Catherine Vanhove-Romanik_ Translator by alice1311


									          Catherine Vanhove-Romanik, Sworn Translator
              Accredited to the Court of First Instance in Leuven, Belgium
Muntstraat 16, 3000 Leuven                                 Eburonenlaan 7, 3001 Heverlee
Tel: + 32 16 23.76.14                                                   + 32 16 89.03.24
(Mon Tues / Thurs Fri Sat, 10:00-18:00 CET)
                                 mobile: + 32 494 88.65.91

                                Curriculum Vitae
Date of Birth:              13 May 1949
Place of Birth:             Ware, Mass. (USA)
Nationality:                Dual American and Belgian
BTW Nr:                     BE 708.516.407
Trade Register Leuven:      60.662
Membership:                 BKVTF (Belgian Chamber of Translators, Interpreters and Philologists)
                            The general terms and conditions of this organisation apply to
                            all texts accepted.

Accountancy, Annual Reports, Banking, Business letters, Civil Law, Commerce,
Commercial Law, Contracts, Current Affairs, Education, Finance, Letters, History,
Human Resources, Management (General), Personnel Management, Philosophy,
Psychology, Recruitment, Sociology, Theology.
I am not good at marketing, advertising, and the like.

Resource Materials in Stock
On disk
-   Van Dale
       Groot woordenboek: Nederlands-Engels, Utrecht, Van Dale, 1997.
       Groot woordenboek: Engels-Nederlands, Utrecht, Van Dale, 1997.
       Groot woordenboek der Nederlandse Taal, Utrecht, Van Dale, 2001.
-   Steadman’s Medical Dictionary. s.l., William & Wilkins, 1994.
-   Van den End. Juridisch Lexicon / The Legal Lexicon, 1996.
-   Trans:word Economisch Woordenboek N-E-N.
-   Trans:word Onroerend Goed Lexicon N-E-N.
-   Oxford English Dictionary (2nd ed)
-   Van Amerongen, F.. Terminologie Financieel Management N-E
-   Oxtoby, G.P. Kluwer Groot Polytechnisch Woordenboek. N-E-N
-   Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
-   Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary

In book form
   Algeo, J. British or American English? A Handbook of Word and Grammar
    Patterns. Cambridge, University Press, 2006. ISBN 0-521-7993-8
   Blanpain, R. European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossary: Belgium.
    London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1992. ISBN 92-826-2603-2
   Broekhof, K. Notebook Nederlandse en Vlaamse onderwijstermen in het Engels.
    Sardes, 1999. ISBN 90-5563-048-9
   De Keizer, A.J. Financieel Economisch Lexicon, N-E. Hilversum, ACE, 1997.
    ISBM 90-802919-1-9
   Dirix, E., ea. De Valks Juridisch Woordenboek. Antwerpen, Intersentia, 2001.
   Hensel, I. Informatietechnologie woordenboek: Nederlands – Engels – Duits.
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   Kerkhof, P.L.M. Woordenboek geneeskunde E-N / N-E. Maarsen,
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   Kramers business woodenboek E-N / N-E. Antwerpen, Standaard, 2000. ISBN 90
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    Investment: English, German, French and Dutch. Deurne, Wolters-Kluwer, 2001.
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   Ten Bosch’ Vertalig technisch woordenboek: Nederlands — Engels — Frans —
    Duits. Antwerpen, Kluwer, 1998. ISBN 90 5576 122 2
   Van Amerongen, F. Terminologie Financieel Management Nederlands/Engels. 7th
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   Van Der Heijden, P.F. and De Gier, E. European Employment and Industrial
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   Waite, M. (ed) New Oxford Spelling Dictionary ISBN 0-19-890881-0
   ------ New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors 0-19-861040-8
   Ritter, R.M. New Hart’s Rules: The Handbook of Style for Writers and Editors 0-

Online service subscriptions
 FELOnline (business terminology)
 Juridisch Lexicon Online (legal terminology)

