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          WENDY MORGAN, Editor. MARGARET MILLINGTON, Treasurer
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                    FRED ROBERTSON, ROB MARSH, Proof Readers.
All contributions send to The Editor, 6 Butlers Drive, Carterton, Oxon OX18 3QU or
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A reader phoned to say on reading the item on the Annual Town Meeting in the
September issue that she would have liked to attend it but did not know it was on or
where. Annual Town meetings must be held between March 1st and June l s l and items for
the March edition of this magazine must be received by January 25th so it is likely that the
Town Hall will not have agreed on a date at that time but they do advertise the Annual
Town Meeting later on around the town. Likewise if you wish to advertise your
club/organisation event please let us have your report well in good time.
This is our 150th edition. The only reason this magazine has been in production for 37
years is because of YOU. Our readers who contribute articles, letters and reports; the
advertisers who pay the fees so we can pay our printer; the volunteer delivery teams who,
in all weathers, distribute this magazine free to Carterton homes; the editorial staff
throughout the years; the printers, especially our present one, who do a sterling job in
producing an excellent magazine. Thank you all.
PLEASE pay your bill within 30 days of receiving it. All advertisements with payment
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Please let us know of any change in contacts names, times and venues etc. More
importantly let us know if your organisation/club is no longer running. We leave it to you
to inform us of changes.
We always need volunteers to deliver this magazine in the town. If you are interested we
advertise vacant rounds on this page each edition. Volunteers needed now for Bovingdon
Road, Owen Place, Trinder Way, Colerne Road. Bluebell Way, Cedar Road & Teasel
Way (Shilton Park). If you are interested in delivering the magazine four times a year
near where you live, contact Chris Morgan 01993 842663.


Some readers may know that in September 2012 a new school library was opened at Carterton
Community College by Sir Tim Brighouse. We are now thrilled that our library is the winner

We knew that we were on the
shortlist and were visited by the
judges in May.        In August we
discovered that the College was one
of three finalists and on 7 th October
we headed up to the Hotel Russell in
London (accompanied by three of
our student library assistants) for the
School Libraries Celebration Day.
Author Candy Gourlay opened the
silver envelope and presented us
with our trophy          and framed
 Why not become a book sponsor?
Restoring our library has been a long, challenging but exciting project. To receive this
national award is a real honour for us - and for the whole community of Carterton. We are
now in the second phase of the library restoration project and hoping to develop our stock of
new books. Our thanks go to the organisations and individuals who sponsored book
                                                      purchases last year (including the Town
                                                        Council, the Community Centre,
                                                        Brownes Hall and the Lions). We
                                                        now have about 4,500 books and our
                                                        target is 7,000. So if you would like
                                                        to become a book sponsor, we would
                                                        love to hear from you! You never
                                                        know the impact one of your books
                                                        might have on a young person in
                                                        Carterton...    For more information
                                                        you are welcome to contact Rosemary
                                                        Stables, Carterton Community College
                                                        Library Manager: 01993 841611 or

On behalf of Carterton Town Council, may I take this opportunity through your magazine to
congratulate Carterton Community College on winning the School Library Design Award
2013. It gives me immense pride as the Town Mayor to see the College consistently achieve
outstanding results, not only on the award for the Library, but also on their exceptional exam
results. The College and all its staff and students have my utmost support and sincere good
wishes for their future successes.

        Town Mayor
    Carterton Commumty Magazine

                                  NEW MARKET SQUARE
Plans are being finalised for the creation of the New Market Square in front of the Town Hall.
This project has been developed by the Town Team, to house the Thursday Market and to
provide a focal point to draw shoppers from the new Morrisons Store into the Town Centre.
Once the vets have moved into their new premises in part of the extended Town Hall,
preparations will be made to remove the old bungalow, although this may take a little while.
Once this is completed, work can begin on the new square. The plan below shows the general
layout, with the War Memorial retained in its current position, but with a new setting. There
may also be some small changes to accommodate differing ground levels. A larger version of
the plan is available at the Town Hall. Do let us have your comments.

                               YOUR TOWN COUNCIL
            Town Clerk. Caroline Ramsey. Assistant Town Clerk. Tan Marchant.
          Mayor. Cllr. Mrs L. Little. Deputy Town Mayor. Cllr Mrs M. Crossland.
Councillors. Mr M. Brennan, Mrs D. Bulley. Mr A. Coomber. Mr A. Farmer. Mr H. Howard.
    Mr H. Jobes. Mr M. McBride. Mrs S. MacRae. Mr N. MacRae MBE. Mr P. Madden.
                        Mrs M. Miah. Mr P. Scott. Mr M. Steward.
Apologies to Cllr N. MacRae MBE, who I left off the list of Councillors in the June edition.

Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and information on these can be
found in their advertisement on the inside front page of this magazine.
12   Carterton Community Magazine

                                     BRIZE NORTON AND CARTERTON DISTRICT
       Girlguiding            In July, 5 Leaders received Long Service Awards having achieved
                              a total of 65 years service between them. Another 5 Leaders are
                              soon to receive similar Awards having achieved 80 years between
                              them. Their dedication is to be commended and the Awards are
                              well deserved.
What makes guiding special? Guiding is for all girls and young women, whatever their
background and circumstances. We offer them fun, exciting activities and the chance to make
life-long friends. We are open to all girls - of all faiths or none. Our groups are fully
integrated to include girls with disabilities. We give girls their own space where they can
really be themselves with other girls and share the experience of growing up as a girl in
today's world. We give girls a voice, confidence, skills and information to make informed
decisions. We show girls how they can speak out and take positive action to improve their
lives and the lives of others. We change as the lives of girls change, we are relevant to today's
girls because we listen to them and constantly evolve and adapt what we offer them without
losing what makes guiding unique in this modern, ever-changing world.
Do you have one evening a week that you could give to come and join us?
If so please contact: Pam Howard on 01993 844631 or Carol Hadgraft on 01993 842562
                               AND ABOVE ALL VERY REWARDING.
                         Details of meetings on the Clubs & Organisations pages.

                         2 n d BRIZE NORTON (RAF) AIR SCOUT GROUP
We now meet at the Army Cadet building (formally the Scout & Guide building) in Baldwin Mews,
off Swinbrook Road. The group used to meet on the RAF station but as the station increased in size
their building was demolished to make way for new buildings and they were forced to move to their
present meeting place. Now in their new home for about 5 years now and although not based on camp
they still wear their RAF badge on their Scout scarves, wear their blue shirts and berets. They are also
a recognised RAF group but any child or adult is allowed to be a member, you do not need to be an
RAF family. There are several sections ranging from Beaver Scouts aged 6-8yrs, Cub Scouts aged 8-
l0 1/2 yrs, Air Scouts aged 10 1/2-14yrs. Explorer Scouts aged 14-18yrs. Because of popular demand a
new Cub pack was started in September which meets at the Brownes Lane Community Centre on
Monday evenings, there are still a few vacancies there. At the Swinbrook Road building there is also
another Cub Pack which meets on Wednesday and Beavers and Scouts meet on Thursday evenings.
Every section is busy on badge work, plus visits, sleepovers,, camping both in their own sections and
also as a group. The older boys and Explorer Scouts have had weekends away gliding which they
hope to do next year. At the last AGM an active Executive Committee was formed and hold regular
meetings taking the load off leaders, allowing them to do what they do best i.e. running their sections
and not having to worry about things such as finances and fund raising. Every Leader has a seat on the
Committee so can put forward ideas and problems. New leaders and helpers are always welcome and
if you would like to be one contact any of the Leaders. On December 14th between 10am-4.00pm the
Group will be 'bag packing' in the Carterton Co-op to raise funds for the Group. Support us as the
cash raised goes towards providing a place where your children can enjoy scouting and outdoor
                                                      MICK MILLS. Group Chairman.
                        Details of meetings in the Groups & Organisation pages.
Cartteton Community     magazine

