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                                                                                                                By Mykolas Romeris University
                                                                                                                  Senate on December 18, 2008
                                                                                                                          Decision No. 1SN-34
                                                 MYKOLAS ROMERIS UNIVERSITY
                                               ADMISSION RULES FOR STUDENT IN 2009

                                               III. THIRD LEVEL (DOCTORAL STUDIES)
1. List of research sub-fields
Table 1
Sub-     Research fields                                          Duration                                      Notes
                                                          Full time      Extramural Eligibility for studies
01S      Law                                               4 years           6 years     Applicants having MA degree in law or adequate
                                                                                         qualification. The average of diploma’s supplement marks
                                                                                         is not less than 7 points
03S      Management and Administration                         4 years       6 years     Applicants having MA degree in management and
                                                                                         administration or adequate qualification. The average of
                                                                                         diploma’s supplement marks is not less than 7 points
06S      Psychology                                            4 years       6 years     Applicants having MA degree in psychology or adequate
                                                                                         qualification. The average of diploma’s supplement marks
                                                                                         is not less than 7 points
04S      Economics1                                            4 years       6 years     Applicants having MA degree in economics or adequate
                                                                                         qualification. The average of diploma’s supplement marks
                                                                                         is not less than 7 points
05S      Sociology 1                                           4 years       6 years     Applicants having MA degree in sociology or adequate
                                                                                         qualification. The average of diploma’s supplement marks
                                                                                         is not less than 7 points
 1Students are admitted for these research fields only if conferment to deliver doctoral degree is granted before June 1, 2009.

2. Competition score encompasses:
2.1. Applicants should pass a test in foreign language. Successful applicants shall maintain a thesis proposal.
2.2. Competition score shall consist of the sum of the thesis proposal assessment and the average of diploma’s supplement marks. Admission is
accomplished on the competition basis.
2.3. In case of equal number of scores, an individual with higher diploma score shall be given a priority in the competition list.
2.4. Only the applicants with a score 8 or higher for thesis proposal shall be admitted further competition for doctoral studies.
2.5. Only the applicants, who submitted the documents specified in the Table 3 in time shall be admitted to competition.

3. Admission procedure

Table 2
                         Admission procedure                                                       Dates and deadlines
Submission of documents and registration                                                     From 08-06-2009 until 31-07-2009
Tests, thesis proposal assessment1                                                           From 01-09-2009 until 09-09-2009
Admission committee (interview)                                                                        11-09-2009
Announcement of successful applicants’ lists                                                           15-09-2009
Acceptance of appeals                                                                               Before 16-09-2009
Disclosure of decisions on appeals                                                                     21-09-2009
Meeting of the admission commission (applicants shall not be present)                        From 22-09-2009 until 25-09-2009
Announcement of the lists of admitted individuals                                                      01-10-2009
   1- Timetables       shall be announced in MRU website on 31-08-2009 at the latest. Please follow                                 the   link:ūros_studijos/info_stojantiesiems/.

If an applicant disagrees with competition results, he/ she is entitled to submit appeal to the Admission Commission. Appeals shall be handled
within two working days at the latest. Late appeals shall not be handled.

4. Required documentation

Table 3
 -   Application (filled in at MRU);
 -   Curriculum vitae (to be handed in signed);
 -   Motivation letter (to be handed in signed);
 -   Original document of MA degree or documents proving available qualification, annexes and the copies of documents approved by the
     Admission Commission* (copies to be handed in; the original document will be returned to applicant);
 -   List of personal research projects and their off-prints, if there are any (to be handed in);
 -   Summary of the thesis proposal (15-20 pages) (to be handed in);
 -   Two photos 3x4cm (to be handed in);
 -   Copy of the conscript’s certificate or military certificate (for male applicants under 26) (copy to be handed in);
 -   Admission fee paid to MRU bank account, copy of the check* or copies of documents proving that the individual is exempt from payment
     of admission fee;
  - Copy of the passport page containing personal information or copy of the ID card* (to be handed in).
*- copies of documents shall be executed and approved in the Room II-233.

