncertain duration
1542   delayed until further notice      delayed until further notice
1543   busy                              busy
1544   very busy                         very busy
1545   crowded                           crowded
1546   overcrowded                       overcrowded
1536   #sub_title                        Cancellations
1547   cancellations                     cancellations
1548   route cancelled, no replacement   route cancelled, no replacement
1549   service cancelled                 service cancelled
1550   service suspended                 service suspended
1551   service withdrawn                 service withdrawn
1552   service fully booked              service fully booked
1553   all services fully booked         all services fully booked
1536   #sub_title                        Service Levels
1554   next departure                    next departure
1555   next arrival                      next arrival
1556   very frequent service             very frequent service
1557   frequent service                  frequent service
1558   fairly frequent service           fairly frequent service
1559   regular service                   regular service
1560   irregular service                 irregular service
1561   not operating                     not operating
1536   #sub_title                        Other
1562   system busy                       system busy
1563   system very busy                  system very busy
1564   system crowded                    system crowded
1565   system overcrowded                system overcrowded
1566   travel time                       travel time
1567   headway                           headway
1536   #sub_title                        Cancel Types
1660   delays clearing                   delays clearing
1661   delays cleared                    delays cleared
1662   normal services resumed           normal services resumed
1663   operating                         operating
8960   #title                            Transit Mode
8961   travel                            travel
8962   transit                           transit
8963   bus                               bus
8964   trolleybus                        trolleybus
8965   rail                              rail
8966   commuter rail                     commuter rail

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8967   subway                               subway
8968   rapid transit                        rapid transit
8969   light rail                           light rail
8970   streetcar                            streetcar
8971   dial-a-ride                          dial-a-ride
8972   park and ride                        park and ride
8973   shuttle                              shuttle
8974   free shuttle                         free shuttle
8975   airport shuttle                      airport shuttle
8976   taxies                               taxies
8977   ferry                                ferry
8978   passenger ferry                      passenger ferry
8979   vehicle ferry                        vehicle ferry
8980   aerial tramway                       aerial tramway
8981   automated guideway                   automated guideway
8982   cable cars                           cable cars
8983   monorail                             monorail
8984   air travel                           air travel
1792   #title                               Unusual Driving
1793   vehicle traveling wrong way          vehicle traveling wrong way
1794   reckless driver                      reckless driver
1795   prohibited vehicle on roadway        prohibited vehicle on roadway
1796   emergency vehicles                   emergency vehicles
1797   high speed emergency vehicles        high speed emergency vehicles
1798   high speed chase                     high speed chase
1792   #sub_title                           Cancel Types
1918   dangerous vehicle warning cleared    dangerous vehicle warning cleared
1919   emergency vehicle warning cleared    emergency vehicle warning cleared
2048   #title                               Mobile Situation
2049   abnormal load                        abnormal load
2050   wide load                            wide load
2051   long load                            long load
2052   slow vehicle                         slow vehicle
2053   farm equipment                       farm equipment
2054   horse drawn vehicles                 horse drawn vehicles
2055   overheight load                      overheight load
2056   overweight load                      overweight load
2057   tracked vehicle                      tracked vehicle
2058   vehicle carrying hazardous materials vehicle carrying hazardous materials
2059   slow moving maintenance vehicle      slow moving maintenance vehicle
2060   convoy                               convoy
2061   military convoy                      military convoy
2062   refugee convoy                       refugee convoy
2063   motorcade                            motorcade
2064   mobile situation repositioning       mobile situation repositioning
2065   winter maintenance vehicles          winter maintenance vehicles
2066   snowplows                            snowplows
2048   #sub_title                           Cancel Types
2172                                        slow moving
       slow moving maintenance vehicle warning cleared maintenance vehicle warning cleared
2173   exceptional load warning cleared     exceptional load warning cleared
2174   hazardous load warning cleared       hazardous load warning cleared
2175   convoy cleared                       convoy cleared

