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“Increasing Customer Frequency in Specialist Shops”_ Rommel


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“Increasing Customer Frequency in Specialist Shops” Rommel convinces customers using DirectFactory and creativity
The challenge Since the specialist shop was founded, the possibilities for buying high-quality leather goods have increased enormously. These products are available on the Internet, from mail order companies and in numerous department stores. Prices have also fallen noticeably and many competitors have gone out of business. Leather goods are not bought all that often. This means that regular visits to a specialist shop rarely become a habit, even for long-standing regular customers. No wonder that customer loyalty is de­ clining in this environment.

Surprising customers while stimulating the business: A well-timed postcard and the right sales angle have enabled the specialist in leather goods to achieve both.
Trends in leather
Rommel AG: the company
Rommel AG Schützengasse 3 – 5 9000 St. Gallen www.reisegepä

Discerning private customers and business people expect an extensive range of goods and immediate availability. When purchasing the right luggage, they value a pleasant, time-saving and low-risk shopping experience. “Our strengths are our display, our pro­ fessional, customer-friendly advice and our service”, explains René Rommel. In order for these strengths to be of benefit, regular visits to the specialist shop are vital for its success.

Rommel AG runs a specialist shop in the centre of St. Gallen selling fashionable leather goods, top­ quality suitcases, stylish handbags and accessories. People who travel need to be able to rely on their luggage. The important aspects here are durability and timeless elegance. From a totally individual beauty case up to a roomy caddy, Rommel AG offers exclusive luggage, whether for a short business trip or a long holiday under the palm trees. Rommel always has an extensive range of goods on display to suit just about all tastes, with the accent on individuality. Their range consists exclusively of high-quality products from well-known manufactur­ ers such as Lacoste, Bree, Pack Easy and Rimowa. The specialist shop has been a main retailer of Samsonite products for over twenty years. However, even these products can have defects. In such cases, Rommel naturally provides professional help. Providing individual, expert advice and support to discerning private and business customers is a priority for Rommel: “We rely on the trust of our regular customers and appreciate their loyalty”, explains René Rommel, the owner.

The solution: DirectFactory In order to attract customers into the shop in the pre-Christmas period, Rommel had an idea. The way in which he implemented his idea was a decisive factor for him: Rommel explains: “The usual costs for the text, design and printing of a mailing are too high for me. If production takes longer than three weeks, this is too long. I have a clear idea and want to implement it myself overnight.” Rommel wants to make a professional impression on his regular customers, quickly and inexpensively. Rommel then discovered DirectFactory, an inno­ vative tool which he could use to implement his idea online: a postcard mailing in the form of a loyalty coupon intended to bring the high-quality brand name handbags to customers. “The customer should be able to choose a beautiful handbag in peace, outside of sale periods, and also benefit from a loyalty discount”, he explains. Rommel designed the front and back of the five­ postcard mailings online at directfactory. The customer is asked the question: Which handbag type are you? A personalized text on the back of the postcard invites customers to benefit from a special price when they buy a hand­ bag. “Our well-maintained database contains around 7,500 customers who regularly receive loyalty vouchers.” DirectFactory is simple to use, even for beginners. René Rommel created the mailing accord­ ing to his own ideas in just five steps. “Nothing could go wrong, as the DirectFactory customer support was available to help me with any questions”, says Rommel.

The benefits The success of this campaign can be measured as follows:
Mailing circulation Interested customers Response rate Campaign sales (gross) Average selling price (gross) Campaign costs (gross) Campaign costs paid – in % of gross selling price Rommel AG loyalty discount (20%) Campaign sales (net) 3,800 copies 53 persons 1.4% CHF 13,992 CHF 263 CHF 3,572 CHF 3,215 23% CHF 2,798 CHF 7,978

The handbag mailing was a success in many respects: The entrepreneur achieved his goal of increasing the frequency of visits to the specialist shop before Christmas, and rewarded selected regular customers for their loyalty with a very positive shopping experi­ ence. “Our customers greatly appreciated the op­ portunity to buy a beautiful handbag at a discount before Christmas and outside of sales periods”, says Rommel. This campaign was also profitable: 1.4% of the customers who received the mailing took advantage of the offer and bought an exclusive handbag for themselves or as a Christmas present. A combination of several factors led to this positive result: Rommel’s idea met a real customer requirement, the mailing was original and striking, the personalized mailing addressed the right target group, the timing of the campaign was perfect, the contents of a carefully maintained database enabled the target group to be selected precisely, and, thanks to the vouchers redeemed, the customer response and thereby the quantitative success of the campaign could be measured accurately. Further information can be found at

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