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					PAPER J UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE LEARNING AND TEACHING COMMITTEE Meeting of 13 November 2006 Report on Timetabling/Pooled room matters


2006/7 timetable

.1 Pooled room allocations for the current session were prepared by taking the following steps: - rollover of the 2005/6 central timetable data into a first draft timetable for 2006/7, reflecting the fact that a significant proportion of the timetable (in terms of timings of key teaching activities) does not tend to change from session to session; - paper-based collection of departments' pooled room requirements and update of the existing dataset; - cancellation of room allocations which were in place at the start of the 2005/6 session, and reversion to a more manual room allocation process for 2006/7; - dissemination of allocated rooms to departments by the end of August 2006. .2 Aside from the usual start-of-session problems with unexpectedly large class numbers exceeding room capacities, it is felt that the room allocations exercise for 2006/7 progressed relatively smoothly. The loss of classrooms in the Tower and their effective replacement with Sports Centre portacabins (see point 2 below) created some difficulty. Thanks go to Rhona Clarke for her customary efficient handling of an increasingly difficult job.


2006/7 room developments

The current session has seen the following changes in respect of centrally-managed teaching rooms: .1 Outgoing rooms

Bonar Main Hall and Ustinov Room No longer used primarily for teaching purposes: use has reverted to that prior to the 2005/6 session. Bookings being managed by Bonar Hall staff. Carnelley Large and Small Lecture Theatres As refurbishment work on the building is behind schedule, these rooms will now remain out of action for the whole of the 2006/7 session (originally planned for recommission in semester 2) Tower G1 Decommissioned for the foreseeable future for conversion to office space.

Tower G12 Decommissioned to allow conversion to office space for the new College of Arts and Social Sciences. Tower Basement IT Suite B Decommissioned as a bookable IT suite for conversion to a facility replacing the OTI Training Suite. A new bookable IT suite to replace B, in the Matthew building, will be on stream by the beginning of December 2006. .2 Incoming rooms

Carnegie Lecture Theatre Returns to the pool after refurbishment of the building removed it from use in 2005/6. Tower Geography Junior Laboratory Has come into the pool with conversion from a departmental facility to a new centrally-managed teaching room, having been allocated refurbishment funding for improvements in Summer 2006. Old Medical School Lecture Theatre 2.12 Returns to the pool after refurbishment of the building removed it from use in 2005/6. Sports Centre MB3 and MB4 Come into the pool on a temporary basis, partly to help to offset the loss of seminar space in the Tower. The teaching rooms in the old Applied Computing building (now referred to as the 'Microcentre') – lecture rooms 1.04 and 1.05 and seminar room 1.09 – remain as pooled facilities. .3 Room feedback forms. In a new development, feedback forms have been left in every centrally-managed teaching room to enable users to let the Timetabling Office know of any problems which require immediate action, or suggestions for improvement over the longer term. Use has been made of these forms, and reports have been passed to Estates & Buildings, ICS and/or VTeCS where appropriate. They will also be used, where appropriate, to inform the proposed refurbishment programme for future years. .4 Website. The CTS website at includes details of the University's centrally-managed teaching rooms, including their audio-visual facilities, capacity, fabric and furniture and a recent photograph. There are also the facilities on-line to check room and/or module timetables, and to lodge room booking requests. Recent changes to the website have included: the creation of separate catalogues for each of the categories of lecture/seminar rooms, IT suites and meeting rooms; the addition of guidance notes on booking of the Baxter Suite meeting rooms; the update of the rooms catalogue to reflect recent refurbishment work (see point 5 below); and a technical change which ensures that the on-line room/module

timetables are updated, thus displaying recent bookings and amendments, every 15 minutes. The CTS would be pleased to hear from any members with further suggestions for improvement of the website.


2006/7 teaching space utilisation

A report will be presented to the Committee at its next meeting on the findings of the space utilisation survey conducted in week commencing 16 October 2006.


Progress of Timetabling project

The current session will incorporate management of two major new issues, detailed below. .1 Heathfield building

The CTS will need to prepare carefully for the completion of the new teaching building and the allocation of teaching activities there for 2007/8. An exercise to map the anticipated room requirements of Education and Social Work (E&SW) and Nursing and Midwifery (N&M) is near completion and should provide some broad indicators of where peaks in room demand will lie. Further details will be given at the meeting. E&SW and N&M require finalised room allocations several weeks before the start of each session's teaching. This, combined with the fact that the Heathfield building adds to an already large CTS workload, means that we will be looking to start work on Heathfield room allocations at a relatively early stage in 2007. There will be regular meetings from now with E&SW and N&M to progress this matter. .2 Centralisation of teaching rooms

The Space Management Group has initiated a proposal, recently agreed in principle by the Senior Management Team, that all teaching rooms on the main campus should be converted to central management. The organisation of such a move will require detailed consideration and liaison with the Schools on the identification of appropriate rooms for transfer, the management of existing bookings, security, equipment and access issues and timing.


