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Minutes of Regular Meeting February 20, 2006 The Harnett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, February 20, 2006, in Courtroom 6, Harnett County Courthouse, 301 West Cornelius Harnett Boulevard, Lillington, North Carolina. Members present: Teddy J. Byrd, Chairman Beatrice B. Hill, Vice Chairman Dan B. Andrews Walt Titchener Tim McNeill Neil Emory, County Manager Wm. A. (Tony) Wilder, Assistant County Manager Dwight W. Snow, County Attorney Kay S. Blanchard, Clerk to the Board

Staff present:

Chairman Byrd called the meeting to order and Vice Chairman Hill led the pledge of allegiance and prayer. Commissioner Titchener moved to approve the agenda as published with the addition of a budget amendment and renewal of a lease for Harnett Forward Together Committee (HFTC) building (old weave plant). Commissioner Andrews seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Upon motion by Commissioner McNeill and seconded by Commissioner Hill, the Board unanimously approved the following items on the consent agenda: 1. Minutes: Regular Meeting, February 6, 2006 Special Meeting, February 17, 2006 (work session)

2. Budget amendments: 259 Public Utilities (Fund 531 – HCDPU) Code 531-9000-431.74-82 Wellons Capacity Buyout 531-9000-431.60-31 Gas, Oil & Auto Supplies 531-9000-431.34-02 Chemicals 531-0000-340.40-00 Reconnection Fees 531-0000-340.20-03 Fuquay Energy Fees 531-0000-340.20-04 Holly Springs Energy Fees 531-0000-340.20-01 Water Capacity Use 531-0000-340.30-01 Sewer Capacity Use 531-0000-340.30-10 Sewer Fees

500,000. decrease 45,000. increase 84,000. increase 100,000. increase 20,000. increase 15,000. increase 250,000. decrease 40,000. decrease 200,000. decrease

531-0000-351.31-03 Communications lease 531-0000-351.31-05 Linden Maintenance Fees 260 Public Utilities (Fund 531-HCDPU) Code 531-9000-431.30-04 Professional Services 531-9000.431.74-74 Capital Outlay 261 Restitution (Fund 110-General) Code 110-0000-331.79-01 JCPC Administrative 110-7930-441.32-61 JCPC Administrative 263 Solid Waste (Fund 580-Solid Waste) Code 580-0000-356.55-01 Scrap Tire Reimbursement 580-6600-461.33-45 Contracted Services 267 Administration (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4150-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4150-410.22-00-FICA Tax Expense 110-4150-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4150-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4150-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 268 Legal Services (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4155-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4155-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4155-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4155-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4155-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 269 Board of Elections (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4300-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4300-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4300-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4300-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4300-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 270 Finance (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4400-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4400-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4400-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4400-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4400-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-4400-410.25-10 Unemployment Benefits

11,000. decrease 5,000. decrease

2,107. decrease 2,107. increase

410. increase 410. increase

7,016. increase 7,016. increase

19,425. increase 1,486. increase 950. increase 389. increase 291. increase 22,541. decrease

4,016. increase 307. increase 196. increase 80. increase 60. increase 4,659. decrease

8,775. increase 671. increase 429. increase 1, 200. decrease 132. increase 8,807. decrease

15,310. increase 1,171. increase 749. increase 2,000. decrease 230. increase 5,000. decrease

110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 271 Tax (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4500-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4500-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4500-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4500-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4500-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 272 General Services (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4600-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4600-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4600-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4600-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4600-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 273 Public Buildings (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4700-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4700-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4700-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4700-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4700-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 274 Information Technology (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4900-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4900-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4900-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4900-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4900-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 275 GIS (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4910-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4910-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4910-410.23-00 Retirement 110-4910-410.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-4910-410.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-0000-347.16-00 Map Copies 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 276 Sheriff (Fund 110-General) Code 110-5100-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-5100-420.22-00 FICA Tax Expense

10,460. decrease

25,045. increase 1,916. increase 1,225. increase 2,500. decrease 376. increase 26,062. decrease

12,357. increase 945. increase 604. increase 1,500. decrease 185. increase 12,591. decrease