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2304   #title                                   Device And Equipment Status
2305   lane control signs not working           lane control signs not working
2306   lane control signs working incorrectly lane control signs working incorrectly
2307   lane control signs operating             lane control signs operating
2308   variable message signs not working       variable message signs not working
2309                                            variable message signs working incorrectly
       variable message signs working incorrectly
2310   variable message signs operating         variable message signs operating
2311   emergency telephones not working         emergency telephones not working
2312   emergency telephone number not working   emergency telephone number not working
2313   traffic lights not working               traffic lights not working
2314   traffic lights working incorrectly       traffic lights working incorrectly
2315   ramp control signals not working         ramp control signals not working
2316   ramp control signals working incorrectlyramp control signals working incorrectly
2317   temporary traffic lights not working     temporary traffic lights not working
2318                                            temporary traffic lights working incorrectly
       temporary traffic lights working incorrectly
2319                                            traffic signal control computer not working
       traffic signal control computer not working
2320   traffic signal timings changed           traffic signal timings changed
2321   overheight warning system triggered overheight warning system triggered
2322   equipment failure                        equipment failure
2323   railroad crossing equipment failure      railroad crossing equipment failure
2324   tunnel ventilation not working           tunnel ventilation not working
2325   power failure                            power failure
2326   widespread power outages                 widespread power outages
2327   technical problems                       technical problems
2304   #sub_title                               Cancel Types
2428   electronic signs repaired                electronic signs repaired
2429   emergency call facilities restored       emergency call facilities restored
2430   traffic signals repaired                 traffic signals repaired
2431                                            railroad crossing equipment now working normally
       railroad crossing equipment now working normally
2560   #title                                   Restrictions
2561   restrictions                             restrictions
2562   ramp restrictions                        ramp restrictions
2563   truck restriction                        truck restriction
2564   speed restriction                        speed restriction
2565   noise restriction                        noise restriction
2566   traffic regulations have been changed traffic regulations have been changed
2567   local access only                        local access only
2568   no trailers                              no trailers
2569   no high profile vehicles                 no high profile vehicles
2570   hazardous materials truck restriction hazardous materials truck restriction
2571   no through traffic                       no through traffic
2572   no motor vehicles                        no motor vehicles
2573   width limit                              width limit
2574   height limit                             height limit
2575   length limit                             length limit
2576   axle load limit                          axle load limit
2577   gross weight limit                       gross weight limit
2578   axle count limit                         axle count limit
2579   carpool lane available                   carpool lane available
2580   carpool restrictions changed             carpool restrictions changed
2581   HOV 2: no single occupant vehicles HOV 2: no single occupant vehicles
2582                                              occupants
       HOV 3: no vehicles with less than threeHOV 3: no vehicles with less than three occupants

                                                 Page 13

2583   bus lane available for all vehicles         bus lane available for all vehicles
2584   truck lane available for all vehicles       truck lane available for all vehicles
2560   #sub_title                                  Cancel Types
2676                                               restrictions for high profile vehicles lifted
       restrictions for high profile vehicles lifted
2677   width limit lifted                          width limit lifted
2678   height limit lifted                         height limit lifted
2679   length limit lifted                         length limit lifted
2680   axle load limit lifted                      axle load limit lifted
2681   weight limit lifted                         weight limit lifted
2682   axle count limit lifted                     axle count limit lifted
2683   carpool restrictions lifted                 carpool restrictions lifted
2684   lane restrictions lifted                    lane restrictions lifted
2685   ramp restrictions lifted                    ramp restrictions lifted
2686   motor vehicle restrictions lifted           motor vehicle restrictions lifted
2687   restrictions lifted                         restrictions lifted
4096   #title                                      Parking Information
4097   normal parking restrictions lifted          normal parking restrictions lifted
4098   parking meter restrictions lifted           parking meter restrictions lifted
4099   special parking restrictions in force       special parking restrictions in force
4100   full parking lot                            full parking lot
4101   full parking garage                         full parking garage
4102   all parking lots full                       all parking lots full
4103   no parking spaces available                 no parking spaces available
4104   only a few spaces available                 only a few spaces available
4105   spaces available                            spaces available
4106   no parking                                  no parking
4107   parking on one side of street only          parking on one side of street only
4108   parking on both sides of street             parking on both sides of street
4109   parallel parking only                       parallel parking only
4110   parking meters not available                parking meters not available
4111   use of parking meters restricted            use of parking meters restricted
4112   event parking                               event parking
4113   handicapped parking                         handicapped parking
4114   long term parking                           long term parking
4115   overnight parking                           overnight parking
4116   short term parking                          short term parking
4096   #sub_title                                  Cancel Types
4222   special parking restrictions lifted         special parking restrictions lifted
4223   no parking information available            no parking information available
4352   #title                                      Information System
4353   information available on radio              information available on radio
4354   information available on TV                 information available on TV
4355   call to get information                     call to get information
4356   information available via Internet          information available via Internet
4357   test message                                test message
4358   no information available                    no information available
4359   null description                            null description
4360   information service is being suspended information service is being suspended
4352   #sub_title                                  Cancel Types
4478   information service resumed                 information service resumed
4479   message canceled                            message canceled
6912   #title                                      Warning Advice

