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					NORTH HORSHAM PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE PROPERTY COMMITTEE HELD ON THURSDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2008 AT 7.30PM, AT ROFFEY MILLENNIUM HALL ____________________________________________________________________ Present: Cllrs: Mr A Britten (V. Chair) Mr J Charles Mr P Crawford Mrs M Goard Mr T Rickett* Mrs P Rutherford (Chairman) Mr D Searle Mr K Spiers*

* Denotes absence Mr T. O’Hara (Clerk) Cllr Mrs K-J Farhall ________________________________________________________________________ In attendance: PC659 PUBLIC FORUM There were no members of the public present. TO NOTE APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies for absence were received from Ken Spiers and it was noted that Alan Britten would be late. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The Minutes of the 6th December 2007, having been circulated, were AGREED and signed as a correct record. CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS Members noted the announcements contained in the Report and the following oral updates: (a) Fitzalan Road Roundel Poster Point – Members noted that the S106 funding application deadline is 4th March for consideration by the Panel on 15th April 2008. It was agreed to use the 6 to 8 weeks delivery period to market the advertising space for hire so that the Roundel was not left empty immediately on installation. (b) Jackdaw Lane Bus Shelter – Members assessed the options regarding the vandalised bus shelter and after discussion agreed to replace all the existing toughened glass panels with high impact thermoplastic panels at a cost of £696.88 including fitting. It is expected that some of this cost shall be mitigated by the insurance claim settlements. (c) Holbrook Tythe Barn Vandalism – Members were advised of the vandalism at Holbrook Tythe Barn on Saturday evening of 2nd February 2008. This included:     Broken dog bin lock – reported to Horsham District Council for repair. Ranch style fence posts pulled out of the ground – replaced within 24 hours by Property Maintenance Officer, Eamon Flynn. Rain down-pipes pulled out on side of Barn – repaired within 24 hours Redundant shed door pulled off – shed to be dismantled as soon as possible as planned 252




Property Committee Minutes 07.02.08


Numerous drinks cans and bottles over the recreation ground and children’s play area – removed immediately by caretaker on duty.

Members were clearly disappointed about the targeted vandalism and were assured that the local PCSO had been informed. Members were pleased at the speedy repairs/clean-up by staff. (d) Butterworth Bench – Members were informed that a letter of thanks had been received from the family of ex-councillor Wilf Butterworth regarding replacement by the Council of the commemorative bench after the original wooden seat had been vandalised beyond repair. IT WAS RESOLVED to: Note the announcements accordingly. PC663 DECLARATION OF INTERESTS There were no declarations of interest. QUESTIONS PURSUANT TO STANDING ORDER NO. 24 No questions had been received before the meeting. COMMITTEE BUDGET MONITORING to 31.12.2007 Members received the report on the Committee Budget Monitoring as at 31.12.2007. There was comment on the late invoicing of Allotment rents and it was agreed that a note be added to the current year invoices stating that they would be sent earlier in the year from 2008/009. IT WAS RESOLVED to: Note the report accordingly. PC666 HORSHAM IN BLOOM PROJECT FOR COMMUNITY HALLS Members received the report on the ‘In Bloom’ project and noted that Evan Giles of Horsham District Council had agreed to address a joint meeting of this Committee and the Planning, Environment & Transport Committee on Thursday 27th March 2008 at 7.00pm. An earlier site visit was planned with Evan Giles, Sue Kemp and the Parish Clerk on 5th March so that plan drawings can be used at the joint meeting. IT WAS RESOLVED to: Note the report and agree to the joint meeting with the Planning, Environment & Transport Committee on Thursday 27th March 2008 starting at 7.00pm. PC667 BARTHOLOMEW WAY BUS SHELTER: Future Maintenance Members received the report on the proposal from the District Council for the Parish Council to consider taking over the future maintenance of the bus shelter in Bartholomew Way. Members were agreeable in principle to the proposal but on the condition that the District Council pays across an agreed sum adequate to cover all costs of future maintenance and insurance. It was delegated to the Parish Clerk to negotiate with the District Council on the funding issue. 253



Property Committee Minutes 07.02.08

IT WAS RESOLVED to: A) Inform Horsham District Council that the Parish Council agrees in principle to taking over the future maintenance of the Bartholomew Way bus shelter on the condition that an adequate sum of money is paid to the Parish Council to meet all costs of future maintenance and insurance, and Authorise the Parish Clerk to negotiate with the District Council on the level of funding deemed appropriate.