                      SWINBROOK ROAD ALLOTMENTS EVENTS 2013

   The 2013 BBQ and Presentation afternoon was a great success. It was really nice to see some
   new faces at our celebrations and of course the old faithful ones too! The weather was kind
   and we enjoyed some nice warm sunshine despite the prophecy of rain. Our thanks go to Mr
   & Mrs Bulley who judged the Best Kept Plots and the Produce Competition earlier this year at
   the show. There was a good colourful selection of produce on display. The 1st prize for Best
   Full Plot went to Mrs Veronica Collicutt and 1st prize for Best Half Plot was awarded to Mr
   Colin Green. There were also awards for 2nd and 3rd places and Plot Newcomers. Alongside
   the annual plot judging, a new competition was launched this year entitled 'Plotters Choice'.
   This was won by Mr John Bailey and judged the best overall plot according to fellow plotters.
   The jams and chutney competition also had varied and interesting items; thanks to Veronica
   for judging this and Trish for helping her. The raffle was very good with great prizes to be
   won, we would like to thank everyone who donated gifts for this; you were all very generous.
   Thanks also to the youngsters who ran a 'sweets in a jar' competition, they raised £11.50
   towards the BBQ. Thanks girls. Thank you to Michael and Alex who did a really good job
   cooking on the BBQ and kept us well fed and thanks to everyone who brought food along to
   share; it was a wonderful spread of savoury and sweet dishes, No one left the plot feeling
   hungry! The committee work hard to make his annual event a success and it makes it all
   worthwhile when so many people turn up to enjoy. We are so glad you did.


                                        THE WINNERS

                                   LOCAL WEBSITES
                      TOWN HALL, CARTERTON
                      CARTERTON, (including local villages),
                      RAF BRIZE NORTON,
        22 Carterton Community Magazine

                                    CARTERTON U3A

Retirement means different things to different people. I have had friends who have dreaded
the end of their working lives, wondering what they will do with so much unaccustomed time
on their hands and how they will cope without the almost daily social contact with colleagues
who have become a most important part of their lives. Others have virtually counted the days
and weeks until their last day of employment, looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy
doing many things there has previously been no time for. However, after a few months when
they have been on that holiday of a lifetime, completed all those outstanding domestic tasks,
and are beginning to miss the social circle which employment often provides, the longed-for
retirement is perhaps not quite so enjoyable as they had expected.
The University of the Third Age (U3A) has solved these dilemmas for literally thousands of
retirees all over the world. The organization, which started in France and rapidly spread
(reaching the UK in 1981) provides the perfect opportunity to resume learning, if required, in
a stress-free and relaxed environment in all sorts of areas, be they physical, artistic or
academic; taking part in a variety of social events (no obligation but something to suit most
tastes!); enjoying the inevitably very interesting monthly talks and, of course, making many
new friends and acquaintances in the process.
Carterton U3A held its inaugural meeting just over five years ago and has become a thriving,
very popular organization with over 200 members integrated within the town and surrounding
villages. To those who are interested, we have so much to offer, and all for just £17.00 per
year. If you are able, take a look at our website,, which describes all our
interest groups, lists our speakers and gives the names of our Committee members who work
so hard to try to provide something to appeal to any retiree who is looking for 'that bit more'
in life. Alternatively, you can 'phone Martin McBride (01993-845169) or Pat Ward (01993-
843832) for a chat - or make a New Year's Resolution to come along to one of our monthly
talks on the fourth Tuesday of any month at 2 pm at Carterton Community, where you will be
assured of a warm welcome.

                                                    JANICE WALLER


/. By the time you get out of the chair the telephone stops ringing.
2. There is no older generation to blame for everything.
3. You finally found what you are looking for but have forgotten why you needed it.
4. If only you kept them, your possessions would now be antiques.
5. You remember the time to get a good reception you gave the TV a good thump.
                                                                    Carterton Community Magazine   25
What a summer that was! Wonderful weather and a great time for the Lions
as we worked to ensure that Carterton and the local villages were all looked
after as best we could. The Car Boot Sales have taken off well at their new
times and it is great to be on the Recreation Ground where so many of you
come to enjoy buying and selling as part of your Saturday morning
And here comes the Festive Season when we are delighted to say that Father Christmas has
asked Carterton Lions to be his helpers in the area. He will be at the annual Street Fair on the
29th November and then (weather and manpower permitting) we hope to bring him to meet the
children on these dates in December:
    • Monday 2nd Swinbrook Road, Garner Close area
    • Thursday 5th: Foxcroft / Oakfield
    • Saturday 7th: Glenmore
    • Tuesday 10th: Owen Place/Scholars Acre
    • Thursday 12lh: Roads off Upavon Way
    • Saturday 14th: Burford Garden Centre
    • Sunday 15th: Santa's special grotto - Shilton Park at the Community
                        Centre 4.30 to 7 pm
    • Tuesday 17th: Queen's Road
    • Friday 20th: The Spar Shop, Minster Lovell
    • Saturday 21st: Aldi's
    • Sunday 22nd: Brize Norton Garage
    • Tuesday 24th: The Co-op

Your New Year's Resolution? Isn't it about
time that you joined in the great times we
have as Carterton Lions - the only Lions club
with the Queen's Award for Voluntary
Service!    Why not contact Lion Maddy on
01993 772241 or
and see how you can be part of this super
From everyone in Carterton Lions - have a
wonderful Christmas and a very happy and
healthy New Year!

                                             FATHER CHRISTMAS IN CARTERTON

                                 ADVERTS- ALL TRUE!
             One week sale of blankets. These bargain lots are rapidly shrinking.
             Man wanted to work in dynamite factory. Must be willing to travel.
                       Try our herbal remedies. You can't get better.
               Wanted. Man to take care of cow that does not smoke or drink.
                                Ear piercing while you wait.
                            Snugg Boots. Buy one get one free
26   Carterton Community Magazine


                                                                              ol o t ." < n ,
                                                                             K te w cd.J A 3
Sunday, 15 December: 4.00pm Christingle Service
                                                                    Join us for a special candlelit
Sunday, 22 December: 6.00 pm Traditional Service of                          celebration
Lessons and Carols
Christmas Eve: 5.30 pm Nativity Story/Drama.                              c r i s t i n g l e
11.30 pm Midnight Communion with Carols
Christmas Day: 8.00 am Quiet Communion (Book of
Common Prayer)
10.00 am Short Family Worship (all ages welcome)
                                                                  St John's Church Carterton
10.50 am Holy Communion
                                                                    Sunday 15,th Dec 2013
December 24. Vigil 6pm. 11.45pm Midnight Mass
December 25. Mass 9am at Bampton.
             Mass 11.00am at St Josephs.
Boxing Day. Mass 12 noon

Wednesday December 18th. Carols by Candlelight 6.30pm.
Sunday, December 22 nd . Morning Service 10.30am.
December 25 th .         For Christmas Services please refer to notice board

Sunday 22 nd December 3.00pm Family Nativity, Carterton Community Centre followed by
                      4.00pm Carols In The Square at Carterton Community Centre
Wednesday 25 th December 10.00am Christmas Day Service at Carterton Community Centre

Sunday, December 22 nd . Carols by Candlelight. 6pm.