                                                      Page 14

6913   risk                                     risk
6914   watch                                    watch
6915   warning                                  warning
6916   alert                                    alert
6917   danger                                   danger
6918   danger of explosion                      danger of explosion
6919   danger of fire                           danger of fire
6920   extra police patrols in operation        extra police patrols in operation
6921                                            look
       look out for vehicles stopped under bridges out for vehicles stopped under bridges
6922   increased risk of accident               increased risk of accident
6923   rescue and recovery work in progress rescue and recovery work in progress
6924   police at scene                          police at scene
6925   emergency vehicles at scene              emergency vehicles at scene
6926                                            traffic being directed around accident area
       traffic being directed around accident area
6927   police directing traffic                 police directing traffic
6928   rescue workers directing traffic         rescue workers directing traffic
6929   repairs in progress                      repairs in progress
6930   pilot car in operation                   pilot car in operation
6931   look out for flagger                     look out for flagger
6932   police checks in operation               police checks in operation
6933   mandatory speed limit in force           mandatory speed limit in force
6934   speed limit in force for heavy vehicles speed limit in force for heavy vehicles
6912   #sub_title                               Cancel Types
7034   warning canceled                         warning canceled
7035   watch canceled                           watch canceled
7036   alert canceled                           alert canceled
7037   ended                                    ended
7038   cleared                                  cleared
7039   canceled                                 canceled
6656   #title                                   Suggestion Advice
6657   why not ride share?                      why not ride share?
6658   is this your no ride day?                is this your no ride day?
6659   why not use transit?                     why not use transit?
6660   why not park and ride?                   why not park and ride?
6661   why not try paratransit?                 why not try paratransit?
6662   why not travel by rail?                  why not travel by rail?
6663   why not use the subway?                  why not use the subway?
6664   why not try rapid transit?               why not try rapid transit?
6665   why not travel by bus?                   why not travel by bus?
6666                                            y
       your parking ticket covers the return rideour parking ticket covers the return ride
6667   avoid the rush hour                      avoid the rush hour
6668   do not allow unnecessary gaps            do not allow unnecessary gaps
6669   follow the vehicle in front smoothly     follow the vehicle in front smoothly
6670   do not slow down unnecessarily           do not slow down unnecessarily
6671   watch for muggers                        watch for muggers
6672   watch for pickpockets                    watch for pickpockets
6673   watch for thieves                        watch for thieves
6674   sorry for any delay                      sorry for any delay
6675   thank you for your understanding         thank you for your understanding
6676   we appreciate your patience              we appreciate your patience
6677   we are grateful for your cooperation     we are grateful for your cooperation
7168   #title                                   Instructions (Recommendations)

