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									Different types of lights for emergency vehicle lighting
Emergency vehicle lighting manufacturers offer lots of choices to users. There are multicolored light bars, warning lights, signal sticks, beacons, and other lights, which can be mounted at different parts of a vehicle. The lights may be halogen lights, strobe lights, or may use LED technology. Emergency lighting and emergency vehicle sirens are what set apart police cars, ambulances, fire services, and sundry rescue related services, from the other automobiles on the road. Emergency vehicle lighting is the term used to describe the bright and blinking lights observable in these vehicles even from a distance. It is a large beach umbrella-like term bringing under it a wide variety of lighting equipment used by private individuals as well as law enforcement agencies.

Light bars are the most popular emergency vehicle lighting devices nowadays, and these may be LED light bars, halogen light bars, or strobe light bars. Each of these variety has within it different color combinations and patterns. LED light bars may be ETL 5000 series used commonly in police vehicles, by fire services, and towing vehicles, or may be laser light bars, or razor light bars, or laminator light bars. Light bars in varying color combinations of amber, blue, red, green, and white, are available in these emergency vehicle lighting equipments using LED technology.

Strobe light bars may be razor strobe light bars, sabre strobe light bars, or interceptor strobe light bars. Color combinations available in strobe light emergency vehicle lighting are more or less the same as that available in LED light bars. With halogen light bars, rotating light bars are a common choice. Among the three technologies used, LED is the latest and LED light bars are more durable also. Both LED light bars and strobe light bars consume only limited electricity and so they are less taxing on the electrical system of the vehicle. But cost-wise and maintenance-wise, halogen light bars work out cheaper than the other two.

Another variety of emergency vehicle lighting is warning lights, which again can be LED or strobe or halogen. LED warning lights are becoming increasingly popular, and can be mounted on the bumper, grill, deck, or dash of the vehicle, as the user wants. These warning lights have several in-built flash patterns, which can be set or used according to user preferences. These have to be connected to the LED flasher to emit a signal. There is also complete LED warning light kits, which are useful for giving a second level warning signal, and can be mounted either inside or outside a vehicle.

Directional arrow bars, also known as signal sticks, are yet another category of emergency vehicle lighting equipment. These provide additional traffic control signals for emergency vehicles that need them. Beacons, another agent of emergency lighting, flashes light in every direction through a translucent dome, or rotating mirrors. Beacons, which are comparatively less used by emergency vehicles, may also be LED lights or strobe lights. In cases where a full sized light bar may not be necessary, beacons come in handy. As beacons come with the option of magnetic mounts, which allow them to be attached temporarily, they are ideal emergency vehicle lighting for parked emergency vehicles.

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