19,449. increase 1,488. increase 951. increase 2,000. decrease 292. increase 20,180. decrease

25,011. increase 1,913. increase 1,223. increase 500. increase 375. increase 29.022. decrease

28,864. increase 2,208. increase 1,411. increase 800. decrease 433. increase 5,000. increase 27,116. decrease

68,605. increase 5,248. increase

110-5100-420.23-00 Retirement 269. increase 110-5100-420.23-02 LEO Retirement 3,017. increase 110-5100-420.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 2,100. decrease 110-5100-420.23-05 LEO Supplemental Retirement 3,156. increase 110-5100-420.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 1,029. increase 110-0000-336.20-00 Court Costs-Officer Clerk of Court 21,000. increase 110-0000-336.21-00 Court Cost Officer HC Sheriff 25,000. increase 110-0000-322.43-01 Application 4,200. increase 110-0000-322.43-02 Fingerprint 1,000. increase 110-0000-322.43-01 Police Reports-Copies 100. increase 110-0000-353.23-00 Contributions – Sheriff 150. increase 110-0000-354.11-00 Restitution – Sheriff 4,467. increase 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 23,307. decrease 277 Campbell Deputies (Fund 110-General) Code 110-5101-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-5101-420.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-5101-420.23-02 LEO Retirement 110-5101-420.23-05 LEO Supplemental Retirement 110-5101-420.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-0000-356.20-00 Campbell Deputies 278 Child Support Enforcement (Fund 110-General) Code 110-5104-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-5104-420.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-5104-420.23-02 LEO Retirement 110-5104-420.23-05 LEO Supplemental Retirement 110-5104-420.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 279 Jail (Fund 110-General) Code 110-5120-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-5120-420.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-5120-420.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-5120-420.23-02 LEO Retirement 110-5120-420.23-05 LEO Supplemental Retirement 110-5120-420.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-0000-336.17-00 Jail Fees-State 110-0000-336.18-00 Jail Fees-Local 110-0000-356.50-00 Inmates Confined-Social Security 110-0000-356.51-01 Inmates Confined-Backlog 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 280 Emergency Services (Fund 110-General) Code 110-5300-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-5300-420.22-00 FICA Tax Expense

28,000. increase 2,142. increase 1,338. increase 1,400. increase 420. increase 33,300. increase

538. increase 41. increase 26. increase 27. increase 8. increase 640. decrease

65,496. increase 5,010. increase 10,000. decrease 3,131. increase 3,275. increase 982. increase 35,000. increase 10,000. increase 600. increase 18,240. increase 4,054. decrease

64,000. increase 4,896. increase

110-5300-420.23-00 Retirement 110-5300-420.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency

3,130. increase 960. increase 72,986. decrease

281 EMS (Fund 110-General) Code 110-5400-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages-EMS 302,682. increase 110-5401-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages-Transport 90.000. decrease 110-5401-420.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 23,155. increase 110-5401-420.23-00 Retirement 14,801. increase 110-5401-420.23-01 Supplemental Retirement-EMS 5,000. decrease 110-5401-420.23-01 Supplemental Retirement Transport 8,000. decrease 110-5401-420.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 4,540. increase 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 118,001. decrease 110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated 124,177. increase 282 Animal Control (Fund 110-General) Code 110-5500-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-5500-420.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-5500-420.23-00 Retirement 110-5500-420.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-5500-420.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-0000-322.74-00 Permits & Fees-Animal Control 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 283 Soil & Water (Fund 110-General) Code 110-6700-429.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-6700-429.22-00 FICA Tax Expanse 110-6700-429.23-00 Retirement 110-6700-429.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-6700-429.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency

14,243. increase 1,090. increase 696. increase 1,000. decrease 214. increase 10,000. increase 5,243. decrease

4,277. increase 327. increase 209. increase 86. increase 64. increase 4,963. decrease

284 Industrial Development (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7100-465.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7100-465.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7100-465.23-00 Retirement 110-7100-465.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7100-465.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 285 Planning (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7200-465.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7200-465.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7200-465.23-00 Retirement 110-7200-465.23-01 Supplemental Retirement

5,407. increase 414. increase 264. increase 500. decrease 81. increase 5,666. decrease

