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014-Feb 21 2012 Board Meet Minutes


									                          CASWELL COVE MARINA
                           MINUTES OF MEETING
                              February 21, 2012

1.   Attendees: David Brickley, President; Tony Faresich, V. President; Paul
     Viscount, Treasurer and Tatiana Murphy, Secretary were all present. A quorum
     of the Board was present. Dave Phillips of Sound Marine was present. The
     meeting was called to order @ 7:10 PM.

2.   Minutes from Previous Meetings: The motion to approve the minutes from the
     1/10/12 Board meeting was made by Tony Faresich. Tat Murphy seconded the
     motion. An error was noted in the draft minutes – Paul Viscount was listed as
     absent but he was present at the meeting. All members present voted in favor of
     the motion with the correction as noted and the motion was carried.

3.   Manager’s Report:
     a. The AR Aging Summary Report to 1/31/12 was reviewed. Dave P noted that
        9 unit owners are behind in their payments. Of these, as of 1/31, 3 units were
        with Attorney Case for collection. Late notices have been sent to those unit
        owners who are behind in payments. Thirty eight unit owners’ accounts are
        paid in advance. Total accounts receivable @ 1/31 was $23,475.66, of which
        $21,092.87 are the 3 units with Atty Case for collection. Total accounts paid
        in advance were $20,086.13.
     b. The Summary of Checking/Savings Accounts was reviewed. Total cash on
        hand in the various accounts as of 1/31 was $188,444.87. Of this amount,
        $65,244.80 is in the operating/checking account and $123,200.07 is in the
        Chase reserve savings accounts.
     c. A copy of the check detail report for January was distributed and briefly
        reviewed. There were no questions or comments.
     d. A summary of expenditures vs. budget for FY 2012 to 1/31 was presented and
        briefly reviewed. Operating expenditures to date were $46,480 as compared
        to the budget of $162,867. Capital expenditures were $26,021 as compared to
        the budget of $96,700. Reserve savings at the end of the year is anticipated to
        be $161,366. There were no further questions or comments on the
        expenditures to date.

4.   Old Business
     a. Parking Issues - Dave P. noted that he has spoken to Mayor Ben Blake
        regarding our parking lot request. He had referred the matter to the Director
        of Public works. No calls have been received from him to date regarding the
     b. Clubhouse piling repairs – The Board briefly discussed OCC’s
        recommendations regarding single-sourcing the work for the anodes and re-
        coating the pilings. It was noted that some sort of specifications were needed

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          as a basis for a contract with any vendor. OCC is working on a proposal for
          that work and it will be available for review by the next meeting.
     c.   Clubhouse upstairs improvements – The work to paint and replace the sliding
          doors upstairs in the clubhouse is about 50% complete. The SMS crew has
          completed taping and spackling repairs on the ceilings and priming and
          painting the windows and ceiling areas. Dave P. of SMS noted that there will
          be some overrun on costs due to the extent of the preparation and painting
          required. He also noted there will likely be a few add-ons to MCM for some
          additional work that was performed. Tony F. questioned the manner in which
          the siding was flashed under the new windows. The work was inspected by
          the Board and Dave P was asked to review the issue with MCM.
     d.   Fencing and Gate Replacement – Bids for replacing the fence and entrance
          gate at the north parking lot were reviewed. Low bidder was Connecticut
          Fenceman at $11,289.06. The work includes replacing the entire chain link
          fence and the wings along the pier inside the gate with ornamental iron
          fencing. The fence would be 8 feet high with a 17 degree angled sweep at the
          top for additional security. It would include a new door closer. Dave
          Brickley requested that a metal plate be attached to the inside of the gate as a
          cart push-panel so the fence would not get banged up by carts. After review
          and discussion, the Board opted for a sweep at the top of the fence in lieu of
          the 17 degree angle. Dave P. of SMS also noted that he received a quote from
          Custom Iron Works to redo the top of the gate and wings at the main entry by
          the clubhouse. The new design would prevent anyone from climbing over or
          around this gate. The cost would be $1,200. All total, the cost of the
          fencing/security improvements would be $12,489.06. Dave P of SMS noted
          that the total budget for these improvements is $10,000, but there is room in
          the budget as other budgeted expenditures will not be needed. Tony Faresich
          made a motion to complete the fence and gate improvements as discussed.
          The motion was seconded by Paul Viscount. All members present voted in
          favor of the motion and the motion was carried.
     e.   Web site & advertising – Dave P. noted that work on revamping the website
          was proceeding. The new web site will be in lieu of
          the old “.org”. The work is being done by 1st Insight Communications with
          aid from Dave P. of SMS. The new website will include a blog, a bulk email
          feature, a facebook page, a twitter account, an event calendar, etc and is set up
          to maximize our marketing strategy on the internet. Dave Brickley expressed
          his continued concern over the potential for negativity on the facebook page.
          It was suggested that Dave P of SMS contact Rod Swift at Brewer’s to see if
          they have similar issues with their facebook page. Dave Brickley noted that
          the website should have a section for members to place boat related ads (a
          “boatlocker”). The psooibility of adding a webcam was also discussed.
     f.   Slip sales and rentals – Dave P briefly reviewed the status of rentals to date,
          noting that it appears it will be a busy summer. Issues with the potential sale
          of D-17 were briefly discussed.

5.   New Business

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     a. Housatonic River Cleanup Participation – Dave P. noted that the Housatonic
        River cleanup is scheduled for April 28th. A note will be included in the
        newsletter looking for members to volunteer in the cleanup. The Board
        agreed to donate to the cleanup again this year as a corporate sponsor ($300)
        as we have in past years.
     b. T-shirts – It was agreed to go ahead and purchase a batch of plain cotton T-
        shirts in various colors and sizes with the CCM logo. These would be made
        available for sale to members. At a later date we would order specialty items
        such as golf tees, sweat shirts, jackets, etc.
     c. Event Calender – The Board set a date for the Commissioning Day party of
        June 9 @ 6PM. Tony F. is going to try to set up a vessel inspection program
        by the USCG auxiliary for the morning of the same day.

6.   With no further new business to discuss, Dave Brickley made a motion to adjourn
     the meeting and the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM. The next board meeting
     is scheduled for Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 7pm at the marina clubhouse.

            Prepared By: Sound Marine Solutions, Inc.    3/12/12

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