                               CHRISTMAS PANTO: ONCE UPON A TIME'

                    We are very pleased to announce that for our Christmas Pantomime this
                    year Acting Community Thingumybogs are performing 'ONCE UPON A
                   Come along and boo, hiss, clap, cheer and laugh as we follow our 3 princes
through Fairytale land as they try to prove who is best to rule the country! Will Prince
Charming find the most beautiful? Will Prince Valiant and his faithful manservant Dandini
find wealth and riches? Or will Prince Umerah find Mother Goose and change his fairytale
ending? Along the way the evil Queen Belladonna will try to foil their plans at every turn!
Packed with songs, slapstick, silliness and fairytale magic for the whole family!
Performances are on Friday 13th Dec (7pm), Saturday 14th Dec (2pm & 7pm) and Sunday
15th Dec (2pm) at the Carterton Community College. Tickets are £5 each available from Giles
Sports, Carterton.
For more information please visit:
                                                                 Carterton Community Magazine   27

It was a cold and damp Sunday night in March... the sort of night where families stayed in
their homes, sharing time before a hectic start to the week, and appreciating the warmth of
their own nests. It was this night when a band of intrepid ladies made their way to a meeting
hosted in a married quarter - the inaugural meeting of the RAF Brize Norton Military Wives
Choir (MWC). We ladies had waited many, many months for this day; finally, we would have
our own choir, raising our voices in song with so many others up and down the country, and
indeed around the world! From this meeting, the committee was founded, and plans were
made for our first rehearsal just a couple of weeks later.
The first session was attended by dozens of ladies, some very nervous, some less so, but all
extremely excited and eager to be founder members of the latest MWC here on our home
ground. We sang for an hour and a half, and although many of us knew very little about music
and about singing, we had great fun warbling our way through many songs, even using simple
harmonies in some.
We spent many weeks perfecting songs for our first performance in early June, which for new
MWCs traditionally is to families and friends only - nerve wracking but very well received.
The response from a majority of the more than appreciative audience: 'Wow, you're way
better than we expected!' Perhaps a backhanded compliment, but a compliment nonetheless.
Next came Armed Forces Day at the end of June, which saw our first public performance in
Stroud, Gloucestershire. This was a big day for us; the first time we had had an 'away match',
so to speak. We sang our hearts out, and although we were not perfect, we were all very happy
with how we performed. We were a new choir, and already singing in three parts - no mean
feat! We also, through this performance, helped towards raising over £4000 for Help for
Heroes and SSAFA.
These humble beginning saw the emergence of the choir which performed at RAF Brize
Norton Families Day on 7 September 2013 - a day which many of us will never forget, and
towards which we spent a long hard summer working. The last weeks before saw us practising
individually every single day, with sectional and full choir rehearsals at least three times a
week. We were tired, just about sung out, and often fed up, but we were determined
to get it right - and on the day, it all came together. We sang for Queen and Country, we sang
for our families, but most of all, we sang for the pure joy of singing. We have come together
not just as a choir, but as a mutual support group. We see each other frequently outside choir,
and are planning outings as a group - along, of course, with many more performances lined
up in the near future!
If any of you ladies are interested in seeing what we do, you are more than welcome to come
along to any rehearsal: we meet Tuesdays at 7.30 in the Station Briefing Facility (next to the
gym), and new members are always welcome. You don't have to be able to read music, or
even to sing - we can help you there! The choir is rocketing forward from strength to strength,
and we are happy to represent not only the Military Wives Choir Foundation, but also RAF
Brize Norton, and in particular all military wives.
MEGAN SKINNER, MUSICAL DIRECTOR RAF Brize Norton Military Wives' Choir

                              NEWSPAPER HEADLINES.
                                  Iraqui Head seeks arms.
                               Red tape holds up new bridge
                       Typhoon rips through cemetery; hundreds dead.

                   Clive Hall Photography


                            The Oxfordshire Breast cancer Support group

Breast cancer has recently been hitting the headlines once again, perhaps unsurprisingly,
since this illness is the single most common cause of death in the UK in women aged 3 5 - 5 4
years. Shockingly, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and each
year around 12,000 people will die from the disease.
Bosom Friends is a small, Oxfordshire support group run entirely by volunteers and offers a
listening ear as well as practical, confidential support to those who have been affected by
breast cancer. The group was formed several years ago by two women who wanted to ensure
that others in Oxfordshire would not feel the same isolation that they had experienced
following their diagnosis of breast cancer. Members of Bosom Friends meet once a month,
usually in the home of one of the members. There is the opportunity to get together for a chat
over a cuppa and cakes in a supportive and informal atmosphere. The monthly meetings
often include guest speakers and other social events. Whether you have just been diagnosed,
are currently undergoing treatment or completed your active treatment a while ago, the group
offers emotional support and practical, up-to-date information. Above all, the group offers an
understanding voice at the end of the phone should you ever need it.
If you or someone you care about has been affected by breast cancer, please do take a look at
the Bosom Friends website -;         alternatively if you prefer, please
call Jan on 01844 290362.
                                                                   Carterton Community Magazine     31

            CARTERTON                                                 TIMES
         CHURCH OF ENGLAND                                         8am. 10.30am.

      ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH                             1 lam. (Saturdays, Vigil Mass 6pm).

          METHODIST CHURCH                                            10.30am.
                BURFORD ROAD

         COMMUNITY CHURCH,                                            10.30am.

ST BRITIUS CHURCH, BRIZE NORTON                     9.15am
Please note we only publish SUNDAY services. The churches noted above also hold services
during the week and information on those will be on the notice boards at the churches
concerned. See also the church websites for more information.

                                    CHRISTMAS ALONE
Christmas is usually one of the happiest times of the year, but if you find yourself alone it can
be a very isolating experience. Last year the four churches in Carterton joined forces to try
and tackle the loneliness and seclusion for some Carterton residents at Christmas. We ran our
first "Christmas Alone" event, including a three course meal and entertainment with a
collecting and dropping off service for those who needed it. The C-CELL-G (Carterton
Churches Ecumenical Lay Liaison Group) working for Churches Together in Carterton, is
intending to hold Christmas Alone 2013 following the success of the 2012 event. This year we
would like to build on our success and offer more places to people in the community who
would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day. Application forms for "Christmas Alone"
2013 will be available from each of the four churches from November. Would people
expecting to spend Christmas on their own* and who would be interested in attending a
Christmas Lunch and entertainment please contact Phil Mansell on 01993-841786 (or a
Church rep). Please contact Phil if you would like to know more about the event, or to offer
your support.
T h i s is the only "qualification" to attend, except residence in Greater Carterton !