                                                  Page 15

7169   drive carefully                           drive carefully
7170   drive with extreme caution                drive with extreme caution
7171   approach with care                        approach with care
7172   keep your distance                        keep your distance
7173   increase normal following distance        increase normal following distance
7174   test your brakes                          test your brakes
7175   cross intersection with care              cross intersection with care
7176   pass with care                            pass with care
7177   use low beam headlights                   use low beam headlights
7178   use fog lights                            use fog lights
7179   use hazard warning lights                 use hazard warning lights
7180   do not leave your vehicle                 do not leave your vehicle
7181                                             leave your vehicle, proceed to next safe place
       leave your vehicle, proceed to next safe place
7182   turn off engine                           turn off engine
7183                                             close all and vents
       close all windows, turn off heater, air conditioner windows, turn off heater, air conditioner and vents
7184                                              overheating
       turn off air conditioner to prevent engineturn off air conditioner to prevent engine overheating
7185                                             turn
       turn off mobile phones and two way radios off mobile phones and two way radios
7186   prepare to stop                           prepare to stop
7187   stop at next rest area                    stop at next rest area
7188   stop at next safe place                   stop at next safe place
7189   only travel if absolutely necessary       only travel if absolutely necessary
7190   drive to another service area             drive to another service area
7191   use through traffic lanes                 use through traffic lanes
7192   use local traffic lanes                   use local traffic lanes
7193   use left hand parallel roadway            use left hand parallel roadway
7194   use right hand parallel roadway           use right hand parallel roadway
7195   use heavy vehicle lane                    use heavy vehicle lane
7196   observe recommended speed                 observe recommended speed
7424   #title                                    Instructions (Mandatory)
7425   keep to the right                         keep to the right
7426   keep to the left                          keep to the left
7427   use right lane                            use right lane
7428   use left lane                             use left lane
7429   heavy vehicles use right lane             heavy vehicles use right lane
7430   heavy vehicles use left lane              heavy vehicles use left lane
7431   observe signals                           observe signals
7432   observe signs                             observe signs
7433   no passing                                no passing
7434   no smoking                                no smoking
7435   no open flames                            no open flames
7436   use shoulder as lane                      use shoulder as lane
7437   do not drive on the shoulder              do not drive on the shoulder
7438   allow emergency vehicles to pass          allow emergency vehicles to pass
7439   clear a lane for emergency vehicles       clear a lane for emergency vehicles
7440   pull over to the edge of the roadway      pull over to the edge of the roadway
7441   wait for escort vehicle                   wait for escort vehicle
7442   in emergency wait for police patrol       in emergency wait for police patrol
7443   reduce your speed                         reduce your speed
7444   observe speed limits                      observe speed limits
7424   #sub_title                                Cancel Types
7547   shoulder travel no longer allowed         shoulder travel no longer allowed
7680   #title                                    Qualifiers

                                                   Page 16

7680   #sub_title        Locations
7681   above             above
7682   below             below
7683   in                in
7684   around            around
7685   after             after
7686   before            before
7687   at                at
7688   on                on
7689   near              near
7690   from the          from the
7691   terminal          terminal
7680   #sub_title        Weather Related
7692   falling slowly    falling slowly
7693   falling           falling
7694   falling quickly   falling quickly
7695   rising slowly     rising slowly
7696   rising            rising
7697   rising quickly    rising quickly
7698   steady            steady
7699   likely            likely
7700   changing to       changing to
7701   mostly            mostly
7702   partly            partly
7703   minus             minus
7704   ended             ended
7705   expected          expected
7706   low               low
7707   mid               mid
7708   high              high
7709   upper             upper
7710   unseasonably      unseasonably
7711   reported          reported
7680   #sub_title        Instructions
7712   advice:           advice:
7713   due to:           due to:
7714   proceed to        proceed to
7715   transferred to    transferred to
7716   use               use
7680   #sub_title        Prepositional Use
7717   affecting         affecting
7718   blocking          blocking
7719   connecting        connecting
7720   finished          finished
7721   for               for
7722   or                or
7680   #sub_title        Other
7723   and               and
7724   later             later
7725   level             level
7726   shortly           shortly
7727   soon              soon