IT Facilities
   Cable internet and e-mail access
   Microsoft Office XP (Professional version)
   AnyCount 4.0
   Trados 7.5 (freelance version). No discounts given.
   Trados MTiX
   OmniPage Pro 11.0
   Acrobat 6
   Winzip
   SolidConverter
   HP Scanner (at home)
   Dell Inspiron 9200
Volume And Language
1500 to 2500 words NL to EN per day depending on subject.
Although born in the USA (residence there 20 years with occasional return trips), a large part
of my work is into UK English; the majority of my clients prefer 'mid-Atlantic with Oxford
spelling'. I have been living in Belgium since 1969 and have held dual citizenship since

Agency Rates
0.10 EUR per source word (+ VAT in EU) for texts delivered in Word format.
Rates for rush orders, sworn translations and texts in other formats are higher and are set on
an individual basis.

Payment Method
Customers in the USA can pay in local currency to a local bank account.
Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date.
The legal interest is owed on overdue sums as of the 31st day and this without the need for
any notice of default.
Customers in euro-zone countries can pay via the BIC/IBAN system.
Customers in other countries are urged to pay by credit card to eliminate (the sometimes
exorbitant) bank fees for both parties. VISA, MasterCard, and American Express accepted.
All bank and similar fees are to be borne by the customer.

Employment History:
5 years with the Abbey of Maredsous (multilingual “Concordance de la Bible” project
       sponsored by Brepols)
18 years as owner/operator: Tweedehands Boekhuis, Muntstraat 16, 3000 Leuven (still
       primary occupation)
25 years as part-time, freelance translator (concurrent with above).

Translating Experience:
I have decades-long experience working with authors and book publishers.
Among the published works I have translated are:
 Jozef Vanden Bussche, "Ignatius (George) Spencer, Passionist (1799-1864)" Leuven,
    Leuven University Press, 1991.
 Catharina Halkes, "New Creation" London, SPCK, 1991.
 Maria Van Dijk "Growing Closer Together" London, St. Paul Publications, 1992.
 Peter Schmidt "How to Read the Gospels: Historicity and Truth in the Gospels and Acts"
    London, St. Paul Publications, 1993.
 Erik Eynikel. "The Reform of King Josiah and the Composition of the Deuteronomistic
    History" Leiden, Brill, 1996.
 Ilse Bulhof and Laurens ten Kate (eds). “Flight of the Gods: Philosophical Perspectives
    on Negative Theology.” New York: Fordham University Press, 2000.
Most recently I have completed:
 A text on digital printing.
 A manual for bookkeeping software for the printing industry.
 An advertising campaign for a mobile phone operator.
 An advertising campaign for optical materials.
 A project proposal for the development of robotics in the automotive industry.
 An operating manual for a beading machine
 Several children’s books
   A strategic advice report on website development
   A biography of Alphons Ariëns
   A series of articles on Dutch euthanasia legislation (published in book form)
   The English pages for the Dutch Rainbow Foundation website
   Numerous contracts, pleadings, summonses, articles of incorporation, conditions of
    sales, HRM policy reports, etc.
   TMF reports, Pax Christi Nederland
   Annual Reports, Pax Christi Nederland
   Iraq Fact Sheet, Pax Christi Nederland
   Several dealer contracts/conditions for Dutch and Belgian IT companies
   Act of 21 February 1963 with Rules Governing the Release of Nuclear Energy and the
    Use of Radioactive Materials and Instruments Emitting Ionising Radiation
   Draft Decree Amending the Water Supply Decree in Matters Concerning the Prevention
    of Legionella in Tap Water
I regularly provide the English summaries for Tijdschrift voor Theologie
In addition, I have translated a wide variety of privately distributed articles, social pamphlets,
speeches, reports, legal statutes and letters for the press service and secretariat of the
Dutch Roman Catholic Church Province, for individual Dutch dioceses and for the Dutch
Military Ordinariate.

Education and Qualifications:
   Sociology and Psychology (Emmanuel College, Boston Mass. (2 years)
   STL (KU Leuven, 1974, result: cum laude) – speciality exegesis
   Licence in Biblical Philology (KU Leuven, 1975, result: cum laude)

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