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Comprehensive Reviews of Literature

Aging and Health: Asian and Pacific Islander American Elders, 2nd Ed.
                                                                              $ 20.00   .        .
(1996) SGEC Working Paper #3

Aging and Health: African American Elders, 2nd Ed (1996) SGEC Working
                                                                              $.20.00   .        .
Paper #4

Aging and Health: Hispanic American Elders, 2nd Ed (1993) SGEC Working
                                                                       $.20.00          .        .
Paper #5

Aging and Health: American Indian/Alaska Native Elders, 2nd Ed (1994)
                                                                              $.20.00   .        .
SGEC Working Paper #6


Cohort Analysis as a Tool in Ethnogeriatrics: Historical Profiles of Elders
from Eight Ethnic Populations in the United States (1998) SGEC Working        $.20.00   .        .
Paper #12

Ethnic Minority Elderly and Ethical Dilemmas: A Cultural Perspective
                                                                              $.20.00   .        .
(1995) SGEC Working Paper #15

Nutrition and Health of Ethnic Elders (1995) SGEC Working Paper #14           $.20.00   .

Ethnogeriatric Curriculum Resources

Curriculum in Ethnogeriatrics
(also available at
                                                                              $.20.00   .        .
    Core Curriculum (2001) (5 modules) Hard copy
                                                                              $ 35.00
    Ethnic Specific Modules (2001) (12 modules) Hard copy

                  Description of Publication (continued)                       Price    Quantity Extended

Mental Health Aspects of Diabetes in Elders from Diverse Ethnic
Backgrounds (an 8 module curriculum)
                                                                           $.25.00    .        .
   -   Hard Copy
                                                                           $ 10.00
   -   CD-ROM version includes PowerPoint presentations

Ethnogeriatric Curricula for Specific Disciplines

General Health Professions: Eldercare in a Multicultural Society: A Model
                                                                          $.20.00     .        .
Course for Health Professions Students (1996)

Medicine: Health Care for Ethnic Elders: Health Status, Communication,
and Ethics: A Curriculum in Ethnogeriatrics for Physicians in Training     $.20.00    .        .

Nursing: Ethnogeriatric Nursing in the Context of Rehabilitative Care:
Caring for the Emerging Minority (1996)

Nursing: Introduction to Ethnogeriatric Nursing Care Principles: A
Curriculum Module for Nurse Assistant, Vocational Nurse, and Associate     $.20.00
Degree Nursing Programs (1996)

Nursing: Ethnogeriatric Module for Nurse Practitioner and Physician
Assistant Programs (1996)

Nutrition: Curriculum Guide, Course Outline, and Instructor’s Manual for
Nutrition and Health of Ethnic Elders (1996) (Recommended for use with     $.20.00
“Nutrition and Health of Ethnic Elders, SGEC Working Paper #14)

Rehabilitation: Concepts of Eldercare and Ethnogeriatric Rehabilitation for
Therapists (1996)

Social Work: Ethnogeriatric Social Work: An Ecological Model for
Practice (1996)

Conference Proceedings

                   Description of Publication (continued)                    Price    Quantity Extended

Health Care for Ethnic Elders: The Cultural Context (1988) SGEC Working
                                                                           $.20.00             .
Paper #7

Creative Coping with Caregiving: Clinical and Policy Making Areas (1989)
                                                                             $.20.00    .            .
SGEC Working Paper #8

Traditional and Non-Traditional Medication Use Among Ethnic Elders
                                                                             $.20.00    .            .
(1990) SGEC Working Paper #10

Diabetes Among Elders: Ethnic Considerations (1989) SGEC Working
Paper #11

Differential Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health Problems: African
American, Latino, Filipino, and Chinese American Elders (1991) SGEC          $.20.00    .            .
Working Paper #13

Educational Videotapes and DVDs (Please specify preferred format)

Geriatric Assessment: A Functionally Oriented Ethnically Sensitive
                                                                             $150.00    .            .
Approach to the Older Patient

The Need for Culturally Competent Models of Long Term Care                   $20.00

Chinese Caregiver DVD & Workbook in Mandarin with English Subtitles          $25.00     .            .
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