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                                 Proposed New or Revised Programs
To:           Undergraduate Committee                                 (Date Format: 99/99/99) UC/GC Meeting Date:
              Graduate Committee                                            (Date Format: 99/99/99) Date Submitted: 3/31/08
                                                                    (Term Format: 200608) Proposed Effective Term: 200808
                                                                                                         CIP Code:
College Code: 14 - COE         Department Code: 1404        Department: Teaching and Learning

Current Name of Program (ex., B.S. Mathematics):          M.A.T. in Teaching and Learning: Study Concentration Three: Special

Proposed Name of Program (ex., B.S. Mathematics): M.A.T. in Teaching and Learning: Study Concentration Three: Special
Education with Birth to Five Endorsement

(Regents’ format can be found at:

1.    Consistent with goals of: (check all that apply)
        Accreditation                  College              Department           State/Regional Needs
        University Strategic Plan

2.    Type:       New Preliminary Proposal (Attach in Regents’ required format)
                  Formal Proposal (Attach in Regents’ required format)
                  Revision to Existing Program (Attach in Regents’ required format)
                  Other Program Proposals or Revisions that do not require Regents’ approval

3.    Proposal for: Graduate Endorsement                        Other:

4.    Degree:         Other                                     Other: MAT

5.    Total Credit Hours Required: 45-48

6.    Is this a change in credits (for Revisions only)?      Yes      No

7. Target Group of Students: Graduate candidates with undergraduate degrees seeking initial certification in Special Education
with a Birth to Five emphasis

8.    Additional Resources Needed: (check all that apply)
        Computer Needs               Distributed Learning Support            Equipment                   Facilities
        Faculty                      Library Resources                       Staff Support

9.    A New or Revised Catalog Program Page must be attached.
      NOTE: For Revised Catalog Program Pages:
       Refer to Sample Program Revisions for layout format.
       Deletions should be in BOLD ITALICS with a strikethrough.
       Additions should be in BOLD ITALICS.

10. Provide the Justification/Rationale for New or Revised Programs.
    Georgia Professional Standards Commission has created a new Birth to Five Certification and endorsement to address the needs
    of Georgia child care agencies and school systems for certififed teachers with Birth to Five knowledge, skills, and professional
    dispositions. This added endorsement to the existing MAT degree allows GSU to actively recruit this new population of graduate
              MAT                                 SPECIAL EDUCATION                                   45-48 Hours
                                       Special Education with Birth to Five Endorsement
Contact: Department of Teaching & Learning, Dr. Maggie LaMontagne, P.O. Box 8134, Statesboro GA, 30460, (912) 681-
0353,, FAX: (912) 681-0026
Admission Requirements
The MAT leads to initial teaching certification and a master’s degree for those persons who hold a B.A. or B.S. degree in
Psychology, Counseling, Child & Family Development, English, Mathematics, or a closely related field. The total hours for the
degree are dependent on previous coursework completed in the area of certification; therefore, a transcript evaluation by the
College of Education (COE) Teacher Certification Program Coordinator is required at the onset. Prerequisite content
coursework, based on the transcript evaluation, must be completed as a part of the MAT.
1. Hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Counseling, Child & Family Development, English, Mathematics, or a closely
    related field from a regionally accredited institution.
2. Present a transcript evaluation by the COE Teacher Certification Program Coordinator.
3. Present a 2.50 or higher GPA on all undergraduate and graduate coursework combined.
4. Submit verbal and quantitative subtest scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or a Miller Analogies Test
    (MAT) score.
5. Submit a passing score on the GACE I exam.
Provisional admission may be granted to the candidate through a program review process if GPA and/or other criteria are not
met and additional materials are submitted for the program to review process. In addition to the above requirements, all new
MAT students are required to schedule a meeting with their assigned Birth to Five advisor prior to their first semester of
coursework for a discussion of the requirements of their program.
MAT Program Sequence
Step One: The following courses are prerequisites to Steps 2 & 3
EDUF 7130 – Learning Theories and Design (3)
SPED 6130 – Introduction to Special Education (3)
ITEC 7530 – Foundations of Technology (3) or PSC Test-Out Option
[Admission to Teacher Education Program]
Step Two: 9 Hour Special Education Prerequisite Content Block
SPED 6230 – Assessment & Procedures in Special Education (3)
SPED 6231 – Special Education Laws & Policies (3)
SPED 6330 – Classroom Management (3)
Step Three: 15 Hour Special Education Content For Teaching Block
SPED 7630 – Seminar in Special Education (3)
SPED 5030G – Methods for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities (3) OR
    SPED 5031G – Methods for PreKindergarten and Kindergarten Children with Disabilities (3)
CHFD 3132G – Prenatal, Infant, & Toddlers Development (3) OR
    CHFD 3134G – PreKindergarten and Kindergarten Child Development (3)
READ 7131 – Approaches to Reading Instruction (3)
SPED 7133 – Collaboration Across the Life Span (3)
Step Four: 6-9 Hour Supervised Internship*
**SPED 7736 – Internship in {Birth to Five} Special Education
*6 hours if currently employed as a teacher of Birth to Five children with disabilities; otherwise 9 hours
*Candidates may apply for initial certification – T-4
Step Five: Additional Coursework for the MAT degree completion
EDUR 7130 – Educational Research (3)
SPED 7136 – Language Development (3)
**Capstone course includes an exit project for the MAT

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