This article was first published in the September

Latest figures show that fly-tipping has been reduced by nearly a third in West Oxfordshire
since 2006, when the District Council set up a team dedicated to cracking down on the
problem. In 2006-07, there were 736 reported fly-tips. Latest figures for 2012-13 show 503
incidents were reported. The Council introduced an Environmental Enforcement Team in
2007 to combat fly-tipping and other environmental crimes. As a result of investigations led
by the small team, 21 people have been prosecuted for fly-tipping related offences. For more
minor fly-tipping offences, 61 people have been given £80 Fixed Penalty fines, 15 have been
formally cautioned and 219 warning letters issued. The team has also conducted 792 Duty of
Care inspections which is an effective way of advising residents and businesses how to
dispose of their waste correctly. A West Oxfordshire District Council Cabinet Member for
Environment said: "Fly-tipping is a scourge on the environment and so we are pleased that the
Council's actions have helped to clamp down on this problem. Our Environmental
Enforcement Team works closely with both the Police and Environment Agency and we use a
range of methods, including CCTV, to investigate incidents reported to us. Members of the
public help enormously too, not only by reporting fly tips so that we can clear them up as
quickly as possible, but also by contacting us when they have witnessed suspicious
behaviour."Anyone caught fly-tipping could face prosecution and stands to receive a fine of
up to £50,000 or maximum imprisonment of five years.
36   Carterton Community Magazine

                                     ON SEPTEMBER 19 t h 2013.
      Anyone living in the Carterton area looking for work can drop in between 9.30 and 4.00pm
      every weekday after September 19th, when it was opened by Adrian Lockwood, Board
      Member of the Oxfordshire Enterprise Partnership, in the presence of members of the District
      Council, Oxfordshire County Council, local organisations, Town Hall staff and Job Club
      volunteers. This brand new space in the Town Hall's new downstairs reception area has been
      developed to complement the existing fortnightly Job Club. It was clear that people needed to
      be able to search for work more often and now they will be able to look for work with free
      internet access, photocopying and staff on hand to help every weekday.
      Project Manager Catherine Chater said 'Sadly we have seen a large increase in the number of
      people looking at the job vacancies in the Town Hall windows. But now, thanks to a grant
      from the Community Covenant Fund, we can provide a space where they can do this in
      comfort and with help on hand.
      The fortnightly Thursday Job Club sessions will continue at the Town Hall to offer more
      depth support and advice and will be operating every two weeks. For details and much more
      about looking for work, visit
      Contact Caroline Ramsey ( Town Clerk) or Catherine Chater (Project Manager) at Carterton
      Town Hall, Alvescot Road, Carterton, Oxon OX 18 3JL Tel 01993 842156

                        The latest waste collection calendars providing details of bin collection dates
                        for West Oxfordshire over the next year are available to view on the District
                        Council's website, Residents can see the relevant
                        waste collection dates for their property by simply entering their postcode in
                       the 'My West Oxfordshire' search on the website. The service also allows
                     people to sign up for weekly email alerts of their collection dates, including
      which bins to put that week and helpful information about changes to collections, for example
      after bank holidays or during bad weather. Over 3,000 households are already registered for
      this. Although residents can get the information online, paper copies are available and can be
      picked up from the Carterton Town Hall, or alternatively upon request by calling 01993

      EMAIL ANNOYANCES. We have enough rubbish posted through our door of goods we do
      not want or ever will. For some time now I have had emails from a bank, who think I am not
      only a customer but an online one too. I have never belonged to this bank neither have I been
      online to any bank. None of these messages have I opened for safety reasons. Yet according to
      this bank, who I complained to, there is nothing they can do to stop these emails that are
      obviously after my bank details in order to empty my account. A criminal act in the banks'
      name. EDITOR

                            OPENING HOURS
      MONDAY   9.30 - 5.00.     TUESDAY   9.30- 7.00.  WEDNESDAY - CLOSED
      THURSDAY 9.30 - 5.00.      FRIDAY 10.00-7.00.   SATURDAY 9.30-1.00
                                                                       Carterton Community Magazine     41

     Table Top & Car Boot Sales:
     Table Top & Car Boot Sales will be returning in 2014 at the Carterton Community Centre
     from 9 a m - 12noon starting Saturday 8lh February. Please call Gill on 01993 842807 to book a
     table /pitch. Cafe will be open, admission is free so pop along to get yourself a bargain then
     relax in our friendly cafe with a drink & something to eat.
     Subsequent dates will be: 8th March, 12th April, 10th May & more to follow.

     Carterton Wedding Fayre
     We are pleased to announce that we are holding our third Wedding Fayre at Carterton
     Community Centre, Marigold Square, Shilton Park, Oxon, OX18 1AX on Sunday 16th March
     11am - 3pm. Perfect opportunity for anyone planning a wedding to visit and discuss your
     wedding requirements with local exhibitors to help make your big day even more special. Free
     entry and information pack will be available for all visitors.
      For more information please contact
     Gill Carver on 01993 842807 email:
     website: Facebook: Carterton Wedding Fayre

                                             GOODBYE VC10
     In September the old girl left RAF Brize Norton for the last time with a mixture of relief and
     regrets from neighbours; good looking and graceful, fast, useful but getting old for the job and
     a bit noisy leaving home for work. Last year the VC10 had celebrated 50 years of service
     starting out as the world's first intercontinental jet and coming to RAF Brize Norton in 1966
     for refuelling purposes. Each aircraft was named after a Victoria Cross holder. Will the
     replacement Voyager tanker have the same place in our affections as the noisy but well loved
     VC10? Time will tell.

           Do you believe that only the wealthy should receive a good education?
           If not, please consider a small legacy in your Will to the CARTERTON
/ - r j    EDUCATIONAL TRUST.A gift of even 1% of your estate could make a big
           difference for a young Carterton scholar. The Trust makes grants to needy young
           people for a wide variety of purposes. They include contributions towards textbooks
    for training and degree courses, essential equipment for further studies, and even school
    uniforms if there is an urgent need. We try to ensure that pupils and students are not held
    back from achieving their full potential by financial constraint. .For details, see or telephone 01993 841060

     ALL DAY DRINKING. By the time this magazine has been published planning permission
     may have already been granted to Morrison's store to sell alcohol 6am to midnight 7 days a
     week. Hopefully, common sense may have prevailed taking into account that the store is in a
     residential area, in a quiet town that prefers a store opening 8am-8pm and an early closing on
     Sunday. Hopefully.
44   Carterton Community Magazine

     LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Dear Editor, I read with interest your article in the September
     Carterton Community Magazine about the random roundabout on the junction of Shilton
     Road/Swinbrook Road/Brizewood. As a cyclist (who does wear a helmet, high-vis. Jacket and
     has working lights on my bike) that roundabout has made my journey into town to work,
     twice daily, even more difficult and dangerous. Because of the angle that the Swinbrook Road
     joins the Shilton Road cars obviously have me in their blind spot as they approach the
     junction, many times I have to stop to avoid a collision and one driver even apologised to me
     down the town after not seeing me. Now with this roundabout I have to give way to oncoming
     traffic if they are turning in front of me and as the road approaching from the town is on a
     slight curve a car can creep up suddenly just as I am about to cross the roundabout. I also
     have to watch to the left for traffic coming out onto the junction (my notorious black spot). To
     add insult to injury constant road work and temporary traffic lights, also to contend with, is
     making my ride of just one mile a battle of survival. The cycle path only begins after the
     roundabout so I cannot make use of that until then. The day after I began this letter I did
     witness a near collision between two cars; the car who I also believe was in the wrong,
     because he only indicated whilst on the roundabout giving the other driver the impression he
     was travelling straight on towards Burford, was the one to blast his horn and get aggressive.
     This stupid waste of money idea is bad news.