                            Page 17

7728   service                       service
7936   #title                        Generic Locations
7936   #sub_title                    Road Related
7937   on bridges                    on bridges
7938   in tunnels                    in tunnels
7939   entering or leaving tunnels   entering or leaving tunnels
7940   on ramps                      on ramps
7941   in road construction area     in road construction area
7942   around a curve                around a curve
7943   on minor roads                on minor roads
7944   in the opposing lanes         in the opposing lanes
7945   adjacent to roadway           adjacent to roadway
7946   on bend                       on bend
7947   entire intersection           entire intersection
7948   in the median                 in the median
7949   moved to side of road         moved to side of road
7950   moved to shoulder             moved to shoulder
7951   on the roadway                on the roadway
7936   #sub_title                    Terrain & Geography
7952   in shaded areas               in shaded areas
7953   in low lying areas            in low lying areas
7954   in the downtown area          in the downtown area
7955   in the inner city area        in the inner city area
7956   in parts                      in parts
7957   in some places                in some places
7958   in the ditch                  in the ditch
7959   in the valley                 in the valley
7960   on hill top                   on hill top
7961   near the foothills            near the foothills
7962   at high altitudes             at high altitudes
7963   near the lake                 near the lake
7964   near the shore                near the shore
7965   over the crest of a hill      over the crest of a hill
7966   other than on the roadway     other than on the roadway
7967   near the beach                near the beach
7968   near beach access point       near beach access point
7969   lower level                   lower level
7970   upper level                   upper level
7936   #sub_title                    Transit Travel, Air Travel & Places
7971   airport                       airport
7972   concourse                     concourse
7973   gate                          gate
7974   baggage claim                 baggage claim
7975   customs point                 customs point
7976   station                       station
7977   platform                      platform
7978   dock                          dock
7979   depot                         depot
7980   EV charging point             EV charging point
7981   information / welcome point   information / welcome point
7982   at rest area                  at rest area
7983   at service area               at service area

                                        Page 18

7984   at weigh station            at weigh station
7985   picnic areas                picnic areas
7986   rest area                   rest area
7987   service stations            service stations
7988   toilets                     toilets
7936   #sub_title                  Direction of Travel
7989   on the right                on the right
7990   on the left                 on the left
7991   in the center               in the center
7992   in the opposite direction   in the opposite direction
7993   cross traffic               cross traffic
7994   northbound traffic          northbound traffic
7995   eastbound traffic           eastbound traffic
7996   southbound traffic          southbound traffic
7997   westbound traffic           westbound traffic
7936   #sub_title                  Compass Points
7998   north                       north
7999   south                       south
8000   east                        east
8001   west                        west
8002   northeast                   northeast
8003   northwest                   northwest
8004   southeast                   southeast
8005   southwest                   southwest
8192   #title                      Lane / Roadway Descriptions
8192   #sub_title                  Lanes
8193   all roadways                all roadways
8194   through lanes               through lanes
8195   left lane                   left lane
8196   right lane                  right lane
8197   center lane                 center lane
8198   middle lanes                middle lanes
8199   middle two lanes            middle two lanes
8200   right turning lanes         right turning lanes
8201   left turning lanes          left turning lanes
8192   #sub_title                  Ramps
8202   right exit ramp             right exit ramp
8203   right entrance ramp         right entrance ramp
8204   left exit ramp              left exit ramp
8205   left entrance ramp          left entrance ramp
8192   #sub_title                  Shoulders
8206   hard shoulder               hard shoulder
8207   soft shoulder               soft shoulder
8208   right shoulder              right shoulder
8209   left shoulder               left shoulder
8192   #sub_title                  Other
8210   right hand parallel lanes   right hand parallel lanes
8211   left hand parallel lanes    left hand parallel lanes
8212   connecting lanes            connecting lanes
8213   express lanes               express lanes
8214   local lanes                 local lanes
8215   toll lanes                  toll lanes

