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									IDEAS Low fruit? PROJECT Stickers on light switches Green office/workstation workshops –IT and O4S Green office/workstation evaluations Curriculum news/involvement Participate in FAS competitions Green ‘Board’ - in kitchen and MD SEAS Zipcar? Greening kitchen - major committee campaign - all buildings - how to wash dishes: - clean/dirty sign on dishwasher Buy cheap mugs and a marker for purchase and to keep in kitchen? Recycling infrastructure audit for enhancement Encouraging bring your own mug/plate/flatware Battery collection - currently in receiving, Maxwell Dworkin - need to add collection to mailbox areas - send a message Event/meeting recycling - more visible and numerous bins in conference rooms Shared supply cabinet Junk mail reduction, phone books, Gazettes, newspapers, Resource Hand dryers Building water filtration All related seminars listed on SEAS sustainability webpage – reduces printing of posters Greenprint software? Profile story writing for O4S Change the Margins Collaborate with IIC Collaborate with Lab ‘safety’ group Leaf one status: list Did you know bullets – where? How? - @ elevators, bathroom stalls SEAS Green kit on intranet - caterers (Rebecca’s, Stone Hearth, Basil Tree, etc) √

- office supplies - what is recyclable - cab companies (Planettran?) - other Free CFLs from O4S (limited supply) Double-siding default on printers – need IT help Lab computer competition – stats/reports at end of week Signage campaign - lights off - double side - turn up/down temp Course paperwork printing reduction (all docs to websites) Change color background on SEAS ppt slide template Printer queue or reduction Separate Grad student teams? Elevator signs Eliminate kitchen paper products/ add in-house flatware and plates? Energy witness from O4S Lights off in offices with ‘we are in & saving energy’ signs Think twice before printing campaign Light activated lights in public spaces Bathroom motion detectors (can be set for 15 minute default) Is there a way to wash dishes easily, to create a dishwasher/dish soap and sponge protocol? - Dish soap dispenser in each kitchen - Dishwasher runs at 3 each day sign - Encouraging plate/cup return - Have grad students/post docs reach out to their groups about kitchen projects Office furniture recycling Reduction of cleaning tasks (polishing, floors, etc)? Earth Day: Sell air cleaning/carbon eating indoor plants (*also same as Admin Professionals day) SEAS booth at yearly Harvard Sustainability event in October - include SEAS research - include SEAS coursework/student projects - include Green Team efforts - include reports on what our alum are doing in the world at large - SEAS green team slogan?

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