Refurbishment programme 2005/6

The table below details implementation of the planned teaching room refurbishment programme for 2005/6. The funding available for fabric and AV/IT works were combined into one total budget, planned spend against which is indicated below.

ROOM Accountancy LR

PLANNED PLANNED WORK COST Full refurbishment £33,735 including new AV/IT installation

IMPLEMENTATION Cancelled. Late decision taken to convert the LR to office space at end of current session. Temporary AV/IT equipment was installed for 2006/7 and minor repair work undertaken Implemented in time for start of 2006/7 teaching

Fulton J20

Frankland LT

Upgraded AV/IT £18,487 installation, minor changes to teaching desk, repainting Installation of £16,156 permanent AV/IT equipment to replace current temporary provision

Carnegie LT

Re-installation of £15,275 (new) AV/IT equipment Old Medical Re-installation of £15,275 School 2.12 (new) AV/IT equipment and new teaching desk

Postponed. As temporary provision has worked satisfactorily, and room usage was uncertain at the time, permanent installation will now await a scheme to upgrade the teaching area Implemented in time for start of 2006/7 teaching Partial implementation in time for start of 2006/7 teaching (permanent visualiser still to be installed, owing to delays in accessing the room after completion of building project) Implemented in time for start of 2006/7 teaching (though temporary AV/IT set-up in G2, owing to late access to the room to install new equipment)

162/4 Nethergate B2, B3, B4, G2, B5

Ninewells Seminar Rooms A-D

Tower Geography Junior Laboratory

Refurbishment £34,357 including new boards, furniture, curtains, blinds, carpets and repainting, AV/IT installation in G2 Repainting, new £39,638 carpets, blinds, boards and furniture, AV/IT infrastructure work General £11,895 redecoration, new tables and seating

Postponed. Work has to be coordinated with other improvements to the rooms still being planned by the NHS Trust Implemented in time for start of 2006/7 teaching. In return for refurbishment spend, the room has now become centrallymanaged Scheme carried out

Dental School Financial teaching contribution



towards major scheme to refurbish DS teaching rooms Pooled room Installation of new £5,000 signage 'blue signs' in all pooled teaching rooms plus layout plans in flat-floor rooms Tower T9 AV/IT upgrades £7,532 Baxter 1.36 AV/IT upgrades £3,149

Partially implemented. New blue signs now installed but no suitable party identified to produce the layout plans

Tower T1, New AV/IT £64,625 G1, G2, G3, installations G4

Implemented in time for start of 2006/7 teaching Implemented in time for start of 2006/7 teaching Implemented in time for start of 2006/7 teaching, with the exception of Tower G1: not proceeded with because of its conversion to office space

Because of cancellation/deferral/underspend, a sum of around £75,000 remains available for re-allocation to new projects; these are dealt with in paragraphs 6 and 7 below.


Refurbishment programme for 2006/7

A fund of £150,000 (to be confirmed) - plus any funds able to be carried over from 2005/6 as above - is available for teaching room refurbishments in the 2006/7 session. Having targeted a large proportion of last session's spend on seminar rooms and AV/IT installations, it is intended to allocate 2006/7 funding to improvement of the fabric of some of the main campus's larger lecture theatres which are in need of attention. The Committee is asked to approve in principle the following priority list: .1 .2 .3 .4 .5 .6 Scrymgeour 4.01 Tower T9 Old Medical School 2.12 Fulton J1 Carnegie Lecture Theatre Frankland Lecture Theatre

In the absence of alternative funding sources, the refurbishment budget may also have to be used to enhance means of escape in some of the above-named rooms, which, despite having capacities of 80+, currently have only one access/egress point. Rigid enforcement of health and safety legislation will demand that two independent means of escape are provided. Members are welcome to suggest alternatives or additions for the allocation of refurbishment funding for 2006/7: examples may include teaching rooms that may be transferred from departmental to central management.

Significant funding in 2005/6 was allocated to new AV/IT provision. In respect of the current session, it is anticipated that the resources of the ICS VTeCS team are soon going to be dedicated fully to issues involving AV/IT provision in the new Heathfield building (and including decommissioning of Gardyne Road). We therefore propose that no AV/IT upgrades for the rest of the main campus be scheduled for the Easter or Summer vacations of 2007. If the above proposals are agreeable in principle, full details of the proposed refurbishment programme will be submitted to the next meeting.


Rolling refurbishment cycle

A rolling refurbishment cycle has not yet been put before the Committee for approval. While such a proposal could be developed now, it would take into account only those teaching rooms currently in the centrally-managed pool. If (as outlined in point 4.2 above) departmental teaching facilities are in future going to be converted to central management, it is suggested that this process be completed first so that any rolling refurbishment programme could take account of these converted rooms as well as the existing ones.

Steven Boarder Central Timetabling Service 7.11.06