                                     Page 19

8216   electronic toll lanes                 electronic toll lanes
8217   toll plaza                            toll plaza
8218   inspection lane                       inspection lane
8219   HOV lanes                             HOV lanes
8220   bus lanes                             bus lanes
8221   carpool lanes                         carpool lanes
8222   truck lanes                           truck lanes
8223   emergency lanes                       emergency lanes
8224   passing lanes                         passing lanes
8225   climbing lanes                        climbing lanes
8226   slow lane                             slow lane
8227   service road                          service road
8228   cycle lane                            cycle lane
8192   #sub_title                            Bridges, Tunnels
8229   bridge                                bridge
8230   overpass                              overpass
8231   elevated lanes                        elevated lanes
8232   underpass                             underpass
8233   tunnel                                tunnel
9216   #title                                Vehicle Groups Affected
9217   all vehicles                          all vehicles
9218   bicycles                              bicycles
9219   motorcycles                           motorcycles
9220   cars                                  cars
9221   light vehicles                        light vehicles
9222   cars and light vehicles               cars and light vehicles
9223   cars with trailers                    cars with trailers
9224   cars with recreational trailers       cars with recreational trailers
9225   vehicles with trailers                vehicles with trailers
9226   heavy vehicles                        heavy vehicles
9227   trucks                                trucks
9228   buses                                 buses
9229   articulated buses                     articulated buses
9230   school buses                          school buses
9231   vehicles with semi trailers           vehicles with semi trailers
9232   vehicles with double trailers         vehicles with double trailers
9233   high profile vehicles                 high profile vehicles
9234   wide vehicles                         wide vehicles
9235   long vehicles                         long vehicles
9236   hazardous loads                       hazardous loads
9237   exceptional loads                     exceptional loads
9238   abnormal loads                        abnormal loads
9239   convoys                               convoys
9240   maintenance vehicles                  maintenance vehicles
9241   delivery vehicles                     delivery vehicles
9242                                         vehicles with even numbered license plates
       vehicles with even numbered license plates
9243                                         vehicles with odd numbered license plates
       vehicles with odd numbered license plates
9244   vehicles with parking permits         vehicles with parking permits
9245   vehicles with catalytic converters    vehicles with catalytic converters
9246   vehicles without catalytic converters vehicles without catalytic converters
9247   gas powered vehicles                  gas powered vehicles
9248   diesel powered vehicles               diesel powered vehicles

                                                Page 20

9249   LPG vehicles                          LPG vehicles
9250   military convoys                      military convoys
9251   military vehicles                     military vehicles
9472   #title                                Traveler Group Affected
9473   through traffic                       through traffic
9474   holiday traffic                       holiday traffic
9475   residents                             residents
9476   visitors                              visitors
9477   long distance traffic                 long distance traffic
9478   local traffic                         local traffic
9479   regional traffic                      regional traffic
9480   arrivals                              arrivals
9481   departures                            departures
9482   airline travelers                     airline travelers
9483   commuter airline travelers            commuter airline travelers
9484   domestic airline travelers            domestic airline travelers
9485   international airline travelers       international airline travelers
9486   pedestrians                           pedestrians
9487   bicyclists                            bicyclists
9728   #title                                Responder Group Affected
9729   emergency vehicles                    emergency vehicles
9730   federal law enforcement units         federal law enforcement units
9731   state police units                    state police units
9732   county police units                   county police units
9733   local police units                    local police units
9734   ambulance units                       ambulance units
9735   rescue units                          rescue units
9736   fire units                            fire units
9737   HAZMAT units                          HAZMAT units
9738   light tow unit                        light tow unit
9739   heavy tow unit                        heavy tow unit
8448   #title                                Alternate Route
8449   detour where possible                 detour where possible
8450   no detour available                   no detour available
8451   follow signs                          follow signs
8452   follow detour signs                   follow detour signs
8453   follow special detour markers         follow special detour markers
8454   do not follow detour signs            do not follow detour signs
8455   detour in operation                   detour in operation
8456   follow local detour                   follow local detour
8457   compulsory detour in operation        compulsory detour in operation
8458   no suitable detour available          no suitable detour available
8459   detour is no longer recommended       detour is no longer recommended
8460                                          the drivers are recommended to avoid the area
       local drivers are recommended to avoidlocalarea
8461                                         trucks are recommended to avoid the area
       trucks are recommended to avoid the area
8462   consider alternate route              consider alternate route
8463   consider alternate parking            consider alternate parking
8464   consider alternate destination        consider alternate destination
8465   consider alternate area               consider alternate area
8704   #title                                Unit Values
8704   #sub_title                            Areas, Distances & Speeds
8705   square feet                           square feet

