Meeting on the design of plasma facing components of the ITER antenna by doc5671


									        Third meeting of the Coordinating Committee on Ion Cyclotron
                       Meeting room, Laboratory for Plasma Physics,

                Royal Military Academy, Brussels, 3-4 December 2008
                                   Draft Agenda

   Wednesday December 3rd, 09:00-18:00

09:00     R. Koch           Welcome, overview of the problems, goals of the meeting
09:30     B. Beaumont       IO views on antenna design contractual situation and schedule
09:50     P. Lamalle        First wall design; Heat loads; Scrape-off properties, antenna-plasma
                            distance constraints
10:20     M. Nightingale    Status of the Faraday shield and antenna limiters design
10:40     Coffee break
11:00     S. Heuraux        Physics of SEM code and reciprocating probe measurements on TS
11:15     L. Colas          Uncertainties in sheath modelling and coupled flux tubes effects
11:30     T. Hellsten       JET experiments with large missing power fraction
11:45     Discussion        - trade-off between heat loads and RF coupling
                            - antenna-plasma distance
                            - programme for coupling and sheath modelling
                            - programme for measurements and extrapolations (TS, JET)
12:30     Sandwich lunch
13:30     R. Koch           Grounding: electrical modelling; proposal for progressing
13:45     D. Hancock        Grounding: mechanical design
14:00     R. Maggiora       Effect of grounding location on sheaths
                            Sheath effect reduction by antenna optimization
14:30     Discussion        - Decision about how to proceed with grounding
                            - Faraday shield redesign (to match blanket design)?
                            - Directions of optimization?
15:30     Coffee break
16:00     M. Nightingale    Integration of 4 reflectometers in the port plug
16:15     R. Koch           Reflectometry specs and technology
16:30     Discussion        Availability of adequate modelling tools and manpower:
                            - Disruption force analysis
                            - Thermo-mechanical design
17:00     K. Vulliez        Alternative antenna configuration and grounding
17:20     Reserve
18:00     Adjourn

                                      4th December 2008
   Thursday December 4th, 09:00-13:00

09:00        R. Maggiora                  Status of the ILA coupling modelling (including
             JET                          experimental input data accuracy)
09:30        J-M. Noterdaeme              ICRH activity in ASDEX Upgrade
10:00        R. D’Inca                    Review of activity on arc detection (includes JET and
             R. Maggiora                  EDFDA task WP08-HCD-01-02)
11:00        Coffee break
11:30        K. Vulliez                   ICRH activity in Tore Supra – Technical part
             L. Colas                     ICRH activity in Tore Supra – Physics part
             D. Douai                     RF plasma conditioning in Tore Supra
12:00        A. Lyssoivan                 RF plasma conditioning in TEXTOR
             G. Van Wassenhove            ICRH activity in TEXTOR
12:30        R. Koch                      HPC calls for proposals
12:45        Reserve
13:00        Sandwich lunch

Input documents to the meeting

[1] Koch R., EFDA TV File Status of PFC design - v3
[2] Colas L., Agarici G., Faudot E., Goniche M., Jacquet P., et al., Note de travail CEA PHY/NTT-
     2008.008 (2008).
        Estimation of expected power / particle fluxes on ITER PFCs caused by local acceleration of particles in RF fields.
        Contract EFDA 07/1700-1572
[3] Lowry C.G.-IAEA 2008 IT/1-4;
[4] Loarte A. -IAEA 2008 IT/p6-13;
[5] Vulliez K., EFDA TV File Vulliez-memo_KV_nov08

                                               4th December 2008

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