     Yours sincerely   CHRISTINE McLOUGHLIN

      I wrote this piece because, for someone without a degree in roundabouts, I feel that at a T
     junction the main road has right of way over a minor road joining it. No need for a
      roundabout! EDITOR

                                                               Carterton Community Magazine   45
                                                        •                      :

                         WEST OXFORDSHIRE FIELD CLUB
                          WINTER PROGRAMME 2013 - 14
                           Indoor Meetings, Events and Walks
Friday 6th 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm INDOOR MEETING. Mornee Button "Flowers of the
Western Austrian Alps"
Sunday 15th 9.30 am PORT MEADOW. Walk to see over-wintering wildfowl and wading
birds. Bring Wellingtons. Leader: David Rolfe 01993 773123
Friday 17th 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm INDOOR MEETING - MEMBERS NIGHT (non
members equally welcome) Bring your slides, photographs and other materials for display or
identification. Plus a fiendish quiz.
Sunday 26th        NATURE IN ART, Twigworth, near Gloucester. Visit The Wildlife
Photographer of the Year Exhibition. This event is very suitable for members with mobility
difficulties. Leader: Mary Elford 01993 851862 / 07974 773854.
Sunday 2nd 2.15 pm GREAT TEW. A walk of 3 miles to search for snowdrops at three sites
& hopefully aconites. Leader: Ken Betteridge 01993 878615 / 07887 481731
Friday 7th 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm INDOOR MEETING. Dr. Graham Lenton "Gorillas in my
midst - a Ugandan Odyssey". Ugandan gorillas/birds/wildlife
Sunday 23rd 2 pm Snowdrops at Colesbourne Park, Colesbourne, Nr. Cheltenham.
'England's greatest snowdrop garden'. Leader: Mary Elford 01993 851862 / 07974
Friday 7th 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm INDOOR MEETING: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
followed by Graham Wren "Wild Flowers"
Sunday 9th SLIMBRIDGE Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. Leader: David Roberts 01993
841194/07790 516454
Sunday 30th 2 pm CIRCULAR WALK from Combe via North Leigh Roman Villa 3 miles.
Leader: David Roberts 01993 841194 / 07790 516454
Friday 4th 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm INDOOR MEETING Peter Barker "Wildlife of Namibia"
Sunday 6th 10.30 am TREES OF BLENHEIM PARK. A guided walk with tree expert, Ian
Gourlay. For information contact Mary Elford on 01993 851862/07974 773854
Friday 2nd 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm INDOOR MEETING Nigel Fisher "The History and
Ecology of Wytham Woods" Please bring plants for our usual plant sale in aid of Club funds.
Sunday 11th 4.00 am DAWN CHORUS - Wychwood Forest-
Leader: David Rolfe 01993 773123

KELMSCOTT CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR. Saturday 7th December, 1 lam - 3.30pm.
At the Morris Memorial Hall, Kemscott, with free admission and parking.
A one-off Christmas shopping spectacular with Kelmscott Manor shop and Kelmscott crafters
combining forces. Find that special Christmas gift from designs inspired by William Morris
from the Manor shop and from handcrafted individual and unique wares from the Kelmscott
crafters. Enjoy homemade refreshments whilst choosing from textiles, ceramics, jewellery,
soap, turned wood and all sorts of other lovely things to buy. (Cash or cheque purchases only
please). Further details are available from 01367 253103 or . This
event supports the hall, a registered charity.
  46   Carterton Community Magazine

                           GROUPS AND ORGANISATIONS
 CARTERTON CHILDREN'S CENTRE - A range of activities, services, advice and support for children
 0 - 5yrs old and their parents/carers during term time and holiday periods. For programme visit the Centre next
 to Edith Moorhouse School, Lawton Avenue, ring 01993 840318 or email
 BURFORD PRE-SCHOOL & TODDLER GROUP - Tanners Lane, Burford. Ages 2 1/2-5 yrs. Mon-Fri
 9-12am. Can start with 2 mornings weekly, grant-funded places for over 3's. Excellent OFSTED. Toddler and
 carer group Wed 12.45-2.45pm Enq Caroline or Janet 824031 (during pre school hours)
  BRIGHT START PRE-SCHOOL - 2-4 yrs old. Monday - Thursday 9.15-2.45pm. Friday 9.15-12.15. Contact
- Jo Laurel or Georgina Isbister 07977 967340
 BRIZE NORTON VILLAGE PRE-SCHOOL - Elderbank Hall, Brize Norton. We welcome 2 - 5 year olds.
 Open Mon, Tues, Wed. 9-12am & 12-3pm + (All day sessions & Lunch Club available), Thurs & Fri 9-12am.
 Contact Claire Davies Tel: 07769617696
 COMMUNITY COLLEGE PLAYGROUP - Monday-Friday 9.15-11.45am. Community College Upavon Way.
 Enq: Maddie Davies. Tel: 844071.
 ST. JOHN'S PRE-SCHOOL St John's Church, Burford Road. 9.15-11.45am and 12.15-2.45pm. Mondays -
 Thursdays. Contact Samm or Di 07816 768311
 Mon- Thurs 12.15am-2.345pm. Enquiries Kylie Gorman Tel: 897215.
 BROADSHIRES PRE-SCHOOL - The Old School, Broadwell (2 miles from Carterton). Mon-Frid 9-11.30am,
 for Pre-School 3-5 yrs old. Tues-Fri 12.30-3pm. Ages 2-3yr olds. (Registered for Nursery Vouchers). Please
 contact Jackie Overton. Tel: 01367 252192 for details.
 FILKINS NURSERY & AFTER SCHOOL CLUB - Hours 8am-6pm. Mondays to Fridays. The Old School,
 Filkins. Contact Louise Jenkins 01367 860594
 RAF BRIZE NORTON HIVE - Opening Times. Mon-Thurs 0830-1630. Frid. 0900-1500. Enquiries to Melanie
 Bushell and Claire Cooper 01993 895349/897543 (answerphone if out).
 RAINBOW TODDLERS. Tuesdays 9.30-11 am during term time. Carterton Methodist Church, Burford Rd.
 Enquiries phone 01993 846510
 AFTER SCHOOL CARE - Carterton Community College. 2.50-5.30pm. School Holidays
 8.30am-5.30pm. Tel: 844071
 EDITH MOORHOUSE SCHOOL. FUN CLUB - Mondays to Fridays - After School care, 3pm - 5.30pm.
 Holiday, 8.30am - 5.30pm Enquiries, phone 07791 056387
 WEST OXON PLAY RANGERS - Free outdoor fun for children of all ages. 3.30 - 6pm. Tuesdays at Kilkenny
 Park near Carterton. Visit website for more information.
 MAD The Academy for Music And Dance and a whole lot of fun with developmental and age-appropriate fun
 classes for 3 month olds to 4 year olds. Wednesday mornings. Millennium Amenities Centre, Upavon Way. For
 more information phone Linda 706881.
 CATERPILLAR MUSIC WITNEY. Fun music & movement. Classes for 0-4 yrs old at The Sports Pavilion,
 Monahan Way,Carterton. Friday mornings 9.45am. To book FREE TRIAL class contact Lynn McBain 01993
 WITNEY FIRE CADETS -12-16 yrs. Meets Witney Fire Station, Welch Way
 Mondays 6.30-8.30pm. Enq: Simon Bradley, Cadet Unit, 702722.
 AIR TRAINING CORPS - 2267 (Brize Norton) Sqn. ATC RAF Brize Norton. Boys & Girls
 13-18 years. Tues & Thurs 7-9.30pm. Building 901 (behind Gateway House).
 Contact: Tel: 843771 during working hours or leave message on answer phone.
 ALLANDALE YOUTH HOUSE - Occupied by the ICE Centre. Mon.- Frid. 9am -5pm. Contact Jill Bull
 07502 438062. Open various evenings for youth activities, contact James Leverton Tel: 07423 283421
       :    i -."—.   ^„uJ1J       ,,],
                                                                             Carterton Community Magazine   47

SAVE THE CHILDREN FUND - Secretary: Mrs Pauline Evans. Telephone: 842983.
und new parents. Witney 07005 801680.
   2nd BRIZE NORTON (RAF) AIR SCOUT GROUP - Meets at Scout & Guide Headquarters, Baldwin Mews,
Swinbrook Road.
Scout Leader: Lee Gould. Tel: 01993 846860
(,.S.L. Andy Seekings Tel: 01993 843582
Heaver Scouts      (age 6 - 8).       Thursdays     6.00-7.15pm
( nb Scouts        (age 8 - 10'/-).   Wednesday     6.00 - 7.30pm
Air Scouts         (age 10 1/2 - 14). Thursday      7.30 - 9.00pm
I xplorer Scouts   (age 14+).         Thursday      7.30 - 9.30pm
  Browne's Hall Community Centre, Alvescot Rd
Inguar Cub Pack.(age 8-10'/2). Mondays 5.45-7.15pm.

