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									Design Doc – Talus Table of Contents What is Talus? Game Play Classes Leveling System Environment/Level Design Bot AI

What is Talus? Talus is an Unreal Tournament 3 Mod using the Warfare game type. Differences from other Warfare maps include:  There are no vehicles.  The Power Core’s are linked from the beginning and the only other nodes are standalone nodes.  There are no orbs. The game features a leveling system, three different classes to choose from, and a different design around the idea of “warfare.” Game Play Players begin the game on teams of 1 to 4. The objective of the game is centered on each team’s Power Core. Victory can only be achieved by a team damaging and destroying the opposing team’s Power Core. To do so players will not only have to fight the opposing team, but they must survive and control the event systems setup throughout the level. Classes As players work towards defeating their opponents they will gain experience, level up, and unlock class weapons and power-ups. Players have infinite ammo and cannot pick up weapons from another class. If they attempt to do so their inventory will be cleared and they will have their class specific weapons returned to them. Note: When using the Titan Mutator you will not receive the normal guns for the Titan. You will be stripped of the Titan’s guns and have your class specific guns returned to you.

Assault – A soldier in the front lines of combat.  Starts with more health than other classes.  Weapons/Power Ups focus on taking down event systems. Tech – A soldier specializing in aiding their teammates.  Hardest time taking down event systems  Weapons/Power Ups focus on defense and deployables. Scout – A soldier using long range and agility to outsmart their victims.  Mediocre time with event systems, but excels at hunting players.  Weapons/Power Ups focus on stealth and infiltration. The following is a breakdown of what each class receives from leveling up to getting a kill streak: Class
(Exp. Needed)

Level 1

Level 2
50 Exp.

Level 3
150 Exp.

5 Kill Streak Slow Field Power Up Deployable Energy Shield Invisibility


Flak Cannon

Stinger Mini-gun

Rocket Launcher


Link Gun


Avril Infinite Jump Boots

10 Kill Streak Double Damage Power Up Deployable X-Ray Field Double Attack Speed


Plasma Rifle

Sniper Rifle

Note: Players can only receive their killing streak power ups once per life.

Leveling System Players can gain experience from killing bots, other players, taking control of standalone nodes, and destroying the towers. Experience can only be gained if a player is within 2000 unreal units of the Object or Event that awarded experience. Event/Object Killing Bots Killing Players Complete Building a Standalone Node Destroy all four turrets on an enemy Tower Experience Awarded 1 5 25 100

Environment/Level Design When referring to caves the term “talus” means the openings between rocks that have fallen down into a pile. Expanding and fantasizing on the idea is how the design for this level came to be.

The setting is an underground cave that features old Neobyzantine architecture. There are two bases set across from each other with three paths between them. Each path is different and the following is a breakdown of each: Top Lane  Highest point in the cave  The origin of a waterfall  Event System - Standalone node o If a team controls the node two turrets equipped with Stinger Mini-guns will spawn to defend the node. o If the node is destroyed the turrets will be destroyed.  Assets: o stalagmites o stalactites o glow worms o waterfall o rocks o volumetric lighting (spotlights in ceiling)  Light Source: Small natural cave lighting from openings in ceiling, plus the Glow Worms emit a turquoise glow. Middle Lane  The lane itself is the fastest way between the two team’s bases, but it has two paths to choose from o One path goes up over a bridge that passes by two towers. Each team controls one of the towers. o The other path goes down below the bridge and gives cover from the deadly towers.  Event System - Towers o Each team controls a “tower” from the beginning of the game. o Each tower consists of four turrets that are equipped with plasma lasers. Also, the turrets are in god mode. o As player’s deal damage to a tower they will trigger events that will remove the turret’s god mode, allowing the players to damage the turrets, and eventually “kill” the tower.  Assets: o rocks o crystals o waterfall o towers o bridge o volumetric lighting(spotlights in ceiling)

o ferns o rubber plants  Light Source: Direct lighting from openings in ceiling. Bottom Lane  Lowest point in the cave  The end of the waterfall  Event System - Standalone node o If a team controls the node two turrets equipped with Rocket Launchers will spawn to defend the node.  Assets: o stalagmites o stalactites o crystals o waterfall o rocks  Light Source: Extremely low amount of natural cave lighting from openings in ceiling; however, the crystals give off a baby blue glow. The Base  Safest place for a player to be.  Event System - Walls equipped with force fields. o Players of the opposing team can pass through the force fields, but if they attempt to do so they will die. o If enough damage is dealt to the force fields they will begin to dim until they disappear. o After being disabled the force fields will reappear after a short duration. o If damage is dealt to the force field and it is not destroyed it will begin to regenerate its health until it is full power again. o The force fields will be disabled if a team’s Power Core is damaged to 25%.  Within the base there are three buildings that spawn eight bots each for a total of twenty four bots for that base’s team. Players can deal enough damage to the buildings and destroy them, thus stopping the bots from spawning.  Assets: o Main structure that houses the team’s Power Core o Buildings for spawning bots o crystals o lights (models) o volumetric lighting(spotlights in ceiling) o walls (three different models)  Light Source: Direct lighting from openings in ceiling.

Bot AI Players have an army of bots to help them in their endeavor to crush their opponents. The bots are only there to help the players they will not win the game for them. Here are some helpful tips to understanding how the bots think and act:  Bots are extremely defensive. They will only fire at another bot or player under the condition that they have been shot first.  Bots are assigned to a certain path and cannot deviate from it. This prevents too many bots from ganging up and overwhelming one lane.  The bots are tied to the building they spawn from. If the building is destroyed the bots will be disabled. Bot Behavior  Bots spawn and begin moving down their respective lane towards the enemy’s core.  Players must work towards getting their bots into an enemy’s base. The bots will ignore the force fields.  If players can get bots into the enemy’s base the bots will begin attacking the spawn building associated with that lane.  If the spawn building is gone they will run directly to the other team’s Power Core and attempt to destroy it.

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