73,917. increase 5,655. increase 3,615. increase 2,000. decrease

110-7200-465.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800.490.32-16 Contingency 286 Cooperative Extension (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7300-465.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-465.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-465.23-00 Retirement 110-465.23-00 Supplemental Retirement 110-465.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 287 Workforce Development/Job Link (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7404-465.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7404-465.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7404-465.23-00 Retirement 110-7404-465.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 288 Aging (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7500-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7500-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7500-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7500-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7500-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 289 Retired Senior Volunteer Program (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7510-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7510-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7510-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7510-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7510-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 290 Community Alternatives Program (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7550-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7550-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7550-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7550-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7550-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 291 Nutrition (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7552-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7552-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7552-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7552-441.23-01 Supplement Retirement

1,109. increase 82,296. decrease

2,160. increase 165. increase 106. increase 2,463. decrease 32. increase

12,839. increase 982. increase 628. increase 193. increase 14,642. decrease

7,205. increase 551. increase 352. increase 300. decrease 108. increase 7,916. decrease

4,310. increase 330. increase 211. increase 600. decrease 65. increase 4,316. decrease

3,064. increase 234. increase 150. increase 700. decrease 46. increase 2,794. decrease

1,008. increase 77. increase 49. increase 20. increase

110-7552-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490-32.16 Contingency 292 Health (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7600-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7600-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7600-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7600-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7600-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-0000-345.17-00 Home Health Fees 293 Social Services (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7700-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7700-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7700-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7700-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7700-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490-32.16 Contingency 294 Veterans (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7800-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7800-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7800-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7800-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7800-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 295 Restitution (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7930-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7930-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7930-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7930-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7930-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 296 One-On-One (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7931-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7931-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7931-441.23-00 Retirement 110-7930-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7931-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490-32.16 Contingency 297 Library (Fund 110-General) Code 110-8100-450.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-8100-450.22-00 FICA Tax Expense

15. increase 1,169. decrease

66,610. increase 5,096. increase 3,257. increase 15,000. decrease 999. increase 60,962. increase

50,692. increase 3,878. increase 2,479. increase 35,000. decrease 760. increase 22,809. decrease

2,922. increase 224. increase 143. increase 700. decrease 44. increase 2,633. decrease

1,370. increase 105. increase 67. increase 27. increase 21. increase 1,590. decrease

22,650. increase 203. increase 130. increase 53. increase 40. increase 3,076. decrease

17,595. increase 1,346. increase

110-8100-450.23-00 Retirement 110-8100-450.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-8100-450.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-0000-348.10-00 Copy Fees 110-0000-348.20-00 Fines 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency 298 Parks & Recreation (Fund 110-General) Code 110-8200-450.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-8200-450.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-8200-450.23-00 Retirement 110-8200-450.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-8200-450,26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency

860. increase 2,000. decrease 264. increase 3,500. increase 2,500. increase 12,065. decrease

7,818. increase 598. increase 382. increase 500. decrease 117. increase 8,415. decrease

299 Abandoned Manufactured Home (Fund 245-Abandoned Manufact. Home) Code 245-8405-465.11-00 Salaries & Wages 650. increase 245-8405-465.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 50. increase 245-8405-465.23-00 Retirement 32. increase 245-8405-465.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 10. increase 245-0000-361.10-00 Interest on Investments 742. increase 303 Nutrition for the Elderly (Fund 110-General) Code 110-0000-353.75-52 Contributions & Donations 110-7552-441.31-01 Contributions 305 Governing Body (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4100-410.60-53 Dues & Subscriptions 110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated 307 Sheriff (Fund 110-General) Code 110-0000-336.15-00 Controlled Substance Tax 110-5100-420.32-27 Drug Program 308 Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7510-441.31-31 Medicare Outreach D LIS 110-7510-441.12-00 Salaries & Wages, p.t. 110-7510-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7510-441.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 311 Emergency Medical Services (Fund 110-General) Code 110-5400-420.60-31 Gas, Oil & Auto Supplies 110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated 312 Harnett/Fuquay Wastewater Project (Fund 551-“PU012B”) Code 551-0000-353.78-00 Contributions & Donations-