St Johns Church
   RAINBOWS.                            3rd Carterton Rainbows-Thursdays
IIROWNIES                               1st Carterton Brownies - Mondays 6-7.30pm
                                        3rd Carterton Brownies - Wednesdays 6-7.30pm
   GUIDES                     1st & 2nd Carterton Guides meet jointly Wednesdays 7.30-9.00pm
SENIOR SECTION Fridays (every 2 weeks)
M i l l e n n i u m Activities Centre
It                 RAINBOWS             1 st RAF Brize Norton Rainbows - Wednesdays
                                        2nd Carterton Rainbows - Thursdays
   BROWNIES                             2nd & 4th RAF Brize Norton Brownies - Wednesdays
   GUIDES                     3rd RAF Brize Norton Guides - Mondays
Wl Hall
   BROWNIES                             2nd Carterton Brownies - Mondays
Methodist Church

RAINBOWS                          1st Carterton Rainbows - Friday Contact Pam Howard on 01993 844631 or Carol Hadgraft on 01

 CARTERTON TREFOIL GUILD - Meeting. W.I. Hall 3rd Wednesday of the month. 7.30 - 9.00pm.
 Chairperson. Carol Hadgraft 01993 842562. Secretary, Pam Howard, 01993 844631.
 GIRLS FOOTBALL. Carterton Football Club. Age groups up to under 16 yrs old Contact Girl Co-ordinator, Gary Oakey Tel: 019

 Club Chairman Robert King Tel: 840724. Club Secretary Anne Callen Tel: 01993 845126 for further information
 telephone the above or The Clubhouse: 01993 842410 Between 7-11pm.
SWINDON BULLDOGS RUGBY LEAGUE TEAM - Tuesdays 7-9pm. Supermarine Swindon Sports Ground.
 Contact Neil Ferguson 01793 614703.
 CARTERTON GYMNASTIC CLUB - Enquiries, D. Courtenay-Crane Tel: 01993 883300
My Fishing and Course Fishing. Junior Fishing Lessons Wednesdays 5 - 7pm. Lessons at Newlands Angling
 Club. Contact Level 2 Coach Angus Campbell 07599 892 967 or
48   Carterton Community Magazine

