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					Canadian Poet Doug Bentley Releases New Book

Renowned Canadian poet and playwright Doug Bentley has released a new edition of his latest
book of poetry, GRAIN.

Vancouver, Canada, December 03, 2013 -- Renowned Canadian poet and playwright Doug
Bentley has won a great response among those who are passionate for mystical writings. With the
release of a new edition of his latest book of poetry he shows why Canadian poetry is well-known
for its rich references to these emotions.

GRAIN is a selection of twenty-eight love sonnets and one long contemplation on death and dying
that touches the heart directly. It depicts a sense of mysticism that drives the inner soul to find
solace in a wholly different world. The poet brings about a beautiful unification of love and death
which has a direct impact on the intriguing mind. The moment of death and its aftermath are
amazingly portrayed and meticulously crafted so as to make anyone drift away into a world of hope.

A mature poet, Doug Bentley not only demonstrates his ability to merge the strongest of emotions.
He also shows the poet’s ability to reach out to the dreamer in the present technological age and
touch his heart in a very private way.

The revised edition of his collection of poems can be purchased at any of the major online book
stores and most digital outlets worldwide. This rich representation of Canadian poetry is also
available to most academic libraries. As a promotional offer, the poet has made a free downloadable
sample of the book available to lovers of Canadian poetry at

About the Poet:
As a poet who believes strongly in the power of mysticism, Doug Bentley has produced this poetry
book to reach out to the dreamy soul. To know more about the poet and to have a quick overview of
the books written by him, visit his website at Readers and poetry lovers can
also contact Doug Bentley directly at

Doug Bentley
Vancouver, Canada

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