136. increase 136. increase

10,000. increase 10,000. increase

2,739. increase 2,739. increase

2,183. decrease 2,000. increase 153. increase 30. increase

30,000. increase 30,000. increase

Harnett/Fuquay 551-9100-431.45-40 Land & Right-of-Way

39,154. increase 39,154. increase

315 Agricultural Center/Animal Control Capital Project (Fund 370-“CP0501”) Code 370-8301-465.30-04 Agri. Center-Professional 7,000. increase 370-8301-465.45-01 Agri. Center-Construction 24,990. increase 370-8301-465.60-57 Agri. Center-Miscellaneous 3,025. decrease 370-8301-465.45-33 Agri. Center-Materials & Supplies 30,357. increase 370-8302-420.45-01 Animal Control-Construction 4,179. increase 370-8302-420.45-80 Animal Control-Contingency 31,179. decrease 370-0000-314.50-00 Sales Tax Refunds 25,956. increase 370-0000-361.10-00 Interest on Investments 6,366. increase 3. Refund Report (Attachment 1) 4. Change Orders for the Agricultural Center & Animal Control facility project (Attachment 2) 5. Farm lease with Marvin Tart for use of 17 acres of farmland on Airport property. Consideration for the lease is $35 per acre for the cleared land. The lease is for the 2006 agricultural year exclusively and solely for the purpose of growing and harvesting agricultural crops. 6. Moving contract awarded to MacThrift Office Furniture to move offices into the new Agricultural Center. The following proposals were submitted: MacThrift Office Furniture $10,475. All American Relocation 11,046. Excel Moving & Storage, Inc. 13,091.45 West’s Durham Transfer & Stg., Inc. 13,401. Commercial Movers, Inc. 13,640. 7. Amendment to resolution adopted January 17, 2006 regarding improvements to Harnett County Schools facilities using unspent proceeds from the 2002 Certificates of Participation (COPS) funds. The resolution is to be amended to show the actual costs listed below.
Location Anderson Creek Primary Triton High School Harnett Central High School Angier Elementary Buies Creek Elementary Benhaven Elementary LaFayette Elementary Johnsonville Elementary Harnett Central High School Project Replace Chiller Replace Chiller Roof Replacement – Partial Pave Parking Lot Pave Parking Lot Pave Parking Lot Pave Parking Lot Pave Parking Lot Restroom Renovation Amount $ 152,132.74 351,295.37 245,000.00 5,074.00 29,070.00 49,263.78 21,804.00 51,835.00 18,290.58 Actual Estimated Estimated Actual Actual Estimated Actual Actual Actual

Harnett Central Middle Western Harnett Middle South Harnett Elementary LaFayette Elementary Harnett Central High Harnett Central Middle Western Harnett High Western Harnett Middle Triton High School Balance Remaining

Restroom Renovation Restroom Renovation Restroom Renovation Restroom Renovation Auditorium Renovations Auditorium Renovations Auditorium Renovations Auditorium Renovations Auditorium Renovations

7,456.11 7,254.60 15,129.80 4,822.13 8,000.00 8,000.00 8,000.00 8,000.00 8,000.00 $ 998,428.11

Actual Actual Actual Actual Estimated Estimated Estimated Estimated Estimated

8. Salary adjustments to the job rate of the new pay grades for Jerald T. Lamm and William C. Wade, two long-term employees in the Sheriff’s Department. 9. Authorization for Emergency Services to submit an application to the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services for a Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) Hospital/EMS System FY 2005-06 grant. The grant will be used for computer equipment ($18,372), and replacement and new items for the SMAT III trailer ($7,490.15). 10. Settlement agreement for the sale of existing waterline in Johnston County on Benson-Hardee Road and to transfer those customers served by the waterline to Johnston County for the mutually agreed upon price of $57,850. The Johnston County Board of Commissioners have approved this settlement agreement. 11. Lease agreements for two solid waste convenience center sites: - Mamer’s Site lease with Raul Aquirre Berduzco, consideration same at $1,600 per year. - Johnsonville Site lease with Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hillman Mangum, increased from $1,400 to $1,600 to be consistent with other leases. 12. March 6th regular Board of Commissioners meeting canceled due to Board members and county manager being in Washington, DC at the Annual NACo Legislative Conference. 13. Lease agreement with Harnett Forward Together, Inc. for property located at 2080 South 13th Street, Erwin, North Carolina, said premises being known as Harnett Forward Together Erwin Facility. The term of the lease is six months, beginning February 28, 2006 and terminating on August 28, 2006. The rent amount is $60.00 ($10.00 per month). Informal comments were provided by the following citizens: - Carnell Robinson, Dunn, representing Neighbors Against Gangs (NAG) would like to purchase real property located on Arrowhead Road in Averasboro Township for use by the Neighbors Against Gangs program. Mr. Robinson offered $100,000 for the property.