WINDRUSH VALLEY AMATEUR BOXING CLUB. Mondays. Mini-minors (8-1 lyrs) 4.30-5.30pm.
Tuesdays. Public session 6.30-8pm. Boxing Fitness 6.30-7.45pm. Carded/Recreational boxers 7.30-9pm.
Thurs. Boxing Fitness 6.30-7.45pm. Carded/Recreational boxers 7.30-9pm. Fridays. Ladies Fit to Box.
6.45-8.15pm. Sundays. Carded/Recreational boxers only 1 lam. Meets at The Old Youth Centre, Church
View, Bampton. Tel:01993 851156. Email
AIKIDO - WITNEY & CARTERTON CLUB. Training Tuesdays & Thursdays 8-10pm. Gateway School,
Carterton. All enquiries to Steve Souch, Tel: 702679 or email
KUK SOOL WON-MARTIAL ARTS. Monday to Friday & Saturday mornings. Juniors 5 years and up.
Teens and Adults 13 years up. Chipmunks 3'/2-5 years. Training and Respect Fitness, Unit 14 Ventura
Business Park, Broadshires Way, Carterton. Call Steve 01993 835185 / Mobile 07901 000230. Email
BUSHINDO-KAI MARTIAL ARTS - Enq. J. Williamson 840205.
CARTERTON WING CHUN KUNG FU CLUB - Adult Classes. Meets 7-9pm Carterton Social Centre,
Brownes Lane, every Monday. Contact Harry Cannon 07890 019028.
COULSTON LAWN TENNIS CLUB. Open all day, all year in Broadwell. 6 courts outdoor. All standards
welcome. Enquiries to Ann Cadogan Tel: 07836 510742
CARTERTON SQUASH CLUB - Contact: Gavin Powell Tel: 01993 843833. Squash Club Tel: 01993
842996 (after 7pm Mondays-Fridays)
BADMINTON CLUB - Witney Leys Badminton Club. Wed 7.30pm-10.30pm (in Woodgreen School
Sports Hall - 4 courts). All welcome. SUMMER CLUB too. Tel. Graham 01993 702219
WITNEY & CARTERTON BADMINTON CLUB - Wednesdays 8-10pm. Community College, Upavon
Way, Carterton. Enq. Mr Aggawal 774164.
CARTERTON BOWLS CLUB - Arkell Avenue. Open all year round. Bar and Lounge facilities available
nightly. Instruction for beginners. Membership applications and information: 843366 After 6.30pm.
KILKENNY CRICKET CLUB - Chairman & Fixtures Secretary, Grahame May Tel: 07821 160665
Secretary, Jeff Williams Tel: 01993 214010. Website
WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS. Club for all abilities. Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6.45pm at the
Windrush Leisure Centre, Witney. Call Tony Lock 01993 778316 or email Maxine Pridsom at
ATLAS BOOTCAMPS. Fun, military-themed fitness and team building camp. Shilton.9.30-1 lam Saturdays. £8
per session for 6 weeks. Under 16's free with paying adult. More details from Tom tel: 07892 9450600 or
TW FITNESS. Fun mixed classes every Monday. 7-8pm at Alvescot Village Hall. £3.50.
Call Tom 07892945060
CARTERTON HEALTH WALKS - Mondays 10am at the Town Hall. Thursdays & Saturdays 10am at Carterton
Leisure Centre. Enquiries Tel:01993 842156.
EXERCISE CLASSES FOR OLDER PEOPLE Chair-based exercise classes at the W.I. Hall, Brize Norton
Road Every Tuesday 1 lam 12 noon Enquiries Vivien Godfrey Tel: 01367 860498
SECOND LEASE - Witney based outdoor activities for the Over 50's. Walks every Sunday and some mid-
week walks with lunch. £12 per year. Phone 01993 779825/774246
WEST OXON COLLECTORS CLUB - Meetings 2nd Wednesday of month. 7.45pm Carterton Social
Centre. Enquiries: Ray Pitts Tel: 01993 843251 or 07825 774055
FULBROOK CAMERA CLUB - Enq: Ellen or Gordon Parker 843985.
WEST OX ARTS - Town Hall, Market Square, Bampton, Open times Tues-Sat 10:30am - 12:30pm.
Sunday 2-4pm. Entrance free, information Tel: 01993 850137 or email
SHILL VALLEY LACEMAKERS - Meets 1st Mon in the month. Town Hall, Carterton
7.30-9.30pm. Ring Julie 840276.
BUTTERCROSS QUILTERS - Meets at the Kings School, New Yatt Road, Witney. 2nd Tuesday of the
month at 7.30pm. Chairperson, Lucy Hall, Tel: 01993 866000. Also programme and contact details on
Quilters Guild website for Oxfordshire.
COTSWOLD FLOWER CLUB - 1st Wed. of each month, W.I. Hall 7.30-9.30pm.
                                                                         Carterton Community Magazine 49
                                                                   *                       '
Secretary: Betty Holmes Tel:84L 140. Chairwoman: Gill Crapper Tel: 843236
WITNEY BRIDGE CLUB - Wed. 7.15pm. Burwell Hall, Witney. Enq: Alexander Bain - Tel: 840984.
HAMPTON BRIDGE CLUB - Meets each Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Village Hall, Market Square, Bampton.
Inquiries contact Frank Hudson Tel: 01993 842126
WITNEY CHESS CLUB - Players of all ages and abilities welcome. Meetings Monday 7.30pm. Ducklington
Village Hall. September to July. Contact, Alan Kennedy 01993 705542
WITNEY LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY. Meets 3rd Tuesday in month. Sept-May. 7.30pm in
( orn Exchange, Witney. Enquiries Tel: 779093.
ACTING COMMUNITY THINGUMYBOGS - Rehearsals in Drama Theatre, 7-9pm. Community College,
 Tuesdays. Enq: Sue 212911.
RAF BRIZE NORTON THEATRE CLUB - Theatre at rear of the Arena Club. Tuesdays 8-10pm. For all enquiries
 I'd: Brian Cullum 01993 843535 or see
IIALLROOM & SEQUENCE DANCING - Carterton Social Centre, Alvescot Road. Fortnightly on Sundays 7.30 -
 10,30pm. For further information ring Val or Terry Thomas 01993 841246
SI OTTISH DANCING - Lechlade, New Memorial Hall. Thurs. 7.30pm. Beginners & Experienced Dancers. Enq.
Shirley Jenkins 01367 252623.
WITNEY SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCERS - Mondays during term time, Henry Box School, Witney. 7.45-
'i 45pm. Enq: Alexander Bain - Tel: 840984.
I lUCKLINGTON MORRIS DANCERS - Practices 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month. 8pm Ducklington Village
Hull - and afterwards in 'The Bell'. Information contact Andy Cheyne 831657 or Neil Sleight 01865 241081.
MILITARY WIVES CHOIR BRIZE NORTON We meet Tuesday evenings 7.30-9.30pm at the Station Briefing
I utility RAF Brize Norton. To request membership criteria please email
 I III- FARINGDON SINGERS - Meet Thursday evenings at the Methodist Church, Faringdon. 7.45pm - 9.30pm.
l or furthr information, contact Chris Morgan, 6 Butlers Drive, Carterton or phone 01993 842663.
N( >NGSTERS. Meets Wednesday at 7.30pm at Carterton Manor, Corbett Rd. Chairman, M. Bulley. Secretary/
 Musical Director, Dee Bulley. Manager, P. Norgrove. All enquiries phone 01993 842427.
 IIRIZE SINGERS - Four part choir. Meets Mondays 7.45pm Methodist Church, High St, Witney. Chairman,
 Miiurice Spalding, Tel: 842229. Secretary, Sally Craig Tel: 772722
 WITNEY AND DISTRICT CITIZENS ORCHESTRA - Rehearsals Monday afternoons 2-4.30pm Corn Exchange,
Witney. Details: Tel: Witney 704566.
WITNEY TOWN BAND - Brass band meets Tuesdays, Curbridge Village Hall 7.30pm. New players always
welcomed. for more information contact Alan Bennett, Secretary, Tel:01993 844017
 I'd: 841954. Secretary: Joyce May. Tel: 842585.
I JXFORDSHIRE PENSIONERS' ACTION GROUP Meets quarterly in Oxford. For more details contact the
li ciisurer, Michael Hugh-Jones, Tel: 01865 763705
i ARTERTON OVER 60's & EARLY RETIRED CLUB - Meets every Fri 2-4pm at Social Centre, Alvescot
Road. Ring Heather O'Neill 01993 842043.
I ARTERTON DAY CENTRE - Meets every Tuesday & Wednesday, 9.30am - 2pm. A friendly meeting place
I'm Senior Citizens of Carterton and surrounding areas. All enquiries to Lyn Stanley, Day Centre, Lawton Avenue.
 Icl 01993 840162
  \< iT UK OXFORDSHIRE. Run a variety of activities each week for all those aged 50+. Free computer classes.
 I iiesday at the Carterton Community College, Weekly community lunch, Thursdays duringterm time at the
i ollege, Tai Chi every Thursday 1pm - 2pm in the WI Hall, Singing for Fun 2.15pm - 3.15pm every Thursday in
Si John's Church. Please ring Ruth on 07827 235461 for more information.
i ARTERTON UNIVERSITY OF THE 3rd AGE - For those no longer in full time employment. Full club
meetings at Community Centre, Carterton Community Centre, Marigold Square, Shilton Park.. 4th Tuesday of
every month at 2pm. Additional special interest groups meet at various time. For details contact Rosemary 01993
Ml 026
I iNIVERSITY OF THE 3rd AGE (Witney) - Meets 1st & 3rd Thursday of month. 2pm. Methodist Church, High
SI New interests & new friends. Details Margaret Gale 01993 878617.
 11II SYCAMORES TENANTS & RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION - This association covers Arkell Ave, Rock
Kimd, Rock Close, Sycamore Drive. Meetings 1 st Monday of month at 7.00pm at Blenheim Court, Sycamore
50   Carterton Community Magazine

WITNEY TALKING NEWSPAPER FOR THE BLIND - Secretary: Peter Bee 703837 or Margaret Bettesworth
SOLACE - Drop-In Centre for Carers. Wed. 10.30am-12.30pm. Congregational Church Rooms. Welch Way,
Witney. Tel: 01345 125546.
CARTERTON CARERS GROUP Meets monthly 3rd Thursday in the month. 2 - 4pm Town Hall, Alvescot Road,
Carterton. Contact Anney Blake,07557 430874 for further information.
VOLUNTEER LINK-UP - Matching people with time to spare to those who need help. Mon-Fri 9am-lpm.
10 Wesley Walk, High Street, Witney. Tel: 776277.
WITNEY STROKE CLUB - Witney Health Centre, Welch Way, Witney. Meets during term time Fridays 2.30-
4.30pm. Contact Club Leader, Margaret Groom Tel: 01993 771261.
C.A.P.S. - Carterton Parental Support for Autism, ADHD & associated conditions. Meets every 2nd Tuesday of
the month, term time only. Drop-in 9.30-11.30am at St John's Church, Carterton. More information contact Becky
Loveless, Children in Touch, Family Support Worker. 07929 379124
WEST OXFORDSHIRE CITIZEN ADVOCACY - Volunteers speak up for people who cannot communicate
well. Enq. Anthony Richards 704826.
Tel: 841332. Adults. Contact: Dave Wesson. Tel: 779842.
ROYAL NATIONAL LIFE BOAT INSTITUTION - Windrush Valley Branch. Enq: Chairman - Mr Roger
Battley. Tel: 01993 841859.
CARTERTON LIONS CLUB - President. Lion Michael Lowe, Carterton Manor, 17 Corbett Road, Carterton
Tel: 01993 842354, Secretary Maddy Radburn Tel: 01993 772241 Meets 7.30pm 1st Tuesday of the month at
Carterton Manor, Corbett Road, Carterton.
ORDER OF LADIES GLADE - The Belle Glade No 513 meets every Mon. 8pm at the Activities Centre, Splinter
Village, RAF Brize Norton. Secretary: Mrs J. Pearce. Tel: 843696.
ROYAL ANTEDILUVIAN ORDER OF BUFFALOES - Wychwood Lodge No. 5308. Thurs. 8.00pm. Village
Hall, Swinbrook, Nr. Burford. Sec: Frederick Harris, 6 Hughes Close, Charlbury, Oxon. Tel: 01608 810772.
ROYAL ANTEDILUVIAN ORDER OF BUFFALOES - Flaming Torch Lodge 7494 every Thurs. 8pm, Social
Centre. Sec: Mr M. C. Drew, 46 Ampney Orchard, Bampton. Tel: 210129.
Bob Wise, 3 Humphries Close 212595 or Secretary: Phil Caswell 212429. Meetings: 8pm 2nd Monday of each
month at Bowls Club, Arkell Ave, Carterton.
ROYAL BRITISH LEGION - Meetings 3rd Mon of each month at 8.00pm at The Pavilion, Monahan Way.
Chairman: Mr P Madden, 33 The Cresent Tel: 843163. Secretary, Mrs D. Bulley, 53 Swinbrooke Road, Tel:
842427 Membership: A. J. Staddon, 57 Brize Norton Rd, Carterton, Tel: 841861- Welfare: Mr M Bulley,
53 Swinbrook Road, Carterton. Tel: 842427. Branch Standard Bearer Mr M Warsop Tel: 842989
S.S.A.F.A. FORCES HELP. RAF Brize Norton In-Service Volunteers. Drop-In Morning. 9.30-12.00am Tuesdays
& Thursdays (term time) Families Centre, 12 Ely Close, Carterton. Brize Norton,
ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION - 2nd & 4th Monday of each month. 8pm, Social Centre. Chairman: Mr Kevin
Martin, 19 Cedar Road, Carterton. Tel:01993 845640. Sec: A. J. Wixey. Tel: 844699.
S.S.A.F.A. CARTERTON & WITNEY DIVISION - Contact: Lynn Little, 1 Connolly Drive, Carterton
Tel: 01993 842269
FARINGDON & LECHLADE ROUND TABLE - Meets 1st and 3rd Monday of month.
At Crown Hotel, Faringdon. Begins 7.30pm. Enquiries to Ray Bather. Carterton 843205.
LOST AND FOUND BIRDS REGISTER - Also birds cared for in your absence. All enquiries phone: 841778.
                                                                         50 Carterton Community Magazine

