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									                 The Simplest Cure For the Entrepreneur’s Curse

                                                                             by Matt Bacak

Not too long ago, I had the following conversation with my good friend, Shawn Casey.

Me: “Man, I keep mailing this affiliate offer. I’ve sent it out sixteen times already. Every
time I mail, I’m making over a dollar a click.”

Shawn: “Matt, let me ask you a question. You’re going to leave it, aren’t you?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m thinking about it.”

Shawn: “Matt, I’m joking! If it’s working, why are you leaving it?”

Thankfully, I have someone like Shawn who can tell me when I’m getting in my own
way. It happens to all of us. It’s the Entrepreneur’s Curse. Part of being an
entrepreneur is taking things to the next level and making things happen. We want to
create things that are great and then we want to take those things and make them
better, bigger, faster. Then, after a while we get bored and want to move on to the
next fun and exciting thing.

This isn’t always a good thing. Because we are always thinking about creating new
things, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s going on. In the example above, why would I
leave something that’s making me money? It was an offer that I was making over a
dollar EPC on. Now when I mail, I’m getting over a couple thousand clicks. That’s
good money. Why would I want to change that? Because I’m losing sight of the
bigger picture, that’s why.

One of the biggest internet marketing secrets that is easily overlooked is when
something works, do it again. If you send an email and it makes a lot of money, send it
again. You can change it up a little, send a variation of that email but keep sending it
until it stops working for you. If you’re on my list or even Shawn’s list, you’ll notice that
we are sending the same things out over and over again. And guess what? When it
stops working, we put it away for a while and then a little while later, we bring it back
out and send it again. Like I said, if you’re on my list, every couple months, you’ll notice
something pop out that I’ve sent before.

If you understand human nature, you know how small our attention span is these days.
Think about when you last watched a TV show. Did you remember the commercials
when your TV show came back on from the break? You probably couldn’t remember
even one commercial. They will keep showing that commercial and eventually, you’ll
say, oh that’s amazing. You forgot you’ve already seen it. Your list is the same way.
They have so much on their plates that they aren’t going to remember they’ve seen this
offer before. So don’t quit sending until they stop buying. It’s really that simple.

Don’t let the Entrepreneur’s Curse stand in       your way of being successful. Pay attention
to what your list is saying with their wallets.    Stay focused on the numbers. If they’re still
buying, don’t change anything. If it’s still      working, let it work. Don’t get in your own
way. Remember the internet marketing              secret I’ve shared with you today, “When
something works, do it again.”

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