- Neil Jones, North Layton Ave., Dunn, husband of owner and operator of Faith Education Academy, Inc., encouraged the Board to adopt a proposed resolution authorizing sale of the property to Faith Education Academy, Inc. - George Womble, representing Harnett Forward Together Committee stated that HFTC would be willing to provide a small loan to assist Faith Education Academy in purchasing the property. - Charlotte Jenkins, 1325 Pope Road, Dunn, parent of children who attend Faith Education Academy, stated that the school and Mrs. Jones have been a very positive influence for her children. She encouraged the Board to sell the property to Faith Education Academy. Commissioner McNeill moved to approve the appointments listed below. Commissioner Andrews seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Dunn Planning Board Brian Johnson to represent the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of Dunn for a term that expires 6/30/08, nominated by Commissioner Titchener Angier Planning Board Ted Altman to represent the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of Angier for a term to expire January, 2009, nominated by Commissioner Andrews Dwight Snow, County Attorney, noted that a resolution authorizing the sale of real property to Faith Education Academy, Inc. was introduced and adopted by the Board of Commissioners by a 4 (yes) to 1 (no) vote on January 17, 2006. This real property consists of approximately 4.6 acres located at 2082 Arrowhead Road in Averasboro Township, Dunn, NC. The tract is known as the old Harnett Production Enterprises site and is the former location of the Harnett Early Childhood Academy. The resolution was again considered by the Board on February 6, 2006. After reviewing action thus far, Attorney Snow presented the resolution for the Board’s final consideration. Commissioner McNeill moved to adopt the resolution as presented. Commissioner Titchener seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. (Attachment 3) Reno Leggett, Chairman, Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance Committee, requested a $5,000 grant to help with their Headquarters Building project. The Board will consider the matter during the new budget cycle. Patt Crissman, The Wooten Company, noted that a public hearing is required when closing out a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Ms. Crissman reported that the FY 2004 Infrastructure Grant application was for up to 22 water connections and 6 sewer connections. The program was advertised twice and letters were mailed to 68 rural churches throughout Harnett County. Ten families applied, four were eligible. The original budget was $75,000; $24,037.64 was spent and $50,962 will be de-obligated. Chairman Byrd called to order a public hearing and opened the meeting for comments from the public. Comments were received from Jerry Morris, Walker Road, Lillington, regarding his relative’s water and sewer. His comments did not relate to the