FURNISHING OF KNEPP ROOM (Roffey Millennium Hall) (Note – Cllr Alan Britten arrived at this juncture and remained for the remainder of the meeting.) Members were given details of the quotes for the Bristol range of furniture for Knepp Room, as preferred at the last meeting. Members accepted that the Bristol furniture was slightly more expensive and expressed a preference for the four single seats – (without arms) and the square table at a cost not in excess of £1,071 (subsequently confirmed as £855 without arms). IT WAS RESOLVED to: Accept the quote for four armless chairs and a square table at the lower price quoted of £855, to be funded by virement from underspends in the Capital Projects Fund.


FURNISHING RECEPTION AREA (Roffey Millennium Hall) Members were updated on the dimensions of the office furniture reported at the last meeting. The overall height of the desk plus reception top is 1185mm (4 foot high). The price is unchanged at £676. Members were further informed that the addition of a hinged counter had assessed by the contractor who was of the opinion that it would be unworkable as the ‘D’ end of the desk would be directly opposite a doorway and not a wall (there is a newly fitted shelf that is in the way also). An angled hinged counter would have to be ‘bespoke’ and therefore disproportionately expensive. It was also considered that the hinged counter would be left up too frequently for it to offer any useful additional safety protection for staff. The staff comment is still that a hinged counter is not required and would be counter productive. Based on the above clarification, IT WAS RESOLVED to: Accept the quote for office furniture as detailed in the original quotation of £676, to be funded by virement from underspends in the Capital Projects Fund.


STREET FURNITURE QUESTIONNAIRE UPDATE Members received the report on the proposed localised consultations relating to identified sites for additional bus shelters and roadside seats. Members were 254

Property Committee Minutes 07.02.08

undecided about a better location for a seat near the traffic lights at the junction of Crawley Road and Forest Road and the public should be invited to offer their ideas. Similarly, the localised consultation on a bus shelter in Beech Road should invite the public to provide their site preferences. Members added a potential site for seating to the list in the report – outside the Co Op in Crawley Road. Members also felt that the seat near the ‘Tesco’ roundabout could be improved and that discussions should be pursued with the owner – presumed to be the District Council. IT WAS RESOLVED to: Note the report and required actions accordingly. PC671 PROGRESS REPORT RE ON-GOING ISSUES Members noted the oral update that most of the tree works were now completed and that the cycle rack at North Heath Hall would be installed as soon as an acceptable quote has been received. IT WAS RESOLVED to: Note the report. PC672 PARISH PLAN UPDATE Members received an oral report from Cllrs Crawford and Britten, indicating that the newly formed Friends of Earles Meadow Group had been out twice recently with a third taskforce on Sunday 10th February. It was felt that the ‘Friends Group’ was well supported with 10 and then 12 volunteers carrying out various tasks at Earles Meadow and with visible improvements. Both Members were confident that Earles Meadow would return to being an attractive area of open space for the public to enjoy. Two sites had been identified where the Parish Council would need to obtain quotes for additional boarded walkway. Cllr Peter Crawford would liaise with the Parish Clerk so the scale of work required can be properly assessed. IT WAS RESOLVED to: A) Note the report, and B) Thank the Friends of Earles Meadow for their efforts and enthusiasm. PC673 WASHING MACHINE AT HOLBROOK TYTHE BARN Members received the report assessing the request from Holbrook Kindergarten for the provision of a washing machine in the kitchen at Holbrook Tythe Barn. Members were informed that subsequent to the writing of the report that the washing of soiled nappies in the same area as the preparation of food would be contrary to health and hygiene regulations. Based on this information,

Property Committee Minutes 07.02.08


IT WAS RESOLVED to: Refuse the request for a washing machine in the kitchen at Holbrook Tythe Barn. PC674 DATE OF NEXT MEETING It was noted that the next meeting was the Joint Meeting with the Planning, Environment & Transport Committee on Thursday 27th March 2008 at 7.00pm, followed by the normal business meeting of the Committee on Thursday 3rd April 2008 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 21.00 hours.

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Property Committee Minutes 07.02.08