ALVESCOT DOG CLUB - Dog training Classes, Adult Dogs on Tuesday evening. Puppy Socialisation Classes
(under 5 months old) on Saturday mornings. Outdoor Fun Agility Classes during the Summer months. All
enquiries to Judith Walker 01993 703130
CARTERTON EDUCATIONAL TRUST - Provides funds to groups & individuals for educational purposes.
Further details of this charitable trust contact: Mrs T. Marchant. Hon. Secretary, 56 Sycamore Drive, Carterton.
WITNEY MOTOR CLUB - Meets 2nd and 4th Thurs of each month. Secretary Simon Bradley,
7 Beech Road, Witney. Tel:702722.
CHAMBER OF TRADE - Hon. Sec.: Mrs C. Byrne, 42 Foxcroft Drive. Tel: 212872.
SWINBROOK ROAD ALLOTMENTS ASSOCIATION - Enq: Sec. Mr M. Alcock, 8 Shillbrook Road,
Carterton. Tel: 841704.
CARTERTON COMMUNITY CENTRE, SHILTON PARK. Rooms for hire for meetings, parties etc. Cafe
open Mondays - Thursdays 9am-4pm. Enquiries to Gill Carver 01993 842807
SOCIAL CLUB - Brownes Hall, Browne's Lane. Large Bar open Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday lunchtimes
and each evening. Small Bar open Mon, Tues, Wed and Sunday lunchtimes. Fri, Sat and Sunday evenings.
Enquiries: Secretary, Mr R. Wixey, Enquiries 01993 840269.
SOCIAL CENTRE - Brownes Hall, Browne's Lane. Booking Secretary: Mrs C. Delaney 07787 147246. 07765
CARTERTON WOMENS INSTITUTE - Every 2nd Tues. 7.30pm at the WI Hall Brize Norton Road.
President, Mrs Enston Tel: 01993 842949. Secretary, Mrs Bamford Tel: 01993 843650.
W.I. BOOKING CLERK - Mrs B. Fall- Tel: 841674.
BROADSHIRES HEALTH CENTRE - Broadshire Way, Carterton. Tel: 01993 845600
CARTERTON HEALTH CENTRE. Alvescot Road. Tel: 841718.
BURFORD BAPTIST CHURCH. Witney Street, Burford. Sunday Worship 11.15am.Weekly Bible Study and
Fellowship groups. Contact the Rev. Brian and the Rev. Chris Howden
Tel: 01993 823835
METHODIST CHURCH -Rev. Ian Duffy. Tel: 01367 240227
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                                  POLICE REPORT FRAUD SCAM
     Thames Valley residents are advised to be on their guard to a new type of scam which is
     becoming prevalent across London and is now spreading to other areas.
     The courier fraud scam often targets the elderly and vulnerable and takes the following steps:
     The victim receives an unsolicited telephone call from fraudsters saying they are from their
     bank (or in some cases claiming to be the police), stating that their systems have spotted a
     fraudulent payment on their card or that their card is due to expire and needs to be replaced.
     The person may be asked to ring the bank back using the phone number printed on the back of
     their bank card. This helps to convince the person that the call is genuine. However, the
     fraudster has kept the telephone line open so even though the person has called the bank, the
     call does not go through. Instead they are unknowingly connected straight back to the
     fraudster. The fraudster then gains the person's trust by pretending to be from the bank and
     seeming to offer assistance. In many cases the person is asked to provide their full bank card
     details and key in their PIN so that their existing card can be cancelled and their new one
     activated or authorised. The fraudster will then explain that the bank will need to collect the
     card. The fraudster will then attend the person's address or send an innocent courier company
     driver to collect the card and sometimes provide them with a replacement card which is
     subsequently found to be fake. Therefore, the fraudster has obtained the person's name,
     address, full bank details, the card itself and the PIN. The bank cards are then used
     fraudulently without the victim's knowledge. There are a number of variations to the scam,
     including: Fraudsters pretending to be from the police cold calling members of the public and
     telling them that their bank account has been compromised by criminals. The fraudster
     suggests that the person should transfer their bank balance into a 'safe' police bank account.
     Fraudsters pretending to be from the police attending people's addresses and retrieving the
     person's card and PIN. Members of the public receiving letters on bank headed paper
     informing them that their account has been the subject of a fraud. The letter advises them to
     transfer their funds to a 'safe' account and that an official will be in contact to provide them
     with a new card and PIN. Fraudsters contacting members of the public requesting them to cut
     their cards in half because their account has been compromised. They are then asked to post
     the cut card to an address where fraudsters simply tape the card together again and can use the
     details to commit fraud. Police advice is that if you receive such a call, end it immediately. If
     you have elderly or vulnerable family members, friends, or neighbours, let
     let them know about the scam. Please be aware that: Your bank will never attend your home.
     Your bank and/or the police will never collect your bank card. Your bank and/or the police
     will never ask for your PIN. If you receive this type of call, report it to Action Fraud on 0300
     123 2040.

     IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT USUALLY IS. The police have received
     calls from a number of local residents who have informed them that they have received letters
     personally addressed to them informing them that they may be entitled to some funds which
     are held in a Hong Kong bank. If you receive a suspicious letter informing you that you may
     be entitled to some money that you weren't aware of please report it to the police on the 24hr
     Non Emergency on 101 and do not respond to the letter. Please remember - if it seems too
     good to be true it usually is.

                                   MEDICAL NOTES BY DOCTORS
                                        The patient refused autopsy.
                   On the second day the knee was better and on the third day disappeared.
                        Patient has two teenage children but no other abnormalities.
                             Discharge status. Alive but without my permission.

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