subject of this public hearing. There being no further comments, Chairman Byrd closed the public hearing. Commissioner Titchener moved to authorize execution of documents regarding the CDBG FY 04 Infrastructure Grant Closeout. Commissioner McNeill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Patt Crissman, The Wooten Company, noted that the County recently received notification of the award of a $400,000 housing rehabilitation grant under the NCHFA Single Family Rehabilitation Program. Prior to receiving formal award of the grant, the County must adopt an Assistance Policy and a Conflict of Interest Policy. Only elderly and/or disabled low or moderate income households are eligible to apply for rehabilitation assistance. The finished level of rehabilitation is held to a higher standard than in the CDBG program, so only moderately deteriorated versus severely deteriorated households are likely to be eligible for assistance. The maximum amount of assistance is $40,000 per household. NCHFA loans are forgiven at the rate of $3,000 per year versus CDBG programs where loans are typically forgiven over an 8-year period. Depending on date of receipt of the formal grant award, the program will be advertised to the public in late March or in April. Commissioner Andrews moved to adopt a Conflict of Interest Policy for the NCHF SFR 06 Program and an Assistance Policy for the 2006 Cycle of the Single-Family Rehabilitation Program. Vice Chairman Hill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Joseph Jeffries, Chief Planner, presented a zoning change request from Donald Blalock, .69 acre tract located in Black River Township, Hwy. 55, from RA-30 to Commercial. Staff concludes that the request does not conform to the Harnett County Land Use Plan and does not advance the public health, safety , and general welfare, and recommends that the request be denied. The Planning Board also recommends denial of the zoning change request. Chairman Byrd called to order a public hearing on the proposed zoning change request and opened the meeting for comments from the public regarding the matter. Comments were received from the following citizens: 1. Donald Blalock, owner, for 2. Ted Altman, Angier for 3. William B. Ray, Willow Spring, owns adjacent property against 4. Harold Moore, Angier, adjacent property against 5. Barry Gregory, lives across the road from property against 6. Barbara Locklear, Old Stage Road north against 7. Frank Matthews, 3535 NC Hwy 55 against There being no further comments, Chairman Byrd closed the public hearing and moved to deny the request to rezone the property from RA-30 to Commercial. Commissioner McNeill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Joseph Jeffries, Chief Planner, presented a proposed text amendment to the Subdivision Regulations which would establish Recreation and Park Development fees. Mr. Jeffries noted that due to the amount of residential growth in the County, the demand for public recreation and park areas has increased. The Planning Board considered the text amendment application and no one spoke in opposition. Chairman Byrd called to order a

public hearing and opened the meeting for comments regarding the matter. Comments were received from the following citizens: 1. George Womble, Keith Hills, developer against 2. Diane Soliday, Cameron for 3. Mickey Bennett, 1662 Clark Road, surveyor against 4. Tammy Wyland, Cameron for 5. Jimmy Johnson, Angier, developer against 6. Cary Stewart, 520 Old Coats Road against 7. Jeffrey Smith, Old Buies Creek Road against There being no further comments, Chairman Byrd closed the public hearing. Commissioner McNeill moved to adopt the resolution amending the Harnett County Subdivision Regulations text to establish a $500 per lot fee for recreation and park development. The requested text amendment will be implemented immediately and the options for the collection method will be considered at a future Board meeting. Commissioner Titchener seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Joseph Jeffries, Chief Planner, presented a proposed amendment to the Highway 87 Land Use Map. Mr. Jeffries explained that in 2002, the Board of Commissioners adopted a future land use map for the Hwy 87 corridor. As a result of rapid growth in that area, Planning staff recommends the land use plan, specifically between the intersection of Buffalo Lake Road and Hwy 24, be revaluated. Staff believes this area would be better served with a land use classification of Compact Mixed Use (CMU) instead of the current residential classification. A Compact Mixed Use (CMU) designation encourages a combination of small lot residential, multifamily, manufactured home parks, and commercial and light industrial uses. Chairman Byrd called to order a public hearing regarding the proposed change. No comments were offered and Chairman Byrd closed the public hearing. Commissioner McNeill moved to adopt the amendment as presented. Commissioner Hill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Neil Emory, County Manager, presented a proposed utility agreement with the Town of Erwin. The County desires to purchase from the Town both the wastewater collection and treatment system and the water treatment and distribution system so that these systems may become a part of the systems owned and/or operated by the County. The Town desires to sell to the County both its wastewater collection and treatment system and its water treatment and distribution system. This utility agreement transfers ownership of the Town of Erwin’s water system and wastewater system to the County of Harnett. Commissioner McNeill moved to approve the agreement as presented. Commissioner Titchener seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Departmental reports were filed with the Board from the Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Medical Services, Animal Control and Planning & Inspections. Commissioner Titchener moved to endorse local phone service between Angier and Smithfield. Commissioner Andrews seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Mr. Emory provided an update on the sales tax exchange proposal regarding Medicaid.

There being no further business, Commissioner McNeill moved to adjourn. Commissioner Hill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The Harnett County Board of Commissioners’ regular meeting, February 20, 2006, adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

_______________________________ Teddy J. Byrd, Chairman

_______________________________ Kay S. Blanchard, Clerk to the Board