                                               Page 21

8706   square meters             square meters
8707   acres                     acres
8708   hectares                  hectares
8709   inches                    inches
8710   feet                      feet
8711   mile                      mile
8712   miles                     miles
8713   nautical miles            nautical miles
8714   millimeters               millimeters
8715   meters                    meters
8716   kilometer                 kilometer
8717   kilometers                kilometers
8718   feet per second           feet per second
8719   meters per second         meters per second
8720   MPH                       MPH
8721   KPH                       KPH
8722   knots                     knots
8704   #sub_title                Times, Days & Dates
8723   AM                        AM
8724   PM                        PM
8725   weekends                  weekends
8726   holiday                   holiday
8727   seconds                   seconds
8728   minutes                   minutes
8729   hours                     hours
8730   days                      days
8731   weeks                     weeks
8732   months                    months
8704   #sub_title                Temp, Weights, Masses & Measurements
8733   degrees                   degrees
8734   degrees Celsius           degrees Celsius
8735   degrees Fahrenheit        degrees Fahrenheit
8736   grams                     grams
8737   kilograms                 kilograms
8738   ounces                    ounces
8739   pounds                    pounds
8740   tons                      tons
8741   fluid ounces              fluid ounces
8742   gallons                   gallons
8743   milliliters               milliliters
8744   liters                    liters
8745   kilograms per lane mile   kilograms per lane mile
8746   tons per lane mile        tons per lane mile
8704   #sub_title                Misc.
8747   $                         $
8748   %                         %
8749   time-delimiter            :
8750   dollars                   dollars
8751   flight number             flight number
8752   person / people           person / people
8753   response plan             response plan
8755   placard number            placard number

                                   Page 22

 8756   FM                                     FM
 2816   #title                                 Incident Response Status
 2817   unconfirmed report                     unconfirmed report
 2818   initial response en-route              initial response en-route
 2819   follow-up response en-route            follow-up response en-route
 2820   initial response on scene              initial response on scene
 2821   follow-up response on scene            follow-up response on scene
 2822   confirmed report                       confirmed report
 2823   scene is unsecured at this time        scene is unsecured at this time
 2824   response scene secured                 response scene secured
 2825   rescue and recovery work in progress   rescue and recovery work in progress
 2826   extraction in progress                 extraction in progress
 2827   clearance work in progress             clearance work in progress
 2828   body removal operations                body removal operations
 2829   fire / containment contained           fire / containment contained
 2830   fire / containment not contained       fire / containment not contained
 2831   event cleared                          event cleared
 2832   traffic clearing                       traffic clearing
 2833   incident closed                        incident closed
 9984   #title                                 Incident Response Equipment
 9985   ground fire suppression                ground fire suppression
 9986   heavy ground equipment                 heavy ground equipment
 9988   aircraft                               aircraft
 9989   marine equipment                       marine equipment
 9990   support equipment                      support equipment
 9991   medical rescue unit                    medical rescue unit
 9993   other                                  other
 9994   ground fire suppression other          ground fire suppression other
 9995   engine                                 engine
 9996   truck or aerial                        truck or aerial
 9997   quint                                  quint
 9998   tanker pumper combination              tanker pumper combination
10000   brush truck                            brush truck
10001   aircraft rescue & firefighting         aircraft rescue & firefighting
10004   heavy ground equipment other           heavy ground equipment other
10005   dozer or plow                          dozer or plow
10006   tractor                                tractor
10008   tanker or tender                       tanker or tender
10024   aircraft other                         aircraft other
10025   aircraft fixed wing tanker             aircraft fixed wing tanker
10026   helitanker                             helitanker
10027   helicopter                             helicopter
10034   marine equipment other                 marine equipment other
10035   fire boat with pump                    fire boat with pump
10036   boat no pump                           boat no pump
10044   support apparatus other                support apparatus other
10045   breathing apparatus support            breathing apparatus support
10046   light and air unit                     light and air unit
10054   medical rescue unit other              medical rescue unit other
10055   rescue unit                            rescue unit
10056   urban search rescue unit               urban search rescue unit
10057   high angle rescue                      high angle rescue