5. Additional admission rules for foreign applicants.
5.1. Applicants from foreign countries should present all documents, indicated in Table 3 and also these additional documents:
5.1.1. Documents witnessing education acquired abroad are subject to legalization, if they have been issued in the state having not acceded to the
1961 Hague Convention concerning abolition of legalization requirements of documents issued in foreign countries, or approved by "Apostille"
if they have been issued in the state having acceded to the above mentioned Convention. (You can find list of the countries Acceding to the 1961
Hague Convention Concerning Abolition of Legalisation Requirements of Documents Issued in Foreign Countries at
5.1.2. Apply to Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, Suvalkų g. 1, LT-03105 Vilnius, Lithuania;
Taking into account that assessment of foreign qualification is time consuming, a student can be conditionally admitted to Mykolas Romeris
university before the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education issues the decision. In case the applicants’ qualification does not fulfil
the requirements he/she will be expelled without reimbursing the tuition fee.
5.1.3. Consular legalization of a document is a consular officer's certification that a signature, a seal and duties of the undersigned individual on a
document are genuine. Legalization is necessary to allow documents issued in one country to be accepted and used by institutions of other
5.1.4. Diploma and its supplement must be translated into the Lithuanian language. In absentia of possibility to translate diploma and its
supplement in the Lithuanian language, these documents can be translated into the English, French, German or Russian language. Translations
must be legally confirmed.
5.1.5. Application form is filling in English.
5.1.6. Curriculum vitae, motivation letter, list of research projects and their off-prints, thesis proposal can be presented into the English, French,
German or Russian language. The choice of foreign language must be in advance agreed with a vice-dean for research of an appropriate faculty.
5.1.7. Data form passport or from identification card must legally confirmed or approved by "Apostille".
5.2. Migration regulations are a subject to change, therefore it is always useful to check at the Lithuanian embassy or consulate about what type
of visa is needed. Updated information about the required documents and procedures is also available on Internet site of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs or Lithuanian Migration department Depending on the citizenship and length of stay in Lithuania,
one may be able to enter Lithuania without a visa (please check it at the closest Lithuanian Embassy before arrival or on internet site of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs ).
For staying in Lithuania with the purpose of studies, an EU citizen or a citizen of a country whose citizens do not require visa for travelling to
Lithuania will need a long-term (D) visa for which he/she can apply upon his/her arrival to Lithuania. Directorate for Research will explain the
procedures, help to fill the application form and give guidance how to go to Migration department, where the application with supporting
documents has to be delivered
Non EU citizen will have to apply for a visa before his/her arrival to Lithuania at the official Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Lithuanian
in his/her home country.
5.3. Foreign student and Mykolas Romeris University make a contract where student’s and University’s rights and mutual engagements are
5.4. Admitted students take their responsibility for all documents they need for coming: passport, temporary residence permit, health assurance,
all travelling formalities, etc.

6. Admission fee, bank information
Admission fee makes LTL 70 (25 EUR); the admission fee should be transferred to Mykolas Romeris University: bank: Swedbankas; bank
address: Savanorių ave. 19, LT-03502 Vilnius, Lithuania; bank account No. LT857300010002492590; bank code 73000; fee code 101939;
payer's code - ID code; SWIFT/BIC:HABALT22; Fees shall not be reimbursed.

7. Annual study fee

                         Studies‘ form                                       Annual fee for studies, Lt (€)
                                                      Social sciences
    Full-time studies                                                            16020,50 Lt (4640 €)
    Part-time studies                                                            14100,70 Lt (4085 €)
Study fee shall be paid within 15 days since the commencement of the term.

8. Contact information of the Admission Commissions
Admission Commissions 370-5-271 4581. Further information on the issues of doctoral studies shall be available at 370-5-271 4542 (until 03-07-
2009) or refer to the website of Mykolas Romeris University at
Address for submission of the documents: Ateities g. 20 (Room II-233), Vilnius. On weekdays from 9.00 AM until 4.30 PM.

9. Further information

9.1. In any case, which have not been discussed in Admission Rules, decisions shall be passed by the Admission Commission appointed by the
Rector's order.

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