                                                  Page 23

10058   crash fire rescue                  crash fire rescue
10059   BLS unit                           BLS unit
10060   ALS unit                           ALS unit
10075   mobile command post                mobile command post
10076   chief officer car                  chief officer car
10077   HAZMAT unit                        HAZMAT unit
10078   type i hand crew                   type i hand crew
10079   type ii hand crew                  type ii hand crew
10083   privately owned vehicle            privately owned vehicle
10084   other apparatus resource           other apparatus resource
10085   ambulance                          ambulance
10086   bomb squad van                     bomb squad van
10087   combine harvester                  combine harvester
10088   construction vehicle               construction vehicle
10089   farm tractor                       farm tractor
10090   grass cutting machines             grass cutting machines
10091   HAZMAT containment tow             HAZMAT containment tow
10092   heavy tow                          heavy tow
10093   hedge cutting machines             hedge cutting machines
10094   light tow                          light tow
10095   mobile crane                       mobile crane
10096   refuse collection vehicle          refuse collection vehicle
10097   resurfacing vehicle                resurfacing vehicle
10098   road sweeper                       road sweeper
10099   roadside litter collection crews   roadside litter collection crews
10100   salvage vehicle                    salvage vehicle
10101   sand truck                         sand truck
10102   snowplow                           snowplow
10103   steam roller                       steam roller
10104   swat team van                      swat team van
10105   track laying vehicle               track laying vehicle
10106   unknown                            unknown
10107   white-lining vehicle               white-lining vehicle
 5376   #title                             Visibility & Air Quality
 8754   placard type                       placard type
 2586   permits temporarily closed         permits temporarily closed
 2585   permits call in basis              permits call in basis
 2587   permits closed                     permits closed
 2675   permits open                       permits open

                                              Page 24

Page 25

TCIP Incident Subtype




accident(1), observed-accident-


bike(6), observed-accident-bike(74)
accident(1), observed-accident-other-
motorcycle(66), observed-accident-
truck(106), observed-accident-

passenger-sick-or-injured(88) person-

                                        Page 26

equip-airconditioning(20), equip-air-
system(21), equip-brakes(22), equip-
chassis(23), equip-cooling(24), equip-
doors(25), equip-electrical(26), equip-
engine(27), equip-exterior(28), equip-
fc(29), equip-fuel(30), equip-
horn(31), equip-interior(32), equip-
lift(33), equip-lights(34), equip-
lubrication(35), equip-
communications(36), equip-
signs(37), equip-steering(38), equip-
tires(39), equip-transmission(40),



                                          Page 27






                                Page 28


debris(17), row-defect-other(93)







                                   Page 29


          accident(1), train(105)



                                    Page 30

severe-weather(98), ice (58)

severe-weather(98), snowing(102)

                                   Page 31



severe-weather(98), snowing(102)
severe-weather(98), snowing(102)




                                   Page 32



                     Page 33

crime-fight(13), assault-driver(3),
fare-dispute-expired-pass(44), fare-
dispute-expired-transfer(45), fare-
dispute-no-change(46), fare-dispute-
other(47), fare-dispute-refuses-



                                       Page 34


            Page 35

icle warning cleared

                       Page 36

ng incorrectly



 w working normally

han three occupants

                                             Page 37

under bridges






                              Page 38

next safe place

ter, air conditioner and vents
 nt engine overheating

                                 Page 39

cense plates

               Page 40



d to avoid the area

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